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CPU tingies
Can a pc CPU fit in a Laptop?
Socket thermistor
where do i check for vcore at with multimeter
reverts back to default after BIOS
hmmm my barton:(:(
Just for until my next MAJOR upgrade...
HSF Question
Can't ask for anything more.
Which is better for gaming, amd or intel?
Seperating CPU and HSF
Where do I get my Athlon XP 2100+ tested?
Wait or buy now???????????????
new top 500 supercomputers list, Big Mac #3
is my PC gd
Athlon XP 2200 vs Duron 1.8
High end system low scores?
Dual CPU Set Up - What CPU's?
Thermal Paste - Which is Best?
RAM Questions
Conductive paint as sink paste?
Case Fan Fit Question
Something not right?
Basic Explanations
Cpu Books
The evergoing upgrade question...
Apple G5 cluster #2 super computer in world
program questions
Best processor for overclocking?
G4 vs P4?
Overclocking P-4 1.7 willy
Overclocking & Memory
random unstablities?
I've been going at it all wrong.
Opteron Explained
Why is my comp going to hell???
Must decide between Intel and Amd, need help.
conspiracy theory
How long are we realistically going to have to wait?
Broken probe
Uber anti heat 2400xp!!!
locked CPUs
Audio Machine CPU choices
where can i buy the conductive paint online?
Whats a mosfet?
Your Brain - the coolest CPU ever...
What would make my cpu...
An In-Depth Discussion on CPU Architecture
where to stick CPU temp probe?
Amusing Tweaks
Intel heatsink stuck
For those of you that thought that 29,0003dmark score was great...READ THIS!!
Where to go?
Amd Or Pentium ????help
Asus problem
Final decision. help me make it please ^^
Disable L2 - Cooler CPU?
Grayed out Voltage?
I was just wondering...
Internals of a microcontroller.
Xp1700+ or Barton 2500+
Dual Channel ram
Thermal Paste
AAHAHHAAH! FRUSTRATED, please help....
Help me determine the limits of my system
Major Upgrades to my comp!
L1 Cache?
Microsoft chooses IBM cpu for XBOX2!
Computer resellers switching to Opteron?
Intel Pentium 3.06GHz - Crap performance
arctic silver 5 or ceramique for CPU/HSF?
better hardware lower scores. someone please help
Post your DVD encoding Times
Help with Case
AMD Athlon FX-53 to Emerge Before Year End?
Fx 51 ? Pentium Extreme? Whats the deal?
thinking of a p4. what should i know?
My Overclock dies, Voltage?
VIA C3 and EDEN Processors
heat comparison between p4/ath xp
BIG problem, PC wont boot!
Newbie has questions..
Opteron vs. Xeon
29K: Pentium back on top
Cpu Id
Unlocking a Pentium???
Help needed
Total Newbie wants advice
Need some advice, please!
Quantum computing breakthrough, new package P4
what happens if you overclock a processor thats the speed of light?
P4 2.4c vs Barton 2500+
What's the diff.
Prime95 Version 23 A Overclockers Dream?
if the CPU or anything else gets damaged due to o/cing...
Interesting newspaper article I read this morning: "COMPUTING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT"
did i blow up my cpu?
Question about Voltage+Ram Timing
Heat output for different cpu's (runntig at stock)
Explain Steppings
Fatal error in Prime95...now what???
Difference between IA64 and 64-bit extensions?
How much do you think they actually cost?
How to oc integrated cpu?
OT: To a few...
How do I make Windows detect my new speeds?
Need some advice please..
is P4 EE due this week?
CPU testing?
Vcore on AUTO?
Best way to clean CPU die?
My first CPU overclock.
Overcloking newbie help
Help Me Overclock My F@#$@ SLOW LAPTOP!
overclocking info
Intel or AMD 64 Gaming system?
POLL: Whos running what processor and at what clock speed?
Upgrade Perfromance
Any good Software FSB progs?
