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overclocking again
removing old as5
This is kind of scary...
How embarrassing...
Voltage & Heat ?
Concept: Would this help at all with intels?
How Is My new System
For those of you who have removed the IHS...
WINXP and a 225mhz Cyrix? lol
cpu temp in windows
My new rig
Low voltage causeing reboot?
How do the new Pentium Extream Editions run?
3DMark Scores Dropped
Just to compare
What's my problem?
Help with CPU heat issues
Aquamark Help, Really bad score...
OC problems
IS p4 Prescott 64 bit?
Which Is Better?
Mobile Vs Normal
Still not sure
Threads on a CPU
How well does the Asus A7V-333 OC?
OC help
Prime95 and other applications
A Problem With A Dell.
Check this really wierd problem out!!
Which processor could I upgrade to?
oc problems
cache in cpus, what is it good for?
problem with btx and another new things
Intel is being Sued and thier Pentium chips are at stake ??
My computer is noisy and getting hot...should I underclock?
Holy Crap.. All should read this.
Another AMD vs Intel
Amd Fx 53 vs Intel P4 - 3.4GHz
newb to this forum, old head to the hobby
should I get a p4 2.6 ?
Look at this crap...
Cheap dual Mobile
An OC question
Screw overclocking... why bother?
Laptop processors.
intel or...amd..for overclocking
prime95 trust..
pifast v4.3 10M challenge
Random "What if..." of the day!
AMD intel equivalents
recent system, worth upgrade?
Safe CPU and Mobo temps
P4 2.4GHz 533FSB / Intel 845GRG Mobo
like, omg, crappy heat
Can I use a 200W PSU to test?
Prescot and Northwood
How to make sure its not "locked"
Who actually does the burn in process?
? Safe CPU temps ?
Difference between MP and DP
high a64 temps w/water
interesting article, shows how CPUs HAVEN'T grown that much
Should This Processor Be Overclocked?
Physical Memory Dump?
Odd multipliers
Wierd Athlon 64 Slowdown
What is Spread Spectrum?
Help me buy a new CPU
single chip chipsets
Trouble with 2600+
Used Athlon XP
I can physically hear my processor....
AMD Or Intel?
Should I really go through all the trouble?
How much can I overclock to ?
Price drops for CPU's
Long Boot Up
Vapochilled P4EE vs Athlon FX
Looking for a cpu clock speed and temp program
what is the difference between the CPU's?
From P5 Forward
Moore's Law Dead??!!!
Probs with clocking on P4 3.0c
wondering if my comp is worthy of the oc
Post x86 and Itanium (PowerPC, IBM, Sun Micro...)
Overclocking & Prime95
Stability question in Prime95
A good CPU Temperature Measurement Software?
Computer Shutting off after an hour or so
Prime95 strange behavior
Prime95 hangs at the while, no matter what config I use
Please people need help fast !
What is the life expectancy of a folding cpu?
Need Upgrade Adive!
How much can I OC this?
CPU Instability Question
probelm with my p4
Having some issues. I removed my heatspreader from my p4 now what???
Prime95 errors out?
Going for the prescott 2.4a + pt880 lsr.
Getting high idle temps with a p4 2.8
Overclocking my 2500+ more...is one more step too much?
Intel's revenue up 20%
UK Supplier of P4 3GHz "...SL6Wk" model
The big ass heat sinks
To wire trick or not to wire trick, there is the question
First Timer!
Intergraph Gets AMD Too
help deciding between prescott and a64
@%$#! Problems
sort of ****ed up with as5
How much voltage is too much?
AMD vs Intel Research Paper
Prime95 problem
NEWBIE HERE! First OC in a while.. parts comin tomorrow.. need advice..
CPU load equation?
Give me the fastest CPU OC'd for my dad
New gear for oc
wth, my Athlon Xp 3000 wont get over 1.09 ghz!
FSB problems?
Cracked A64 3400+
slight problem with my barton 3200 !
