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90nm was pretty bad what makes 65nm easier?
Dell Sells AMD!
here it is PRIME or F@H
CPU pins
New at o'cing....Question
Accidental Burn In Results Prove Little!
Stupid Q 'bout Sisoft Sandra CPU-bench
Athlon64 3000+ vs P4 3000 w/HT Laptop which one.
Best way to remove thermal paste?
3dmark 2001 benchmark
Oh no....Doom3 pressures mount...
Anatomy of a microprocessor?
Question on Prime95
Which Runs Cooler
n00b here, need some help building a new system
Intel moves up debut of billion-transistor chip
General question on computing power
cpu's where to buy ?
This is NOT a "catch-all" location
My jump from AMD to Intel
Keep P4 or go A64? Which will perform best?
What brand would be better for 3d modelling?
A good read...
Just switched PSU's, OC is not stable anymore
Super Pi
What does steppings mean?
AMD or Intel :\
How neccessary is 4pin 12v CPU power connector?
Stupidly Hugh Overclocks!!
Is Sony making thier own CPU ?
Upgrading but cant decide...
Building a poker rig, what CPU to use?
Upgrading old Slot 1 system
SEEKING ADVICE: new rig, AMD or which P4
pentium celeron athlon duron Gold or scrap metal?
Should I prime for 3 days?
Noob SuperPi question
The end of MBM5
where online can i get guaranteed steppings?
Dont no what to get?
Should i be going the AMD64 (socket 754) route or the Intel PIV route?
FIXED: Advice Plz : P4 3.2 vs XP 2600M @ 2.5 vs. AMD64 3000+ @ 2.2ghz
P4 3.2c vs. XP2600 @ 2.5ghz vs. AMD 3000+ @ 2.3ghz
Can I overclock this?
Post Sandra CPU scores ( need compare )
Giant n00b question
How does the cache effect overclocking?
Best CPU for audio encoding/compressing??
How to apply thermal paste?
Cpu-z 1.23
Extremely hot p4
How hot is too hot?
is the p4 or athlon 64 at an end???
hows this for funny?
Ever heard of this thing??
Applying AS 5
Anti AMD?
Would Athlon64 (and/or FX-53) help in this case.. ??
L12 mod on a 2500+ Barton?
Has this ever happened to anyone??
Serial CPUs coming ?
Last Minute Advice on AMD64 Purchase
Your socket 939 experiences?
What is best mobo,mem + fan to reliably OC my locked 2500+?
Should I...
Is this normal?
The Nice Thread
AMD 2500 OCing...
Page will a bunch of ocs
PCI Bus frequency and FSB?
Where to buy Athlon64 CG stepping?
temp vs voltage, which really hurts the cpu?
Unstable Vcore.
Will All socket 754 mainboards support socket 754 mobile 64s?
Help Please: best upgrade?
Fastest CPU In existance
Think I Can Get Away with This?
My Rig
Mobile XP 3000+ on newegg
This is my new rig
Is there any point in running cpu and ram async?
How much is too much?
Opteron is the processor you can get from AMD.
question about prime
Recommendations for processor if gaming isn't an issue?
The new pentium 4s
socket A/socket 462
installing the PROCESSOR
Why 90nm?
does this stuff come out?
Ordered Parts...
computer wont turn on
buying notebook: which cpu to get? Centrino/PM, P4M, A64, Xp-m?
What would happen IF?
Overclocking Help Needed
building a SYSTEM!!!q
Problems with a AMD T-bird 1400
buying from newegg
2.8ghz on a 2500+ why the sad face :(
AMD and Intel Latest Comparison
BUYING a new comp? OR JUST BUY the mother board?
Want to build a new 64 what next?
Abit NF7-s and 2500+ overclocking
Score another one for AMD ;)
Project With Locked Athlon XP!
Overclocking question for athlon 64 3500
1.7V Vcore, 2.9V Ram Voltage
this goes against my usual...but...
Problem with clockgen
palomino 1800+ 133to166 ?
another what cpu question
Laptop question
Check out the new S775 article from THG
Im so lost, which CPU!?
Random Re-boot issue (a little off topic) but important
Need help with my CPU and Case Temperature...
64 bit
2500-M@2.6ghz vs. 2.6C@3.4ghz
Do i have a faulty CPU?
Questions/Concerns for AMD and Intel?
OC Newbie........Need some help!!!!!
Does voltage affect performance?
