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Which way do you prefer to OC
What's the best cpu to get for under $100?
Nominate a deserving knowledgeable overclocker for Tomshardware.com's competition
does cpu speed still double every 6 months?
Is anybody using the 64bit version of Prime95?
AMD's K10: a "dead" product or not? - Detailed Look at L2 vs L3 Cache
Getting my q6600 g0 L8xx batch to 3.6ghz
Seeking advice from expert overclocker
Dual-Core or Quad-Core
Which is Faster? Athlon X2 5600+ or E6700 or E6750?
AMD vs. Intel Antitrust lawsuit
The best for gaming, mid price range?
i'm finding a hard time finding cpu benchmarks could you guys help?
INTEL : Quad or Duo ?
If Intel becomes a monopoly...
My old cpu's!!!!
Whats better Intel or AMD ???
Will PowerPC ever come back to desktop?
WTF windows experience index????
Pent4 vs athlon XP
Laptop that can handle x264 HD
Show off your bling.
European Commission... first MS, now Intel
gamig comp
Overclocked vs. stock cpus
Not AMD vs Intel...but need an answer.
Heatsink and socket designs
E8400 with p5k-e wifi
Can you assign cores at startup?
Budget setup...I need a new mb, cpu, and memory on the cheap
Upgrade path from a Opteron 170??? AMD and INTEL suggestions welcome.
Which is faster at encoding video...
32 v 64
Multi-core CPUs and software
x86 Licensing? Isn't it anti-competitive to not allow more/easier licensing?
Multicore Stress Testing?
Will quad help in this situation?
getting a new cpu/mb need advice
Interesting article about the possible future of CPUs (Graphene Transistors)
risc vs cisc?
Buying E8400
prime95 and orthos wont load up q6600 100%. help
Cleaning an old cpu?
Phenom Quad vs Core 2 Duo Dual-Core
Do you still burn in your new hardware?
Intel's Photonics Lab: Cascaded Raman Laser
How badly do you think ambient room temp affects an OC CPU's life span
Dies (Dice), Wafers, and Costs
does a grand cpu database exist?
Installing/removing CPU heatsink/fan
IBM z10 Processor
top end cpu's
How bad does overclock effect your CPUs life?
now this i gotta try
which is better
AMD Phenom vs Intel Core 2 Duo
CPU Workload Program with Option For No Error Checking?
Nvidia enters CPU market
Strong System? < $650ish
More hardware threads per core?
Buying a new RIG!
A friend needs a new computer
Buying a new computer
Should we wait for Nehalem or upgrade now?
Which way to go
how's that cpu in your shirt?
Best Vista x64 temperature monitor
New 2180, Burn in BEFORE OC??
VIA at it agian!
x86 and you....
Prime 95 Question
suggestion for upgrade?
We need your super PI 1MB results...
Say it isn't so ...
Server vs. Desktop
Why do CPU's use heat spreaders?
Is there any programs that tell you your procs temp like Fraps?
I wonder will this make the Overclockers front page!
TIMs that need some love
Cost of E6700 vs E6750
How many people buy AMD products...
(stupid question warning) "Jaggies..."
A Simple Question Concerning Dual Core Cache Performance
how do I control fan speed on my gpu?
Intel or AMD
rig componants for quad core.
Advice on new rig
why is amd falling behind?
c2d e6550 vs e6750 vs e6320
Simple Quad Core question.
ATI Tool isnt Updating..
AMD or INTEL? hmm
compter shutting down
processor/motherboard compatibility question
50+% CPU on desktop at idle!!!!!!!
do I have to reinstall windows everytime I put in a new cpu?
Which Cpu should I purchase?
Dell 1505 2 ghz c2d help
Intel still top chipmaker in '07, AMD drops
intel equiv of amd x2 5000+
What's the first cpu you clocked? AMD? Intel?
intel e2140? or athlon x2 4200+?
Media PC CPU
What's up at the horizon?
X2 6000@3.35ghz vs. 6550@3.15ghz
settle a dispute
Compaq nx6110 help
Question About Swapping Out CPU's
AMD vs Intel in Supercomputers
Need help! Minimum CPU temp possible
cpu question
is it me or what?
West Bug and CPU's
Best CPU/Mobo for $200?
True Quad Cores?
How good is...
Cleaning the under side of a CPU?
Question about liquid nitrogen cooling
Stress testing CPU without loading OS?
