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The PS3 GTA IV Patch
Wii Nintendo Channel now live
Difference between 90nm 60nm and 45nm ps3
GTA IV: Biggest Entertainment Opening of All Time
PS3 has outsold X-Boh 360 in Europe.
Currently Installing the Haze Demo
2 unanswered ps3 questions. anyone know?
Parents outraged after Wii Fit labels healthy kis as over weight
So, my wife wants me to pre-order her a Wii-Fit
Wii News: Poll Up Poll Up (May Also Be A Rumor)
Rockstar sues the Chicago Transit Authority
I just failed and bought a 40gb watered down playstation 3.... gj me sigh
Tecmo Bowl VC neutered thanks to EA and NFL
PS2 component cables any good?
360 or PS3?
17 Ways GTA IV isn't as good as San Andreas (and why it doesn't matter)
I just did a little chair dance: Earthbound rated by the ESRB.
Xbox 360 Blu-ray console shipping by September?
Take Two Suggests GTA4 PS3 Fix
And don't sleep on Wyclef Jean's PSN Video
GTA IV: Insane Tricks
GTA is apparently killing PS3 B-Ray drives
360: Two controllers, two systems at the same time?
GTA IV PS3 Multi is LIVE sign up to get shot down!
gta 4 and xbox 360 loud?
Wired: Can GTA save the PS3?
GTA Cheat Codes
Will I be able to buy GTA IV tomorrow?
GTA IV resolution: 360 vs PS3
Jack Thompson - on GTA IV already
Fun night at the arcade :D
360 faceplates (namely GTA4) anybody want mine?
gamecube controllers for the wii
COD4, variety map pack is region lock
GTA GamePlay Vids
ps2 128mb memory card, am i being duped?
IGN Gives GTA4 Perfect 10/10
Best PS3 games?
MGO is back up... and it's kinda badass.
Still Play Burnout Paradise How About A Bike Or 2
New AVGN - must see it...
ps3 or 360?
Halo 3 Legendary Edition Map pack
Zero Punctuation Reviews SS:BB
GTAIV + 360 Bundle
So Xbox Live is being uncool.
Home delayed again, PS3 fanboys weep worldwide
I want GTA4 so bad :(
PS3 Video Store Will Arrive This Summer
Magnavox Odyssey Stand Alones
Good explanation of why we don't like the Wii and poor game sales
PSN: PixelJunk Monsters
thinking about getting a PS3...
Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe
Rock Band's first full album dlc
Kojima Disappointed With Metal Gear Solid 4
CoD4 chinatown=carentan
Gran Turismo 5 Demo reviews are rolling in
What the hell happened to Splinter Cell Conviction?
Mario Kart for the Wii
PlayStation Cards Heading To Retail
Playstation Store Still Sucks
Sarcastic Gamer on the Battlefield
RSV2 Xbox Live connection problems
Just in case anybody isn't in the MGO beta...
PSN Update/PS3 Firmware 2.30
For us PSP-slim/2000 owners
Xbox 360 to pc question?
gears of war
Playing Through MGS1... this is AWESOME
And you thought Crysis looked good...(56k)
PS3 Fan Test/Self Cleaning
"Flow" is... weiiiiiiird.
867-5309, no wait 80010514 dead PS3!!
For PS3 and MGS4 Fanboys only
action replay max question
WiiWare gets yet another dose of awesome. Strong Bad Game Announced!
death of the disc?
Bad Company Boycott wins: EA scraps the DLC weapons
Mario on the drums
Anyone else have Rock Band?
OMG: Rock Band In UK Prices At 180
God knows what would happen if you spread Branston Pickle onto No More Heroes . . .
Games.... Special Editions?
360/PS3 Crysis engine games to look as good as PC
wheres the gtaIV gameplay?
PS3 vs Xboh 360: The release calendar showdown
Mario Kart?
Anyway to adust specific item probablity in SSB:Brawl?
Cannot connect to Xbox Live!
Cheapest XBOX360/PS3 I can buy to play GTA 4?
