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Im New To OC Please Help Me WIth A qucik question
what should i overclock too???
Why are CPU wafers square?
Prescott = furnace? Lame CPU situation...
MBM reporting different speeds all the time!!
best temp monitor?
] - can you people NOT read!!! - rant
Mobo Readings wrong? & Barton vs. Thorton
An overclocking hell, stupid prime95!
Newbie? Changing multiplier
Help OCing 2400+
Has intel lost the upper hand?
Stuburn Athlon XP 2500+
Suggestion...Intel P4 System
Northbridge voltage on nforce2
Transmeta Crusoe Info
It's all about the software...
Overclocking Question
that one website that tells you cpu release..
Prime95 failure :(
What EXACTLY, is a multiplier?
HL2 with A64...
What level do you Prime95 @?
To upgrade or not to upgrade
over clocking my comp
Tepm Alarm
Help me decide.
sorry - amd vs p4 thread - buyer needs serious help tho
speeds from 5 to 7 GHz
Does A64 3000 beat 2.8E?
Noob wants OC advice please
How would you suggest I OC a AMD K6-2 350MHz?
New computer
Dual hyperthreaded Xeons
A7N8X-Deluxe upgrade question
irregular VCORE reading, HELP!!!
qusetion on and64 vs p42.8c
trying to decide between P4 and XP...
What memory with this setup???
How am I doing?
Finally got my CPU o/ce'd
Is this cpu salvageable?
Need overclocking advice.. HELP!
help and ideas plz...
How do I find out stepping/week number?
o/c with a button?
1700 vs. 2500
Opteron memory sharing
New laptop
AMD socket 754 and socket 940
CPU speed different than yesterday
whats-a-matta with voltage?
200MHz -----> 300MHz
p4 3.2 owners come in!
Locked vs. UnLocked
Shuttle's XPC
Is there a scale for cpu temperatures?
Which piece is holding me back?
which one is better
Is there another test program as good as Prime95?
OC AMD CPU Choices....give ur thoughts
How are they going to cool theses.
Th3y 4r3 W4tch1ng Us
Help Me overclock my PIII 750
Where's the price drop?
64 3k+ vs 2.4
Isnt this not only inaccurate...
Pentium 3 Slot
New duron
What do you do while you test for stability?
Out of curiosty
Mobile Barton 2400+ or 2500+( Which ones better)
New system
Prescott will be the next Willamette... Not good
2500+ and 9600 pro?
64 3200++ vs 64 fx-51
if i upgrade now ?
Upgrading CPU/Mobo. AMD or Intel?
cpu die/TIM question
Quick question
amd 2500+ outdated?
Why, When, and What will be your next big purchase?
Help, Make me a comp
About folding.. just wondering..
Cache Memory? How important is it ?
Hewlett Packard, can I overcloak or edit options to speed up? PLZ?!?
overclockering xp 2800+
Ok ready to go!! =D
Just Got My A64 Running
Should I "clean" top of cpu before fan install
Voltage, temp, MBM5/CPU-Z accuracy questions
2.4c question
Burning in new pc?
Overclocking a Tbred 2200+
I want a cheap upgrade from my P4 1.6 @ 2.4 - What cpu is best?
"Intel Signals 64-Bit Offering May Be on Horizon"
I need math help here :)
installing stock HSF w/ Arctic silver 2
How do i unlock my barton 2500+?
New CPU cooler; what about the thermal paste?
No multiplier or frquency options in my bios
Does anyone actually use their PC or do they just test it all the time?
XBOX 2 CPU Rumours
Fanbus Funtime
SL6Z5, P4C800-E & HyperX 3500 :-((
Removing old paste
low speed @nite, high speed @daytime
Can someone help me put this in perspective?
2500+ and A7N8x ultra question
2.4 vs 3.2
Overclocking Utility
2.8c, will 3400 watt power supply do?
Build My First Pc
heat problems sorted...
"Unlocked" CPU
best byte computers?
Cpu thermal paste question
Msi 6378
stupid is as stupid does
Building a cheap, but very upgradeable PC HELP! :)
Gaming CPU Upgrade Question.
What processor uses more Watts
Computer Processors Are Still Too Slow (for video encoding)
Kinda new here.. Got some questions
Question about Prime95
Is the AMD 64-bit chip REALLY all that nice?