Chaning VCore Voltage?
V core?
Gateway CPU/MoBo swap?
Athlon XP-M 2500+ OCing Troubles
When is it the best time to buy a new platform?
mobo combos vs. just cpu
Clawhammer @2.5 vs Northwood @3.5 which would win???
First OC
Overclocking pentium problem! HELP please!
i need help im new at overclocking
Chipped XP2600+
System unstable?
2.8c SL6WJ D1
Ok, how does this computer look?
New to AMD(soon) need questions
Using a F$#@!*(& windows fan to cool my CPU!!
Locked up tight?
AMD XP 3200+ 2.2 ghz
Quick question (i didnt know where to put this question)
Overclocking in Windows
AMD 2500+ overclocking question
What sensors mean what in SpeedFan??
CPU to HOT??
Intel CPU a must for notebooks?
What do you think about this chip?
Hmmm. I am upgrading my PC.
2500+ barton or a 2.26 pentium 4. not planning to O/C
Help... Brand New P4
Either a Genius idea or a stupid one.
New system - need advice
Athlon Xp 3200+ or Intel P4 2.8c w/ht
Overclocking, then no-overclocking! confused
irregular voltages? what is normal fluctuation?
Switching to the darkside soon, What do you think?
Is this a good 2.8C?
Overclocking My System
End of Summer Upgrade?
My heatsink is cold! but temp of 45 idle.
Removing and reseating Heatsink
I Think Im Overheating!!
My 3.2c p4
What are your 3.0GHz P4 800MHzFSB temperatures at idle and load?
Cleaning a CPU help
I might have done something very silly...
Overclocking a p4 northwood ht.
Lense cleaning fluid to clean CPU?
I have an Intel Celeron 1.2 GHZ
cpu's produce heat neh? - solve my arguement! -
SATA interfering with overclock!?
Stabillity test
Umm....yeah... I'm never making fun of the prescott again.
1.65v max
why am i hitting the wall at 3.17ghz now ?
So Close Yet So Far
how can i achieve 1:1 ?
Higher FSB is better, right?
Does burning in new CPU work?
How do i find the ACTUAL clock speed of my pentium m 1.8 laptop?
Duron overclocking...
AMD are the ones that need to move to dual core!
Basic question should i buy 3.2 prescott or northwood?
CPU Type Unknown...help?!
Did I grow a processor overnight?
Need chipset/proc suggestions!
P4 3.2Ghz What stepping should I look for?
Planning to build this rig, looking for suggestions
Newbie Question
2.8c oem SL6WJ - are they all like this?
Need a little help overclocking a P4 2.6
Oc'ed 3.0c - strange restarts
Cpuidle Extreme consumes high CPU usage
64 Bit Processors
Random restarts...please help
re do bridges
Which cpu is better?
CPU or Memory causin crash?
No 400fsb Barton 3000+ chip?
My topic in relation too my "The most common question" topic.
What is the minimum voltage a p4 can run?
prime testing 3.0C - What is ILLEGAL SUMOUT?
Finally got 3.0C up and running. Overclock is meh so far
CPU worse than I thought...
Prescott Survival Kit OMG check it out
Looks like dual channel and extra 512k doesnt help much
quad pumped: what is it?
P4 2.4C Runs HOT
The most common question ever
3.0C and 3.0E Cache, does 1MB Cache help alot over 512KB Cache?
Please post 3dmark03 scores ( CPU SCORES )
Does NB and SB matter?
Value of an Intel 3.2 EE ES.
Your input wanted here.
Another "fact" AMD is overlooking.
Which XP-M?
hot weather affecting oc
Which AMD processor???
Ok I'm confused.... BIOS says CPU and Ram is running fast! Windows doesn't.
AMD new processor?
What to suggest for $150?
Arctic Silver 5 adhesive?
Which CPU will be the first to have pci-express
Why AMD will never be on top...
Posting Help
CPU Loads
Fluctuating core temp
Centrino speed stepping help
OT: some or most might have seen this already...
CPU Diode
best way to replace a pin?
4square AUX Power connector needed?
P4 Northwood Or Prescott...
400 FSB to 533 FSB
Unlocking Pentium MMX
Amd 64 3700/ 3800
Is 73 degrees C too hot? Help Quick
No settings in bios
Violent removal of heatsink
P4 or Athlon64 mobile?
can a 2.4C@3.6Ghz smoke a 3.4EE or AMD FX-51?