Tranfer of purchased content? X360
Sam 'n' Max: Season 1? On MY Wii?
Guitar Hero 3..... For Blackberry?
Any new PSP games worthwhile?
Poll: To Buy New or Not to Buy New...?
Download Warhawk. Yes? No?
Haze Looks Awesome
Looks like I'll be beta testing Metal Gear Online next week...
Who is shelling out $55-$60 on a Dualshock3?
/rant Game Rentals OMG /rant
Pee on the Wii?!
Free Xbox Live Game (After Rebate)
Warhawk meets Home... TOMORROW.
$40 Xbox??
Unreal Tournament for PS3
EA Buys Out Take Two
Legend of Zelda: The Movie?!
Devil May Cry 4
Just cant get used to the PS3/360 controls for FPS
Battlefield Bad Company Boycott
Stupid NDA!!! I hate you microsoft
Vegas 2
PS2 - Disk Read Error
backwards compatability problem
GTA IV+Home= PS3 Exclusive Content
Well this sucks...
MicroSoft's April Fool's joke
Playstation Network Hacked
Playstation Eye/Games for Playstation Eye
Xbox360 powers, but doesnt do anything. NO audio/video/or any ring lights
Yahtzee likes a Wii game!
New Ballin 50-Cent Game! Hell Yeah! (56k)
Nintendo has lost their damned minds
Guitar Hero 3 (PS3 or 360)
How to get light gun games to work on flat-screen/HD tvs?
SEGA Are Releasing Master System Games For $4 On Wii
ps2 question
MicroSoft swings the BANHAMMER
Has anybody created or applied THEMES to the PS3 XMB yet?
RS Vegas 2 + PS3 = Lawsuit by Uncle
Battlefield: Bad Company
action replay max/general ps2 problem/question
PS3 Update 2.20 Released
Is anyone else tired of the Wii?
Battlefield Bad Company Free Keys
SONY could help to revive the ARCADE!!!
-1 for guitar Hero +1 for us real musicians
PSTripple makes Triple Million
Hot Shots Golf offers PS "Home-like" experience
Do you think DS games are worth $30-$40
Is this possible with a ps3? or maybe an xbox360?
Buying my 1st PS3 game today, 2K studios is sucking
Microsoft comes through just to mess with me
Funny as he** Xbox 360 RROD
Warhawk 1.3: Coming Soon
Battlefield : Bad Company Beta Xbox 360
PSP Club?
New to the PSP
The Devil Cries in Chicago
those with rainbow six vegas 2 360 post here
sudden no wii connection
PSN 3-20-08 Update
READ THIS: Discussions regarding piracy are against forum rules
Resistance 2: The Next 50 Gig Game
PS3 FW 2.20 Will Add New Blu-Ray Profile 2.0 & More
Guitar Hero for the DS
best console for playing dvd movies?
Anybody have COD4 for the PS3?
Cast your favorite game as a movie!
PS3 HDMI Problems
Warhawk: The Great Game No One Plays
IGN.Com Review R6 LS Give It 8.2
Play.Com Live Give Out Release Dates
MGS4 bundle and release date announced
When I grow up I want to be the merchant from RE4
Darth Vader and Yoda to be in Soul Calibur IV.
Lost Oddyssey, Anyone?
Metal Gear Solid 4 to be packed onto a 50GB Disc
ps2 control question
Xbox 360 Question
Ok now this is ****ing me off.
Welcome to the Dark Side
MS says NO to BluRay on 360
I knew it would be Bungie...
Music and video: streaming to Wii
Playstation 3 rumble pack
Nintendo. Seriously?
Lunar and Lunar 2 for PSX
BioShock 2 Announced
SSB:Brawl Stage Builder
ps2 memory card help
Does anyone have Wii?
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - hands on thread
Uber bought a 360
360 20GB Phased Out For 60GB Model & Other Console News
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Who is preordering it :D
Import Tuner Challenge
Army Of 2 Co-Op? Anyone? Bueller?
Anyone have any experience with flash carts for the DS?
Devil May Cry 4 worth the money?
