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Make Intel motherboards Gigabyte section
front page banners arnt loading
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Online mods in color
Am I banned of the classifides?
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Oc Needs A Chat Room!!!!
VOTE for a new section....NOTEBOOKS and MOBILE Devices!
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Another "Online" feature?
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what is the bullet hole on the envelope?
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did our senior members all get ten stars?
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new online feature!?
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More hardware reviews from OC.com?
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Separate Video and Sound?
Wow.. crazy new look.
cd/rw-dvd section
Question about other folding team numbers in your sig?
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New Smiley for the folding people
Idea for saving some bandwidth
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Please fix the Time Zones
Removing Garbage Threads To Help Save Resources
Ed Stroligo
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Great Site, Forums.
How about a computer-terms dictionary
Problem with the [code] tag
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Mystery Mod!
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adms: mail when thread replys
Like the new layout, but one request
Thanks skip for the thread preview!
show new threads ONLY?
nice new layout :)
hte smiley and quote/italic/bold, ect. menu's are gone
Drop Down Menu?
topic gone?!?
Only one PM per minute?
question about the icons to the left of thread titles
Got cash?
OC forum is not for cheaters
Stop leeching off other servers
auto-pm for newbs?
About how much time each day do you spend on the forums?
overclockers.com (city, country)
Couple of Suggestions I think would help out greatly.
about the subscribed threads format
Stop posting "where can I get this" in Cyber Deals!
how do i get a picture on my profile?
Front Page?
Color changes?
Let ppl atleast see the sOLD! part of the classifieds?
Has anyone had this problem?
separate forum for stickies?
100000 threads reached!
Video and Sound Split...
question about sigs
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Good tip nomination?
We need a Gigabyte AMD Motherboards Section
100 posts to veiw classifieds?!!...
Constantly changing headings?!
mods... admins... how bout some hacking??
socket 7 sticky?
Problems when trying to browse...
is this spam?
coolin section divided into air cooling/water cooling
A way to make money
What does it take to... ?
Crack down on crack discussions?
Search for VIA
This is a GREAT FORUM!!!!
An audio section?
very frustrating to scroll back up
Need Your Opinon Please!
Changing my name
OverClockers.com T-Shirts
Overclockers.com IRC channel
General non-computer related discussion?
Stuff we should be able to do but can't
suggesting a separate mobo/chipset forum?
How do I go about getting my user name changed.
OC Forums logo image
Thank you everybody!!!
How to upload avatar??
Group parts purchase
Poll: Should we be allowed to link to our 3D Mark scores in sig?
I think the forum times are getting a little behind.
no moderator....
uh oh.. SKIP!
mobo manufacturers on the o/c forum front page?
o/c forums time?
Overclockers.com server hardware
What Happened?
online chat for noobs
Did o/c forums just crash?
I lost all my post. WTB
About the systems field in our profile.
where is Pinky?
---Vid Card Overclock Database?---
Whats with the stars?
Mr. B and Thelemac! New Forum?
Hit stars
Classified Moderators
irc channel for OC?
"Last post" is incorrect
starry me
Explain thread Ratings
Ignore list problem
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How to create an Avatar?
Background color
Missing Posts?
links to shops
A Download Forum???
This is a cool AVATAR, Boba Fett!!!!!! YA
Helpful links on How to write Signatures and post Avatars?
how many posts before i can sell ?
something concerning the way the threads are opened.
system info in the profile
Yodums has 37.89 posts a day!!!
What ever happned to......
Live Chat?
Live Chat
Just wanted to say hi
Possible to reduce the amount of time we can send PMs?
Special Ranking For FOLDING/SETI
vB Practice Board
Contact a CPU database poster??
How often should I have to login?
Subscribed threads....
This forum is SAD!!!
Spell Checker
MEMORY Section...
word wrap
size of avatars ?
Address Bar Icon
Translation and thanks
money for ads?
My own little idea....
An idea for a new forum...
Post Count Should Be Viewable!!
slight limitations on new members
posting pics
What's happened about posting polls?
Pay Pal Icon
What about closing threads? (+)
Storage Mods?
A New Topic...Computer ART!!
A news section linked to from front page blurbs...
How many private messages can I have stored?
How did this happen??
Purple stars
I dont want to be a FAIRY....
why are there different ranks for diff members?
is it just me?
Search Problem
minimum post count requirement for GD
changing the subject.
Split Cooling forum into Air and H2O
Thread starter date
MSN Message Center
Case Badges Available!!!
the most popular avatar!
To all the "guests"..
Soltek motherboard section?
Limiting Sigs: Now in effect! Read me!
How about a MAC thread???