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Why is there no "waiting period" for threads
alrighty. thanks for all the help with the letter but....
Probably been suggested but
No banner ad...
Some ideas and comments on keeping the “Cyber Deals” section clean / cleaner
MSN Button?
Why G......
Can't access the Classifieds? Find out why.
Laptop Forum
Search Function
Forum downtime
Adult Conversation forum?
idea to help prevent goofed posts
A new invention: Sound Cards
When can i get a custom title?
site not listed in newegg
Idea about against forum policies...
Why is it not allowed to post links to your own Ebay sales?
What happened to the classifieds???
ok ive said this before, but now, im noticing a larger need for.......
weird problem with checking subscribed posts
uh oh, modenaf1 is back with another one of his crazy suggestions/idea's
you guys rock
Officially 100
0 reply search
Changing Names (again)
Brain Teasers?
[quote] tags in sigs...
the sware filter
I want an ad on the forums? willin to pay
Smilie request
The OCers.com forum
bookmark a search
very first post?
100 Posts for an Avatar
Show peoples post count below avatar?
Polls and Bad Milk
personal stickies.....
suggestion. has to do with members that have 0-3 posts.
suggestion for an audio section in the forum
Idea For New Forum Heading
Members' Location
how do people put custom stuff in there rank?
Filter idea that will never pass
Few questions about stars that I have not seen in the sticky...
Am i alone?
Check the classifieds stickies
Solution to the picture threads!
What determines which options are checked when replying?
where are the classifieds ?
Front Page - CPU database problem
Is there a way to view the threads I've posted too?
Gone missing
maybe i should get smacked for this but....
Thread locked?
Thank you all.
Three cheers for our mods!
my user cp is messed up :(
Search Code problem? & suggestion
A large thank you
Member Stars Breakdown
White bar at the top
just wondering, but how much does it cost to run a forum like this?
What is the "subscribe to this thread" thing?
OMG!no moderator for "Vendor Discussion" *huge mob rushes to vendor discusion*
I just wanted to say thanks...
Rules revision
Private Headers?
IMG code in 3dmark forum is disabled.
Just a one time bug or something getting currupted in database?
My Avatar as a smiley
need some info on pic posting
new member?
Private Messages question
how about thumbs up and down emoticons?
Forum on a quick trigger?
Just noticed something...
How do I donate to forum?
"Imaging and Display Devices"
I want to say sorry for my resent actions...
new avatar finally
Still no avater
got paypal and $1, maybe 2?
search question
Reasons why I like these Forums
View New Posts
ATTN: mods/admin
thread income
aviatar 50+posts
Another idea for forum income
No banner ad...
says search is disabled by administrator...uhh
When searching, the threads with multiple pages....
Search (may) not be working properly
Front Page Article Submissions...
not receiving reply emails
Does Ed from the front page post here?
Blank Page Cure!!! No More Wsod!!!
Argh! WSOD!
Forum Bucks
My God, it's full of stars!
Get rid of Avatars all together
discussion of multiplayer hacks
Just wondering...
hey guys
time's off
Why the minimum word length limit in Search function?
suggestion if forum needs more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Forum Cookie issues?
Overclockers.com or Oc-Forums.com Logo
IMG Code
job forum
:/ Smiley?
...Another bandwidth Idea
We need a notebook computer forum
Another idea (good?) on getting money for the up keep of O/C F
Problem With Thread Previewing
forums being weird / Blank Pages
Forum Upgrade
Sig links
New feature idea, could help BW
Change minimum characters for search
epox forum lists
suggestion on avatars
Pages never finish loading
ban vs ignore
brilliant idea to clear up some bandwidth, and.....
I just noticed this
25 post barrier?
The work that Mods do
post completed
question about colors
a complement to the gripes and moans forum
Why was censored?
Why dont i get mail?
150,000 Threads!!!
is the O/C.com server overclocked?
OC web hosting
dumb question
Frontpage issue (that probably should be addressed now)
Weekly Email
how bout a D2D forum in cooling
only my sig doesn't show
Problem on the forums?!!?
Linked pics become urls???
the search engine
stickies in cooling
Oc-forums Store
A little ignorant?
Mobile Computing forum?