Is it possible to....
should i do a cpu upgrade
Thermal dissipation formula
Help CPU died...need advice
IBM Thinkpad(Centrino)Questions. . Clock speed??
Shouldn't all A64 procs have much more memory bandwith?
Need help in a bit of a predicament
any sites that compares an oc AMD vs and oc intel
AMD Athlon 64 FX51 Price question.
A64 Fx-51
This for A64-FX?
Binary Logic Gates?
Opinions wanted on AMD A64 FX
HELP! Yes another I broke it thread.
How can i overclock my 2.4B with on this Intel Motherboard.
Good review/info web sites?
busted something on a mobo,lost 100mhz.
What the intel equivalent to
Binary Limitations
Is this a typo or is Newegg right?
XP2600+ Barton
Should I go for more?
Way to calculate error w/ temperature probe?
xp2400 at 1800
Learning to overclock
So have I killed my CPU??
Growing Trend among Local PC Stores
Strange Computer Problem
Whats your opinion
Serious problem
and the winner is....
POWER5 with 144MB cache....DROOL!!!!
How come Intel boards are packaged better than AMD?!
Incorrect clock speed....
FSB Question From randomn00b...
Serious temperature problem - please help
question about standard heat sinks
FAST help needed before i bid! 45mins
question about standard heat sinks
Issues with newly installed CPU...
Hey guys !!! CPU-Z 1.20 just got released today !!!
Who are these people
Anyone else had this problem with the latest prime95?
Ok gonna start Ocing my CPU, any settings to check?
holy sh*t how about this!!
whats holding my overclock back?
2800+ ?
laptop running Folding@Home?
Wierd problem with xp2500+ experiment!!!
Ic7 & 800fsb 2.4 or NF7S and 400fsb 3000+
NEED a quick answer 1.7ghz willy or 2.4celly
need the best DECODING sytem (not encoding)
Cooling: Peltier or Water?
Pentium or Amd
P 4 2.53 Ghz
How well do the Celeron Tualatins work?
Is the 2.4c the one to get?
Help cpu
Ouch. Burned up CPU?
can a cpu just die during use?
P4 locked?
Which one is faster 5:4 or 3:2?
3.2EE only 925$
About "financial news" articles here on site...
What Would Make a Better Processor?
Newbie Guides?
Noob Needs A Little Help
Barton 2500+ or P4 2.4c?
when to buy a new cpu
Getting Smaller - .90nm
anyone know the exact brand of heatsink...
a b c ? Help!
I Fu**ed up, and my comp wont post
New at it, having booting problems
Best Mobo Deal
AMD 3000+ barton
Overclocking Help. Im new :D
Easy question for you all genius O/C´s
Help. My computer reboots.
Overclocking limit? CPU or Mobo?
Why I like the Athlon 64: Intel price cuts!
Msi K7n2 Delta Islr
At limit already?
A64 benchmarks?
What drives processor development?
SLK-800 or SLK-900?
P4EE names
CPU temps.
Removing old CPU
Does this suggest the cpu has blown?
what is my true core voltage, in bios or cpu-z readings?
sup help me oc my celeron 1.70ghz
Windows won't start
Burning in CPU blowz!
Overclocking help!!
[Newbie] need help OCing amd 2500!
Faster Processors...? Why not?
64bit teckno
Hardcore Setup
why such big price differences?
Finally Got a board that seems to work right.
noob needs help
old CPUs, what would be faster?
[Newbie] which CPU ?
why is my temp so high?
Wow P4 2.4C's are great
Is a system stable if???
Tom's Hardware review of Athlon 64 FX vs P4 3.2 EE
Does vcore affect overall stability or just CPU stability?
Overclocking newb, please help!
5. What does Caleb think is "undeniably awesome" about his Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU?
Higher Vcore=less overclock??
Vcore Settings
Cpu Heat
new amd 64
The Limit??
Quantum-light processor Update?
Is Intel struggling?
Lousy 32-bit performance in Windows 64
p3 maxed out oc
How to post wcpuid?
SIDS: Sudden Intel Death Superiority
CPU Cores
What would you do with this?
