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Is your Wii hot even when it's "off?"
PS3 question
Metal Gear Solid 5?????
Your Fav/The Best PS2 RPGs
Take... THAT... Nugget!
Konami Code Sites
Looking for a ~$20 XB360 game
Xbox 360 Falcon Chipset relibility
Heat Vision
Dirty 360 Laser?
Nintendo Wii Disk Reading Error
Does Anyone's KZ2 Load Slower? (During Levels)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game Is Out!
Batman Arkham -This is why you dont pre-order
Ever wondered what the inside of your favourite console looks like?
Wii: Madden NFL 10 "the cartoon"
360 Friends(and similar menus) taking forever...
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer Trailer
PSP minus UMD coming in October
007: Quantum of Solace
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Throwback Topic: Essential Dreamcast Games
RROD, why is overheating the solution?
Anyone want 80010514.com?
Is Nintendo out of ideas or fleecing stupid customers?
Xbox linux mod
Motion+ Wii dongle $20 on 6/8/9
Got the 360 E74? Relax, you're covered.
Suggestions for "essential" 360 gadgetry / rig upgrades
Final Fantasy III/IV DS - Worth it?
New Tales game for Wii later this year
playstation 2 games
FF:CC echoes of time for ds?
CHEAP game FULL of WIN and multiplatform
Red Faction Demo?
PS3 firmware 2.70 out now
Found media server that works with 360&PS3 PC and MAC
Got the Wii-mote to work with the PS3
I have three 48 hour gold membership passes for Xbox live
Any recommended FPS or fun xbox online games?
UFC 2009 Undisputed
Killzone 2 1.21 Patch
Wii storage solution
X360 and WiFi.. yes more questions
Anybody having achievement issues?
How/why Sony keeps the PSN free
Is "E74" the Xbox 360's new Red Ring of Death?
So . . . MadWorld
consoles and gamestop
EEK! More 360 hardware problems
Consoles: State of the Union
anybody seen the pics of "hinted" Xbox 360 slim?
xbox live down - COD:WAW map pack
Helghan Belongs To The Helghast...
Mario and Sonic Olympics CENSORED me!
What type of HDMI Cable do I need X360?
Resident evil 5 limited edition game disc error? (360)
So who else has a Wii-fit?
resident evil 5
Any BF Bad Company Players Squad Wildcard Fixed Can Get 1000/Platinum
Anybody Check Out Madworld Yet...?
xbox 360 - VGA stopped working after using HDMI
xbox headset always on
How to get 5.1 out of 360?
Cleaing old Consoles and games!
Anyone Use a VelociRaptor/SSD in PS3?
A Boy and his Blob returns!
Microsoft: Future Xbox 360 Exclusives will Surpass Killzone 2
Getting an exbox 360. Few ?'s.
Tekken 6
The PS3 Has Finally Started to Annoy Me.
Sony to lower price of the PSIII by $100! (April or May at the latest)
realising FPS maps for an RTS
Wii's are dangerous!!!
Killzone 2: OH YEAH... there's gonna be a patch soon.
Anybody remember/love Virtual On?
Anyone know why Halo 2 and 3 use a different reticle postion?
Alternate way of connecting your Xbox360 to your monitor
Random ? for a game manual
soul caliber online worst online experinace I have ever had
Scary FPS in space???
Pretty sweet halo 3 ownage
smooooooth G.H. cover
loooking for a video of a guy who finished super mario world without moving
Street Fighter IV
Anyone pick up Race Pro?
Nentendo DSi coming 4/5/9 $170
Xbox 360 VGA Cable not working on my LCD!! :(
GTA IV Lost and Damned
I think I'm becoming a Wiitard
No Earthbound on the Virtual Console
Tom Clancy's HAWX Demo
streaming media ps3
Why didnt I see the other halo 2 ending
Has the Xbox360's HDMI audio been fixed?
Any way to connect my Wii to my monitor?
