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FYI: The Defintitive Guide to Video Processing
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HTPC advice...yup another one of those :)
Super low power (wattwise) HTPC - help?
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my system cant seem to play blueray quality .mkv files
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just bought a new tuner
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Tv tuner
My Proposed HTPC
Should I even try to make this a HTPC?
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Choosing A Tuner/cap/tv Card -pci Express 16( I Think ), tv card
My First HTPC
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Tuner/capture card to display xbox 360 and wii on my pc desktop?
Media Center and IPTV?
TV tuner suggestions
Suggestions for Flat panel for HTPC use?
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HTPC for New Apartment next Semester
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LS Help!!: what do I do? :/
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Help please. Anyone have experience with IMON?
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DIY 5" lcd for front bay?
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HTPC wireless keyboard?
any thoughts of a single-core celeron (c2d family) for an HTPC?
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Thinking about a Popcorn Hour A-110, Any advice or comments?
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Simple movie playback Q
Onboard SPDIF - literally onboard
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Themoviedb.org + MediaPortal + MP
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Logitech Harmony with same brand TVs
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IR Recievers...
What are my limitations on my HTPC?
Intel board for htpc
HTPC vs XBox 360 ?
Sound coming out of tv not speakers?
components for this case
Best budget HTPC build for Feb 2009...?
My HTPC 3.0: Server/Clients setup + better energy efficient.
Couple questions, new tv for htpc
Can I record HDTV shows using any TV Tuner Card or video capture Device?
comment on my wish list, will this work?
Very neat HTPC case idea!!!
FYI: HD-PVR finally coming to VMC!!
Why I'm still loving BeyondTV
Need some $0.02 on first HTPC
Need STB w/ DVR capability
Helping (I hope) a friend out with an HTPC...
need a good tv card for PCI
Pondering an HTPC, but not sure which are the right parts...
Direct TV Receivers
Planning a HTPC/Server build
Trouble with HD decoding
Hooking up Cable Box
Anyone got any experience with Atom 330?
Western Digital worlds first 2TB HDD
Antenna for TV Tuner
Moneual 812???
I need a new capture card, recommendations?
Need help picking out a Motherboard for an HTPC/SFF/Gaming build
Does anyone have this case??
Television broadcasting
What antenna will suffice for ATSC 100+ miles away?
Where'd the sound go???>!>
Should I (do I need to) upgrade my computer?
New build-about $500 to spend on it
HDMI audio through video card
Quick question, adding bluray to my PC
Does Windows Media Center in Win 7 Support Clear QAM?
First HTPC: need your opinion on some motherboards
Comcast digital & HTPC?
Can you use your puter as an HD DVR yet?
Convert or new build??
Need help installing a video card
MPC-HC codecs
TV tuner questions
TV Tuner recommendation
5050e or 7750 ???
Online TV series & Movie database system! I'm loving it!!
Best way to set this up?
I have $5000 to build a HTPC suggestions please???
ati 790gx vs nvidia 8300
DVR/PVR questions
TV Card Recommendation for SLI rig
Carisma's bedroom HTPC build
Be honest, how did I do on my HTPC build? What would you change?
Possible HTPC Build
VHS -> pc -> dvd
Receiver for home theater
Auzentech Home Theater HD sound card!
PCAlchemy closes up shop
Looking for graphics + tuner
Am I missing something here?
extended desktop questions
which micro mobo for htpc
Looking for a new HDTV
Motherboard for HTPC between 2
recommend some hardware please!
Best Intel HTPC Motherboard
If you had to chose which PVR software
mediaportal users: please help in sorting my music collection by genre
Thermalright AXP-140 HSF!
what to use for gaming on HTPC?
Will a dvi to hdmi cable carry HD sound?
installing vista using a TV (no monitor. just the TV)
Does it really matter for an HTPC??
which card for a decent HTPC
Is my rig too weak for HD?
Blue and red vertical stripes on some video files...
Storage Server
HTPC Build progress
Feb. 2009 and Analog Tv tuners
looking at remotes
DVR or PVR HD How to?
HTPC - Get me started already!
looking for another gpu for HTPC would like input
Am I getting True 1080p
Blueray over DVI
Different case sellers
Lowest end HD card?
Video Card and HDTV
Can I use these in this spot?
why does powerdvd tell me to...
Good Tv tuner card for Comcast?
which 1Tb HDD
Will my storage server setup cause connection speed problems?
New build !
Anybody seen this case before??
Almost there..
best x264 encoder
What OS should I install if only out of the 2
Will this tuner work ok for me?
You guys read my mind....
One HTPC two monitors two TVs
Antec Overture with 380w p/s work???
Whats the best media shell?
Tuner Lag?
will a 300w ps run this??
New htpc with deals on some parts.
MSI TV@nywhere Plus and Vista issues...
Universal Remote Suggestions
Is this possible??
ISO Backup organizer?
A little confused
HD output problems
Just finished my HTPC build!
Budget SFF HTPC help?
What does your HTPC do when your not using it?
FFDshow n00b needs help
This is new to me few questions
HTPC Case decisions....
hdcp audio over hdmi help
ripped dvd's crash on mounting
Transforming my current rig into HTPC, what is needed?
Record Cable HDTV broadcasts? Is it possible without CableCARD?
New case
low profile coolers
Will a weak processor and a mpeg2 decoder work?
I am confused on what I need for an HTPC??
Vista 32-bit or 64-bit
What hardware for a cheep, quiet build?
duel boot one for blue ray and one for gaming
is this possible?
