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dual core vs P4 2.4
celeron d 340 2.93 vs xp 3000+
Between an Intel and an AMD
A general road map for all procs?
go dual core for gaming, who agrees?
Which way to go? New system, and need some help.
How can you get the temperature of your CPU?
are there any tests/diagnostics i could run to see if my CPU is dead?
What CPU does Sun Microsystems use?
Cell CPU
does this have any effect on CPU's within the next couple years?
Broken CPU pin - Anyone used www.motherboardrepair.com recently?
Which CPU
Cache size vs Die size...
Difference between 200x2 & 100x4?
CPU & Mobo
What is multipliers? How does it work?
pi-loop a super_pi_mod automation tool.
How do you feel about CPU makers.
Which CPU for a low power/heat car system?
64 bit CPU executing 32 bit code?
Celeron vs Sempron?
AMD Challenges Intel: Dual core server chips
Intel's Latest Wonder CPU!
Intel's Dual Core Fakery!
How do you REALLY overclock?
HT vs Dual Core
Budget Overclocked?
Who Copied Who?
Can The Experts Help Me!
OCing-Real World Research
what shall i do?
Decreased Life, source?
wont clockover?
Whats the A64 3200+ equivalent Intel cpu?
AMD or INTEL for audio processing
Your first OC project?
What is faster?
Celeron or Sempron for low end CPU?
'safe' agp/pci clock speeds
A story about my CPU....
cpu damage
Help me out!
AMD Athlon64 3200+ or INTEL P4 3.0GHz 630?
A hypothetical situation
AMD patents
Overclock the old and then get the new.
Help the new guy!
Looking for a link
Why are we allowed to overclock?
How Much Strain When Overclocking??
Dimond Superconductors
AMD turion or P-M....clock for clock
need advice for beginning overclocker
Idea of a new computer
Video editing PC on $1500 budget
What is L1 cache
Intel Power consumption.
CPUz Driver error
Intel Pentium D, or AMD 64bit
My first problem....
New Via C7 processor
2K Comp Faceoff
THANKS *first post... be nice to the newbie ;)*
Help me choose amd or intel
What do you think??
From p4 2.53 to a a64 3500+ question
Software to monitor CPU voltages/temps
Cracked core?
New.. er... 2nd hand CPU
Undervolt/Overclock Lifespan?
Video edditing computer
AMD64 or Intel for Home server?
Prime 95 working right? Any good....
AMD Sockets? Is there one better than the other?
What should I do
Why Celerons Suck.
How do I Fix bent pins?!??!
Dual Cores = Dual Licenses ?!?
AMD files anti-trust suit against Intel
AMD sues Intel...
What type of CPU is this?
Xbox 360 / PS3 CPU's & GPU's making it to PC market?
Questions about IA-64, x86-64e, and EM64T
Dual core overclocking=harder?
Best cpu choice?
Readings from the CPU DIODE
New Media Center System
How much faster is Athlon 64 3200+ compare to my old P4 1.8g (northwood)?
Better Budget chip?
What is the advantage in a 64bit processor
Ok, trying to put together a system... help please?
Pin counts. Where do the extra pins come from and what do they do?
XP Home Dual Cores
How fast is a 3700+ AMD compared to Intel Speeds?
AMD vs. Intel sales
Which is more powerful, AMD 900mhz or Intel 900mhz?
battle of the budget chips
820 or 630?
New Computer For My Daughter
Why is AMD better than intel?
Cell Proccesor
My first post here! (Noob question)
Anyone Else Watching THG's Battle Of The Dual Cores?
When can we expect the dual cores to come out??
CELL Processor
Dual Core and AGP
Just something that I've always wondered about.
FSB in CPU description
Xscale and ARM
Lifeline of thermal pads vs. grease?
Comparing 5 CPUs
Hmm, i'm at a loss
All hackers rejioce.
Cell processor to be open source soon
The forgotten brand... VIA .. what about these CPU's
3700+ San Diego vs Intel Chips
I need a quick explantion
CPU-Z Validator Signature
Apple & Intel? I find this MOST disturbing
Preparing for Dual core. What do you think of this setup?
Help me understand something here...
whats best chip for vid conversion-editing
What is holding me back
The future of Moores law?
I think this is a first
Old CPU. Help Please
Cores != CPUs
multitasking and CAD
Far Cry: Benchmarks with 64 bit patch for both intel and AMD
Maybe Amd want's to only be second place.
eCalc Scores, Lets See Em!
whats that harmful toxic irritant poision chemical used in cpu's
upgrade from P4 2.8c to ?
