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What did you think about gamescom?
Anyone here have luck with emulation with....
If you get (or got) MarioKart 8...
How do I erase my guy in Pokemon X?
Annnnd the other shoe... (Sony)
Did anybody NOT see this coming? (Xbox One)
Some pictures and info on Valve's Steambox
Virtual reality on its way for consoles
Need Another Reason not to get an Xbox One? HERE GOES!
Who won the nexgen console wars in terms of units sold?
Nintendo Moves into "Health-Related Entertainment"
Nintendo and ARM?
Will new games still be available for PS4 and Xbox 360?
For Nintendo the Hits Keep Coming
copy xbmc4xbox to xbox drive
Are Nintendo's Fans Killing them?
PS4 could become a STB than XB1
Xbox One + Games Experiences / Review
Who has a Xbox One and Likes it?
Microsoft's New Tactic: Lying about how many Xbox One's Are Sold
PS4 Owners Club
'Call Of Duty' Creators Explain Why The Resolution Is Lower On Xbox One
PS4 and XBOX One resolution
PS4 vs Xbone
Valve's Steam Box: console? Or customized OEM PC?
RIP, Hiroshi Yamauchi (Mr. Nintendo)
Anyone thinking about a PS4/XOne for main HTPC gaming rig?
New console consternation.
Battlefield 3: which version to buy for Xbox 360?
opened up my wii
N64 vs. Gamecube Controller
Deadpool (PS3)
GT5 + 360CTRL'ER
ps3 update erased saved games
NVIDIA's Project SHIELD Gets a Release Date & Better Price
Last of Us (PS3)
Xbox One
xbox softmod?
Exclusive coming to Neo Geo X
Gears of War: Judgement
Avermedia Game Capture HD Review
Hit the Bargain Bins! Transformers War for Cybertron
Official Playstation 4 Discussion Thread
Next Gen PS4 and XBox info?
Zelda: Wind Waker HD remake coming to Wii U
DC Dev
Next Gen Wrap-Up
Can I go back and play through old Spartan Ops (Halo 4)
PS3 or Xbox 360 for streaming video to TV?
Dolphin Wii Emu, best OS?
Wii Mini! only in canada? the heck!
AMD Powers Brilliant HD Game and Video Performance for Nintendo’s Wii U
ps3, bf3, and connection issues
Neo Geo X
Whose getting a wii u on november 18th?
Official 3ds Friend code thread
PS3 FlipTops out and about
anyone still have both shenmue for the best console ever
Looking for cheap fun ps3 games
Two used Xboxes, both have similar DVD drive issues
ps3 controller for pc
OUYA a new kind of video game console
The next gen, what could it entail
Latest PS3 update question
Banned 360 console question
Are emulators legal? + What PS2 emulator can you guys recommend?
xbox 360 video plug to VGA
My "new" PS3 won't read USB drives....
Need help with zelda OOT dungeon (second one)
inteference on tv w/wii progressive scan
NES find at garage sale
LIVE: Find out how many hours you played a game?
Microsoft to Offer Xbox360 for $99 - Subsidized
Recommend some XBOX games to me
US government hires company to hack into video game consoles
US government hires company to hack into video game consoles
Halo 3: Revisited
Playstation Vita Review
New nes, snes, and n64 controllers?
Help with connecting PSP to old TV
Representing ocforums on COD elite
PS Vita? Anyone have one?
PS Vita, MMO's & a slight review
PS Vita - Backwards Compatability
Mass Effect 3
Valve Game Console
New PSP 2001 CFW 6.6 - must play games?
Options for 3d platformers
Looking for a PSP game I forgot the name of!
PS3 SkyRim is making me sad
Question about downloaded Xbox games
Question about XBox 360 save game hacking.
wii and 3ds owners-i would like your game registration codes (plllllllease)
Free Nissan 370z for Forza 4
Anyone else playing Dark Souls?
Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword
PS3's You Can Now Deactivate Them Via Website
Alert-- New Wii revision
Playstation Vita
cant have a guest for online play for BF3?
BF3 for Xbox - anyone want to team up?
Region lock out on PS3?
Forza 4
Overclocking a Xbox 360
Uncharted 3 Subway Multiplayer PROMO!
PS3 hard drive on a slim
Uncharted 2 (soon 3!)
Excitebike: World Rally is THE FUTURE... in the past!
Madden 12 to link up with NFL.com Fantasty Football
DS Purchase
3ds- Can I back up games yet?
Dead Playstation
What are your favorite wii titles released in 2011?
Xbox360 - NIC Dead?