Killzone 2 Demo: The Next Generation is finally Here
Halo Wars Demo
R.I.P. Electronic Gaming Monthly
Game prices and availability, especially Wii and Gamestop/EB etc
Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack
Review: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Caution: Wall of Text Inside!)
Stormrise Units
Belated Review: Crackdown for Xbox 360
PSP gets Lifesaver treatment
xbox jasper questions
WEOOOOO RUMOR ALERT! Resident Evil 5 Bundle Box
Shed a tear for me. What should I keep?
xbox/xbox 360 performance Q
Sticky 360 Spindle
GoW2 Online Group anyone?
Max Payne PS2 vs Xbox
play n charge kit for 360?
The Geometry Wars Thread
Cheap(er) wireless for your 360
Why don't we have a thread for this?! What is your band name?
any Gears of War 2 People out there?
Dec Sales: Suprise!
Does the Xbox 360 play games @ 1080p?
Best Headsets for Xbox 360
Great Googly Moogly, look at these upcoming 2009 games!
What Xbox Live Arcade game would you like to see released?
Just got the Xbox 360 60GB Holiday bundle
Ragnarok Online DS
Konami Epic Fail
US Only: $10 Coupon Off Certain 2K Titles Ends 31st Jan (Inc BioShock & 2K9 Games)
Laser Gun made from 360 HD-DVD Drive
PlayStation 2 the longest played per minute console of 2008
Xbox 360 Live split screen?
Mortal Kombat vs. DC
Evolution of Game Controllers
I gotta get a Wii ! (some questions)
GTA4 soooo does not suck
Which PSP? 2000 or 3000?
gears of war 2 help
Returning A PS3 Game That Was Downloaded From PSN?
Halo Wars: Units/Structures
Installing games to the 360 HDD
Whats everyones problem with FC2?
Nintendo Sued over AC Adapter
X360 Headset Setup?
Need a game suggestion for live
Free Radical Shut's It's Doors (So Could Midway)
Xbox Live Payment Help!!
an odd 360 problem
Cooling the 360
Why do you have a console?
360 Headset is junk - Anyone know how to improvise with a PC Headset?
Is there a way to download from Rapidshare with my PSP internet?
Wireless Controller Helps Recover Stolen 360
MK vs DC Fatalities are LAME
XBOX 360: Arcade vs. Pro
Overstock Having a Game Sale
ANandTech Strips Down The Jasper
xBox 360 green game cases?
resolution question
Anyone know some good psp games
PS3 HOME is OUT on 12/11/08
Prince of Persa, you guys play it?
Why Netflix for 360 SUCKS
firmware update 2.53 makes the PS3 browser useful
Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe
PS3 HOME on 12/17/08?
Playing movies on Xbox 360....
Guitar Hero World Tour (360)
sleu of PS3s with missing hard drives.
Gears of War 2 for PS3?
Resident Evil 5 Demo is Epic Win
Where is the Killzone 2 thread? It's right here. (56k Death)
Is anybody's Wii and PS3 REALLY slow on downloads?
Buying PSP
Must have DS games for the holidays?
Upgradding PS3 Hard drive?
The Ultimate in PacMan Arcade Cabinets
Jasper has arrived
proper PS3 settings?
First thoughts on the PS3
XBOX just freezes all the time now! WTF
at a delima (xbox, ps3)
Street Fighter II HD Remix
Streaming video to 360.
EUREKA! I found a better fix for xbox360 3rlod :P
Where do I put my Metal Gear Solid 1 PSX save file?
how do you clean your xbox?
PSP-3000 finially cracked!
only 12gb?
another xbox migration question
Why dont Wii have more than 480p yet?
Theam song for Gear of War 2???
What happened to Rockstar/2K?
Jack Thompson - foot in mouth again (not what you think)
Need help finding a new PS3 game
Attention Xbox 360 Arcade Owners
any one know if there will be new xbox 360 hdds?
Dead Space X360 extras?