Good workstation setup
NEWS: Bashing the Intel-Dual Core already.
Who makes the fastest cpu right now?
what was the fastest s7 chip
Gaming PC build
Vcore Trust bios or hardware monitor
Studio recording system help
100x4 vs. 200x2?
Intel or AMD, post with care!
what is the Vcore? Detailed info. Read this
what is the deal with the apple G5
Amd 3200+ Vs P4 2.8c
Sen's Burn-In Technique
Why hasn't amd or intel come out with higher then 200fsb?
VIA C3 Nehemiah 1GHz - how good is it?
Who's the best of the best tweaker? (Ultimate Benchmark Inside)
Need new CPU for ~$500
Tom's Hardware: Giant Interactive CPU Benchmark Database!
Question about VCore temp
Noob needs help!!!
Dual Core, it is time
Breakthrough: Optical CPU's
Discussed before i think but *i =lazy searcher*
What's this?
P3.0E GHz Prescott VS AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Intel Xeon Running SLI?...
Overclocking 2.4 celeron D
CPU at 90 celcius for 8 minutes.............
Bunch of old CPU's...how to test?
A64 Loses to P4 on Doom3 in RealGamePlay
Should I upgrade?
Amd Mobile and Vcore status
Stability obsession?
CPU Downclocking Program
AMD - Intel rating
CPU-Z v1.28 New Version
CPU problem
AMD Equivalent and pros and cons of either
Need help building a new system!
Difference between server proc and desktop proc?
Why the difference?
CPU fsb speed and memory help please..
AMD 1800+, system not booting
How Enable Ht Or Install A Second Cpu
A processor with two different cores
can't decide on upgrade path, please advise
Good dual core article
Hey, Is this a good Set up? Any tips/hints would the appreciated
List of Aplications and Games that suport Dual-cpu (dual-core cpu)
overclocking and computer sleep
1.8 @ 2.4 P4 or AXP 2000+ 1.6 - both 133fsb - which one is better?
Help me give a friend the best option for the money
[NEWS] AMD and Intel CPUs Supported On Same Motherboard
Fixing Pin Damage
dumb n00b question..
xeon 3.4 ghz or Amd64 FX-53
help understanding AMD and Intel Bus Speeds
need help PLZ!
Best cpu for application software?
newbie question
Which cpu for video encoding?
got a question
dual core chip demo
LGA 775 or S939?
L3 Cache?
What's Better? 3.0 Ghz EO or 3000+ winnie CBBHD
What's Better? 3.0 Ghz EO or 3000+ winnie CBBHD
Bios affects OC capabilities?
CPU-Z 1.27 New Version!
cache registry hack
Pentium M vs Athlon DTR 64
CPU Burn in one way to do it..
AMD or INTEL for my New RIG?!
OMG!!! I almost had a heart attack!!! You may have one too!!! LOL
CPU and Electronic wizards
CPU fabbing?
Sempron or Celeron??
Memtest Question
AMD or INTEL ? my first build and kinda limited.
Cell, P4, gflops and mhz... (PS3/Xbox2/PC)
CPU Voltage Question!!!
Engineering Samples CPU
what would you do?upgrade help
What are these processors equal to between AMD and Intel?
Super ‘Cell’ is unveiled
[NEWS] Cooling Down Hot Processors
Proof that GHz dont matter
AMD Athlon FX-53/55 VS Intels top dog VS gaming
So...did anyone really learn anything from the Cell press release?
Sony SuperComputer is just around the corner...
New Dual Core amd and intel chips
Intel dumped by Dell - will 2005 be better?
Really dumb question: cpu fan direction
Help.Should i sell my p4 3.0 (@3.6)northwood rig for a amd winchester (939)3000+
Anyone Gone From a P4 to a A64? OR AMD or Intel: The Age Old Question
For basic desktop system: Sempron or Celeron D?
out of these 100 dollar CPU, which is good?
Help me out: Upgrading a little
Smallest personal OC ever(Worst OC experience ever.)
fast computer with limited wattage
2.8c holding me back at overclocking
Performance difference between 3000+ and 3.0C?
is it just me or OEM CPU sux at OCing?
I Could Use Your Input
Interesting little thought...
Awesome info on Cell
Time for an upgrade.
i really really need some help and i want to know your thoughts
new CPU, pick for me cuzz i got no idea which one to get :)
Mobile CPUs
burn in guide
Why not just make CPUs bigger?