Black ops systemp link help
PSN latency issues
Next gen Xbox debuting in 2012
Dust 514 (Eve Online's FPS)
sims 3 on xbox - can't save
Best PS3 monitor?
If you 'lost' the PSN Welcome Back games...
PSN Welcome Back
Record gameplay ps3?
What game should I buy?
Gamestop Warranty Transferable?
Killzone 3 opinions?
Black Ops Map Pack
GoW 3 Beta (Problem!)
Wii 2012
PSN is down....
Mortal Kombat
RE4 Handcannon question (wii)
battlefield 2 crew?
Hackers hack website of XBL director of policy and enforcement
cellphone gaming!
Advice on a new TV...for gaming
Tversity issues
Upcoming 360 special editions?
Gran Turismo 5 Patch 1.06!
Anybody know who makes these headsets available with homefront?
Dead Island *Survival Horror*
Good games for DSi
Anybody Black Ops On PS3?
What system do you buy multi-platform games for?
Serial Keys for PS3 games: The price we might pay for Sony's stupidity
ps3 wont update
Wii & Rockband & Guitar Hero
Dead Space 2
New Wii, what would be the top 10 games I should put in my gamefly queue?
USB Hardware on X-Boc x 360 broken
Gran Turismo 5 - Extremely slow
USB headset and PS3??
Keyboard and Mouse with a PS3
New Vegas - Confused about Hardcore mode + Game Diff?
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles any good?
turtle beach px21 not working properly on ps3!?
Thrustmaster T500RS steering wheel unveiled: $599
Got a PS3 :-D
Microsoft 360 Steering Wheel? Oh where did you go?
Blanka makes pound cake!
ps3 vs xbox360 rant
Kinect Opinions
Strange 360 wifi problem
Nintendo wii drive motor
Emulation on Xbox360 for Xbox Classic Games
PS3 rundown...
original xbox question
Super NES digital audio mod
xbox 360 w. kinect
EA MMA or UFC 2010?
New 360 dashboard thoughts?
HALO Reach Save Q
(embarassing) Halo Reach online Q's :)
Team Rainless finally battles it out against a Game Dev
Xbox 360 - install games to USB HD?
PS3 - backing up saves/trophies
DDL/DTS on Xbox360 Netflix via SPDIF/Optical?
Marvel vs Capcom3: Upcoming Hit or Pending Disaster
Halo: Reach (Official Thread)
Other M: Has Nintendo Finally Entered the Next Generation?
Anyone else glad 2d games are coming back?
Best place to preorder Halo: Reach?
World first PS3 jailbreak (mod delete if necessary)
xbox softmod HELP
Whats the point of this thing??
UFC: Undisputed 2010
Anyone else buy the PSN Plus?
Gamertag recocery
PSP has turned into paper weight. HELP!
New Dashboard Update?
GT5 on Novemeber 2 2010? yeaaaaaaah right
Red Faction Guerilla... Nine-Ninety Five
New Slim X360
Goldeneye returns
Xbox 360 and .VOB
Mouse and Keyboard Support for all PS3 Games using Eagle Eye
Transformers: War for Cybertron is going to kick some serious ass
Blasted scam artists(and my naivety)
modnation racers?
Playstation 3 cooler
Rainbow Six Vegas "Kill Irena"
HTPC Question
Lost Planet 2
Alan Wake
Rockband X360 Microphones?
Next consoles?
Probably time for a PS3
little BIG Planet 2 : The SACK strikes back! :)
Monster Hunter Tri
DLC gone from xbox live store
Red Dead Redemption PS3/360 - May 18th.
Halo: Reach Beta is up :)
Xbox emulation
PSP... Any good?
Guitar Hero instrument repair guides
Modifying a 360?
Bad game writing and the jump the shark point
Micro$oft fails to quash Datel's antitrust lawsuits
Weird music similarity I found.
The Other thing about Gamestop...
MLB 2K10
PS3 data transfer, regular eithernet cable or crossover?
Used game ripoffs
Gaming Hall of Shame
Xbox 360 RRoD suggestions?
The Snowbox Game
Red Steel 2
PS3 3.21: Get your money back AND keep your system
STRICT NAT - XBOX 360 ***HELP!!***
I just got an XBOX 360!
red dead redemption
Next PS3 Update REMOVES Ability to Run Linux
New Capcom Game? Monster hunter!
HDMI Audio suddenly died on my PS3
Jack Tretton on the Sony Move, I love it
Where to get 360 case mods
God of War III: Rainless Edition
PS3 hard drive bjorked?
Metro 2033
How much should I sell my 360 Elite for?