"i don't care about graphics" = you just don't get it
force unleashed is underrated
Does anyone else think the core looks nicer than premium 360?
CoD World at World player list, post here!
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the new world
migrating from an old xbox to a new xbox
Xbox 360 Fall 2008 Update
Hate $60 Price Tag - What Used Games To Buy?
Why is split screen so small? COD world at war
xbox 360 positioning
What Number Xbox are you on?
image tearing
Gears of War 2, WARNING, ****SPOILERS**** allowed
HDMI cables for PS3
Gears of War 2? does it come out today or tomorrow?
Lego: Batman
Phantasy Star Zero ds import
Quantum Solace Impressions
New 360 controllers
So whos an Achievement.... Hooar?
how to play farcry 2
Fifa 2008 - Xbox how to update?
DIY xbox 360 headset?
[Game] Mirror's Edge
FC2 for console
whats up with target and their console games
Call of Duty: World at War Preorder
Wow supply and demand sure is rough.
sony psp no sound?
Little Big Planet Full Report
WiiWare - anyone playing Goo?
Simple Wii Hack to use 4GB SDs
Unpublished Wi tricks
Socom: Confrontation
Today is Fable 2 day
Duke Nukem 3D on XBOX Live
How I fixed my 3 red lights of death (for now)
Gears of War 2!!!
Dead Space...just plain creepy!
LittleBigPlanet being delayed.
Saints Row 2 vs GTA 4
Blitz: The League II
21,600 Xbox 360s Lost in Train Derailment - Microsoft Sues DHL
anyone interested in XIM2, read here
PS3 Suggestions
No More Heroes 2 CONFIRMED!
Mirror's Edge - 2 new gameplay videos
Tekken 6 on xbox? Is this true.
Anybody else buying a LOT of games this month?
Trouble with my 360
How reliable are Wii's?
well that sucks.
xbox 360 mouse + keyboard, ever going to happen?
Is the PS2 what I'm looking for ?
Getting an HDTV soon, question about hooking up my 360
Little Mac is back, Punch-Out!! coming for Wii
Sooooo . . . How 'bout that new Nintendo DS?
New Xbox Live, installing games question
Love WalMart
X360 + Replacement of 20gig HDD?
Sharing psn account / sub account help needed.
Anyone picking up Silent Hill: Homecoming?
Rumor: 360 Slim By Next Year
Is the PS3 much better than the Xbox360 when it comes to graphics? (Might buy xbox360
ps3 games?
Owned by Xbox Live Maintenance :(
Can i play xbox360 on this monitor?
Halo 3 Vidmaster Annual achievement team(JoinUp)
ps3 question
PSP Homebrew
This ad for Samba de Amigo Wii is full of win and sexy
Game Over Jack Thompson
Well I did it
Now this is some interesting advertising
One Reason why you should by Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Ditching the Cordless Rumblepad 2 for 360 Controller
PS3 DRM.....
Connecting my Wii to my monitor
Anyone here backup their Xbox360 HDD?
Star Wars The Force Unleashed - PS3/Xbox360
I can't believe it...I bought a 360
PS3 Network Outside Of the US
360 controller battery is dead, tip for you guys
God of War on PSP
Got Force Unleashed for the DS
RUMOUR xbox 720 is actully coming out 2011
Burnout Paradise
What is your favorite DS Game?
Star Wars Force Unleashed anyone?
Rock Band 2
Decision 08 the gamer vote
Toss in another "Spore sucks" except this time for the DS
Cable Management
Tales of Vesperia - 360
New Xbox on the way...
Xbox 360 defects: an inside history of Microsoft’s video game console woes
WTF? A console that can play EVERY GAME?
360 Price Drop
Is new Xbox360 60G HHD any good??
XBOX 360 Power Adapter...
infinite undiscovery?
PS3 update 2.42 problem?
Mercenaries 2: World In Flames
Are handhelds consoles?
PSP XMB Themes, where to dl good ones?
do SC4 levels do anything?
Anyone else playing Too Human?