Post your PIFast results!
Who did the first OC of CPU??
How to get into Jumperless Mode
PC and Mac CPU Architecture
What should I upgrade?
Quick Question about Dual Processors
Two questions
Laptop cPU question
Ok I am building a new computer AMD or Intel
New PC: AMD or Intel?
why 64?
Which setup should I go with?
Does my AMD duron use the same heatsink as my Pentium 3?
need help with parts recommendation
Rumored Abbigail Core!!
Overclocking Nintendo 64
Twin Xeon or P4 Extreme Edition
Newbie question - but laptop cpus and desktop cpus are interchangeable ?
Thoughts on CPUs vs GPUs...
Scan your cpu dies (56k be warned!!!)
Building a new pc And woundering amd or intell.
Stay AMD, or save to dive into Intel?
Stolen And Defective AMD Processors Are Loose
!!haha Check This Out -- Intel Overdrive Hilarious Reviews!!
a thought or two on dual cores
Which way to upgrade?
Need Advice
Opinion Wanted: Gaiming/Folding PC
Where does the thermal probe go?
OEM CPU's...
[NEWS] The Year 2004 in Microprocessors
1 meg cache, still worth the price diff?
What to upgrade cpu or video card
Why increase voltage? What is the proverbial OC wall? Read for some answers!
new cpu motherboard, needed
Choosing CPU - P4.2.53 or XP3000 Barton
Upgrade from P4 to AMD 64
Is buying and overclocking a celeron d worth it?
How CPU Cache works
heatsink paste
CPU charts.
New CPU Benchmark By AMD
New CPU Benchmark By AMD
Largest personall OC?
Which system should I keep?
highest p4 northwood stock speed?
Wait for AMD pci-e motherboard or just buy a P4?
Chip die posters?
need suggestion on cpu/mb best bang for buck
[NEWS] Strained silicon to accelerate transistors by 24 percent
2.8 socket t vs. a64 3000 stock in MATX
3.6EE@4.0Ghz VS FX-55@3.0Ghz With 4GB of Memory
Heat output Intel 3.0E vs AMD 64 3000+
bottom line. Which proccessor is for me?
Laptops can cause infertillity in young men, good read.
World of Warcraft won't let me overclock
Hang On a Minute??? PC gamer being tards?
One processor To Rule them All ? ..... Cell
Manufacture's maximum recomended CPU case temperatures
1.3 Celeron Tualatin Help
Question on the Multiplier
The new noob
In need of advice.
OK lets hear about this new "Cell" processor that is coming out.
p4 3.2E or a64 3400+
CPU steppings references?
plz help me out with this problem...
What is SSE
How do these two compare??
checking cpu and gpu temps
thermal paste
What is so terrible about the new celerons
Which is better
what cip is better performer between this amd and this intel
What processor?
One question: Why?
2.4a vs desktop barton 2600+
CPU Voltage Readings....
What is the best Stress Test Software?
Thermal Grease important?
AMD K6-2 Customer Review -- HILARIOUS!!
whats a p4 3.0 in amd standards
why is this
What can I expect from a Athlon XP 2700+? What does it compare to from pentium?
why are server CPU upgrades so expensive
how important is fsb in cpu's?
Will this be a worth while upgade
Hmm... Interesting!
Xbox Next HD thoughts?
500 dollar budget... what to buy for a friend?
overclocking damage???
XBOX2 And PS3 .............. Same processor
CPU Storage
What is the Calculation (or benchmark) used to arrive at a PR Rating?
Upgrade from p4 2.8e to A64 3500+ worth it?
P4 Or A64??
Intel on the 4G CPU
help deciding what to get
Another Conspiracy-So Called Editor's Award Biased towards Intel?
4 Ghz No More - Straight From The Horse's Mouth
your CPU may be out of date
Which CPU??
Quantum computing to hit in 2007
didnt know where esle to put this...Need help... Doing a school assignment on compute
What To Push On Water?
Default vcore & CPU life reduction
AMD TRUMPS INTEL news article
Fair CPU bechmark programs and Compair Diff CPU's
P4, Mobile, 64?
P4 or AMD64
Some ideas before I head into the field :)
how can this be?
L1 Cache?
Anyone know any places that sell via C3 cpus? I haven't had much luck finding any
amd or p4?
Cpu Pins... How do those things work?
Thermal adhesive material
aaaaaah the memories
OC an old G3???
i know its wierd BUT Celeron D vs athlon xp
What Is the Better Build?
