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Mass Effect?
Component cables question
DivX Codec For 360 & PS3
New Resident Evil Game for Wii
Wii dumps MP3 support
original x-box games to be on LIVE marketplace as 360 downloads!
Who else got/is getting Mario Galaxies?
Xbox gamertag question?
History of Mario Bros
woot! just got my xbox360 elite!!!
Nintendo adds 'Check Mii Out' channel, still thinks friend codes are super awesome
Too Human.... Gotta Luv it
Forza Motorsport 2
I knew Halo was full of love!
Call of Duty 4
Playsation 2, 3, PSP & Network Games Line-up 07
It's All About The Players (HD-DVD Vs Blu-Ray)
SM: Galaxy review at Gamespot
Circuit City Refuses to Honor Call of Duty 4 Deal
Zero Punctuation Tackles Zelda
Target Won't Carry 'Manhunt 2'
God of War Director Quits Sony
This Months Game Releases
New PS2 and PSP Versions Out
Xbox 360 Profile Question
MGS 4 delayed until Q2 2008
A cheap 360 with HDMI?
Finally got Mario Sunshine as a precursor to Galaxy
PS3 linux/hacking breakthrough
Playstation 3 New Ads
Oh the choices...
Oh, Sony you silly sods
Old non HDMI 360. Am I SOL?
Need for Speed Pro Street demo
The $99 PS2
Castlevania Dracula X: Chronicles
H3 Achievements
[NEWS] Rockstar confirms Manhunt 2 PSP hack
need help deciding on Xbox 360 game
GameCube games?
At a gaming cross roads.
Rock Band: My First Gig
Ratchet and Clank
Maybe this explains the upcoming 40GB PS3 neuter?
A few Reasons to get the 40 Gig PS3
360 Fall Update Soon IPTV Still A Fuzzy Issue
Component in switch
Seriously WTF Nintendo...
Guitar Hero 3
For what its worth Mass Effect geta a 9.75/10 from GI
XBox 360 Setup Question
Wii News: No Price Cut, But New Channel To Exchange VC Games
The Power Of Gamers Voice Works.... (Forza 2)
Wii Controllers and Mario Party 8
Mr. Rogers Talks Donkey Kong With Halo's Arbiter
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Fans Of Top Gear (UK TV) Deal With Gran Turismo 5
Anybody Give Zack and Wiki a spin?
NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not my Castlevania!!!
Comments on the Logitech DriveFX Racing Wheel (Xbox 360)
xbox 360 graphics question
Zelda: Twlight Princess - GC vs. Wii?
Anyone with a PS3 into card games?
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Mario Coin with Galaxy Preorder
Army Of Two Out Now In 08 (Thanks EA)
Go With Hellgate London or Wait For Huxley?
is the xbox 360 warranty transferable?
PS3tanic, Sony hits the iceberg, 3rd party devs abandon ship
Xbox360 / builtin HD-DVD player / HDTV Tuner
Getting PS3 80gb
Silent Hill 5 likely for 360
Rumors: Another XBOX 360 Model With HD-DVD Drive
Devil May Cry 4: 360 & PS3 :D
So stupid it's funny: Jack Tretton
I gots me a PSP
[CONFIRMED! CONFIRMED!] Rumor Engine rumbles to life, tells of Okami for Wii (again)
Capcom confirms Street Fighter IV. Faces melt due to too much awesome.
GTA IV 16 Player MP?
True MS extends 360 warranties?
Intermittent RROD: Now what do I do?
Turn-based RPG for Wii or Xbox360
Elephants CAN fly
Upcoming Wii Titles......
Did anybody get Zelda: Phantom Hourglass yet?
xbox 360 and hook up questions
Anybody have their Wii break on them?
Halo 3 Multiplayer Not going in WS...?
My 360 Is P**sing Me Off
Xbox 360 questions
SuperC on the Virtual Console = No Konami code
Recomend some good PSP games
EA Is At It Again Buyin Out The Comp
XBOX 360 "Jasper" Not Till August 08
Mario Kart Wii looks like . . . Well, Mario Kart
TimeSplitters 4 Announced
Sonic the Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros: Brawl
Website showing Xbox Achievers
Just got a 360, what games to look into?