MK v DCU has fatalities . . . Wait, what?
PS3 Racing games
The Force Unleashed demo now on PSN
The SEGA Archive?
Xbox 360 Warranty?
xbox 360 pinouts
Just bought PS3 -- Good multiplayer games?
PS3 vs 360 hardware comparison - Clarifications
Soul Calibur Combos
Do You Have $3.800.00 To Spend On A NES & Every Game
The top current gen console games!
way to make PSP pandora battery without shorting pins?
PS3 Online - BW usage?
how well does an xbox 360 cope with USB hard drives?
Who will be picking up Madden 09?
Import Controllers work on US wii?
Xbox 360's DVD drive shot
Eternal Sonata - XBOX360
So i bought a ps3
Soul Calibur IV 1.02 Update Released
Look who's still being charged for X-box Live
Do Xbox 360s come with SCART?
change nat type3 to type 2 with linksys and eq660 modem
Used Wii?
The Old Gamestop Screwjob Part 12
Rumor: Wii 2 In Production
POSESSED console: Need some 360 help
using unlocked characters in super smash brothers brawl
Could Max Payne 3 Be Coming?
What Games Machines do you own?
PixelJunk Eden
Modder puts a 360 ctlr'er in a Dualshock3 shell
Help A Friend: Best TV Cable For Ninty Wii
Xbox 360 wireless adapter alternative?
Has Your 360 Died Recently? (New M-Board That Goes In It)
PS3 FW 2.42 is out!
How do your record console gameplay?
Assassins Creed
Which RPG to play now?
Soulcalibur IV
Etrian Odyssey 2 or FF Tactics A2?
Mega Man 9!
What's with the lack of XBL demos recently?
the PS2 "Blood Diamond"
I made Machinima Voicemail Theater!!!
the stack of Wii's
How hot is TOO hot? Does my ps3 know or playing it safe?
Burnout Paradise, Anyone?
MGS4; are the PMC Stryer vehicles considered kills when blown up?
More Prologue, no GT5 soon, GT PSP still coming
PS3 Price Drop?
linking my 360 to my pc
My 360 finally RROD'ed on me...
299 Free Xbox 360s
calling all xbox 360 owners! (+hard drive question)
Why are Game Industry Types stereotypical Losers?
80 PS3 Question
Metal Gear Solid 4 CQC Emblems, some questions about efficiency methods
Wii & online gaming
New Wolfenstein Game!?
I really Do Believe Microsoft Have Got Nothing Left?
Can Sony Make Up There Minds PS3 40GB Dropped, 80GB Is Back
Even slimmer Ds Lite
25% off any used PS3 Game at GameStop
Final fantasy XIII ib 360
XBOX 360 E3... I wet myself!
Xbox 360 cuts bring in new Sku
PS3 Disc Drive Question
Just started playing Forza 2...
Midway Gets Ready to Go Out of Business
PSP Wireless problem
Soul Caliber out on XBL
PS3 Problem
Change Nat type 3 to a 2 with DSL (Embarq 660 modem)
Just bought a Wii
PS3 Firmware 2.41 Released
DragonBall Z Budaki Tenckaichi 3 for Wii unlitminated Z pionts?
bot on Guitar Hero III
Just discovered the Tugboat in GTA4
Squeenix confirms Chrono Trigger DS, makes my pants tight with anticipation
2 yr olds and the Xbox controller
Awesome NDS styli
PSN Firmware 2.4 is Out
New Xbox 360 controller mod helps you suck less, still not as good as keyboard+mouse
Is it possible?
Need info on PSPs
PSP OFW 4.00, 4.01 and CFW 4.01M33, 4.01M33-2 released
PSP or DS?
Does PS3 have any RPGs?
