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Prime95 Error Sound?
Possible Bottlenecking?
Phenom II X6 1075t 95w Q3 2011
Dead CPU?
Upgrade time. Not sure where to go.
Please rate the new PC I just brought
The Future of ARM CPUs
Upgrading my pc
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Cpu Price Fluctuations,News and more!!
The great debate
Stability Programs..
Help me decide, E4300 or E3400?
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Overclocking failure symptoms
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selling cpu help
atuomatically adjusting fsb?
Cinebench 11.5
9800GT or HD 5670?
PLEASE HELP!!! N950 Quad-Core vs. Core i5 460m!!! Gaming
@Miahallen and all you other contributors.
Upgrade decisions using old GPU/PSU
AMD 955 PhenomII vs Dual XEON 2.80 quad cores
Boy, Was Tom (tom's hardware) wrong
Remove me please:)
X6 1090T and Super Pi
CPU time vs Kernel time
Upgrade: C2D E6700 vs the X3 8850
non bias opinions amd or intel
i3/i5 vs. Phenom II X4 for Virtualization
i5 for gaming?
overclocking dangers
MOBO or Powersupply problem?PC shuts down when running too much apps
Rare Find?
How to know when CPU bottlenecking GPU?
Cpu fan controlling software?
1PFLOPS in 10 42U Racks!
Temp vs Voltage
1055t vs. i5-750
Intel vs AMD gaming (i'm behind the times)
Which one?
Opteron 180 and Intel T4500
To OC or not to OC.
can't choose between these builds plz help!
Phenom II 1055t v i5 760
Difference between Single/Dual/Quad+ Cores
[Help] which CPU should i choose?
athlon ii x3 or core i3
i7 920 Hyper-Threading
i7 930 OC help
CPU for gaming laptop
Nvidia CEO: We have a CPU strategy
Can't decide which CPU to get (MOBO/CPU)
New to overclocking...
[O/C]Core Temp Updates
i5 750 or AMD Phenom II X4 965?
via c3 multiplier & voltage adjustment
Intel & AMD Chip Power Consumption
What do I need
CPU Damage?
i7 875k vs X6 1090T
Dell Inspiron E1505 PLL
How do CPUs work?
CPU'S in general
New CPU/mobo/ $600 limit
Stability Test readings! Good / Bad?
Stay with Q9550 or jump to AMD 965 BE
Which CPU to buy
[O/C] Core Temp Released
Open Q: Bclk overclocking - how importent is it
sorry guys... need new build suggestions
Building a HTPC, recommendations.
$600 gaming comp. good deal or not?
Intel: Nvidea is Faster than we are.
[O/C] Core Temp 0.99.7 Released
Overclocking is getting on my damn NERVES!
What is Skynet?
Dangers of Running Without Proper Stability Testing?
AVP Benchmark results
Is it just high voltages that shorten chip life?
[O/C] To ES or not to ES? That is the HWBOT question...
abit AA8XE help
CPU Temp and fifa 2010 just saying
New rig. AMD or intel?
NVIDIA touts Tegra 2
AMD vs. Intel: Who has switched? [2010]
Confused i5 750 1050T or i7 930 1090t
Setfsb, MAJOR problems with it
New PC build, just need some advice
Welp.. I switched sides, I hope I'll see major improvement.
dell pc
Can we unlock bios?
Which CPU is Better?
Question about OC amd athlon64 3200+ 2.00 ghz 939 socket
Is it time for Quad-Core?
advice on server cpu
phenom II x6, i920, or c2q 9650?
Is this better than prime?
How to find out whether its 32 bit or 64 bit CPU ?
How much smaller can the transistor get?
How long till you think we will need 20a breakers for our PCs
The Bottleneck Effect?
Need Advice on Overclocking from 2.66ghz to 3.6ghz
Cpu stepping
Apple going AMD?
best place to buy CPUs?
need OC: evga x58 3x SLI and i7 930
CPU Overclocking vs. Power Consumption
SuperPi Competition is Under Way!
Which is better?
Dual Core, Quad Core or Hex Core CPUs?
am2 Amd x2 5000+ or intel core 2 duo or am3
Best Hybrid SLI choice??
Overclockers.com Benching Team SuperPi Competition!
i7 920 & rampage II extreme OC questions
CPU Thermal Paste... Stock AMD or 4 year old Artic Silver5?
Dangers of overclocking
First Time OC... What do you guys think?!?!
