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been a while
Giga Pro 1500+
Building ftp server what proc to use?
Looking for good mini ITX or other small mobo
Cinebench 9.5 comparisons, X2 and C2D both at 2.8 GHz
if my mb suports dualcore
Socket A help plz
Have I got an expensive paperweight?.
Programs that actually use all 4 cores of a quad core chip... please contribute!
Cleaning off Thermal Paste
Power Requirements
I got it! Finally figured out OC'ing!
CPU Tutorial?
What is the Best AM2 motherboard (ATX) for 4 GB of Crucial Ballistic PC2 8500 ?
How long does an overclocked CPU last?
CPU Keychain
Cell Processor voltages
Opty 165 vs e2140?
OC a HP VectraVL420 MT ???
Overclocking without motherboard support
Decent DAW?
Dual Core dead?
Installing a cpu
Questions about CPU over-clocking
thermal grease question
Intel warranty
Time for some changing - help?
Hooray for intel fans AMD'ers beware
Considering Q6600
which of these two CPU's is the best
building office/work boxes.. specs?
Power6 vs. Kentsfield???
Need some info on latest CPUs
What CPU does one need to not bottleneck GPU (8800gts 320)
neeed help
Anyone know where to get plastic CPU containers?
Intel Core Duo T2080 vs. AMD Turion X2 T-52
Trying to decide between E6600 and 6000+ X2
orthos question
Need some help
Should I Remove my Heatsink?
E6420 Overclock on stock voltage
Best for around £200?
Swiss-Cheese Chip
Educate Valkillmore!
new cpu
trying to choose
X2 6000 vs. e6600 question
Help making a decision~
Quick Survey AMD vs Intel
AMD dropping Am2
E6300 or E6320 ......What should I buy?
Dow Corning 340 Silicone heat sink compond.
Processor overheating question.
Is my system now a lemon ??
Best Processor for Gameing? at 200$
Anti-trust suit against Intel?
Thermal Specification: 63.4°C
5660+ X2 vs E6400
12v is way off?
D 805 or x2 3600+?
List of games that use Dual-Core
thermal grease cleaning
Math co-processor
Gaming X2,Opty, or C2D??
Dual core optimzation, cool thing I stumbled across
intake or Exhaust
E6300 vs E4300?? Which one shall I buy?
X2 Vs C2D E4300 Need help picking
AMD for a "Buyout"???
Thermal Paste AS5 ot Tuniq TX-1
o/c cpu...bios options help!!!
How much of a hit would I take?
overclocking books??
quad core ?
Which temperature should I trust.
Intel Roadmap?
AMD Faces Possible Buyout by Private Equity Group
good choice for upgrade ?
core affinity
which setup performs better overall
Decision to make, need help~
Need help making a choice ~
Single Core or duel core
Quantum Processing
Help spec a new computer. ($500)
Wear, tear and overclockability
1M super Pi times
Stepping ?
Duo Core vs. Turion 64 - which is faster?
Scientific computer
more bang for my buck?
What software can monitor CPU temp?
CPU transistors?
Sisoft Sandra benchmark is half it should
upgrade: stick with 939 or go c2d? Need advice..
overclocking thoughts...
Designing a TTV system
cpu failed?
cpu failed?
When Do You Know Or....
Who dominates AMD or Intel...Hell i don't know
How a processor is made....
How far?
In need of some experienced opinions.....
Looking to buy a new system.
P4 2.4 C Northwood or AMD 64 3200+ Venice
FSX Users - need help with cpu decision!
Dual Core im unsure
Back in this crazy game....
Gamer: Dual Core or not to Dual Core?
Back in the Game and Need Some Help!
refinance mortgage loan - rate
AMD vs Intel - who has switched? [2006]
htt over 1000?
Casino Online
64 bit processing advantages
been gone-updates please-trying to catch up
core 2 duo bug?
Phase Change
Why does AMD or Intel care if the overclocker is happy?
For those of you that love benchmarking
what to do....plz help :(
Quick question please help me out
A Faithful Opinion
online casino www
CPU for graphic design
C2D vs X2
CPU database not working?
Dual Core Vs Dual Cpu
Casino . . .