Why even submit player reviews anymore?(360)
PS3 Sucky Edition coming Nov 2 2007
Sony SecondLi....errrr I mean HOME
360 has free games inside
Squenix and their upcoming major release season
Wonderful HALO 3 review..
Its official: Bungie splits from MS
UT3 for PS3 Delayed Until 2008
Halo Mistress Chief Anyone? :)
Is your Wii Remote cold?
Nintendo "No Wii for you!"
Halo short video (movie?)
Kotaku Halo 3 Giveaway
Why can't MS get their production right this gen?
Please tell me I didnt fry my 360, stupid 220 volts...
For those with Xbox 360
Pirating in China is now going deeper into Hardware! introducing the Vii!!
Wii Bowling - Explosion trick!
Me and NsOmNiA91130 Need 2 Players for Halo 3 Co-Op Campaign
No More Heroes footage makes me tingle in my bathing suit area - Now with more gore!
[OCF] Halo 3
Help! Suggestions for Wii games....
Halo 3 (Std vs Limited Edition)
why Halo will change the future.
Halo 3 anybody playing on XB360??
Wii is #3 in PC World's 100 Best Products of 2007
I swear I didn't write this Wii article...
Xbox 360 Dashboard Ads
And THEN Nintendo No-Shows TGS
Halo 3 Launch
Halo 3 reviews are in with an average of 9.5/10
Well Eternal Sonata was... Short? And Plent of Hidden Meanings..
Hell has frozen over (the 2008 NBA games)
NCAA Football 08 - wtf
Tips for getting my 1st console in YEARS!
DualShock 3 Confirmed/Dated
360 Cable Query
Super Smash Brothers Brawl to have WiFi Play
Halo 3 Believe
Wii get's a version of Gamebryo (Oblivion Engine)
Sub-Game Designer insults Halo: World falls apart
Still tired of lodging your Wiimote into things?
Hockey Jock
Is A 26" HD TV Good For Gaming
NBA Dead 08 (XBL Demo)
360 COD4 Beta Keys
Halo 3 Epsilon cheaters banned until 9999 AD
Dead 360 part deux
I just got a PSP 2000/slim/lite whatever you want to call it
NO Crackdown 2
Lair review guide
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Mission Complete!
Quitting WoW again...
Nintendo says "NO!" to Cross-Platform Games
Is anyone using HDMI for audio?
Two Worlds Sucks Really Bad
skate. Thread
The Wii is in use again!!!!
Sticky buttons?
Recent 360, PS3, Wii hits and misses (some big name titles reviewed)
My Friend Vouchers, let me trade you them!
Can you adjust the PS3 turn on time?
Stuck reset button
Oh crap..... It may be time to hack up the 360
My boss is awesome.
Madden 08 (Worse then before)
PS3 games' SPE usages
Whats your favorite _____ ? Ver. 1.1 Whats your favorite NES game past/present?
Warhawk: Boxed vs Download
Dear Nintendo re: Mario Strikers Charged
Metroid Prime 3 Review on IGN
Exchanging game systems at game stop or EB?
Super Smash Bros. Brawl to use Havok physics?
Any strategy or puzzle games to recommend for the Wii?
Wii ...
Wii probs... anybody help plz
My Chances of Catching a Break...
Manhunt gets M rating, Halloween release date
360 65nm On Ships Coming To You, Steering Wheel Called Back
In other news: PSP now beating 360/PS3
Cruis'n N64 vs Wii comparison
Wireless Racing Wheel Warning
No PSthreevo for US
Call of Duty 3 360 System Link
PS3 Folding@Home Client News @ Daily-Tech
A cool wii accessory
PS3 plays japanese PS2 games?
And Bioshock is out
Nintendo may have heard our cries: Earthbound heading to the VC eventually
So I actally got suckered into buying a new gen console.
360 UK Price Cut Finally But £130 ($260) For The 120HD Get ********
Rainbow Six: Vegas - Xbox360
Anyone play Steel Battalion? Or used to?
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to have Mini-achievements?
Pelican Air-Flo Cooler for 360
You’re Most Anticipated Upcoming Game
UH OH! That glorious DAY! (My 360)
Better Than Halo
EPIC: Short Change On Content For 360 Over PS3
Anyone still play Halo 2 online?