Intel: Q6600 or E8400?
Intel vs AMD?
Emulating Speed of Older Processors
amd x2 250 vs e7500 core 2 duo
[O/C]CPU Reviews and Things to Cool Them With
CPU/mobo combo under 300 for folding?
Airport Chauffeur destroyed my laptop - need advice
Foam thermal paste?
[O/C]SuperBiiz "Genuine CPU Sale"
What can top my Q6600 @ 3.6GHz?
Help Noob build gaming PC
What would be the better choice?
Wait for 6 Cores?
Paranoid about using Arctic Silver 5.
Which path to take..
Do I need the fastest chip?
Help with a new build?
AMD Noob.
Please advice x4 955 black VS i5 660
3ghz vs 4ghz
Looking for BSOD List
Best Quad Core Solution?
What makes a "golden" chip golden?
Giant Roundup: 131 Intel and AMD cpu's
First time overclocker...lil scared, advise plz
can somone help me with some info on 920 d0?
First rig in years :D
Need your opinion
Old P4 2.0
Building New Computer/Overclocking
Building New Computer/Overclocking
Come take a look at the next generation of microprocessors
Choosing between: Intel Pentium DualCore E5300 vs. AMD Athlon II x2 240
g60vx-rbbx05 overclocking
Will this computer run windows 7 or Ubuntu?
Academics Graphic Upgrade
Overclocking your PC
Upgrade to i7-860 or wait?
Anyone help with a 955 v i5 750 comparison?
Bang 4 Buck Video Encoding CPU
the SIX ATOM (yes, six atoms) transistor
How, roughly, a CPU works. A video
Should I upgrade? from Intel E6750 to AMD 955 BE
Help Me Upgrade Please
So new to the Forums :D
Phenom ii x2 550 BE temperature readings
What about Joe? AMD/Intel Does it matter?
overclock in dell xps 720
Question about quad cores.
Can someone help me with calculating speeds and frequencies?
Most Powerful Pico-ITX Board Ever Packs the VIA Nano Processor...
Intel E5200@2.5 & HD4870 512mb DDR5
Help on CPU problem with thermal MetalPad
CPU affinity can it cause damage to CPU?
Need Power efficient CPU
need help with overclocking E2180 on GIGABYTE EP45
Minimum multiplier
how about VIA CPU´s?,(bad?).
FTC sues Intel, aims to shape the GPU market
Heres the pic, where's the power/reset mobo pins?
AMD 720 BE vs. 955 BE vs. i5 920
Intel Dual core E5xxx vs AMD Athlon II X2
Online CPU Speed Test
Build suggestions
Intel Researchers Test Experimental 48-Core Chip
The Multi Core War
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 or AMD Athlon II X2 245
Help please - Windows7 goes into hibernation while running Prime95
Closer look at IBM Power 7 CPU and "Blue Waters" Supercomputer
Have I made a mistake?
my i7 is being a w**ker lol
Cheapest recommended combo for HD media?
Does AMD have anything to compete with the i7 920?
Need your help choosing cpu guys
IBM makes supercomputer significantly smarter than cat
Scientists create the first programmable quantum processor
Anyone used Arcticlean on IC7 TIM?
safe overclock speed
Importance of CPU
Intel pays AMD 1.25 Billion!
"Gordon" - Flash Based Supercomputer (SSD's)
Nvidia Tesla
buying cpu in korea
Temporary overclocks only when needed
Post a picture of your CPUID. Let's get a long list going guys, come on.
switching motherboards
Tilera targets Intel, AMD with 100-core processor
making the switch
i5 vs PII 720
What would be a good upgrade from my current CPU?
Dual Core vs Quad Core
AMD vs. Intel
Gaming Rig Help?
Best Quad for Virtualization?
Upgrading for the future
E3300 @3.30 Bottle Neck with GTX 260?
Overclocking Newbbie
Intel Equivalent of Athlon II X2 240?
To jump or not to jump
Front Page - General CPU
Can't get e8600 stable at 4.5
Core voltage decreases after Sleep Mode(S3)
Current Proc Pricing, AMD in trouble?
3DMark Vantage CPU Score -WARNING: 1920x1200 resolution pictures
i5, i7 or AMD for Graphic Design with CS4
Which is the best for testing stability?
toothpaste as thermal paste results...
Intel EU trial evidence made public .
OCForums needs content editors!
Professional Overclockers? How do they do it?