Choose between packages
overclocking software
CPU Delemma
Britney with Kevin home made sex tape (not fake)
Core 2 6600 & ECS P965 MB COmbo $299
Z-Ram for CPU's L2 Cache
is now just a horrible time to build a PC?
CPU suggestions for a DVR computer
Surgical Spirit for cleaning a CPU?
"we should be seeing 10GhZ pc cpu's by 2006"
Dual Core Set Affinity
'Reverse HT' for Dual cores?
First Build
I am simply amazed
Transmeta Sues Intel!
Best passively cooled CPU out there?
Centrino Chips
2 Budget builds.
Are AMD Turning On The 3rd Party Makers
Official: Nvidia Cuts Nforce2 Support For Vista
CPU performance monitor.
Opteron 165 @ 2.6Ghz Vs. E6300 Stock
Hi..!! I've registered because of problem..
Warning! Anyone can peep at sites you visit!
any point in upgrading a 939 or should i go e6400
Black dirt ontop of CPU.
Safe OC ?
Your Best Tweaks For Ur Dual Core
Stepping, Timing and week xx chip
Thinking about getting an Ultra Sparc Workstation...
Bring me up to speed!!! HELP!!!
Wow, Athlon XP feels so fast compared to me Pentium D
Valve embraces multithreaded gaming
Cheap Build for a friend....need help
Dell using AMD again
cpu question
multiplier/external clock
Intel quad-core reviewd
1300 vs. p3 1ghz
What type of grease/paste for C2D E6600?
current best AMD and INTEL cpu
FSB > memory speed?
Found a clock for clock comparison on XS
Dark Swords is a role-playing game of new generation!
Requesting REAL discussion on AMD VS. INTEL upgrade paths
Nvidia to make CPU ??
Little Help!!
Remember the Cyrix 386 upgrade chip
Set Affinity
Hello from XRumer
Clock Cycles
What comes after gigahertz?
AMD vs Intel III...race for the Quads
Hello, sort anoob here
Cpu, Gfx card, mobo, and mem for under $1200, suggestions please
3.6ghz P4 prescott vs 2.75 Venice
Quad Core Useless For Gaming
Is it worth upgrading for me?
2.4c vs unknown socket 754 amd
Opteron or core 2 duo? upgrade time baby...
Intel & AMD CPU Reviews
Very Old CPU
Intel cach vs. Amd Cach??
PIV 2.4B 533mHz or a AMD64 3200+ Socket 754
interesting stuff ... look out amd
Faulty Processor or Motherboard? tipoffs/things to look for?
OVERCLOCKING: Pentium D 930 vs. AMD 64 x2 3800+
Via debuts "carbon-free" desktop CPU
lapping and removing old thermal grease
Post pics and/or setups of your HTPC.
AMD Athlon 2200+ vs Intel Celeron D 315
Souless Monsters!
sorry, noob questions
I Flipped Out On My Computer
oem more expensive than retail??
Monque's AMD or Intel Upgrade Thread
Gaming on a Conroe
Intel 3.2 or athlon 3200+
Will a heavy HSF crack the core while moving the computer?
Masterwoot's guide to fixing bent cpu pins
CPU charts -Realible?
Prime95 & CPU Burn-in incompatable?
Fast rig, low power consumption. Can it be done?
I need some decision help as well, new kit time maybe.
help on thermal paste
Dual Core or Single Core (For gaming)
Prime95 Q!!!
IBM Super-chip
What makes the Core 2 Duo superior to an A64/Opteron?
First OC build in 2 years, help!
need help choosing hardware
Do I buy - advice sought
Whats the difference between conroe and X2?
AS5 shaving off 10'C ?
X2 3800+ (939) vs X2 3800+ (AM2) vs E6300 final decision
Apple just let out the new Wodcrest Workstations.
amd vs intel for not brand new processor
so i was inside to much
My reason for choosing AMD
Data and the CPU ** Question
Repairing bent or removed pins on cpu's
Conroe's Tech Against X2's Tech
Recommended High-Performance Workstation CPU (AMD - Intel) Present-2006
Boot at 1mhz?
Cell Making Inroads?
G5 dual-core vs. others
Best Upgrade
which is better to oc
Why dual core cpu?
Time to upgrade but AMD or Intel?
Athlon X2 3800 AM2 vs Conroe E6300 - performance, overclocking?