Is the Wii for me?
What late 80's Nintendo game was this ?
Media is once again jabbing away at the PS3 like De La Hoya
Need For Speed Pro Street -
Why FPS on a console?
Alvin and the Chipmunks star in their own rhythym game!
Another 360 Tweak To Cut Costs
Metallica is at it again: Rock Band
More Wii firmware
So I hooked up the ColecoVision last night
Wii Remote Mod - Make It Work For 360 & Play Halo 2
Madden 08 reviews are coming in
Bioshock Demo NOW! XBLM!
Anyone have Netflix and a 360 they stream vid with?
Need 360 Split Screen Games? Any Suggestions:?
ZOMG! Tales of Symphona sequal coming to the Wii! Squeel!!
PS3 on a LCD?
Another great thing that Wii update does...
It's Metroid month at Nintendo!
Getting a new PSP Game and maybe 1 Q.
360's Ripping Music - What Format & What Rate
360 Premium To Get HDMI Ports From Now On
xbox 360 - dual vga-a/v
Finally new rev 360s /w HDMI
Stranglehold Demo 360
Wii Firmware version 3.0 made of awesome; win.
PSPs Greatest Game Gets an Update
Today's 360 Update
Where to DOWNLOAD Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from
Whats your favorite _____ ? Ver. 1.0 Whats your favorite console game of all time?
Halo 3 Fans Check out EGM 20 page's on halo 3
GTA IV delayed - Q2 08
added a front 360 fan header.
360 65nm Shrink Ready 45nm Around The Corner
Mario Strikers Charged!
Forza2: XBL 3 FREE Nissans and a 63 cent Pugeot
Found a Nintendo DS homebrew kit at Walmart for $30(US)
Halo 3 Online Co-Op Finalised & It's 4 Players
Why I love/hate my Xbox 360 - Possible Fix
Rumour.. likely true: No more 360 core unit.
Another PS3 Exlusive: Stranglehold Content
Any good co op games for xbox live?
Has Xbox360 been product updated to fix Over-heating?
Trailer - Lego Indiana Jones
PS3 Exclusive Rockstar IP
Best general emulation forums?
Gears of War Extra Content For PC Not Coming To 360
GTA IV 1st review
360 - Smaller GPU/CPU Wud That Mean Lower PSU
So, I got All PRO 2K8 AND NCAA 2K8
How to fix 360 RRoD
Possibly buying a Wii, PSP or DS
360 HD-DVD drive price cut
Who cant wait for Halo 3...
Forza 2
I read PS3, Xbox360, and Wii. How about a DS thread?
GH3 Demo coming to XBL Marketplace
Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80's
LOTS of XBL/XBMP goodness this week
Im confused
List of PS3 wallpapers
How many of you purhased PS3 after price drop?
PS3 update 1.9 NICE!!
media server ps3
Game Trading Boy Do We Get Conned (Uk)
Boy Buys PS2, Recieves $90k!
What is your favorite console of ALL TIME?
Europe Cud Get 120GB PS3
roll the ball in the hole
Sony to cave-in to backlash? 80GB PS3 $499?
All Pro Football 2K8 vs Madden 08
Anyone For Bomberman...??? (XBLA)
Microsoft's Peter Moore moving to EA.
I Finally Got my Wii
Sony to phase out $500 PlayStation 3
Troubles with 360
Wii Gun
I want to use some custom firmware on my psp but i have the most updated version
Xbox 360 Pre Design..?
360 Backwards List Updated
Hitman!... IS A MOVIE!
August 1st: Xbox 360, $199US. PS3: $599US. (Console Warz is OVER!)
Stuntman: Ignition
BREAKING: No more 60 Gig PS3's after JULY
The Gamer's S. Market: SELL! SELL! SELL!
360 price drops 8/1/07 $100 ALL MODELS???
NEW 360 backwords compatibility update
UK PAL 360 in Japan
No European Price Cut
No More PS3 Price Cut!
inner SNES dimensions
The REAL Empire Strikes Back: Sony&E3
So will the new psp.....
Any Difference Between a JPN Wii and one from N. America?