My CPU external freq now can go up to 250+ by 1's?
wow.......the things you find
OEM vs Retail Processors
processor questions:
clean off thermal pad gunk???
prescott 2.4a@3.6 vs a64 at 2.3?
Help: my pc freezed, after I setup Bios
Overclocking minimizes Lifetime
Good Heatsink/Fan
Mobile XP chips
VIA eden, eden_n etc?
Quick question...
"Hot Cpu Tester 4" any good for stability testing?
Thermal Compound on the heatsink?
What the max voltage u have pumped through youre cpu ?
Amd 64 3400 overclocking
Help! Reinstalled cpu, getting errors and cant get Windows load.
quick question about new cpu
Need Help Please
max o/c
a XP2400@2400mhz, can it do more???
12V Aux Plug Causing Crashes???
What will be your next cpu?
cpu dead?
Pop goes the pc, Oc help please
How do we clean thermal grease of the cpu?
Pc Emergency!!
Geek heaven (server)
overclocking problems help!!!
mobile processing power
Intel Pentium 3-M... Desktop?
Soaking a CPU ...
Dead PIII?
A64 CG stepping , anyone have one?
Slot 1 CPU with no cover, how to place heatsink?
how to determine whats holding me back?
First Prime95 error...
Customer CPU - Intel or AMD?
What to expect with my new upgrades?
mobile xps
What am i missing?
System crashes
Noob O/C Question...
Anyone here use CPUIDLE Extreme
processors over the years
Low power/heat CPU
A3400+ = equivalent speed in P4?
Where AMD leads, Intel follows
whats a good stability tester
Intel's dirty trick....or.......Intel's future, ....
amd vs intel overclocking
AMD and Intel to have the same PR ratings
is this reading right 9C on air?
Whats the point in...
Ummm, its not 1 bottle of A.S. per cpu
Prime95 blend test?
Noob Question...Best CPU and Mobo combination?
VID pin trick or volt mod?
1.74GHZ Tualatin vs. 1.4 AMD TBird
P4 Info
Help needed.
Other CPU tester besides prime
Download Link -- CPU MSR (AMD UTILITY)
P4C800-E overclocking help please!
Overclocking Advice
Did G4's REALLY stink?
Been away for a while
Instability where once there was tranquility....
looking for CPU core (internal) images
Intel Sued Over Hyperthreading
Stupid Newbie Question
FSB OCing Vs. Multiplier OCing ?
Finding out CPU model number
Apple bitten by ad watchdog: You lied about being fast
Q about SS and SOI
Apple's G5 vs the BBB
Do i need more?
my new 2.8c versus dual AMD xp's...
A big question related to volts...
why does a cpu get hot?
It is time....to OC my p4....how do i do it? heh...
Simple vcore question
2.8C or 2.8 EE that is the question???
Info on overclocking AMD Athlon & P4 CPU's
Just got my new stuff in...
Installed SP2 for WinXP, temps. dropped 5C!!!
Wierd fsb
What will AMD do?
cpu temperature too high?!
Intel HT and OS
Dell Has/Had AMD In Stock
Experimenting with an AMD
Advantage of unlocking the multiplier?
cpu temps- no load too hi?
Never need an air conditioner again
OC on XP 2200+
CPUFSB software and overclocking question
cpu temperature reading.... help
Please HELP:(
prescott temps a good thing?????
Are there any Dis-advantage to under volt the Vcore?
why cant i decrease/increase my multiplier?
Where did we loose our way?
Installation Worries
Current P4 OC King
overclocking question
p4 at 4ghz
Prescott 3.4 review up at Tom's
Whats Deal with A B C????
Megahurtz mith
laptop processors, which one?
Wow they keep growing
Intel not using MHz anymore in model names...
Blue screen of death
Recommendation CPU chip for Tyan Tiger Motherboard
help the noob overclock p41.6 with asus p4c800-e mobo
2600+ fsb
Is my amd a rip off?
dear god, my 2.4c wont go past 3.3????
this should work, right??
My ultra fast question.
Need advice of better prog to detect Vcore.
FX-53 review
Intel plays catch up
On Chip Intel Mem Controller ?