New to overclocking.
Dont you guys think amd should have smt?
Having a Problem Determining OC
Want to build a cheap form factor computer. please help me out!
CPU Slowdown
Any Ideas on what to buy!
Brand new system advice
2.4C 2.6C 2.8C or AMD?
Where to buy the cheapest laptops online?
A64 Socket A?
Processor Recommendations
cpu degradation over time?
Since when did intel put a 3.8 out?
Diagnose my "TIM print"
hyperthreading vs hypertransport
What to upgrade
woot i get a crazy deal!!
Stuck with a decision to make, i need help!
locked multipliers
multiplier help
If i hear one more person say "But A64 is no good till Windows64"...
FSB go bye bye?!?!?
What do you think of the AMD64?
Socket 478,370,A, 920????? wot r they?
2600+ issues
can you oc a mac?
can you oc a mac?
Protein Chip
memory ddr400?or 333?
Overclocking Question.
Barton 2600+ to be the new overclocker's dream?
P4 2.4c + Abit Is7 mobo basic OC help
Better Server CPU
CPU restarts itself?
overclocking action
TIM pumpout, thermal cycling, WC & HLT
AMD64 vs. P4 EE
Fried CPU??
Increasing Voltage
Help fixing old POS computer..
AMD 64 explanation
Too much Thermal Compound?
P4C800-E, P4-2.8c, HYPERX4000/1G OC PROBLEM
Performance Acceleration Technology
PRIME95 doesn't like me!
64bit Prescott?
What should I get?
Reformed Athlon User with OC question
Help me figure out CPU amps
What HSF to run 2.4C @ 3 on a P4P800 with PC3200 Corsair memory?
newegg watchdog program???
Should i Up the voltage on 2.4b?
What is this!? New Duron or something!?
my first oc
overclocking A laptop
Athlon64 FX o/c to 2.8Ghz?
did i oc too high?
P-III 700 Mhz or Cerlon 900 Mhz
Need advice building FTP SERVER
Other CPU That Overclocks Good
Athlon Vs. Pentium (I'm confused)
What to ask for?
Anybody hear about the new gaming P4?
New Powerbooks sport a modified G4 chip
athlon2500 hits 93*C and lives!
Apple's G5 specs not real !!! New Opteron blows it away...
Vcore Voltage
C2.0 overclocked - how's this stack up?
what does the "c" stand for in 2.4c?
OK, Advice needed on which CPU and MOBO that fits me.
How efficient is the average cpu?
Barton 2500+ (Prometeia MachI) vs P4 2.4C (VapoChill)
CPU pins
What is "wafer integrity"
AMD or Intel ?
Please help me overclock my cpu...
BANG not buck
Software App to simulate high kernal CPU?
Windows Crashing from New FSB
Does heat matter?
cleaning the cpu
what do numbers on cpu mean?
Tested my luck with newegg...
Barton 2500+ vs P4 2.4 800FSB
dual p3 700 or p3 1000?,,,,,dual 2.1ghz AMD or 3.2ghz p4?
Unlock intel 2.4 800
Where should I put it?
pure speed is not as good as "usefulness"
Designing My First Computer
buying from ebay....?
Which CPU?
Wanna laugh? Got a second? Help out this ol' nOOb!
Fried CPU or MB?
anyone know a good link for OC results with air cooled?
Probing the benefits of Hyperthreading. Running SMP apps and benching.p
Which cpu does ...
System stable in Prime95 but not PowerDVD
Intel Centrino vs other mobile?
Slot 1 CPU
Conductive Pens?
Is it fried?
CPU Purchasing question
And Intel has problems with heat?!?!
Diamond Processors!
Look at these marks!
Spicy Pricy
Testing 40-50 CPUs
fsb settings
Unlocking a Via C3
Tip for overclocking Via C3s
Need Help!
fried cpu
The Mission Not So Impossible….
Mem Test 86 Questions
help plz overclock cpu
Error found when stress testing my cpu with Prime95
3dmark test results
Wattage Calculator?
quick question about via
What Should I Do???? Help PLs!