How much is your number 1 rig worth ?
oc'd 64-2800 vs oc'd 2.6c
Intels answer to Amd
Athlon64 oc help...
AMD Performence rating vs. Intel Ghz
Building a new computer, feel kinda bad...
nf7s 2.0 VS a7n8x-e deluxe 2.0
General Question
Whats the best stability program
noob question about CPU voltage
Hopefully Will 3.0C's and such still be in the game a couple years from now???
pictures of phase change cooling? anyone
WHAT is a folder/cruncher?
300$ Budget
Via 1000Mhz review aka (What a joke)
Anyone Benchmarked Hyperthreading.....
pentium m/pentium4 compability
Whats a good max Vcore for a pentium 4 3.2C?
How do I tell what the original freq is???
Will this CPU upgrade work?
BIOS update
My new Northwood kicks my old preshotts arse!!
2200 or 2500
Duel Athalon XP's or Single P4 w/HT for Web Server?
temperature program?
2400 mobile boot problems
Is it worth it?
Prescott or Northwood?
Mobile 64 need advice
The 939 Is Out
Is this worth the upgrade?
READ this quote! unbelievable
New Proc/MB/Ram
Athlon 64 +3200 overclocking help (noob)
Mobile 64 CPU overclocking?
P4 2.8E or A64 2.8 ?
Views on my Thermalright SK6
why are there celerons and durons?
Could the AMD FX-53 outperform the 3.4GHz?
severe problem
2 cpus?? 3dmark says i have 2
cleaning the CPU
Mobile 2600 or P4 2.4A?
NEWBi Q about cpu
newb question (part 2)
Can fried cpus damage the motherboard
My first overclock
why did intel make release the prescott core?
need help.. could it be????..........
Intel Reverse Engineered The Amd 64!!
Tip needed. A64 3200+ or Barton-M 2600+?
64 Mobile
I appeal to YOU!!!!
what should i get?
Which CPU and Mobo?
My Mobile Has Arrived
CPU Wattage list?
So exactly how long lived is Socket A?
My first oc
I'm confused
pentium 100 volt modding
VCore ShmeeCore ?
Recommend Me A Slot 1 Proc...
Retro Overclocking Circa 1997...
While benching, CPUZ shows my processor is 32.6GHZ!!!!!
Is this a good buy?
wher do you buy rubbing alcohol?
As noob as noob questions get...
how i change speed of
whats the gaming difference?
Probs Running CPU At Rated Speed
AMD Athlon Thunderbird
AMD Mobile Setup
overclocking a intel 1.6ghz
P4 2.8 power consumption difference between idle and load?
P4 2.8c SL6Z5 M0
$550, which should I buy?
CPU possibly broken
need help with this CPU Pin mod
Is AMD 64 worth it yet?
when's the next price cut (intel)
amd anthlon xp 2400+ vs barton 2800+
Question about lapping the CPU
Wierd Probelm
lappy cpu replacement
why are the processors 2 base
1st time trying to oc
Yet another homeg... FIXED THE PROBLEMS!
Temp question
AMD Athlon XP 2500-M at 2.6ghz!
3.06 533 FSB Overclocking
Looking for M/B that will run with old Willamette CPU...
CPU/Mobo advice needed
Silicon in between the pins?
Post your SuperPI 1M
newb question: whats a way to benchmark the system as a whole?
2.8C@3.5 or A64 3200+ for gaming?
Question about CPU temps
no-brainer :)
Hardcore audio processing and CPU selection
Review: Processor Power Consumption
What CPU?
Watercooled rig - AMD64 3200 or Prescott 3200?
Yet another homegrown CPU benchmark.
Is it worth it to wait for socket 939?
Where do you get sandpaper???
Overclocking a laptop bad idea??
cpu claning and arctic silver
Question regarding the heat issues surrouning the Prescott Core
Won't Boot need suggestions
Flood Zone!!!!
Why don't AMD and Intel seem to get that the process is dead?
random reboots
3.06 (533fsb) or 3.0 (800 fsb 1mb L3cache)
Help choosing a CPU
FX-53 940 vs any new socket 939
AMD Mobile or AMD 64?
PIII 550/512 core voltage - can it be run at 2.5v
Pentium 2.4c/2.6c vs. 2500 mobile.
Iv always wonderd, How do program Sand , or silicon as we know it
How far from the edges does cpu circuitry go?
Whats better for....