Slot 1 / socket 370 card
CPU's/GPU's Of The 80's
Budget laptop CPU amd vs. intel
AMD or Intel
Celeron 2.4 Vs K6 Vs P3 Vs Cel 400Mhz
Help with FX 60 OCing
CPUZ voltage or BIOS voltage?
Building a New Pc for my Aunt amd 5000+ or intel e4400?
amd athlon xp 2000+ VS intell p4 northwood
Hello, gamer here looking for late autumn upgrade
CPU virtualization question
Quad core question
Need Help Deciding
who will switch....
Difference between 1u and 2u
clock speed vs. heat produced
Been out of the loop. Need processor Advice
Amd 6000+ or Core duo 2 Cheapest one?
Program to manage Dual Core Programs?
QuadCore tech, useless?
Intel V8 vs AMD 4x4
burning in cpu's
AS5.........shelf life?
Need advice for upgrade
E2140 vs X2 4000+
erotic video
Insufficient reasons to upgrade right now
Very strange prime95 occurance...
0s, 1s....now 2s and 3s?
P4 2.8ghz + Asus P4S8X-X
HyperX PC3700 or PC4000 with NF7-S board?
Here's a riddle for you cats:
Unlocked or Not?
i need help...
Don't want to fry my CPU
NEED HELP!!! HyperX PC3500 CAS2 or HyperX PC3700 CAS3???
Installed new NF7-S mobo and now it won't boot PLEASE HELP!!!
OCing the P4 2.8C
New member w/ Intel OC questions
New upgrades are in!! Need advice for settings.
Is this 3DMark 2001 SE score normal?
My xp 3000+ won't oc past 2.41 ghz. Is there anything else I can do?
Why has CPU got hotter
xp2100 overclocking help
n00b here, question about xp 2100
overclocking a celeron 1.2ghz help
What is the true FSB of the Xp 3000+???
12x133 1700+
Overclockability of a not very overclockable chip
Nvidia have its Pentium 4 Intel licence?
1800+ with a7v333 wont oc
how high can 2.4c get?
CPU Acceleration: Timecube
Poor 3dmark?
Programs I can use?
Ok Now this is really strange.
Athlon nt???
2500 barton temp
BARTON AQXEA, the reality
Steps to overclock my CPU
AMD 1700+ Jiuhb question
To overclock or not to overclock?...
RAM Frequency??
2400+ o/c & BSOD
quick question b4 i buy
p3 will not go any farther
overclocking AMD 3000+.....
PC Rebooting at 60 degrees???
Athlon sockets - where to buy?
ceramique users give me your results and tips
cpu and thermal compound
2.4ghz AMD?
Why are my temps so high?
Arctic Silver 3 or Ceramique
cheap fx setup theory
Athlon64 halflive benchies?!
Whats goin on here?...Hard to OC 2500+
p43.0 800fsb
burn in 2400+ at 500Mhz and 1.9v?
Edit BIOS itself to change default mobo settings every time you reset CMOS
Barton Rig
2.4c - Any specific steppings out there or codes to look for ?
2.6c OEM are they good overclockers?
Hyper Threading on Early P4s?
How much futher could i take this 2100+
P4 2.4b Overclocked and Cooler?
Vapochill XE + P43.2 EE
Urgent HELP! P3 500 Slot 1 will not boot on BH6
XP 2000 cpu NO GO!
Building a new server? How too?
What happened to the 2.53's
Need help with 2.4ghz C overclock
Will an AthlonXP 2000+ work on my ASUS A7A-133 mobo?
Help me get more outta this 2.8GHz
P4 2.6 or 3.0?
Choice: Barton 2500 or 3000+?
What are the chances a 3200+ will get 2.5ghz on watercooling?
my barton2500 + oc
2.66b or 2.8b?
Screenshot of my Barton 2500+ OC
Xp 1800+ KIXIB ????
What does my mobo support?
Overclock P4 2.4C GHZ on P4P800 Delx
Changing the multiplier on a P2 400
Will a 2500+ work in a 266MHz mobo?
Time to upgrade...which XP CPU?
New system today! WOOT back to AMD!
Which one of these processors should I get?
P4 3 Ghz Over Clocking Question ,
Can't... beat..... 2.2ghz...... ACK!
2.6C working is a** off! (1GHz OC)
if you know about unlocking a cpu, please help!!
Xeon 550 Upgrade
new system benchmarks OK?
P4 2.4C or 2.6C
highest safe voltage on air?