Sony & Microsoft Discuss Blu-Ray Drive For 360
Bully: Scholarship Edition 360
PS3 Flickering
Can you paint your 360 without voiding your warranty?
Soccer Games...
Army of Two
help me pick a VC game
ps3 a/v cable question (easy to answer if you have a ps2)
Making a 260 overheat could be tougher than you think...
COD4 Xbox 360 Gamers
Crysis coming to PS3...
If you like God of War try Conan
wiii sound
XBOX 360 red checker box screen???
I can't believe Microsoft did this!
How long will the XBOX 360 last before it is superceded?
Won DS Lite. What to Do
Blueray player?
Wii Mario Kart look and sounds like it's a BLAST
PS3 Gets Another Bad Port - Lost Planet
How long with 360 turn around?
EA Is At It Again Wants TAKE-TWO for $2 Billion
XBox 360 Wireless Internet w/PC
Anything good on the DS in the coming year?
Rumor: 360 HD-DVD drive to fall to $49.99
Microsoft's GDC Keynote Question
Super Mario Bros on Atari 2600
Commodore 64 Games Coming Soon On Wii VC
PlayStation Home
Gears Of War 2 Set For Novemeber
So I unlocked the Shelby 68 'stang GT-500KR
Devil May Cry 4...
Rock Band..
Anyone with February's issue of Xbox Mag?
Microsoft To Buy Epic
ps2 slimline disc loading question
seperate boxes for PS2/3 and Xbox Rock Band Drums
PS3 Hits 10.5 Million Sold
EA & Some Believe A New Next Gen War Is 2010
Mouse and Keyboard and Consoles
perpetual mario
Why I don't like Bioshock
PS3 outsells 360
Ratchet & Clank: 720p / 1080p ??
Aliens Colonial Marines Remember It Well Could Be Back
if you have xbox live....
Can A Poor Cheap HDMI Cable Cause Problems
Professor Layton (DS)
What system has the most/least QUALITY games
Forza: GT3 with Crappy Music
5 more years of the Madden monopoly
New console from Microsoft already? I call BS
Has anybody beaten Ace Combat 6?
Take me down to the Paradise City!
PS3 is the best PS2 game player ever (The Shield)
Wii Component Cables--A Warning
Taking apart old systems to clean them
FNF - Rock Band Edition!
PS3 Cell now @ 45nm, Prico drop imminent.
Microsoft Drop HD-DVD Drive Price
Mass Effect Content: Bring Down The Sky
Duke Nukem Forever 2k8 + 3D on XBLA THIS YEAR!!!
360 HDDVD drive now 129.99... soon:Free!
PS3 Problems?
Folding@Home On PS3 Dosn't Work
Wii "Necessities"
Remember Chrono Trigger For SNES Sold For $1,231
Console with the best future RPG lineup
NFL 2K5 Roster Update: Let's Do It
Got any Wii games on your radar?
LEGO Batman for the Wii
Need advice for 360/ps3
Playing through RE4...
No More Heros Rawkz0rz!!!!!!
Rock Band? On MY Wii?
Wii are starting to hear some truth and backlash
$40 for a playable demo? Sony can go to hell
Rumor: 120-160GB PS3
Older 360 Games Worth Buying?
Hell has just froze over...jack Thompson defends Mass Effect
Fuel Of War
Found "Resident Evil" (Playstation) in Dump (*56K Warning)
Help break this PS2 wall
oh geebus, this isnt good
GTA IV Coming Apirl 29th
80GB PS3 is no more
The FIRST PS3 game I am actually excited about
17 BILLION Dollars
HD TV vs PS3 vs 360 = Confused
Classic Console Game Recommendations
Japanese game in a american 360?
The red mist is descending . . .
Can't setup account on PS3, connection timeout
The Club demo on Live
Burnout ParaDise?
PS3/Bluray problem
Real Story Of 360's RRoD's
Ps 2 for Store credit or no?
OMG, I rented a FPS and actually like it.
Anybody have GameFly?
xbox live
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (GOTY CONFIRMED)
Red light on the 360 power brick
Two 360's on one network?