90nm problems
Run Mac OsX on your x86
Choosing a CPU based on video card
what to do what to do
Northwood availability - until when?
Locked Or Not?
AMD: Barely an Underdog?
Newbie help
What is that one theory about transistors increasing through years?
No boot pass bios . . .
Help with o/c Amd2500+
Cpu/Heatsink/Artic Silver Question
DFI NF2 Ultra +- Infinity OCing results please...
Everyone Should Turn Off Acpi!!!!
Why does CPU Multiplier incriment in .5? why not in .25? eg: 1.25 1.50 1.75 2.25 2.75
Coolest Running CPU?
Athlon64 3200 or Pentium4 3.2?
Raising FSB vs raising cpu multi...
In need of some opinions/advice re: unlocking the T-bred
Entry Level/ Mid Level/ High Level
AMD and Intel need to work together or else
Barton Clock Ratio Identifier
cpu voltage and heat questions
A64 939s, A sneak peak!?!?
Processor Architecture and Types Guide
Modeling machine
athlon 64 or prescott!!
Whaddya Think
New To Modding But Very Eager And Need Help.
mobile AMD cpu's?
FX-53 vs. a dual 2.66 Xeon setup
prime 95
Longest surviving CPU w/o fan
please read, need forum/voltage help.
Overclocking yields lower speeds?
my PC is acting weird [?]
Hehe.. why hasn't this mod been done yet?
cpu 100% usage + cpu has been changed
Need CPU advice
Cpu idle temp
How Far should I push my cpu Voltage?
oc lifetime expectancies...
mobile @ 2.7 or p4 @ 3.6 - gaming performance?
Cooked CPU?
Summertime overclocking
What's a good free benchmarker?
PC Lagging?
what am I missing, prime 95 cant connect?
Submit Your PCMark04 Scores
Could my cpu heat sensors be bad?
Man my brain is walkin back & forth deciding.....
Anyone ever try to re-solder a cpu pin back on?
What's wrong with my CPU?
prime95 v23.8.1
Someone please help with my computer :(
how fast is a opteron??
Intel to launch 1066MHz FSB CPU
Square Wafers?
Pentium Socket T or Athlon Socket 939???
Will this CPU work with my motherboard?
Will This Work????
A64 vs. P4 After OC.
Pentiun M 2.4GHZ ownz P4 3.4ghz or A64 3400+
Amd 64
Help me out .... system sees my AthlonXP as a Duron ... ?
dual core chips
130nm, 90nm; what difference is there, really?
ocing guild
Barely able to overclock
i figured it out...!
Which cpu? P4 3.6 or XP 3000
Overclocking Help!
barton's motherboards
mobile amd
What if an OCed CPU doesn't pass Prime95 ?
Tejas Announcement and its Impact on Pricing?
NF7-M w/ PC3200 DDR400 RAM problems?!!!!!
cpu dead maybe?
2.6 p4 or legendary 1800?
Intel : Prescott successor canned? Pentium-M is the future?
How do people get like up to 20ghz?
Please reccomend a CPU upgrade for me:
my DREAM machine
Athlon64 3400 or Intel P4 3.2C 800mhz fsb
Athlon 64 or Intel P4? (This is not your typical AMD vs. Intel thread)
Going from AMD XP 1700 To AMD XP 3000
Whats holding my systems back?
2500-m = big problemo
HELP! Where do I get a conductive pen?
Time to upgrade my CPU?
This is THE CPU.....I cannot wait. Would make quite a folding farm :D
My PC - What you think?
New toys
Intel 3.4GHZ EXTREME v regular? and other stupid questions.
Socket 939
Should I run multiple torture tests while burning in?
power issues i think...
CpuIdle Extreme lowered my temp by 5c
2.8 wont oc help
CPU wrong
Time to buy! But What? Opteron, AMD64 or 64FX?
I'm getting rid of my K6-233 what should I buy ?
Look what i found.....
how do i post a poll on cpus??
Prime 95, how do i set the thing to priority ?
Want to build a new system
Is my CPU Shot?
Upgrading a Presario 5101RSH CPU
Which magic number would u choose for my cpu ?
Lapping a p4 2.4c
Unstable Vcorem, is this normal?
Need help on OC proceedure
Broken Plastic Motherboard Heatsink Bracket - And Easy Fix!!!
XP 3200+ w/ Abit NF7-M mobo.. How much OC?
XP-M 2500+ o/c Maturation
2600-m oc results