Do you think that Cooler Master is a good heatsink?
wire in socket mod (?) for 2600+
Help with OCing an AMD xp 1700
Overclocking Xp2600
2.4c or 2.6c
P4C800E-Dlx with 3.0
Computer Random Re-boots and Freeze
2600+, 2500+ & 2700+
Overclocking OLD 166MHz processor
XP2500 333FBS + or XP3000 400FBS
Who has the best prices on XP3000 400FBS??
2 Bartons, which is better?
Overclocking my old 733MHz processor
OCing P/// 1ghz
athlon 2100+ underclocking
Which Intel Chip for new Prommy Mach II?
Palomino to Barton heatsink...
Thoroughbred or Barton Core
overclocked 1.7celeron temperature
2.6Gig, 800Fsb how much can i overclock it to?
Building a New Computer
New Build
bios shows ram at 320, cpu-z shows it at 400 ??
Problem with c'ing 2500+ higher than 2082MHz
Got it to 3.25!!!!
Windows 64 (Longhorn) screenshots
does the sl-75frn2-rl(nforce2 ultra 400) unlock the multiplier?
Celeron 1.2 & TUSL2-C/ Aiming 133FSB
Confused: 2700 Multiplier won't post <13
XP2700+ or XP2800+
Upgrade to 2500+ = New hsf or not?
Help needed for overclocking xp 2200
New/faster/better ram = lower cpu speeds!
reasonable 2100+ oc
P4 upgrade
AQZEA 0332 XPMW Y868197261036 stepping is good or not
My highest overclock on a 1.7 willie
Over clocking amd 2200
NF7-S Rev2, XMS3200 won't hit 200 FSB++
still stuck at 3.06 ghz
Help On Firewire Connection!!
P4 3.0 Gb 800fsb how fast?
Is amd 2100+ @ 2.3ghz gd enuff?
can I overclock my 2600XP CPU safely?
Where to buy a pre week 39 Barton 2500 in Canada (BC)??
Helping ~ overclocking a 1.3 celeron
XP 2800+ Newbie Overclock
Help with overclocking
OCing the p4 2.4 800FSB...
Success on first ever o/c
Page file?
OMG page file is evil!
I have done it again
ThermalTake Case Owners
3dmark 01'se
This looks like a nice dual proc mobo with TONS OF RAMS SLOTS!!
Problems with new sys! please help out
My Barton Overclock
Ideal Temp For AMD Athlon XP 2500+ 1.83GHz @ 2.11GHz?
Unlocked 2500+ Barton
Athlon XP 2500 Barton 333 Best Prices?
Stupidity Increases
P4 2.8/PC3500 or 2.6/PC4000
P4 what to do.........
Choice of ram
OMG weird
Optimizing my PC for gaming
Cant change IRQ settings
Athlon XP 2400 Overclocking - Results
Changing Barton 2500+ Clock Mult. on really cheap Motherboard
Lousy Overclock on 8KNXP :( Advice Needed!
check out my rig, do i need a bigger psu?
Ahlon Xp 2000+
Need some advice Barton or Thoroughbred
$500 to spend
$800 Budget What To Do
Advice More Than Welcome
need help building low priced barebone system for my old man
pentium 2.4c or 2.6c?
Upgrading nessesary?
O/C problem
p4 3.2
Building a new system, tell me if this sounds like a good setup...
How loud will cooling be for the Athlon FX?
First Time with Overclocking
1800+ question
Stepping 2.4c
OC'ing Question
AMD question
T-bred v. Barton
2800+ pre week 39
800 MHz FSB HT PIV in an 845PE board...
Thorton on ebay
Northwood vs Other p4 models
Duron 1.6?
AMD64 3000+ is out for 268.75
Palamino wont go over 144 fsb on NF7-s?
p4 multplier
CPU running at half speed...
Best P4 proc. for overclocking
Need advise on the next upgrade.
hello i am new and am here cause i have problems
Need new system....maybe.
Barton 2600+ 0341 locked !!
pentium 3
help fast 2.4c or 2.6c oc
P4 3.2 ghz
need new video editing computer
What CPU to get?
HELP!!! 63 degrees temp w/ Barton 2500 & A7N8X Deluxe
amd thornton 2400+ question
Are all AMD 2500+ CPUs A Barton?
2.4b@3.01,,, What voltage would be safe?
try to get me cpu stable at more that 3.25ghz
cpu limit?
sl6z3 or sl6z5
Do I need this much computer? Which cpu?