Budget gameing rig----CPU advice
Overclock watts?
Are overclocks with no voltage and temp increase safe?
thinking of a i7 unfortunately...
Not sure if this will help anyone
What shall i go for guys AMD or Intel
Intel has a 6 core 12 thread CPU coming Q2 2010
New Build I5/i7?
controlling onboard fan speeds on evga 750i ftw
creative Zii
AMD and Intel core names
Considering I7
Underclocked Phenom II x2
lowering multiplier
Your Highest and Lowest CPU Temps!!!!
mobo and cpu upgrade options
need suggestions
Does anyone else want one of these?
New Build!
How to recover lost Mac partition?
AMD or Intel
Is it illegal...
Why do servers need multiple CPUs?
Hardware Hackers Create a Modular Motherboard
CPU choice for multi-gpu setup
new quad-core CPU. AMD or Intel, no flame wars please!
I want to upgrade my notebook CPU.
Cold War 2.0 - Supercomputing!
What is the fastest OC ever?!?
Workstation: 8core Xeon
is my CPU fried?
New proc suggestions for running champions online
XFX Warranty
I can build an AMD DDR3 set up for Ł100 less than Intel...thoughts?
Can't decide between X4 810 and Q8200
Why is vista set to boot 1 out of 2 cores on dual core?
how to make pc shut down when cpu temp get too hot
CPU benchmarks
Need advice on cpu/mobo/ram
New build for DAW
Budget Build
Help me choose the right processors.
Spend money on new cpu cooling + graphic card or better graphic card?
best cpu?
question about how to know if cpu bottlenecks
How CPU's Are Made.
CPU Batch and Stepping
Is 1 hour prime 95 stable?
Question regarding harm
New Builder..Help Tweak
E8400 overclock
Need help picing out new comp
Question about settings for i7 and 1333mhz ram
To single quad or duel quad is the question?
Intel Killing new CPU's
AMD vs INTEL: The future (Not a flame or amd is better lol)
Top 500 SuperComputer List updated this week
Why is this?
CPU for $700 build
Online Overclocking Database Launched!
How hard can I push this?
Standards (What standards)
AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz 3 x 512KB - How to unlock the 4th core?
Noob Question: Explain Clocks
AMD or Intel???
Quad core do more?
AMD Phenom II X4 810 2.6GHz AM3 vs Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz
Intel core2 quad Q9400 2.66GHz vs AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz
Building the EXASCALE computer
Complete Processor Charts / Lists
To i7 or not to i7?
Gaming Rig, Debating Intel or AMD
backup plan: cheap mobo/cpu upgrade suggestions?
Undervolt/clock thunderbird athlon or buy new Intel Atom
A Miracle?
are most apps able to use 2+ cores now?
bootible cpu testing software
Some newbie questions
So, tell me (again) why I should get a Phenom 955?
Intel ICH9R on Tyan S5211 doesn't have heatsink
Intel to Get EU Antitrust Fine
TDP meaningless?
Sequoia: The Next Generation of Supercomputer
Overclocking CPU Question
How can I see my cores in operation?
On Chip PCI-E Controller
Nvidia Control Pannel not getting information from motherboard
New 167-processor Chip Is Super-fast, Ultra Energy-efficient
hardware changing...?
The CPU Database
CPU Cache
mpga 478 mn please help
sony vaio ns10l/s upgrade
A Good Read on i5 vs i7
Phenom II: competition for i7 or Core 2 Quad?
Need some help here guys...and gals
AMD or Intel for a half decent PC build
Upgrading from C2D E6600 to Phenom II X4 940: Good Choice?
1,000 GHz
7750 vs e5200, which is better @ stock?
CPU pricing rising?
how long til amd is right there with intel
best platform for scientific modeling?
used prime95 for the first time
Performance of iPhone
advent 5480 laptop, cpu upgrade
How exactly does SMT work?
AMD or Intel for a budget build?
Does the CPU still handle memory refresh and if so why?
couple of thermal paste questions
OC pros - confirm these settings plz =)
Not sure about OCing
CPU comparison script
Performance/clock and performance/watt improvements
Noob Question about when the OC doesn't work
am2+/am3/intel question
PII 940 VS I7 920
Overwhelmed by new CPU's - need some advice!
CPU not stable but runs great
Nvidia mulls x86 chip for low-cost computers
AMD X3 720 BE or E8500???
want more power/cpu upgrade?
How long will my CPU last?
