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addon: ustv vod = awesome.
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Who bought "Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer" of this software? Can give me some ad
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NEW TV/MONITOR $400-$600
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First Time HTPC Questions
new build need advice
Maybe I Misunderstood?
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DiLink Boxee Box
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1-4 pixel white line on sides of screen - Win7 SP1 HTPC - Samsung PN51D8000
Anyone using LGA 2011 for transcoding
PCI TV Tuner Card - Recommendations.
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Need some Advice on Speakers for a HTPC
Does Any OS Offer Better Results To Another?
First HPTC Build Advice Wanted
Laptop not 1080p, but have 1080p movies question
Drive Selection: Are SSDs Overkill?
Setting up my drives help!
Lets see your snake pit!
remote issues
CPU/Motherboard for gaming/HTPC?
DVI/HDMI no sound - Samsung Plasma TV
Build or Buy?
HTPC/Tuner card/ sound questions
HTPC advise
How do I change sleep button to shutdown on my remote?
Problems using monitor and plsama
Best surround sound set up
HTPC Questions
First HTPC build (out of spare parts)
Upgrading HTPC
Building first PVR
Ceton infiniTV 4
Best components for upgrading HTPC?
Help me diagnose source of speaker death
Do I have everything correctly set up?
Building a home media server.
HTPC Sound upgrade
Sapphire EDGE HD2 Mini PC Review
MCE verse Media Portal verse XMBC
HTPC for OTA HD PVR and web feeds
Choosing between HD Media Players, Nettops and HTPC
HTPC Build advice
Hope this is the right place...
Anyone have experience with Apple TV?
4-Tuner ATSC PCIe card for smallish HTPC?
New HTPC hybrid build. Please provide advice and express opinions
PVR software
Athlon XP, Adobe Flash and HTPC advice
amd 160u cpu
Time to move on to life without Directv
Perfect hdmi setup without htpc
Sapphire HD 6570 HTPC Video Card Review
Fine Tuning a PowerBook G4
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my new htpc, some probs, help?
Getting 5.1 Audio to work from HDMI out
HDMI Audio output - Not plugged in
good HTPC options
New HTPC Build: Zotac IonITX / InWin
Media Browser
HTPC sound and other questions
Building / Buying an HTPC for a family member
Silverstone GD05B HTPC Case
First HTPC Build, please review
HTPC to CRT using RCA
What's the best software to shrink dvd quality?
Remote choices
Help me perfect my noob HTPC Build please? :)
Long HDMI Run
Some high level advice?
WHS, remote desktop and HDMI out question..
Auzenjunk x-plosion
[O/C] nMediaPC 1080P HTPC Case Review
Set-top box, PS3, or HTPC?
MY HTPC setup for you to see
HTPC 2.0
[O/C]Logitech DiNovo Mini HTPC Keyboard
Software Suggestion
Movie cover art
[O/C] Biostar GeForce GT240 1GB GDDR5 Video Card Review
Intel Clarkdale/Sandybridge fps issue
Back to Vista
HTPC Build/Part Advice
what is the best video compression for movies
Evaluate My HTPC Build Please
Is my video card failing?
[O/C] Mvix Minix 6150SE-UC3 Review
boxee any good?
Improving my HTPC?
new HTPC build
HTPC setup
HTPC is complete (not a question. Just a vid)
Wireless Computer Audio
New to HTPC (sorta)
Is this "easily" done? (TV Tuner)
Issues playing .mkv with WDTV Live
New HTPC Build Help
Good Media Streamer for Less Than $150
What is a good sound card for HTPC?
which Win-TVR
DTS-MA to DTS with ffdshow?
[O/C] Silverstone Grandia GD02-MT Case Review
Using a pc for 2 live streams and two updating websites.
Digital tuner Windows Media
Finishing my media center
Off the shelf HTPC
Any reason to upgrade?
Tuner card in my HTPC?
Cheap a*s TV Tuner making problems..
[O/C] Silverstone Nightjar ST40NF 400W Silent PSU
[O/C] Mvix Minix 890GX Motherboard Review
i3 & built in gfx or dual core atom and HW accelerated gfx?
1080p/24Hz and IONITX-A-U Issues
Questions and concerns regarding HTPCs & More..
