Overclockers Forums
User Deletion?
Post problems with new skin *HERE*
New forum features = problems logging in
Forum update has new color names for text
Umm Search Feature does not work
What happened to the old forum look?
vb3 is awesome!
Thank you for making search useful
Database errors...
Senior Members and the PM to buddy list feature!
Having problems...
How-To Forum
Thread killing?
Signiture size
Subscript and Superscript
Button to search for ones own posts?
Will max Avatar size incress ever?
error in front page article
Troubles in the folding team section.
How do you post an image
One year on the forums
What ever happened to xtremesystems.org
I Love OC Forums!
Oooh Lovely!
User Ratings.
suggestion for the w/c section
Thats a LONG time to wait
Anyone else having password troubles?
Classifieds gone?
News feed dead or just me?
Diversion project for delinquent moderators
Elite*******s.com and the swear filter
I appreciate you guys <3
cant chane my profile?
Total PM's????
ocforums archive?
How do we go about getting a special rank now?
Download Private Messages Hack
How can you tell how much free space is left for your Private Messages?
Problem with username
"Feel free to bring this up again" - Thelemac (Try #3)
I just want to post some picks
How do I check my # of posts
mobile computing section
To the Mods and Admins...
suggestion & signature test
Forum was down...
FAQ Needs Editing
My published article on Overclockers.com isnt listed anywhere...please help
Ok frustrated now
Well dang! 100 posts to check the classifieds?!
Front Page Discussion
Having trouble logging in or signing up?
Submitting an article to overclockers.com?
Avatar Upload error.
Search is useless
save favorite threads?
vB 3.0???
Question about #of posts
Suggestion, "56K warning" icon
My xxx isn't working
Avatar suggestion
forum going haywire
Hi just looked its nearly my birthday !
new search option
Irritating Banners
Database Connection Errors
Trouble loading?
how to post a wcpuid shot
250 post to go the only relaxed offtopic forum?
Warranty fraud?
Front Page discussions
can't log in
The Newbies.
thread subscription
Too many stickies!
please, I need to buy some stuff
Sig Box
Forum Search Engine
Stupid question for the admin, but I need to ask
one year
How is this news?
Why is it no one knows how to ...
What Can i do to help the OC Community more?
Well shed!...
Interesting quirk..
Hello? Mods? Anybody in there?
How to change signatures
forum members please read
O/C Icon
Username Question
Gold Mine.
why is tictac creator of NF7-S bioses banned?
SPAM in PM Boxes!
Return After Posting
Error, just wanted you to know...
Member of the Month
i need 100
Problems viewing "this" forum
What's with the Overclocking and Computer FAQs forum?
thread subscribing
it's official i'm an overclockaholic
Overclocker's DaY!!!
I want to change my user name
technical discussion
Default to "Subscribe to Thread"?
Emergency Section gone?
Was wondering if I could change my name
Too many sticky in "game" section
new member
Dell News Column
]- In regards to my other post - mods/admins read pleasee
Could we get a new sub-forum...?
Ed Stroligo makes me crazy
FireFox + oc database = wtf ?
I am not sure that the "Emergencies" Section is working
geographic splitting of classifieds?
OCForums has cost me a MINT!
cpu section
I protest! (e-mail ban protest)!!
where to go to ask GENERAL questions?
Holy Crap Excellent Site
need a mod for volt modding.
option suggestion ( sig feild)
Emergency 911 section
Thumbs up, speed is top!
Anyone seen memnoch349??
Just a ?
Very good idea!!
Editting post error/issue
Доставка товаров в Россию. Как?
I suggest participants of conference to place the photos here .
What do these star colours under your name represent?
Opera 6.05 and OC-Forums?!
Love the New look
DFI section?
Forum Ownership?
Home photo section?
Forums Problems
unanswered thread button maybe?
New Inet Ad-bar
personal PM problem, dont wanna bother a mod yet
Has there peoples, who may speak in russian???
suggestion for reply page
vB PHP tags?
new skin looks awesome
Wow, cool I just discovered the..
Is it just me, or does PM message tracking not work anymore?
250 post to view GD
pink stars?
Poll images missing
# of posts
Tech news side bar... Its all apple news
2,000,000 Posts
"Go to first unread post"
Posts on cooling section...