AMD demos 4x4
What to do...
What's more Vista proof?
Which platform for a SOHO server?
AS work on all HSs? ie back to stock
The CPU Choice Poll (July 2006)
INTEL: Quad's Into 2006
Some queries.
Need a video encoder machine--
First gaming Conroe benchmarks are in.
Are we looking at the beginning of the end for AMD?
INTEL's E6700 and X6800 Vs. AMD's x2/FX-62
Pentium D 930, X2 3800, or opteron 146?
Movin' on up
reseating the heatsink question
Debugging the Megahertz Myth
Advice re: Conroe, please? Wait?
Check out this guy, he's so leet.
Anyone remember Cyrix?
Video editing/encoding choices
Coolaler's done it - Sub 10s SPI 1M
Conroe good for gaming?
What Can I DO?
Anything worth upgrading?
So, what CPU has the most powerful FPU?
128-bit computing?
Intel Inside
Über CPU?
New Chip is 250 times faster than current Silicon Based
Yet another what to put in my pc post.
If you had to buy a new system today, what would it be?
IBM says 300GHz CPU in the works by 2009!
Best Bang for Your Buck Processor?
Differences in FSB on Intel vs AMD CPUs + plus other ?s
The Offical X2 vs Conroe / AMD vs Intel Discussion Thread
Will conroe overclock? X2 a better value
who is gonna benchmark there PS3?
Safe to boot mobo w/out cpu?
CPU heat generation
Why can't you read CPU temp directly?
Which one is better?
General Intel and AMD questions. Core steppings, MEROM, FX, etc
dual core question
What do you think buy AM2 now or wait for Conroe?
put a CPU in one socket and a coprocessor in the other!
N00B question bout Conroe
It's Not Always About CPU's
Duel Prime Questions.........
cleaning cpu surface
Sempron 2800 or Celeron D 315?
CPUs hold they're value pretty damn well these days
Should i wait?
Power consumption breakthrough?
How To Dual Prime (Dual Core CPU) ?
When to upgrade?
In-depth CPU information
New Rig Soon... but When??
Anandtech - Conroe vs. K8
AMD vs. Intel
Athlon 64 X2 and Pentium D memory comparison.
Not trying to start a war, But for a New Gaming PC AMD or INTEL?
Never understood the difference.
Is this possible, dual core go back to single core?
Is CPUZ lying to me ?
Which cpu is better for multi tasking?
Complete rebuild/upgrade and need advice!
That one site that was c07098709797
Burning in WORKS!!!
Upgrading this summer... tough call.
Where does my Dothan measure up?
Conroe pricing released. AMD in T-R-O-U-B-L-E
Intel to Provide Clues About Share Loss
Who says you cant custom cool consoles?
CPU pictures
PD830 or xp64 3700+
Burning in my CPU
intel vs amd
CPUz 1.33 is out now
Still confused
From Athlon 64 to Pentium D 805
g0dM@n's IHS Removal Tutorial 101
new rig now?
Cell processor is all hype
Old pre-pentium CPUs from the 70s
Broken processor pins. Please help
Whats the Difference of AMD and Intel CPU's
Newbie Requesting Assistance Please
24,000 Quad Core Opertons That's....
Holy OVERKILL batman :D
What is the hole in the IHS for?
How much does the FSB affect performance?
WTF do you use to remove .....
Feel sorry for you guys who sold your last years AMD system for a new one...
Canadian computer store sites with good prices?
Looking for a new CPU
first build
Questions/Concerns about overclocking
new chips and performance previews
What Do You Think About This?
OCed p4 3.4E or OCed a64 3700+ (754)
Hows this system sound?
Should I wait 6 months?
Dothan vs A64
Intel strikes back w/Quad Core etc..
No more Hyperthreading
Laptop processor
P-D 805 vs. A64 3000+
Where are CPUs going in the future?
Energy outputs from cpu's?
Witch would you choose?
I don't want to start a war.
Testing Stability
$1100 to spend help me decide amd 4400+ or intel 930
Quantum Computing Weirdness
How does xbox 360's CPU compares to AMD CPU?
Can a CPU run for a little bit and then freeze up?
Fastest SuperPi, besides Dothan?
what cpu in a laptop?
What is the best Overclocking CPU of all time?