Anyone got a Boxee Box yet?
xbmc hardware acceleration
AT5IONT won't load USB 3 driver
New HTPC - 24/7 Stable
Let the burning begin!!
Yet ANOTHER Universal Remote Thread
Question for 30" monitor owners
PC as media center extender
Party. Projectors. Videos.
TV tuner cards + cablecard.
file sharing help!
htpc suggestions, need a bit of help
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250, record HD without cable converter box?
Better mobo for AMD2 for HiFi Audio?
build suggestions
Need help finding WD Element Play
Help putting together htpc
Small and slim HTPC build
Home theater PC (HTPC) build suggestions
HeatSink Rec for Core i3-530 in HTPC
Help Me Build Basic HTPC
Pre-built HTPC solution
BluRay Iso with Remote Control Menu Support
Stuttering/jumpy display from HTPC
My First HTPC Build
Digital TV Tuner Card
Webguide Streaming Issue
Budget HTPC that supports 1080p
Ok i think i have finally got a decent set up, have a few questions.
9300 onboard vs i3 550
Need help selecting core parts
need remote advice for my HTPC setup
New to the HTPC scene
playing movies from regular rig on TV?
need hardware/software advice, turning two dells into one htpc
New to HTPC - Build Feedback
HTPC Storage/Reliability
USB UIRT and external reciever - how to control?
Replacing HTPC with WD HD Live
Is there a netflix app similar to Hulu Desktop?
Dual or hyrbid tuner?
Need advice on a HTPC build
NEW HTPC - ATI or nVidia?
Comcast signal
U-verse, Dish Network, Directv
Worried about compatibility with Harmony Remote
HTPC Wireless Keyboard.
Thoughts on this HTPC build.
Dirt Cheap HTPC
setting up home pc as media center
New HTPC Build: Gut Check
720p YouTube On Intel Celery
Does software override hardware resolution?
Is this a decent setup or over kill? Some tips
Help with building budget HTPC
DVD rips, my way.
First time HTPC/file server out of old junk... need some input
First time HTPC build... advice on parts
question re DVD backups for you guys
Blu Ray playing software
Best software for remote access. SageTV? Remote Potato?
Ok, I'm finally giving up on PVR function for my HTPC!!
XBMC or Mediaportal?
MediaPortal + Logitech Cordless Rumblepad as remote?
DVD -> ISO freeware?
Anyone pre-order the Ceton quad-tuner?
MeidaMeta browser exporting DB info
Win7, Windows Media Center upconversion?
HTPC chipset of choice?
First Free Software Blu-ray Encoder
TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum + SimHD on NewEgg
Recording surveillance cameras to Win7 HTPC
HTPC Gurus: Help with Power Draw Calculation Please.
HTPC Owners, please, suggestions.
Antec New Solution NSK2480 - static discharge on USB triggers reset
did netflix streaming just go HD on PC?
Will this semi cheap HTPC build...
Best device to record/edit from set top box
AnyDVD ripping. Video is fine, audio is not.
What do you think of this make shift HTPC?
P4 1.7 + GF6200 enough juice for HTPC (including x264)?
HTPC Advise - I've read and still clueless.
Need to build a file server for use with MediaBrowser
Choosing the right harmony remote
copying VHS tapes to HTPC
best way to rip tv shows
HTPC Build - thoughts?
ASUS M3N78-VM - which processor?
HTPC Cooler
We mourn the passing of a 7800GT....
New to HTPCs
Ps3 Htpc
Ceton InfiniTV 4
How do you wire a TPC into a vehicle?
Intermittent No Video on new HTPC
starting to work on a few things but need input
Questions before building HTPC
Questions on HTPC/DVR
Noob HTPC build?
wifi home security cams
Alternative to a home theater PC?
Leadtek WinFast PxVC1100 MPEG-2/H.264 Transcoding Card
htpc remotes
New HTPC Blu-ray playback problem, help me gurus!
Did I go overboard with this HTPC build?
What htpc keyobard are you using?
Portable Media Player
DVR streaming
Choosing my hardware
5.1 speakers reviewed?
How do I do video upconversion on ATI 4850
Meta<Browser /> 2.0 Preview this Friday.
Build Suggestion
nMedia HTPC Button Mod
PVR 150 and windows 7 64 bit
Transcode MKV contents to FLV
I got a $199 HTPC and it ROCKS!