AllREady A Member?
Testing forum
Vb 3
Tech News:(
Where is the buy sell and trade forum?
Hi, small forum problem.
List all problems with new forum skin HERE!
Problem with First Unread Post
Thread icon?
"Search This Thread"
senior memebers show up as grey not blue
Auto Log off timer.
Members section with new skin...
Possible bug.
Forum Time off
report this post to a mod question / request
new front page search option please
Time Travel
I can't search for the new threads!
Applications and Software section
Oc-Forums RSS feed?
something wrong with posting options in ms apps
writing got bigger
I go away for a week....
vBulletin Version 3.0.0 G any time soon?
home cinema section
cookie checking
view first unread post.
Some classified forums revert back to new style
PM system all messed up
Volt modding section?
Wow! new look on the forum!
I'm 95
Editting thread issue
new Search button location
"Feel free to bring this up again" - Thelemac
Is it just me or...
Threads in wrong location
advertisements do not show up
Why IMHO here is the best home. (page that is :D)
vb color question
The forum was Down
Auto login isn't working?
pop ads in this forum
Forum time off?
I got a problem with posting.
Is it me? or the forums?
I think
common account for mods
printiable version setup
In reply to SilverSinkRam and D-tek
Hover pop up gone??
vB code
Problem with Use 'Email Notification' by default?
A look back two years and counting
having problems getting my sig to work with the IMG tags
cannot view a thread
993 users online
Show threads from last 5 days?!?!?!?!
Can you save a PM?
Wheres our banner ads?
how big is the PM box?
Search buttons under posts...
Read the ****ing stickies.
Forum database question
Community forum closed?
INet Update?
Ed Stroligo
Is there a test forum?
PCmark team?
Did the post count requirement change for General Discussion?
Too many polls... poll...
What type of forums are these?
Do You Know Why I like This Forum??
more mods?
Search Thread Results show pages
adding pics
trouble with avatars.
New quick button
legal section
Did the theforumisdown tell us to take a hike?
Donations vs. commercial partner?
Number Of Post Count Incorrect ?
Suggestion, about search and unviewable forums
these forums rock
Finding threads I was involved in.
I keep getting logged out
Just an idea....
Search time limit, forum hosting, PM time limit
Forum software section,,,,,,,,,,,,
single post?
Jump to bottom/top page buttons
Forums will be "Off" for a short while
overclockers.com on TechTv again!
how many post?
Pop up?
We Need an Addition To The Forums
Why do I need 997 posts to read something when I have 100 already?
Email notification isnt working
Photoshop section
User CP
Overclockers Slashdotted!
Posts in the CPU forum don't seem to be adding to post count...
About "ATI Catalyst 3.8 Drivers" article
How long to receive competition prizes?
buddy list...
Where's Polypill???
newegg ad...
Forum improvement suggestion
senior members
stars underneath ones name
Viewing forum
The OC.com Website still looks abit naff
General Discussion Forum
Questions for iNET Interactive
60 second search limit
Hey I'm New...Got a Question
Add www.folding.stanford.edu to acceptable link rules
Post Count Stuck
request for clueless new users: slight reorg in "Forum FAQs and Guidelines"
what do those little letter icons mean?
Feelins on recent changing @ OC-Forums
Cant search the classifieds??
Forum Themes
Connect to box on front pages
Problem with banner ad
Polite Request: Soltek Motherboard Forum
now that we're under new ownership...
Classifieds Requirements
Members with 'Banned' status still active?!
OMG where did my vantec ad go?
quick question
New Forums Partner!
A music section?
Senior Assignments to assist moderation?
New Mod
Signup problem
The deep end of the pool :)
Woot finaly was able to register.
Overclockers on IRC?
No longer notified of new posts
Teting picture Post
some sort of official format for location
Changing the search
problems tracking threads I participated in
problem with replying and posting
This may not apply to you but....
Idea for a new team!!
I Must Have This Smilie!
Watercooling forum stickies?
adding WiFi section to Networking (bluestreak)
email addy's not allowed in sigs.........
User stats
So what happens when everyone gets logged out?
Why can't I search the classifieds?
Sneaky Paypal button......
Updating the forum to 3.0?
cant see the classifieds ?
PayPal Links in Sig?