New comp. Heavy 3dsmax / PS 7 user...
My CPU wont register right speed?Help
Compare these 2 machines PLZ
Most stable CPU
Best Ocing Cpu
BENT PINS. Are they supposed to be there?
youve heard this before
New Overclocker, Please Help
Processor for an email/web machine?
a64,opti,barton or p4 800?
Inca empire 7000 cpu upgrade
some help
What do the numbers and letters mean on an AMD processor?
Major Pc Help Omg Helpage
Noob help overclocking please
My computer is dead!
Increasing the FSB
Newbie's question
Hello, looking for advice on upgrade path..
Why cant I OC the 2.4C past 2.94???
CPU clock or Ratio problem
P3 700
anyone familiar with this 2.4c code?
Anyone up for helping a newb?
Is an upgrade in order?
AMD XP 2500 "Barton" Voltage
Screen Flicker Crash on Overclock
Please Submit Your Sisoft Scores
Just a dumb question
OCing a barton on a nf2 mobo.. what mem to use?
icky temps..... fsb?
2100 overclocability
Athlon64 Doesnt have a heatspreader!??!?!?!
CPU Database Accurate?
new machine for sis
Voltage modding
Athlon 64 price
Prime 95 help
what would be better
Newbie needs help
Burn in believer
Privacy is NOT equal to PRESCOTT or Athlon64
Question regarding FSB Evolution
Via C3 overclocking
New and i got a question
Passively cooled CPU
Dual athlon XP or p4 w/ HT & 800fsb?
Know that blackout? Can...that...do bad stuff?
Guys i need some advice ina pickle
Is this a possibility?
Barton 2500+ showing as Mobile???
Help w/ choosing cpu
Design of Experiments for OC?
Wait for 64 bit cpu:s before buying..???
what is this pc worth to you?
wut amd processor is comparable with 2.4C
New 3D Machine Advice
How to compare Intel to AMD?
When something works, don't touch it!
anyone help mu cpu is way to hot (highest i say was 75 degress celcius!)
Prime95 Question
64bit is coming... maybe sooner than we guessed.
Where to Buy??
Temp Prob Positioning
for a newbie, how hard is it to install the AMD CPU Vs. the Intel?
90 nm? Is smaller possible?!
Should I go with AMD or INTEL based gaming machine?
Need advice with upgrades
Help cant find steppings (barton) 2500
WOW....just plain wow!
Interesting INQ art on SOI cpu overclocking
SETFSB error
What am I doing wrong?
450mhz xeon price?
processor or mobo?
If Athlon64 CPUs are released on September 22nd...
Is Via ever going to make an SMP capable cpu?
What can I use to wipe out the old thermal paste on my CPU in order to apply new
computer slowed to a crawl....help
Need some input plz! 333fsb to 400fsb
need help with overclocking problem
Why isnt FSB locked?
does the computer god hate me?
Processor For Under $200
Lockup Problems
looking for 1700xp
Safe CPU temp. 2.4C P4?
Odd comparison
Intel Adverts
Comparing the B and C P4s
Using wires to connect pins to socket
Laptop fan making the CPU work ?
Prime95 - valid test?
burnt processor help
Burning-in Article
Good Program To Clock Chip
If you were building a new comp...
How much do I need to spend?
XP2700 OC'd
g4 vs p4 laptops....
How fast can your computer compute pi?
2.4c, p4c800, raid. help
Putting thermometer on CPU
Dead CPU...maybe
Overclocking XP 3000+ 400MHz FSB.......
best stepping for 1700 or 2500 xp
new to overclocking, little help
Hey! In need of help. Bad.
Cpu overheating issue.
Prescott vs Athlon64?
Okay...4.7GHz??? IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!
DEC Aplha
P4 2.4ghz @ 2.8ghz And no more... (Pc info now :))
2.4c vs xp2500
what are the benefits of going Intel Vs. AMD and AMD Vs. Intel?