New HTPC, remote options?
HTPC Build
IR Blaster for Windows 7
Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard
New media server
How do you organize your movies?
New HTPC Build video quality issues 5750
Looking to buy Happauge - 1213 - Question.
Dell Zino as HTPC?
overscan appears to be fixed in new nVidia drivers
Netbook HTPC
Tv on PC
Ripping multi episode discs whole?
Transfering VHS -> DVD via pc?
Help, what is wrong?
HDTV UHF DIY antenna $10
Questions on new HTPC build
Issue with htpc and new receiver
ITX HTPC,good idea?
My HTPC adventure...
Htpc Help!
Essential Reading
Choosing an HTPC case
CPU question for building HTPC
Software suggestions for HTPC build
HDMI Blu-Ray No Sound To TV
Best Over The Air HDTV Tuner?
HTPC with the New Ceton Card?
Ion based HTPC
I can't understand the logic behind RAID
HTPC - What do you think?
i3 HTPC/Gaming AIO Build... need feedback
Ubuntu 9.10 + XBMC Walkthrough
HTPC motherboard with bluetooth
TV Tuner for playing Wii
Apple TV now supports 1080p playback with mod
Seriously?!? Building a HTPC
HTPC Upgrade Questions
Building HTPC need advice
how much interest for...
How do I know if a video card is good for a HTPC?
Neat HTPC case. What do you think?
What do you use your HTPC for and how?
Questions regarding recording HD cable on PC...
Patriot Box Office Help needed
Holy COW batman!!! ATI 650 theather pro with ATSC Subchannels
7600GS enough for H.264?
Anyone using ATI's new 750 Chip
The Ultimate HTPC thread
HTPC software
Multimedia myths exposed
Anyone using mediabrowser?
Windvd pro 2010
Antec Multimedia Station
subwoofer question
I know this is normally posted in Cyber Deals, but... ATI HDTV Tuner
New to HTPC and HT in general (n00b question)
best tv tuner software?
HTPC TrueHD / Master output to reciever
Best 1080p tv tuner?
HTPC Questions - New Build
upscaling dvd question
built-in sound and TV tuner questions
HTPC questions (Bluray, OS, and Dolby)
Getting parts for a new system !!!!!
HD Audio over Discrete Outputs (RCA)?
mobo for htpc
Can this CPU handle HULU??
[O/C]Corsair Labs 2009: Home Theater PC Build Log
PC to TV... DLNA?
Help Me Not Throw My New Toy Out The Window!
Building new htpc
ATI Remote Wonder II help
HTPC case for my system
[O/C]Do I really need a Home Theater PC (HTPC)?
new to htpc
New HTPC Builder. Advice and tips needed.
Best way to convert HDMI to RCA/Composite
HD Audio issues
HTPC Video Card
Stream from tuner over network to other pc
Best way to copy VHS to PC
Netflix and Internet TV for 7MC
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1850 signal problems...
Question about Qam
htpc media server or external encloser
media portal died?
Super mini HTPC Keyboard?
Yet Another HTPC Build...
case review: NMedia Red Wood HTPC 8000
budget HTPC w/ 1080p?
Couple oddities in VMC
Harmony+MCE reciever and Mediaportal
problems with win tv 7
HTPC 1.0
Waking up from sleep w/ USB?
Question about a Good Tuner
Want to write Frontpage content ?
HTPC & Bluray ISO
HTPC connection to TV?
Bitstreamed HD Audio on Ati 5xxx Series
HTPC Software and keyboard advice
New to DVR PC, need some guidance
Help needed for future build.
ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 SLIM... No win7 RTM Drivers.. WTH!!!
Are you upgrading your HTPC to Win 7?
OCForums needs content editors!
which to upgrade cpu or vid card?
need help with htpc! please
Win 7 Media Center question
New HTPC, Slow when 1080p over HDMI what gives?
HDMI with only 2 ch sound
Audio Sync Issues HTPC
VIA 1708S vs. REALTEK 889A
CableCARD for the HTPC?
Ubuntu and htpc
Controlling an HTPC
My Hybrid HTPC
Is It Possible...?
HTPC Software Question
Any advantage to upgrade Vista Ultimate over XP Pro for HTPC?
DVB-C DVB-T compatability