Removing Bullet Holes in posts
we NEED more smilies
Why can't users delete their own posts?
code tag spacing
Happy Birthday!
Delete Inactive Members
A Monitor Forum. Worthwhile or Not?
PNG avatars
Clarify cyber deals rules
hard drive?
Not able to reply
econo-meter on frontpage?
What happened to the language filter?
Question about Printing a thread...
Search options changed?
debate forums ??
User Profile
Gigabyte section in Intel Motherboards
Fixing Our Sticky Situation:
Lost a Star
Avatar's Aint Workin Again
Thread preview?
username question
Trying to solve overworked mods
Big pain in the rear idea. (OC database)
disk-saving idea
Status on Membership?
Not getting notifications (?)
motion for subject lockout
Limit Avatar Sizes (even smaller ?)
A Thought on Bandwidth
Just noticed Debates is locked
There's A War Going On
Question Re: Links
anti spam / troll / bandwith saving idea
Show Printable Version
Where art thou?
forum search tool
Overclocking guide sticky
How about a MONTOR or DISPLAY forum under "Video and Sound Cards" ?
100 post rule
load-balance solution hosting?
What happened to the spell check feature?
ActiveX controls
no more pictures of women...
Freeing up some space.
How do I delete PM's
new buttons
about "no more ATI vs NVIDIA", which was never exactly that.
cant edit profile due to my hotmail address
Can a Mod change my name for me?
restriction from classifieds
Bandwidth saving idea!
deleting posts
swear filters
How do I add an avatar
Links don't work
Laptop Forum??
Great Forums!
Who is changing my system specs?
mem modules, timings etc forum?
possable way to stop ethics talk?
wtf... i dont see a "yes post a poll" button/checkbox
buttons in the top bar tough to read
Last Edited By UVW on XYZ
Laptop Tweakers Rus
Do PM's bounce when PM box is full?
Add a lil note at the top of each forum?
add another avatar format
Log in problems
www.overclockers.com prob
Suggestion if i may: a PDA Fourm
Adding pictures?
Front Page probs?!
to bad
Links to individual posts?
Is there a quick way to see how many posts I have?
alternate rating system
Suggest Freeware to Compress Avatars
mods help.. problem with saving sig with my e-mail addy
the little envelope
The Browser?
this is a great forum
sig colours?
Has image posting been suspended?
Save Bandwidth?
Classified rules
Questions about LOWERING Bandwidth!
Premium Membership Suggested
Facts n' Figgers
Runtime error sending PMs
New Thread
Bandwith Stats
constantly loading the pages
Costs of the Forum
For Thelemac and everyone else who visits GCRD
What happens when...?
Review Forum
New smilie?
vBulletin color codes
We need a...........
am i going crazy?
time poll
To the powers that be
Advertising FOR the forum...
Puke smilie?
Attachments opening in same window as forums?
Can you ban me for a day.
idea with sigs
Where did the classifieds go?
Have I finally lost it?
Just an idea i had...
Does search supports regexs?
Forum Mailer Email
Support OC.com Forums Classifieds Section
pop ups and banner adds
Exactly which sections have a "no post count"?
hmm.. just a thought
Donate options
Bandwidth, couldn't the forums do this...
You " May Not " Post attachments?
Is there a way to put a forum mod on ignore??
Delete Post/Thread not working
could the fonts all over the forums be changed to....
Wow I lost 300 Posts
Forum Is Way Messed Up!
We need an evil smiley.
Proposal for postcount and stars:
This isn't a Democracy
WTH The maximum AVATAR size is 1byte?
My No. of Posts
Board clock is screwed up!
new most users online record
no longer able to use [ img] tags??
MoBo sections are broken down too much. no visits
Possible way to cut bandwidth??
anyone else?
Fix your email Newbie Doo!
no more bumping
cpu database???
There should be a laptop section
Compliments To Service
Philisophical Waxing :D
Mozilla Suggestion
just out of curiousity
vb hack for certain time zones?
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
Smilies in sigs
Suggestion: PM inbox is full notification
Minimum Word Word Lenth on Search
limiting band width ideas
Server Section..
Great Idea? or not so great?
Open the debates forum up to non-computer debates as well
Fixed :confused: smiley :)
Another milestone
OCF Goes Platinum!