Xbox live robbing b*stards
So I don't play console games anymore
BF Bad Company
PSN Will Be Down Tommorow (FW 2.40 Possibly)
Update for GTA4 for 360
Capcom: Major RE5 Announce is Not Exclusive Xbox Deal
Ninty Working On Lack Of Wii Space
I Think I Am Not Well Thinking About Selling MGS4
GTA4 fps question
Help with an Xbox that has a MOD
PS3 Firmware 2.40 is a BIG one. SCORE!
Nintendo launches Firmware v 3.3, renders Twilight Hack and Freeloader useless
Forza Motorsport 3 Confirmed
Battlefield Bad Company Mocks MGS4
Does anybody remember the name of that gameswapping website?
360 red lights/Possible fixes?
ps3 xperts
Project O gets crummy new name, Winter 2k8 release date
Keep the 80GB PS3 MGS4 Bundle or the 60GB PS3
I'm not sure if I can play my wii again
Nintendo ( of europe ) pulls a sony...
taking xbox to Chile
The TRUTH behind last years' XBOX360 Recall
you probably will be able to get a Wii at Meijer's this week
gta 4 multiplayer
Universe at War (360)
That GTA4 DLC That is Coming In Autumn/Summer?
A modern review of the Playstation 3
EA Cancels C&C Red Alert 3 For PS3 Buys Out Someone Else
360 constantly spinning disc?
Playstation Qore
Which 360 Racing Game and Misc?
wii problems
Need Urgent Wii information help.
Look up
Individual NintendoDS Friend Codes go here
Individual Wii Friend Codes go here
ps3 45nm?
Oblivion for 360 or PS3
MGS4 flops...
Desperately Seeking Oblivion Help
Good games for gameboy advance?
UH-OH! Europe bigger gaming market than U.S.
New Killzone 2 Trailer (PS3) Uses RayTracing Technology
Ninja Gaiden...
Xbox 360 or PS3?
Playstation 3 remote play or remote trojan.....?
Help "downgrading" a fat PSP
Guitar Hero Gets Drums and a Microphone
Bioshock? On MY Playstation 3?
Anybody want to play some baseball?
Newbie PSP Video Conversion Problem
Jack Thomson Found Guilty 27/31 Misconduct Charges
skate 2 announced, deuces will be dropped?
IGN Give HAZE 4.5/10
Yeeeah... Killzone 2 is going to be HUGE.
The Wii's only decent fps [The Conduit] Trailer
playing xbox 360 imports + cheat device question
3 New HD LBP Dev talk videos (Gameplay, Character Cloths, Stage Creation AND MORE!)
The Greatest Game Ever Made
So this is what being a rockstar feels like . . .
Soul Cover-Up: Team Rainless is angry
Wii'r VR...
MGS4 PS3 bundle Limited Gunmetal Edition - Preorder on May 19
Star Wars The Force Unleashed: "BITE us."
Wow, that's a first
Will it blend?
But, I thought only kids used the Wii?
Disc read error. SSBB.
Thinking about getting a system
New HD for PS3 40 GB, I have some questions.
Banjo beheads Mario! Alert TeamRainless!!!
360 Spring update, score one for TeamRainless
whats that song from??
60GB GTA IV Players: You need new firmware
No VC titles today, kids
First Gears Of War 2 Gameplay Videos
Kojima not dissapointed with MGS 4 or the PS3
First MGS4 Review - 10/10
GTA's "fantastic" story SPOILERS
Worth getting a PSP?
Wii elbow
Fun two player PS2 games?
Current Gen Budget Games
Nicotine stains on my wii mote! Help!
Gran Turismo series sales and stupid Europeans
Is the GTA4 "episodic" DLC San Andreas and/or Vice City?
360 Jesper Chips Ready But There's Another SKU For 09
GTA IV Discussion
Metal Gear solid 4. 40gb enough? 30gb to be exact.
PS3 resolution
Kid Icarus on Wii?!
At least you all get to play GTAIV...
WOW! The HONEST reason Home is taking so long. SONY comes clean
Zero Punctuation Takes on The Nintendo Cult
Have You Got The Nintendo Channel
Is GTA4 tanking the PSN?