Free Arcade Game Is Undertow
Sony says "Bite Me": 54 Million Consoles sold
Need help with Xbox Live video
possible prizes for people who would rather play xbox than watch the superbowl
Crysis for PS3 Announced
Nerd Question where to get Firefly Mii
Xbox media streaming, problem with big video files?
The NBA 2k8 manual is a travesty...
my forza big cajoeners challenge
Using Xbox or PS3 as media center?
PS3 guide to stream media to your PS3
Leisure Suit Larry returns!!!!
VERY nice.. PS3 mod all the Linux none of the hassle +FREE
Turok Demo Up, Game Rocks!
Third Party Wii Games Aren't Selling
360ers Who Have Taken Heed to the Call of Duty (4)
DOS emulator for DS? Does it exist? Can it play games?
Wii + HDTV???
Peter Moore has betrayed us!!!! NCAA signs EXCLUSIVE deal with EA
Need to copy my PS2 saves to my PC
Atari Jaguar OWNS Xbox360
Super Smash Bros.: Brawl delayed until March 9th
Mass Effect
Crysis Now Playable on a PLAYSTATION 3 with StreamMyGame
Xbox Live Achievements question
What games can I play across Windows and Xbox?
Too Human
score one for the classic collection.
Good two player XBox 360 / XBLive games that the wife might enjoy
Nintendo: Buy more hardware!...wireless nunchuck at CES
60 player Multi 8 Player co-op Resistance 2
Keyboard and Mouse for XBox 360?
xbox 360 hdmi conversion for old xbox's
Rumor: Goldeneye 007 For XBLA
NBA 2K8 sucks, they pulled an EA
You got Sith in my Soul Calibur
Forza2 professional big cajones challenge
Am I missing something key as to what makes H3 matchmaking so awesome
Microsoft Will Consider Going Blu-Ray
Just got my 3rd Xbox 360, but this one has HDMI and...
Forza 2 Questions
gripshift ps3
Royal Wii approval
Geez, PS2 STILL outsold PS3 at Christmas 360 and Wii still cleaned their clock
Forxa 2 locking up
Simpsons video game is awesome
Manhunt 2 is stupid...
Super Smash Bros.: Brawl demo? Maybe!
3 People Sue MS For Problems With Live!
Anybody else got 121 stars and Luigi in Mario Galaxy?
The Rest of My 360 To-Do List, Need Advice
Wii guide to streaming media from your pc
No More Heroes: January 22. CONFIRMED
HD-DVD: Writing on the Wall
Microsoft offers apology and FREE LIVE game for network issues
Sega Game Gear Is Back... Well Sort Of?
Can't join any multiplayer games in Call of Duty 4
Uncharted sequel confirmed
Far Cry 2: 360 & PS3
need an update :)
Atari prototype handheld Breakout on Ebay
LOL Poor X360 Elite Noobs!! X360 Ultimate (FTMFW!!!!!)
All I've Been Seeing On 360 Marketplace?
Xbox 360 Greamlin strikes ( wireless controller issues )
Noob questions about XBox 360 and PS3...
Best way to hook up an xbox 360 to a monitor
Should I send my Wii in to Nintendo?
Achievement Unlocked: You are a creepy stalker
WiiMote broke? Heres a fix
Xbox 360 warranty question
Xbox 360 Dashboard Troubles
am I missing something?
Liked Tales of Symphonia? Want more?
Wiis at Best Buy
Xbox 360 Optical Out
Console for Christmas...SNES!?!?
xbox 360 arcade warranty?
Yay X360 finally :)
Can somebody explain Mass Effect to me?
Gamestop question
Guitar Hero 3 Controller for Wii?
-=[OCF]=- Forza 2 showroom thread
Bunch of Xbox questions?
2 xbox 360 hardware questions
Xbox 360 question
Dark Rising: PSP beats Wii
So i just won a Wii
Component vs HDMI
Was Looking At 360's Spec And....
Eye Of Judgment
Im split between 3 games (360)
What to check to make sure I get a 360 with a new core?