2.6ghz tooo hot
Athlon64 only bootable CD games
Prime 95 isn't reliable!
Why wont my pc boot?
best pentium cpu?
overclocking celeron
Identifying a CPU
5.5 hours Prime Stable
The AMD 2500 XP is a nice surprise.
When is enough, enough?
Prime exe failure
stable at last ?
Old School Question....
2500+ barton unlock
Thermalgrease spreading
Please explain the benchmark.
2600 Barton @ 2300mhz - Settings
Need Help OCing P4P800 P4 2.8C
Please help me!
whats the better gaming system ? Close call i think . . .
Cleaning your cpu
Overclocking my 3.0
What speed am I running at?!
Been running Prime for the past 26 hours
What can I do with what I have?
Mobile AMD64 3000+ Results.
Please help...I keep crashing to desktop after installing Muskhin ram
can i push xp2400 to 2.4ghz???
Barton 2500 or Intel 2.4C
what vendor is selling good overclocking chips now?
overclocking my p4, need help
I can't overclock my 3.0GHz!
CPU voltage keeps jumping around
n00b here... ive got problems.
vcore voltage high without oc
FSB/DRAM Divider Question
need new cd rom drive for 25 bucks
Best CPU for Overclocking?
Dual p4 2.0Ghz?
CPU won't run at it's correct speed!
p4 2.6c or p42.8c with twinmos pc 3200 ?
Complete system shutdown???
New 2500+ Barton Core Stepping?!?
decision time. maybe I should go a64 3000+
2.4C @ 2.71 w/ DDR400 or @ 3.01 w/ DDR320
AMD64 3200+ vs P43.0C
What would you so?
2400+ o/c any help welcome
VIATECH? come again?
1800+ on 2600mhz but not over 219fsb...
Interesting Encoding Benchmarks
UT2k4 and 64bitness
Software for Specs
Comparing CPU Benchmarks is like Comparing 1/4 mile times between two cars.
Overclocking Guide
Best 2500 Barton Core
should I upgrade or wait?
P4C Overclock
a couple thoughts on AMD/Intel
Can som1 post the fsb and multiplier settings for the p4c processors?
K6-2 over clock
prime95 hates me
Where can I get a free temperature monitor for the cpu
Okay time to overclock (help me with these bios settings)
when will PCI-X be availeble?
Athlon Xp 2100+ w/NF7-S vs. Pentium 4 2.0A Northwood w/P4T-E Both Overclocked
Whats that new PCI thing people talk about?
Which would make a better upgrade?
OCing Woes
Will this configuration work?
okay made up my mind and now need some resources from you guys
Alright, some real world problem regarding upgrades.
Dos Cpu Stress Programs? Do They Exist?
thermal pad vs paste
Pentium 2.0A ghz Northwood+ Asus P4T-E overclock help?
Which CPU?
In a predicament
HELP ME..... WIN2k and AMD 1700
Discussing Possible Moves from AMD Systems to INTEL
What is folding?
Y'know I was just thinking the other day......
L12 mod, but where can i get conductive paint
yoooooooooooooo guys my final system!
amd 2500+ with 9800 pro or p4 2.6 with 9600 pro?
Pentium M or The P-4
Case for my p4 2.8c system
people with p4 2.8c+ corsair or amd 2500+ corsair?
overclock question
64 bit OS
ill stop posting guys
amd or p4 for gaming?
why i wanna buy a p4 and not an amd
Dual cpu systems...
AMD takes the high (price) road
AQZFA 0342 TPMW @ 1.65v
lol @ p95
Thoroughbred 2400+ with A7N333-X...
I feel like such a back stabber!
Prime 95
Socket 7
New AMD roadmap!
P4- Need to check FSB, Anyone know how?
Does "Processor Serial" = "Processor ID"?
what divider will i need
chipped die = corruption?
What do I get?
TIme to drop 2500+???
Duron 1.8 and K7D
512mb DDR Kingston HyperX PC400 good?
what the flavour of the month?
memmory choice for my 2.6c?
Locked 2600 or Unlocked 2500?
i tried to change the jumpers but this didnt work= ąS
how do i reset my bios=
Weird Voltage Reading
question about the locked bartons
New Barton 2500+
new Athlon.. .need help PLS
Overclcocking, dual P4 machine
tail wagging the dog - "A Multicore Tejas? . . ."
p3 450mhz requirements met?
