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man i'm glad we have Newegg!
does anyone on here ACUALLY have a ps3 in hand
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HA $800 For PS3 That's Nothing Try $10,100
I have a playstation 3 60GB in my hands.
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Amazon $100.00 Xbox 360, TRUE...kinda...
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Sweet, new forum. Viva Pinata OUT Call of Duty 3 OUT
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Can I transfer GT4 replays to my compie?
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Twilight Princess for cube?
NBA Live 2007 for PS3, CANCELLED
Wii is at Best Buy now
My tv cant accept 1080p over component.
twilight princess, chance of downloadable content!
Gears of War out tomorrow (shipped today) anyone?
Has anybody got the $4 xbox360 Burger King games?
The WOO HOO i have guitar hero!!
Best Buy cancells PS3 pre-orders
Official:Xbox360 not just a console. A mediacenter/HTPC
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Go buy Okami
why the wii-love?
Wii or X360... Im sure this question plauges alot of people
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Wii launch titles, virtual console and disc
PSP -Black, white and now....UNICEF???
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