Ever fail prime95 after...
Virtualization - Will it do us any good?
IHS removal vs IHS Lapping
Prime 95. Program failure or unstable cpu?
26 nm Processors
what do intel and amd use to test stability?
ECS, a thought to develop..
CPU's for rendering/graphics
3200+vs 2.8@ 3.8ghz
Fastest Socket 7
Video Rendering/Gaming
Crossfire on which platform?
Is it ever going to be worth upgrading my P4 3.75 ghz?
How are Dual Core Speeds Measured?
CPU House Power.
intel/amd combo.
Power consumption in watts
Other performance factors than clock speed
Old Soket 7 CPUs what do do with em
478 P4 3.2 vs. 939 3700+ SD
Duron vs. PII
A little erratic behavior... Please Help!
good core bad core
need advice.....buying tonight!!
Opteron 165 vs Presler 920 for Video Encoding, Editing & FX
turns on, no post?
AMD Turion V.S Pentium M V.S the cheap
Horror Stories ?
Exploding CPU's.....
Table of power specs, all CPU's
Dual cores? what to do..
OCF Official I hate my uneven IHS thread (56k warned)
Dual Core and Old Game
P4 2.8C vs. 3200XP ?
[NEWS] U of Michigan creates first Quantum Microchip
Overclocking POWER5 CPUs?
Presler or Opteron
Serious Overclocking!
I have these 2 CPU's, which should I use?
amd or intel
burn-in and Oveclockix
Is Socket A too outdated...
P4 660 equivalant to what AMD
[NEWS] Chip makers may join forces
patch for quake 4 gives huge boost to dual core CPUs
Opinions wanted
Pentium 4 506 vs. AMD Sempron 3000+
Highest clock speed? or biggest overclock?
P4 3.2 equivalant
AMD and Intel chip design
indefinite beep when i power on, and i think i smell something funny...fried CPU?
The bendable CPU
Linux rig Preference
Accurate CPU tempature
BMW Versus Ferrari?
Good Setup?
Why does IBM use Xeons in their servers?
New rig coming and I'm behind the times!
HELP:cpu stuck to HSF
CPU coming off with the HSF = very bad?
CPU Question
How many Amps an individual CPU draws.. Where to find out?
How does a CPU work?
CPU Prizefight
Weird question about CPU's and noise.
odd question, but how high a FSB have you reached?
When are things going to get faster?
cpu charts
Swapping CPU
Help me think of an intel comeback.
[NEWS] Dell Finally Goes for AMD
Stability testing with SPi and Prime95
Hyperthreading Hurts Performance?
How do you make an O/C pc more stable
Unified CPU Sockets?
Which of these 2 CPUs would suit my needs?
Went to an Intel ICC yesterday
Intel and AMD Comparison
Intel to AMD sonversion speeds
Heat/Wattage Output Calculations?
Worlds fastest supercomputers unveiled
CPU temps
Building new Video Editing workstation, need help.
Best everyday use cpu?
CLeaning a cpu?
Post your O/C'd CPU and Ram Speed here...
X2 procs
[NEWS] IBM Slows the Speed of Light
AMD Intel GHz Equivalents
CPU OR GPU for Video encoding ? (only a beta test)
Hmm... a duel.. :D
AMD to continue to lead the server market
AMD Chip Sales Top 20%
Xeon or Opteron?
New Cpu's to it market (maybe 3Q 2006)
Overclocking Project (science)
Dell: Dual-Core Xeons Will Win (This is why I dispise Dell)
Benchmarking Program
Please help confirming death of my CPU
Dual-Core: Multitasking at Odds with Multithreading?
Intel Celeron D 340 Vs. Athlon XP 3200+
Whats the better gaming CPU?
What art is hiding on your chips?
Making a plan for a new rig, deciding on AMD or Intel
The best
playstation 3
Looking for the absolute best CPU setup for Video Encoding
Old Gaming Rig
Atomic chip
CPU usage at 100%
how to measure teraflops
Help me on Building a rig
Have Intel 2.8C What AMD 64 would Be better?
Are YOU Too Old To OC?
What "light" is used to etch processors?
CPU transistor life
CPU Adapters - Any good?
Processor stuck on heatsink
been out of the loop for a few months...
What AMD = Intel?