Valve APOLOGIZES to PS3 owners. Hires ex-Naughty Dogs. Admits to be lazy losers
got a spare 360 console
what am I missing?
How to Pilot the Helicopter in Bad Company 2: A Rainless Guide
BC2... US/PS3 Gets Patch/New Maps Today
Final Fantisy VII
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for PSP
X360 GTA IV Episodes...
PS3 Update problems.
Bad Company 2 console MP glitches
How Not To Be A Noob At Bad Company 2
L4D2 and Xbox Live
Can't connect to XBOX Live
Whats the story with xbox hd format and upscaling?
Which of the three hates their customers the least?
PS3 and wireless streaming
Might have to get a new ps3 =[ HELP!
The Month of My Birth
Is my 360 toast?
Weird PS3 game issue
MW2 (All Platforms)
Yakuza 3
Thinking of selling my PS3
Bioshock 2. can't use my plasmids
Dante's Inferno anybody?
Heavy Rain
SEGA releasing new console
Yes! New Ace Attorney Game Demo Released!
anyone else try playing videos on wii>?
Got Bayonetta? Like it?
IN-game mouse/keyboard for PS3?
Local 4 player PS3 games
Any reason for Wii shortages?
Bad Company 2
Used wii games. $$$!
check this out
halo 3
PS3 blu ray freezing
Mass Effect 2 is going to try to bilk us with DLC
PS3 -Like it or not, here come the 3D games
PS3 motion controller --delayed
Red Faction: 360 vs PS3
Xbox360 Platinum Hits Question
God of War Collection/III!
Natal & Beyond...
The best ONLINE PS3 games?
Xbox 360 streaming question
Netflix will be on the Wii soon!
PS3 system architechture Q for you PS3 people
GTA IV + PS3 - wont go past first screen
Good XBOX 360 Multiplayers
Need some help with choosing some Wii games.
The Return... of the Revenge... of the Cell Processor
Good wifi multiplayer Wii games.
need help remembering a game
Looking for MW2 1v1 On 360
Dissidia: Final Fantasy Confusion
Wireless router recommendation for PS3?
Buying a used Wii
need to replace my PSP - what to get?
broken psp repair?
Got a used ps3 ..how do i connect to psn..HELP
Did chrono trigger ever end up released for N64 in any lingo?
The point of an SDHC Card for my Wii?
Anybody play the Gran Turismo 5 time trials yet?
Another new owner of the PS3 - bye-bye PC!
Has there been any updates on WII dvd play?
Finally Getting PS3
Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
MW2 CLAN!?!?
PS3 is FORWARD compatible with 3D-Blu-Ray
Anybody's PS3 spontaneously lose all of its' settings?
PS3 slim 120gb recall ?
Anybody else burned out on FPS's?
Irritating Xbox live problem
BF Bad Company II PS3 beta keys giveaway - Gamespot
Will this work?
Ever feel like your finally burning out of multiplayer?
Is there a receiver that supports HDMI & PS3?
Anyone else excited for Q1 2010?
XBL Renewal
Best 360 Liquid Cooling Kit.
soon-to-be PS3 owner - PS3 + Netflix?
XBOX 360 Arcade or PS3
COD classic tomorrow! XBLA
Need a racing game for xbox 360
Cybermonday - to roackband or GH?
Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana
And the 2009 Game of the Year is...
which Wii game to get first...
My 5 year old owned me... hardcore
Data migration with a PS3
Will the Imaginary Wii Shortage go for Year 3?
The Empire is now disabling 3rd party memory units
Xbox - will this work?
Still no crossgame chat on PS3? This might have somethin to do with it
So much for the Cell. Wonder if PS4 will be Intel?
game shop or pawn shop
Recommend some PS3 Games
Need help with Xbox 360 headset mod..trying to mod a cellphone headset
PS3 Internet Radio?
GTA4 First Person
Firefox headed to the PS3? Can life get any better?
Level Removed from the Russian version of Modern warefare 2.. You'll see why..
Battlefield Bad Company 2 , PS3 BETA KEYS
xbox 360 aftermarket component cables
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Going wireless on a 360
any halo odst players here
Final Fantasy 13
And, of course, Phantasy Star Zero!
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Report: Microsoft Bans 1 Million Xbox Live Players
Microsoft bans up to 1 million Xbox Live users
Phantasy Star 2 Portable
MW2: PS3 Owners get SCREWED Again
Xbox Arcade
Wii Power Cosumption
Bayonetta early demo access 360 tonight!
360- has bluetooth?
Halo ODST?