VIA Cpu's
9.5 x 200 vs 11 x 190
nearly made a BIG mistake
pcmark2002, memory or cpu?
AMD barton 2800, there's a thing on the die
My new system is set up and OC'd.........a little help please.
What good does LGA do?
unlocking barton 2500+ probleme
Unlock or Locked that is the question
Why does my cpu temp seem so high?
Blech, now i'm confused...
How can I tell whats holding me back?
First Time OC
p4 stock cooling better then amd stock cooling?
help with 2.4c overclockng pls
Barton or Thoroughbred For Overclocking?????
What should my voltages be?!?!
True results for Athlon64 3400+ vs. Pentium 3.2Ghz, Screw Tom the intel brown nose!!!
This good?
heres a thought
!! ASUS A7V333 XP2100 Palomino Emergency !!
This is so wierd!!!
help with overclocking amd 2500 barton
Athlon 64 FX-51 vs AMD 3400+
Prices going down?
Overclocking a 2.6 on a p4p800dlx
Just thought you guys would like this...
Trouble with installing after OC
Few Questions about OCing an AMD 2500
P43.2 vs A643200: my own findings
does a 2.4c with 256k exist??
Testing Strategies
Tom? An Intel Fanboy? Nahhh! LOL
Overclocking Trouble
athlon xp 2500+ barton core vs. p4 2.4 w/ ht technology
xp2600+...locked or not?
voltage question
xp 2500+
Need Input .......
Comp wont boot above 12.5x?????
Now I'm angry...
help me spend 900 bux
amd 2800+ barton vs pentium 2.8 ghz ?
Stability issues
Immidiate Help Plz
My first OC
whats better amd 2500+ barton or p4 2.67a?
price of 2500+
Help, 2500+ Barton too hot??????
So I was gonna buy an XP3200 ...
How do you explain the 800fsb Intel vs 400 fsb AMD to the average idiot?
Bang for the buck, but bang includes Autocad?
How sensitive is AMD die?
Sandra cpu benchmark accurate?
amd and intel
Are all AMD XP 2500+ Processors Unlocked?
help with voltage questions
How do you get two instances of Prime95 to run?
Confused with all the chip names...
Would it be possible...
What would you pay for a new XP2500 Green Core unlocked CPU?
new cpu and motherboard
What Speed Won't We Use Transistors Anymore?
Need some input
Apple/Mac Overclocking?
computer freezes a lot when playing games.
Amd compy's ties Intel compy's in latest BB catalog :)
Should the idle temperature rise when overclocking?
think ocing might die out?
Would you prefer 1 350MHz cpu at 100fsb or 2 333MHz CPUs at 66fsb?
Will we see any NEW CPU market competitors in 2004?
p4 2.8c@3.5 max, so what now?
IHS removal , Mach II unit suggestions please
What is the World's most POWERFUL CPU?
HP and AMD
Could an OC-ed Barton beat a 3.2 P4?
Whose year is 2004?
AMD 64 systems for sale
Any use for 64-bit cpu in a near future
Just for Gaming..
How can i determine if.....
tom reached 5+ Ghz with LN2
where can i find conductive paint?
Can Be Fixed?
jsut powerd up. need help
Worst Case Scenario
A64 3000+ vs P4C 2.8
This to hot? haha
CPU load increase????
CPU Stability..
Which is better?.. 433@487.5(FSB=75) or 300@450(FSB=100)
AMD VS Pen for best o/c
cpu temp
best bang for the buck?
Wow the most expensive CPU of our time
Am I missed informed or is this site bias toward AMD?
*maybe* just *maybe* a new "benchmark"?
Athlon XP 2500+ @ 1.83 ? Why?
Need some recommendations..
Processor UpDate
New system
1.4 Duron vs 1.8 Celeron, Which Faster for Simpe Work?
Wait till 1st quarter next year?
2500+ or 2.4C P4
what would be faster ??
Unstable system after undoing OC
AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium 4?
Would this benefit me?
Help me understand
BIOS restricting oc
BIOS restricting oc
Can anyone post benchmarks of Athlon64 vs Intel? Any at all?