Via C3
macci did it again - p4 560 @ 6ghz
G4; G5 discussion...
whats with it?
Best chip for extreme overclocking?
cracking open a pentium
Pent. 4 Question
Intel or AMD?
Dell locking their CPUS? wtf ?
Looking for steppings....
PowerLeap socket upgrades for proprietary boards
XP lockout database?
What gives off more heat? AMD? Intel? Thermal specs. here!
Athlon 64 or P4?
Weird performance difference using different voltages
Amd Or Intel !! Help !!
CPU speeds to stop?
Help need to pick one!
Help Needed ( NEWB! )
LGA75 and the old 64bit
Future of pins
cpu brand?
AthlonXP M @ 2.6 vs Prescott at 3.4Ghz
WOW 6 Ghz OC!
Overclockers Top 6GHz With A 3.6GHz-Rated P4
Good OC resource for Noobs
Need CPU help Missing Pins
AMD64 or P4 3.0?
What good is a 64bit processor without 64bit software?
do I need to change anything to upgrade cpus?
What do you think of this?
looking for software that can change vcore, fsb and multi in windows xp
Intel or AMD 64 for photoshop
P4, A64, XEON or Opteron ...which one??
lol a AMD come back commercial against precotts
On AMD vs. Intel, and Other Questions
Intel Dual core, Band-aid or design
WOW, P4 3.0C runs twice as hot as AMD 64 @ 2.4MHz!!!
Pentium, AMD, all bull!
I need Help on Intel/AMD decision....
Info regarding high temperatures, causes/solutions, and reading from the CPU diode
P4 3.4GHz equals XP Mobile @ 2???GHz?
Newbie Overclocker
[NEWS AMD Takes The Leading Role in Digital Content Creation
Will the MHz gap ever close?
cpu question
Which is faster?
939 AMD64 or P4 3.2C....which for my applications??
I'm buying a Laptop but with Amd or Intel?
Modern CPU-Design...
DOS Cpu-Burn In Tool...
Re: NEW AMD 64 vs Intel P4...who's better?
Dad wants a PC
Oh great... AMD or Intel??
n00b asking questions about amd vs intel
Which runs hotter: AMD or Intel
Anyone using Stess Prime 2004?
I find a good overclocking guide
939 Athlon64 vs. Xeon 3.2EA: which will win?
how do you use prime 95
Dual Proc Rig - Intel or AMD?
Safe to put cpus with an IHS in alchohol?
What to build for a friend (not an AMD vs. Intel)
Jumping view
decisions decisions
Question about File I/O and the CPU
Toshiba laptop proc upgradable?
intel or amd???
are CPU relics worth anything?
[NEWS] Dual Caches for Dual-core Chips
Cleaning the CPU
ARGH! So many different CPUs!
CPU's to be made of Silicon Carbide, can operate at high power or in fierce heat
AMD64 FX vs Intel P4 3.6Ghz?
cable box cpu
will i see a performance increase if i switch from amd to intel?
What will cpuid/bios show when a cpu is oced
Need help!, not sure what i should do...
dual channel and 128 bit memory bus
Probably a dumb question but...
Overclocking Programs
what exactly happens when your computer "locks up"
does the the cpu affect the voltage drop from idle to load?
Possible Reason for Bug with Prime95
AMD one step ahead of Intel with Windows XP SP2
How to choose between these rigs????
I suggested spliting the cpu forums ages ago
PCI-Express or AMD64, which is more future-proof?
Time to Upgrade CPU: Intel or AMD?
Power PC and Pentium History
Is A64 really an upgrade from P4?
Well, I am sooo confused
Old super socket 7
Why is CPUs locked? What's going on? The Answer inside! READ ME!!!
Quick question...better chip for Photoshop
What processor should I use for my new system?
[HELP] GFX designer - dreamweaver / PS - what cpu?
MESSED UP Cpu issue
A643200+ w/o dual channel vs 3.0E P4 w/dual channel
[NEWS] IBM Announces Chip Morphing Technology
Benchmark Database
CPU Temperature Fluctuations Bad?
Folding@Home or Prime95?
Maximum Temp?
is there a bug with prime95?
P4 2.4c @3.3 vs A64 3200+
2.4 celly v xp2000+
Torture test
CPU Types Guide
I'm can't decide!!
Post your SuperPi 2M score.
CPU Qestion
A 64 or P4?
Overclocking An Older CPU
OC'd Athlon XP-M 2600 vs. Old P4 2.0Ghz
Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 for Laptop
this is a TRUE overclock