Overclocking/CPU terms
my processor was almost squished by this huge metal object on top of it!
How's this setup sound?
Newbie question here...
athlon voltage pin short
cleaning the cpu
Intel to release a model rating system?
So how did someone figure out all these mods?
Interesting article (Van Smith)-Prescott Inferno
Advice on getting my new system
OK about applying some new thermal compound
Flashing bios
Could This Be The Best Bang For Buck, Last Great Socket A Overclocer, Released Today!
New System Suggestions? HELP guys
Ordering new comp tonight Athlon 64 worth it?
HELP! CPU pins
testing how loud a video card is without a cpu
Post your Benchmark-Points
Newbie Overclockers! BE CONTENT!
tricks for my 1800+
how to check your fsb
Pros/cons of ClockGen?
We all talk about the Intels vs AMDs, what about the G5/G6 and SUn Sparc?
Would it be worth it to overclock?
What does and OC'd mobile really compare to?
Bumping CPU FSB...
Is this Chip special?
Lazy CPU ? -Please Help!
from 2400+ to 2.8 p4
cpu running at half speed?
Intel and AMD at a standstill?
Intel takes a lesson from AMD
Interested in upgrading my comp. Any benchmarks to show performance differences OC'd?
Intel Process Changes
distribute load?
A question about a laptop
My How Times have Changed
my brand new system
General question regarding fsb/cpu/mem
centrino in a desktop?
Any updates on ASCI Purple
How to unlock an AMD 1800 XP?
Information on manufacture dates?
checking fsb
Possible Folding Comp
chart and workbook w/mini chart
Explain to me Overclocking. Not How to do it, but how it happens.
My new computer and overclocking....how far can i do it?
Any reason why online reviews dont oc as well as we do?
need transistor and heat output graph
Any chance I can O/C??
Higher voltage -> Unstable
fx51 performance underwhelming
need some exmple
Finally oc'd !!
Intel 2.8C vs. 2.8E
How does raising the multiplier of a CPU increase its performance?
battle of the old days
Woo hoo! On stock air baby!
Stability question
Any site that compares Pentiums EE to Athlon 64??????
What not to do with a AMD
Power Leap CPU Specs?
]--- Build me the best Gaming system for $1500-$2000 US
What causes the drop in voltage under load?
Newbie - Can i overclock my Dell Precision M60 Laptop
what prime95 test to run to stress the cpu(not ram)?
Newbie OC help~
AMD 64-bit
64 bit (AMD and Intel)
Dilemma - Help Needed...
enough is enough-this means you
An even better A64???
Graphic Anomalies
Got a stability problem
Intel BTX and the 2.2 lb Copper brick
Prime95 question.
S939 Athlon64 will have SSE3!
Whats better, P4 2.8Ghz or Athlon XP 2500+ OC'ed to a 3200+
Whats better, P4 2.8Ghz or Athlon XP 2500+ OC'ed to a 3200+
cool procs
I think my CPU is dead
Were can I get CPU Z
Presentation by ex-Intel employee Bob Colwell
how to check MHz of PCI and AGP
Anyone on OC fourms have a Itanium?
Intel's price on itanium
General Clock/Overheading Questions
How do you tell what speed the AMD chips are?
help me choose CPU
Rendering CPU
something funny
CPU throttling
Considering a swap.
New AMD64, ada3000aep4ap
2.4C SL6Z3 and a question.
Mac 64 bit
Lost Sound
ASUS P4PE & PC3500 - Perfect Together?
Low Marks
Better CPU for chess?
Problems, I am stuck could do with help please :)
New believer of overclocking
wut da hel, 2GHz barton got kicked around by XP2400 stock
Mobile Barton 2500+ Mod Question
Which tests to run with Prime95?
2500+ 200MHz @ 1.65v
How can i iimprove my 3dMark01SE scores.