Why did you do your first OC and what proc.
Why do we do this when we could be doing this?
Homemade CPU
Number Generator
Upgrade advice?
CPU usage question
Cache Question
The "Real" price difference between Phenom 2 X4 and I7 Systems
Improving PC performance
ARM dual-core Cortex A9 vs. Intel dual-core Atom
Processing units on the motherboard
Video card market overpriced due to 2 manufacturers
Upgrade question (Mobo+CPU)
More CPU spped or more RAM o.O
Upgrade Advice
$750 - $1000 dollar system suggestions
Is it possible oc infinitly?
Dead CPU?
Multiple core utilization and multi-threading
Intel i7 question: Any word on lower wattage versions?
Has anyone beaten this guy?
Advice for a dual core upgrade
underclock/undervolting after a life OC and OVing
oc electric question
computer in general question
question about general settings
My Phenom II vs. QX9650 results at 3810mhz
Please explain CPU wattage figures, I'm 'fused!
Overclocking help
Which cpu?
Today's overclocking beast?
Intel asks AMD to a sit-down meeting over manufacturing spin-off
ALU/FPU execution units
Fast, safe & easy way to remove IHS
CPU packaging without backplate
CPU steppings/revisions
If I was going to spend $150 on a CPU+mobo..
Need some "Advice" on this setup
Zii - 10GFLOPS SoC with unlimited scalability
Marvell announces 1GHz processor for tiny things that need big power
Lapping Questions
LF Opinions PHII vs Q9550
Best and or Fun overclocking setups of the times?
New book from IBMers: Sony suckered into funding Xbox chip
Have we reached a peak speed (ghz) in CPUs?
Upgrade to C2Q or i7?
PS3 cpu and ram question
IBM CPUs?"If IBM made such good CPUs, then why don't we see them dominating the CPU."
xbox 360 cpu vs pc cpus
Help me decide between 2 barebones @ Tiger. AMD vs Intel.
MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION = :( time to spend $$$
Build me a PC...
cpu question
Removing TIM from sensitive areas..
New Multi Core Benchmark (FREE)
What would be faster?
AMD owners !
Reading CPU Temp through software.
CPU Load Spiking even at desktop
Uh-oh! Thermal grease on underside of CPU!
To lap or not advantages/disadvantages/misconceptions
AMD 2650e vs Intel Atom
3D rendering quad or dual
can some one explain intels 64bit CPU stuff?
CPU / Game programming
Overclocking - DP35DP\E6850
CPU architecture performance techniques
Upgrading: Stay AMD, or go Intel this time?
Help a noob build his noob comp plz!
Should i overclock my new quadcore cpu or not?
the T### in core 2 duos processors?
AMD CPU Equality
What is AMD's best chip?
QX9775 vs QX9770
amd 5000be upgrade to e5200 or e7200
Supercomputer power
Quad Core Upgrade?
Fave CPU's you've owned of all time?
What is the chance of getting a DOA CPU?
Transmeta up for sale?
First Time OC
Problem Overclocking on a Dual-Boot Machine
Hey Guy's have I been had? 3200+xp Barton?
Orthos showing 200mhz higher?
Budget CPU
Deneb vs. Bloomfield
Hey guys what about this?
How to build a PC for GRID apps??
possible upgrade
Nvidia, ATI price fixing.
My understanding of multi core cpus :eh?:
Games using 4 cores
Total Noob To Custom Build. Please Help
Nvidia to enter CPU market.
PC Upgrade
Is this heat damage?
System upgrade advice please.
CPU Comparison?
$1000 gaming system
What causes overclocked machines to run unstable?
Need a good burn-in program (dual threaded)
Vostro 1400 processor question
dual VS tri core
CPU/MOBO upgrade help me!
What are benchmarks for then ?
Defective Intel Q6600?
Is this right?
VIA still exists!?!?
8-core term
How long before Nehalem is available and affordable?
Double check on parts~
This seller is confused
500GHz chip release date?
CPU too hot?
Toshiba's first with laptops base on the Cell Processor.
Possible CPU Failing
PLease help me on registers
Do we need Quad Cores?
OEM vs Retail
IBM Gives The US Military A Flop
So I've Overclocked now wtf?
CPU module from a Dual Power Mac G4, does this die look right?
Introducing the VIA Nano Processor
fetch decode execute cycle!
age of conan?
Does socket make a difference?
nVidia To Enter The CPU Market