When delete a thread
My post moved to general dissusion questions, i don have 100 posts i cant view it now
3d Mark Team
Overclocking and Computer FAQs
long sigs
Make a complete PC category in classifieds?
1 Post Minium
I can't search!
Isn't this illegal?
Search function ?!!?!?
hey skip, is there anything we can do to help?
O/C forums sister site created by me!
Search will be offline for a day or so!
Forum Etiquette
European time zone mods?
Spam, Flames, and Attitudes?
Applying for Senior membership
what type of links in sigs are allowed
100 post forums
duplicate sections?
Temp place to chat?
What is the story with the Stars?
Forums Hardware Status
Video and Sound "section"
OC Main Page Down?
does overclockers have an irc channel?
What's with search terms having to be at least 4 characters long?
Text Area in post/reply page
Are the forums back to normal?
Grey text please!
I Miss Gripes and Moans :(
site down?
Forum Down
Thanks OC!
free forum
No avatars for newbie members?
why cant i see this forum?
Whats the deal with timeouts at various times ?
cant see classifieds!
Alternative Modding Project Section
does replys to general computer related discussion count for 997 limit
A question about thread crapping
avatar limits...
Enforce rules more strictly regarding forum categories
Where's the portable PC section men?
[img] attachments question
Forum jump indenting
post count stuck
Forums slow down like clockwork after 5pm central time every day.
Quick access to threads you post in
Forums having issues?
What did I ever do to get banned again???
look but dont touch
997 Posts? What the hell?
4 Letter minimum for searches
new font?
Multiple posts & Multiple threads...
slow forums....
My post was moved!
Wont always load
forums kinda buggy
Notify not only the author if a thread is deleted
rank dropped?
No more diving board?
Seperate the cpu forums
Change rank
Old link cleanup needed. ?
Why Dont We All Donate More?
Search function issues?
Technical Discussion Forum
Suggestion to help keep old questions to a minimum
Neclocker family...
Can someone
Will be nothing but Mods left
Motherboards section is a bit wacky.
PCI or sound card section
Post Count
997 Posts???
Free Unlimited Bandwidth!!!
Alternative modding showoff section? just a thought..
New section ideas: Small form factor and Silent PC
Comments on changes
Cooling Subtitle
Determining who's dedicated
What's Rating?
Forum Musical Chairs.
Site Design
Changes!!! Please Read!
Intel CPU's must be a tame section..
Anime discussion forum
What if?
Forum Policies Thread
viewing problem with mozilla.
Insertion of stuff into posts?
idea! 250 vs. 100 skip, admins, forum staff what do you think
probably been said
CAn we get a ghetto section?
how do you search 3 letter words?
Search Function
Seperate sticky section for "Alternative Modding"?
just out of curiosity...........
Avatars... lol
How much bandwidth does the site use?
Why don’t we integrate some of the more common polls into our user profiles
question about search function
We Need To Update The Rules
how do i make a poll?
Script errors in new PM form
Post Counts
Why only 6 smilies per post?
IRC for Overclockers.com?
Question from Folding/Seti Members to Admin/Mods regarding Signatures
Search on the front
editing votes
Where to post...
Signature doesn't show up...
Am i hurting bandwidth?
OK wanna stop the o/c thread reply emails? click here
discussion of warez
ALternative Modding Sticky Section
Anybody else browse by Overclockers Forums>Overclocking
Benchmark section
just another stupid idea that is stupid but ill share my stupidness
User CP not working
Email Notification
How to add AVATAR
there has to be a certain # of thread rating votes for the stars to appear right?
Avatar Size
Classifieds, why not more then computers? (i'll explain)
does anyone else find it interesting....
Wonderfull forum!
The Fourms Sets cookies alot.
tools and tips forum?
Custom title
How about this ???
just a comment, but this forum is awsome!!
Pic Hosters
ding ding ding the light bulb went on!!! ive got an idea!
how do i bring up the classified section
New T-Shirt Idea.....
New Picture for forums ????
misspelling inside search function
subscribe to thread on quick reply
The OC adward?
Overclockers.com Shirt
Larger Search button
Lost Pass.. Any suggestions??
How 'bout a sub-forum for the gearheads?
A way to view unanswered posts?
need a 'noob' forum for those who just havent o/c ever in their lives!