God of War Collection (PS3)
Hell has frozen over and grown ice flowers
Guitar Hero: Metallica review
Why is my 360's 20GB HD only 10GB??
blinkin red PS3
So when they ban a 360 from live it means what?
will old GHIII guitar "XPLORER" 360 controller work with rockband and GHmetallic
xbox hdmi restart
Dragon Age: Origins
360 Cooling
usb wireless adapters for xbox360?
Left 4 Dead 2 Demo
xbox 360 - 1080p over VGA?
Is there a way to test if a 360 has had a RROD?
Tekken 6
Help me find the name of an old NES game
Aerobiz , SNES
Uncharted 2 Controller options
Quick Advice: Ninja Gaiden Sigma or Shaun White Snowboarding
Obscure, sleeper, lesser known games.
Gran Turismo on PSP anyone?
There is a 'hug the blob' button!
$200 wii....
strange PSP-USB connection problem i just fixed
Uncharted 2
Madden 08 vs 10
The Saboteur
South Park!!
Guitar Hero guitar internals
Is RE5 good?
Demon's Souls
Considering 360
360 and HDMI
Well the 360 is biffed....... AGAIN
Gold Rush... Level TEN
WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010
Brutal Legend
Must have games on the Wii?
PS3 or 360 now that prices are even?
xbox 360 and routing threw a pc?
Questions about ODST multiplayer
Problems with wii homebrew
Left 4 dead 360 coop anyone?
Joined Live - lost Halo 3 campaign progress
Suggest me a RPG (360)
Zombie Apocalypse!
PS3 - Little Big Planet - Suggest a Level Thread --- Sackboy approved!
NCAA 10 and rosters
Want to buy an NDSi console, with games.
Castle crashers!
My quick take on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Suggest some PS3 games for me! Make it a top 5 list.
nhl 10
Halo 3 ODST Live Action Trailer "We Are ODST"
Co-op shooters which console?
New No More Heros: Desperate Struggle Gameplay video
Modern Warfare 2: Trailer
Console Failure Rate Percents
I made a game with zombies in it!
The DS Come-Uppence
250GB Xbox 360 Super Elite
Microsoft cuts price on Xbox 360 Elite by $100/Effective Global Date 8-28-09
X360: Shadow Complex
Replacing the PS3's Hard Drive
"I am Haku-Men... the end is here."
Street Fighter 4 is **** so is the Xbox controller
Considering an investment for Xbox360?
Backing up Xbox360 hard drive with an External 2.5"
PS3 slim AND $299.99 PS3 CONFIRMED
Forza 3
can any console out there...
Upcoming Wii Games
Anyone download WaW Map Pack 3?
Metroid Prime Trilogy
X360 HD's MS Moving to Larger Size
Batteries for Wii
Wheelman causing 360 lockup?
DJ Hero still coming. Still looking and sounding awesome
Guitar Hero 5 says 'No, thanks. I'm good' to in-game friend codes
Epic Mickey, Disneys Bold Side?
360 warranty sticker
X-Box360 wireless USB
Going to buy a PS3, what is the best bundle to get/games to have?
taking apart the snes
anyone here mod wii's?
xbox 360 framerate issues
Killzone 2: Napalm and Cordite
Xbox 360 Arcade or Pro?
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition
The secret of monkey island SE
call of duty 2 xbox 360 system link
Ps3 for cheep?
Vampires Live (iPod Touch/iPhone)
resident evil 5 leaderboard
NWC '90 gold cart goes for $17k
X360 Models? Zephyr/Falcon
Saints Row 2: Greatest Co-Op Game of All Time
Battlefield 1943 Next Week
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
Reason #50 Sony Doesn't Need a Price Drop
Novint Falcon on consoles.
Anyone ever fix a ds?
Make Xbox 360 Core backward compatible
=O new pics of 'new' Xbox 360.
Bricked PSPs?
So many good games this year so little time
anyone else like NIS? Like crossovers???
New Forza 3 Preview by SRT!
Prototype Anyone else have it?
PS3 streaming woes
Hardest Game Ever: Console Edition
GT5 trailer (actual game) - OH...MY...GAWD... O.O
COD 4 Resetting my Rank
Red Faction: Guerrilla
FFVII Released on PSN!
Somebody please tell Nintendo that it is no longer 2008
So Does Nintendo even try to make new games anymore?
Xbox 360 RROD/3RLOD Resurrection: Oven Trick
Forza Motorsport 3 Trailer HD
Rainless, I told you so... buh-bye physical media
Project Natal
PS button?!!!!!
Undo PS3 Quick Format ?
Is your Wii hot even when it's "off?"
PS3 question