Input/Output Forum?
can u make quick reply to subscribe u to the thread? cause..
MSN Messenger Contact
wish i could get more answers
Another suggestion to use up Skips abundant free time ;)
Banning user "hack"
e-mail notification?
Newbie Question Forum?
Search length 4 characters...
Issue on front page
Including quotes when quoting posts with quotes...
how many people are aposed to pop ups/behinds?
any way to tell how many posts u have?
Jump to Section Pop Down
How about a praying smilie?!?
Subscribe to all Threads Posted in w/o Email Notification
Suggestion: We need a official "post your desktop" and "post your workstation" t
Is there a way to make the thread names bigger?
Overclockers making me Blind!
GC deletions.
I want simple html :(
SHIRT NINJA SMILIE - Add it or feel my blade...
lots of double posting
Email account question
Hotmail ban?
reccomended setups
1,000,000 post
O/C case stickers?
Picture Woes....
I can't get attachments to *not* show up as links.
Link color is only one?
O/Cers Tee's
Change the color of the "picture" links, please!
Camp O/C?
Just a Teeeeensssssy Weeeennnnnssssy Bit of Clarification...........
Just wondering......
Car geeks forum?
get rid of general chat!
cookies not working?
something little
i cant change my signature because i have hotmail.
"Users browsing this forum"
we should have a video card database!
savw bandwith idea
Link to your post is working
2 suggestions...
That stupid search engine!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH
New/Old post diffrence
How is the "General Chat" doing?
Thank you *everyone* on the forums
can i put link to my heatware in my sig?
Cyber Deals
Minimum Word Length in Search
G Rated Forum?????
another AV question
New smiley needed here!
a BIOS board?
Suggestion for new area in forums...
Avatar questions....
Overclockers.com on TSS
hey shadow
Help Skip
A possible way to conserve bandwidth...
Contest every 6 months
Why cant we host our own avatars?
Should Hacking discussions be allowed?
distrbuted projects
Sent Messages: Read by Recipient
100 posts to enter clasifieds?
how to attach an image from my computer
Search engine not very good?
Stupid question
why is the main website down?
Any way to make quick reply email notification?
How do I know?!
what happened?
Cant Find It
Just 2 From Me
Avatar question
How to donate if your under 18?
New Forum
Forum Problem
Avatar as attachments
Admin's Read Plz!!
no subscribe on quick reply
Marking thread read
help! no email 4 reply :(
The thread column is getting skinny on me!
Search minimum of 4 letters? Why?
Congradulations, Over 20,000 users !!
Maybe you could add an option to cache sigs?
Question: How Big is this forum?
Trimming of the fat in debates lately?
Posting My Request here sorry about the one in watercooling
Front page resolution
e-mail notification shuts off thread notification...
Small Font?
Gripes about dead forums
dedicated members stars
Merge Microsoft OS + Other Software?
small attachment size
Avatar "thank yous" as alt text?
Subscribed Threads
avatar problem.
Skip, changing colours again!?
the yellow pop-up window
Video, Sound and Graphic editing forum?
preview for pm box ?
Moderators look here
An alternative platform forum
Mark All Read
min search word size, please lower
was the forums down today?
Make a seperate sticky section?
Was the PM folder size enlarged?
where should I put this thread?
post count Q
Can we get sigs to look like this?
the locations are so varied
Pls help me to align my sig...
search borked??
Lounge thread to chat and relax.
whats with the downtime?
Night Owl CLub
Fubared post order in some threads
Chat room
the time is off for me?
Suggestion about "General Computer Related Discussion"
What software is the forum run on?
front page notice
Decription of icons?
Way to go, guys!
search your posts
question about the search engine
Forum link dead.
When are we going to be able to search the forums again?
General cooling section
Air cooling gone?
I want to change my username...
pm still show new when checked already?
weird forum phenomena
TO the moderators:
classifed ad section
Linux Division
can you please explain ranks to me?
Why cant i vote in vote threads ???
so i read forums moving the commercial bandwidth?
found somthing... odd
Email Notification...
Links bad on Folding banner
new forum idea
Beaten to death subjects :: please read
for skip or some one who knows
Overclockers mIRC room?