PS3 Theme Website
PS3 Firmware Updated to 2.10 & PSP's
Poker Night part deux
DUKE NUKEM!!!! New Teaser Trailer!!!
Mr. Late to the game plays Mass Effect
60 inch projection HD,TV coupled with the Xbox 360?
What you really sound like playing Rock Band
Car Trade in Forza 2
360 20gb to 120gb
360 info needed
Are there any online MMORPG's for the consoles ?
Ok now I am irked..kinda...well hmm ? (XMAS gifts etc)
Wii rpg's?
The Gaming Numbers
Wii on computer monitor?
GH3 PS3 1.01 update
xbox 360 HD-DVD
Nights on Wii....anyone still following?
Can't use my headset on Live anymore.
Xbox Live gripe: God bless Kotaku
GameStop Opens First 'Tournament Store'
Just started Gamefly. Need wii recommends.
Super Mario Galaxy DS. Real or fake?
Gaming tags
360 HD-DVD Looks Awful So 1 Site Says
Interstate Outlaws 4 the 360?
360 to pc software
just unlocked my PSP Slim via the battery hardmod
Should I get 360 or PS3?
360 for Xmas - $100 for Wireless?
nintendo ds help
Your Favorite Videogame Ads (New and Old)
Rumor Control: Are SEGA Making DREAMCAST 2
OCF Poker Night (360 Hold 'em)
Culdacept Sucks
Homebrew and the DS
COD4 worth it?
Just picked up a 360
Wii shortage turns attention to Chinese "Vii"
DS Lite or iTouch 8GB?
Rainless Vs. EVERYBODY (SF2) Tuesday
Curses! My NES has failed me...
Holy #@!@ First SFIV Pic!!!
My 360 Arcade Games Keep Asking To Be Unlocked
Favorite Resident Evil character?
M$ Charges for Free Content
Sony says PS2 for 2-3 more years | PS3 for 9
Strange Xbox Live Error
Is buying a PS3 used a bad idea ?
Console Game Night Voume 1: COD4
COD4 XBL Users Check-In :)
Nintendo still hates online play, announces Friend Codes for Brawl
My boss is amazing, part 2
If you have played Mass Effect...
Now accepting sports game challenges
Call of Duty 4 Game Night! Sign UP!!!
Xbox 360 questions.
should have posted here, simple answer
best gaming console opinions please
Got a wii. Keep or sell.
Dmans X-mas gift to himself.. X360 need some help
Bad HDMI cables?
Americas army for 360
Fight Night (EA Boxing) song
360 DOES get DIVX/XVID support with fall update
Don't trust professional reviews of games
Small Predicament
360 Backwards Games List Updated
Should I sell "THE collection"?
Rock band & guitar Hero ( all of them )
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 to debut trailer at Spike VGA
Problems w/DS Lite product registration...
Free Wii Remote Jacket Accessory Offer
Fudge vs Rainless: The Challenge
omfg i got a 360 for free it works HA
Spore going to go console?
UH OH! Xbox Backwards Comp. Update
December 360 dash update.....ho hum
COD 4 question
to any xbox 360 players who play FPS
Steering wheels yah? or Na?
Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4
Had to shut off wireless on my Wii
Bought my bro a DS Lite
Any news on 65nm 360's?
Good fighting games for 360?
Vegas Baby Vegas!
how to find a wii
XIM anyone ?
Ps2 Mazda RX 7 300hp.
Took the 360 Plunge today.
The King Swag Black Friday Gaming Thread
xbox360 Arcade $219 - good deal?
Best Video Game Music score?
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Announced
Rock Band.... Anyone?
Cannot find a good 360 Gamertag
Halo 3 - Heroic Map Pack
PS3 or 360?
Sooo....Mass Effect is now out!
Xbox 360 and wireless setup...
COD:4 Question.
Recommend me some Nintendo DS games
Xbox 360 HD cables on Regular Xbox
question about hooking up xbox 360 to my lcd.
Forza 2 II motorsport questions.
Assassin's Creed.... Anyone have it?