E3 smaller titles
SUPER MEGA HUGE NEWS for Metal Gear fans
Blue Dragon: WTF Edition
The Force is with ET??? Tonight 7/12/7 7pm
Toldja the PSP-lite was coming
MS - All 11.1 Mill 360's Are Faulty
What is your favorite console or single piece of hardware?
Project Sylpheed DEMO
Samus Aran is more badass than you are
ACE COMBAT 6 demo is on XBL LIVE now
Super Mario Galaxy makes me happy in my pants
360 fan mod
Sonic 1 & Golden Axe 1 This Weeks XBLA Games
My dream to own a ps3 60G for $400
E3 News Thread
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams trailer will make you drop to your knees and weep
Playstation 2. The machine that u cant kill
installing YellowDog on PS3 TONIGHT
Oblivion To Be Re-released (360)
LIVE E3 Sony press conference streamin on 7/11/7 8:30am EST
The Empire errrr. MicroSoft Strikes Back! 360 price cut next week!
SixAxis Rumble with PS3 in August?
E3 News - 65nm 360's Nearing Release
Microsoft - Your Poor Power Protection Is To Blame
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock controllers revealed!
Bye bye Wii: PS3 sales up 2800%
the Power button broke on my 360
80GB PS3 for USA and Canada in August
Bad news for us poor people
Has anyone got Guitar Hero working on their PS3 yet?
GGGGRAND Theft Auto 4. We are all winners (espeically sony)
Virtual Fighter 5 Will Have Xbox Live Playability!
Xbox 360 repairs will cost Microsoft $1B
looking for HDTV.....for gaming :)
MS To Extend 360 Warranties For Free!
SONY still revising the PS2, new model SCPH-79000
Dark_AleX Turns Out The Lights
Harry Potter for Wii
2K and EA football games: 360=60fps PS3=30fps
Monolith hates CSS LOL
1080p console games?
Do You Rent or Buy?
Transformers: The Movie: The Game
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix!
Buy a PS3 and get 5 FREE Blu-Ray movies
GTA 4 Limited Editon Pack - Loads Of Goodies
FragFX PS3 Review (Mouse Controller)
Does anybody have God of War 2?
Manhunt 2 NOW DELAYED In U.S.!
Raid over the River for DS...vapor?
Panzer Dragoon Orta/Blitz:The League 360
Is anybody upset Spore is delayed 2 years/possibly cancelled?
No More Heroes official site to go live shortly!
Nintendo says 'No' to AO-rated Manhunt 2
360 vs PS3 graphics shootout round 2
More bad news for TakeTwo: Public Watchdog group pushes for AO Manhunt rating
Manhunt 2 Wii and PS2 banned in Britain (and Ireland)
Would you pay for PSN??
You may want to get GTA4 for the 360, not the PS3
The face on "Master Chief" in Halo3
Custom Video Icons - PS3
I read somewhere that you can disable the cpu cap the psp has and overclock it?
Nintendo ds picto chat. Sad it never got used wifi style!
Sony Connect Closing - Focus being diverted to Playstation
Time Crisis 4 - PS3 Exclusive
15 years later... a 3rd sequel to Sylpheed???
Sony (still) working on Rumbly SixAxis
PS3 pricecut eminent, likely sooner than you think
2K games going bye-bye????
PS3 1.81 update HDMI colour fix
Opera browser for DS pretty useless
Ace Combat 6 for 360, WOW!!!
Shifty article on PS3 programming vs 360 programming
Microsoft - New Heatsink On Ati Chip (360)
Gears Of War Gets New Achievements
Ace Combat 6 (XBOX360) 1st Trailer
Metal Gear Solid 4 2006 Trailer remastered
360 Questions...
360 failure rates
360 price cut?...rumors start to leak
PS3 up coming games
Shadowrun is a POS
Mario Strikers Charged codes
Pacman World Champion Named LOL
Major 360 Annoucement?
Sensible Soccor Coming Very Soon To XBLA
Forza 2 Trading Post: Need A Car?
Xbox360 single player
Anybody want to start a Forza2 race team/club
Post your best Forza2 ride.
New Need For Speed Pro Street Announced
Banned 360's Through Mods Back Online.
This Weeks Live Arcade Games Is.... Mad Tracks
Next Madden to Mimic Real Life
So why does Viva Pinatas get ignored? (for those with a 360)
Colin Raye DIRT
Anybody running Linux on their PS3?