The Top Speed!2fast 2furious
VIA C3 ?is it OC'able
first overclock=newbie
How 2 OC... Not quite answered....
beginer overclocker
Overclocking not going so well
New to OCing
CPUs heat output database (from 300mhz)
asking pro's for help
Artic Silver Crisis!
cpu ?
overclocking p4 2ghz troubles
am I overclocked too much?
AMD Athlon 2400+
Newbie Xeon question
Help with my new system...AGAIN :(
What is the best 3dMark Score?
Please Help!!
Photoshop System
2.4C or B??
RIGHT! Time to upgrade to A64, but.................need a widdle bit of help
What is SMT?
help with overclocking
A64 or 3.2C for new gaming rig
Aftermarket Heat Spreader
Taupe colored 2700.
Building An A64 3000+ system, How big of a PSU do i need and what HSF
2400+ @ 2.5ghz
Watch this lecture
Which CPU
New Intel P4 Prescott Cpus!!!!!
2500 barton default speed????
question on vcore
Need some help on what CPU to get...
overclocking help
This is what I'm looking at getting...
how to figure out which to pick
CPU voltage
Building new system, am I headed in the right direction?
Big OC'in Trouble Need Expert Help!!
Overclocking troubles
How do i change my Avatar? sorry for posting in CPU i dont know where else im meant 2
celeron 2.0 refuses 1.625
New cpu choice.
Will the athlon 64 work with any game?
AMD 2600 xp cpu Cant OC???
Tomshardware APPOLIGIZED!!!.........kindof :P
and so i thought i had a good chip
Cleaning for arctic silver 3
Will a thunderbird HSF work with a barton?
Benchmark prog
What CPU to use for my rig??!!
oc intel 2.4 C
is sandra reliable?
Celeron M
Help! Has My Pc Blown Up?
mobile barton 2500 vs 2.4c? can someone compare them
Trying to overclock a p4 3.2
OC Help
Shuttle SB51-G overclocking to 3.257 GHz - basic questions
To burn in or not To burn in
P4 1.8A overclocking/HS: help
Ocing Limiting Factor
How to Make a Poll
need help ocing darton 2400+
Hmm.. 2500+ or 2100+ ?
Toms anti technology article.
New 2.8 System real slow
Wtf. Computer posts and boots if i press on hs
Damaging Cpu
How can I change the noprthbridge volatge?
A64 delivers twice as many UT2004 frames as P4
BEST Corsair/Kingston DDR for an Athlon64 3200+ or 3400+???HELP
Is Having A Newer p4.........
bye bye to my 2.6C
25C to 56C
Arctic silver application, HOW TO PLEASE!!
Intel 64 bit CPU will be compatible with AMD x86-64 instructions
fsb or multiplier?
Can I go ahead and buy this?
P4 3.0 and Asus P4c800e delux?
Advanced Prime95?
Weird OCing Problem, Please Help Me Out.
first timer needs help please
OC P4-2.4 with PC3200 DDR-RAM
Got another question on about voltage/fsb/multi
how can i test if my p4 is northwood?
brandwith memeory amd vs p4
socket 423 CPU with socket 478 HSF?
Overclocking Software Does It Work?
todays purchases.... now im poor...lol
stepping up from a 2.4 ghz P4, any ideas?
Who agrees with this statement?
overclocking xp2100
2.8C or 2.8E
P4 2ghz - why is it so bad?
Overclocking gone bad! :)
2500 Barton performance
Barton 3000+ 400mhz what can it do?
cool enough to oc?
Stepping help...
Is this possible
Vcore voltage?
70% isopropyl alcohol?
Program that tells me the heat
How do i overclock this thing
2,8GHZ northwood, how much, OC is possible?!?
memory ratios
p4 3.4 EE
p4 2.4c or 2500+ barton? which is better
Been here for 3yrs & my overclock is rubbish
FSB up to 255 only, help?
Just thinking
I Need Help Aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can a CPU fry a motherboard?
barton at 2400mhz vs intel 3,2c
"i can't do it captain, i need more power!"
will a new cpu
Code Name Info?
AMD FSB vs. Intel FSB Question
Ok, I need your guy's help...
Against a p4 3.2c....