1.8v :O
Barton 2600+ not overclocking?
How many volts is to much for a CPU?
P4 1.5ghz?????????????
the wire unlocking trick, WHERE??
My overclock
Something Died......................Help!
amd 1.6???
anybody know if this site is selling DLT3C's?
newbie lookin for help
OMG, i changed stuff in bios......
Capabilites Athlon1200?
p4 2.4c question
Can't get a high FSB with your SL6Z3? Wierd solution.
P4 2.4a overclocking
1700 dlt3c question
Overclocking a Pentium???
Do AMD ATHLON XP 2500+ Barton's come with the thermal paste?
Would 2500+ Barton help me?
this 1700 t-bred's dlt3c right?
old mobo - new cpu question
Overclock AMD problem
XP-1700 vs. XP-2500
Can i get some info about the 2600+ Barton?
oc question and cooling
Getting SL6Z3 over 3.5
any more places to get unlocked bartons?
Buying a chip
PCI express?
2.8C Overclocking help
Unlocked AMD's from Newegg?
Zeus Pc?
Unlocked 2800 wont post with lower multiplier ?
Tualatin Converter
is my barton any good
Locking up on boot... cpu / heat related?
Over Clocking Pent 4 2.0 400fsb
Overclocking CPU help
Thinking about building another computer
2.4C on an IC7
Overclockers.com Intel Bias ?
Dell Dimension Overclocking?!!?!?!?
AMD 2100+ at 2.17 temps??
CPU Temp Pls advice
When do I increase CPU voltage?
Will you stay AMD if multi/fsbs stay locked?
CPU voltage
unlockable locked bartons?
If you had $1000 USD to spend on a system....
Help with OCing my XP2100
I just want it to shotdown!!
my 2200 tbred
Vcore/mem ratio/fsb
Whats holding my overclock back?
I bought my MB what CPU shall i use?
Barton2500 / Epox 8rda3+ o/c settings
barton 2500+ asus a7n8x overheating
Undoing a L mod on a 1700 TBREDB
What luck, a barton multi story...
Issues, any help?!
Hyperthreading enabled, but not supported
Minimal Amp +12v for a 2.8c?
Bad temps with ArticSiver 5
am I in the ballapark- at least?
Back to a64 lock-ups....
Building a Computer for the first Time
Comparing Celeron To P4
Abit IC7 vs Asus P4C800-E
Noob wants to know if this will get me to 3.5??
Pls help. XP3200 barton
Question to Barton 3000+ (400fsb) owners.
3.4gig 800fsb. When will prices drop?
green or brown board?
NO idea
2600XP overclocking, HELP
New prescott stepping
prescot=price drop on Northwood?
P4 2.8C - Very Low CPU scores on 3DMark03
P4 question
World fastest PCs
Help Overclocking AMD XP2800
Is This normal for AMD athlon XP2700+
AMAZING 2.4C Overclock
unlocking athlon 2400+ tbred
P4 3.2 -- Worried about Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome
Why discuss Intell Business, while here's quality- is not attractive at least?
Whats a common speed for a Asus P4B533-E/P4e 2.53Ghz, PC2100DDR ?
help me please cpu fsb settings etc
Need advice on HSF pls...
Cpu running too hot?
Gonna build first dual cpu video rendering rig...need advice!!!
How much as5 to use on a p4 2.8e prescott???
A couple of embarrassing Barton questions
Help My Computer Died
Parallel fans on the sp-94 make cool & quiet @3.84ghz.
Does hyper-threading make that much of a difference?
help in chosing the rig
Processor upgrade?
First Timer - In need of help :)
My new Baby!
Socket upgrade, anyone saw this?
Need Help
Using a divider with A64 (3700 EB RAM)
whats better for overclooking?
Best CPU for audio encoding/compressing??
Compaq Suck (Overclocking Problem)
Help with ocing a fx 53
Main rig's CPUs
Upgrading to Quad Core
List your pros and cons for going intel or amd
8800gts/640mb threshhold?
Turion or C2D?
CPU for home network
Any difference in lapping Intel and AMD?
Brick and Mortar in CT
So did anyone read the WSJ today?
5200+ vs. similar priced intels
assigning affinity
Building a new PC
wats ur oc technique, incremental raising or lowering?
What makes a good gaming CPU?
processing power usage??
European Commission: Intel engaged in anti-competitive action
Intel Core Duo vs TL-58
CPU-z 1.4.0 Doesn't work
Please help me upgrade!
been a while