Who's getting Forza2 tomorrow? The wheel?
360: Podcasts and More
ZOMG MGS4 comin' to "teh haloplayer"(xbox360)
Um so if i want a ps3 what do i need to buy?
Sony Sued Over Blu-Ray - Didnt Take Long Did It
Xbox 360 and Streaming Media
Xbox 360 vga cable?
I can quit complaining about the PS3s lack of a remote controll now...
Anybody else have the next-gen trifecta?
360 Comes Back From Repair 2hrs Later Red Ring Of Death
Splinter Cell Conviction
PS3 firmware update 1.8 on 5/24/7 THIS IS HUGE!!!
Finally beat Captain Jack on Standard!
Looking for a great PS2 Soccer Game
A bunch of Wii games get release dates
Are there any good RPG or Action RPGs on the horizon for the PSP?
Sony's Jack(ass) Tretton at it again. AGAINST 360s folding
For XBox360 owners using VGA (also, HD-DVD)
I need reccomendations for a new Wii game?
Geeks.com $100 off 360Platinum/Premium
STERN warning from Major Nelson to those with modded 360s
xbox live bans everywhere take cover
So Who Has The 360's 120GB HDD Then?
2 New Socoms for PS3
David Jaffe 'Only PSN games from now on'
Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3
Whats up for Bungie after Halo 3?
PS3 crushes Sony's profit margin
ZOMG wherez "teh halo"?
Forza 2 Demo: Best Lap Times
Tutorial On How to Get External USB Hard Drive to work on 360???
Anyone know when any new MX games are coming out?
New 360 Owner - Peripherals for racing
Prince Of Persia Original Coming To XBLA
Halo 3: "So What?"
Just ordered Guitar Hero 2 for the 360
FREE XBLA game on 5/16/07
How does the Halo 3 Beta Work?
Guitar Hero II (360): Is it fixed?
So Who's Breaking 1 Billion on GH2 (360) First?
My new HD-DVD drive (Pics!)
Friend's 360 is showing the red ring of death
Blacksite: Area 51 Demo 360
How does the PS3 perform as a Blu-Ray player?
Crackdown New Content Soon - 360
Calling all Cars + Rampart: released
PS3 Keyboard & Mouse Support?
Double Dragon On XBLA
Further proof that Wii is PWNING PS3
ScrewAttack best and worst gaming peripherals video
Question bout ps3 online
FORZA 2 DEMO out tonight!!!!!!!!!!
Serious Dungeons (PSP) ROCKS
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
Spiderman 3 is getting hammered in reviews
New FF7:Crisis Core trailer
GTA IV: No HDD problems on 360
not enough ventilation for my 360?
Pimpstreamer .90
I passed 10K on my 360 gamerscore last night
Ken Kutaragi I've Seen PS4, 5 & 6
Gears of War Maps Out Thursaday 800 points - FREE After Sept 3rd
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Guitar Hero II (360)
Sony reveals digital camera for PSP
Saw Elites on the shelf today
Probably buying a PS3 this weekend, couple questions
No 120GB Hard Drive For My 360
Wii 2007 Game Schedule!
X360 going to 65nm by next month (Hopefully)
360 to get 65nm GPU in the fall
Sony 'Entertainment', WTF?!
Walmart is holding wii's in the back!
Just picked up Super Swing Golf...
Call of Duty 4 Trailer
Wii to "Boost production"
Which Throwback Games Do You want
PSP Firmware 3.40 released
Ninty aquires Monolith Soft
360 not so Elite
My 1st Ever Dealing With A 360 Repair
Chrono Trigger and chrono cross
Recommend me a multi-platform dance pad!
Father of the Playstation, Ken Kutaragi --YOU'RE FIRED!!
[NEWS] How Wii Is Creaming the Competition
Saw Wiis on the shelf without a line for the 1st time
God of War to the PSP
Poll. 360 For Wii
Nancy Reagan errr. Nintendo "just say NO to modchips"
Going multi-platform: Kane & Lynch & Crossfire
Taking a new look at my old 360 MC problem
Burnout 5 Screenshots
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles...
So whats the deal with Guitar Hero II? (360)