Overclocking old chips.
Help I Have A Compaq!
why intel>amd in like evry benchmark
distorting fonts when o/c ing
A simple man
Two beeps when booting
Amd Athlon64 Fx Vs P4 Ee
Can I overclock an Emachine eMonster 500a?
Overclocking CPU and Dual booting several different OSes..
No beep when booting
Sneak attack by intel?
David Vs Golaith
cpu usage over 70% mouse cursor freeze few sec
Want one bad ass rig!!1
Cpu o/c..Memory Timing
New Cpu. Suggestions
G5 vs A64fx who wins?
P4 should i or shouldn't i
Thermal sensor placement/info gathering
What Terms Should I Know?
Why Intel is not > AMD....?
cinebench 2003
Hyperthreading worth the extra cost?
new rig and a couple questions...
Most powerful PC
Lappy CPU question
New proc ... need help with BIOS settings
PIVEE is 3.9% faster than a64FX. 3.2C is 2.0% faster that a64 3200+ OVERALL!
oc'd pc versus mac G5
Need help picking the right cpu/mobo AMD or P4
Intel VS AMD in the workplace
Help me test my CPU 2.8b ghz
what next??
Pin-mod (part 2)
1800+ speed
Prime95: question on testing for stability
Prescott release date set.
How do I know if my laptop will support a HT CPU?
Power strips...Do they work?
I need a new computer
Intel 700 to 850 Slot 1
CPU choice for specific tasks
Poll Sugestion
so...who shall win this bid?
My potential with Zalman 7000? (noobish)
laptop ?
Cpu stuck to heatsink!? p4
Coolermaster Aerogate 2
Tualitin, Xeon - Work with my mobo?
Best Benchmarking tools?
Agp/pci/src Fixed
important ? for u guys
2500+, 2600+, or 2800+
Anybody know for sure????
Which is more overclockable, 2100+ or 2800+?
why in my option fx beats 3.2EE
Overclocking Barton 2500+ w/ A7N8X Deluxe
How well can an AMD Anthlon 3000+ Overclock?
Overclockin help :-)
TRS-80 ad
Laptop speeds...
why does this cpu cost so much???
Importance of L1 cache
Quad Opteron Board!
P4 3.2EE @ NewEgg.com
What do you guys think I'll be able to squeeze out of these parts?
anyone know this?
What can I get out of an XP 2500+???
Building a DVR-Which CPU?
power fan? cpu A fan? system fan?
Looking for an old post...
A64 Power!
Buying a new system
Dell 2400 2.4 Celeron options
Overclocking Question
system upgrade (win xp compatibility)
This is frustrating me a lot!
How much power can I get for $225-$265?
Current system and overclocking capabilities (suggestions please)
over clocking help!
Pin mod
Installing CPU
Multi Leveled Cores?
No Post?
Its finnally here - Post your scores
Help choose CPU for noob upgrading for HL2
Which is better, 3dmark stable or Prime95
Something i Noticed
Lure of HyperThreading or The Lure of Athlon 64?
novice Ocer forced to underclock
I'm a LOSERclocker
wheres the link?
How do i find out what's limiting me?
Vid or CPU
Athalon 64 vs P4C3.2C
IRQ settings
Laptop Processor: Which Would You Get?
Holy High Multipliers Batman!
How did this happen?
PC Mark 2004
Could this cpu still work?
Can a bad CPU damage a motherboard?
Intel Pentium 4 Multipliers
Xp2500 little to HOT
XP2200 T-Bred 'B' AIUHB... opinions...
Overclocking Where To Start
Can i overclock my hp
Vcore Tweaking
$500 for Christmas
P4 OC RAM Ratios
To Overclock, or not to Overclock?
64-Bit CPUs
Underclocking "The Forbidden Love"
AMD Athalon Xp 2700 Vs. Intel Celeron 2.8
please HELP with my new comp
Newbie question about processors
testing with prime95....
Anyone tried this yet?
I need to fix: Burn on thermal pad
General CPU Question That I can't figure out
Get driver for your AMD...
Help quick question
Coolers for Intel Prescott Begin to Emerge
Attaching AMD to your mobo.
will this laptop CPU work??
new system reboots and shuts down
A question...
Best CPU for custom PC
2.5 P IV Question...