Mini/Micro ATX Case for TRUE-120?
Ugg building first HTPC soon...
HTPC OS recommendation
Htpc Proc Choice
Vista or MCE
Backup BTV Settings?
need help with media portal
HTPC build
ECS P45T-A for HTPC motherboard
What is your HTPC set-up? Single client? Server? Monitor(s)? Keyboard? etc...
ASUS My Cinema-PE9400 Vs Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 Combo TV Tuner Card Showdown
how much HD space do you have?
Looking for HD-DVR Advice
Videocard or processor issue?
HTPC/Universal Remote?
PC to TV video
First HTPC Build
Which software?
ati all in wonder 1800xl tv tuner problem
will this work????
real-time compression of tv
Can't get my TV-tuner PCI-card to work!
HTPC video card questions.
TV Wonder 650 USB Help!
What do I need/want for my Media Server?
Need help with HDTV / Computer connection Wires
PC tuner cards advice
A review of my new HTPC Case
Lastest HTPC build?
new HTPC build, feedback please
I want to ditch my Dish Network tuner box
HD Question
HD video cpu requirement
Vista Media Center: Picture in Picture
ATT Uverse
Can I use my 21" CRT monitor for HD playback?
will this low profile cooler work?
robust graphics for htpc
HDCP Cables?
Image quality issue/questions
which tuner?
Anybody seen a review for the ASUS My Cinema 9400 card?
looking for dual tuner PCIe x1 for MythTV
A brigde between graphic-, sound- & TV- (DBV-C) card!
Overscan/Underscan Issues
Home Theatre with Antec P180 and 8800GTX SLI
pc in basement television upstairs
SPDIF Passthrough in Vista64 help
Anybody seen the new ASUS capture card in the wild?
DVD/VHS combo recommendation?
DVD upscaling
ATSC Tuner+Capture Card - Suggestions?
Non-DVR HTPC questions
help blu-ray playback choppy
HTPC Gaming Suggestions
Logitech Z-5500s as a viable system for HTPC
HDCP work around MSI NX7600GT AGP 512MB HELP!
Need SOUND Advice on Single Core HTPC system
HTPC in the works
Expanding DVR storage
Suggested software?
HDCP BLURAY.... confused!!!
Frontend, UI, Player Advice Needed
Samsung lcd 32" screen fit problem HTPC
Streaming media client..will I need a hd?
Hauppauge HD-PVR
What am I missing for my first HTPC
HTPC Questions
Tuner / Capture card for Windows 2000 Pro?
Good wireless keyboard for HTPC
TV tuner cards and satellite
Confused about PC-to-TV options
What frontend do I need for non-HD HTPC/Emulator Box
Got Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1250 need help...
HTPC quirk
Help Purchasing a TV Tuner
New setup help.
HDTV Tuners - Questions.
CPU choice
Back/server and frontends for HDTV/media serving?
Ripping MY DVD Collection
Analog ghosting
H.264 acceleration
First HTPC
HTPC audio question
building htpc for the first time
Video card causes TV to flicker
E2160 vs. X2 3800
Vista Media Center problem
video/sound question
HTPC Build Questions
HTPC questions
using computer as a DVR
*sigh* PVR-500 and BeyondTV 4 Problems
cheap RCA in? and 1st HTPC advice
HDMI on video cards
HTPC and Home Theatre System Speakers
HTPC software
Digital Sound Output
Quick question about dual video output
new HTPC: amy good software for Vista x64 out there?
Help setting up digitial out on Chaintech AV-710
Is it possible to record all cable channels?
Vista with 2 tv tuners...
Wanting an HD Media Center PC
Is my video card just too old, or what?
Help me understand video containers
MeediOS install assist
Anything special "videocard" needed
Has anyone seen this little guy before?
Questions on HTPC build.
Which Speaker wire
How to output to TV
New to HTPC and need help with GPU
Vista Ultimate HTPC Problem
what do i need to watch HD and Digital channels...?
Mythbuntu 8.x Alpha Release Issue
gyration remote
ubuntu server with external hd hotplug usb possible?
DVB-T woes
Toslink fails in VMC
Best Linux HTPC OS?
2600XT HDCP issues
HTPC PSU - Silencer 470?
Which HTPC Front End to Use?
Graphics card for HTPC wi Blu-ray playback
HTPC Cable/Wire concern
Asus HDMI soundcard
nVidia 8200 mGPU.
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 MCE
unRAID media server log.
Can 1 HD record 1080p?
HTPC: scraping for parts
I have a few questions about HTPC's
stereo sound?...
DVD Library software?
is there a way to get movie files through a ps3?
Netflix dumps HD disks!
Poor 1080p playback
Would this work for HTPC
best HTPC front end software?
720p vs 1080i
Will this cheap PC work for my needs?
Few HTPC Part Recommendations
Plasma or LCD?
Upgrading to a HD HTPC
Antec Fusion owner, please come in!!
Opinions on EVGA E-7150/630i GPU Motherboard?
My Budget HD HTPC Build
Connecting HTPC to Receiver
Directv and MediaPortal
Need a cheap tv tuner for vista 64!
Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Combo Drives
Blu-ray Disc Takes 93 Percent of Hardware Sales During Week 2
Only 1 more month for the Dinovo mini
Best Component out display card
What's a good basic tuner for my needs?
Opinions: CM RC-280 (looks promising!)
Need Media Program suggestions (DVD playing mainly)
DirecTV HDPC-20 - Record HD programming with MCE!
finally something that we've been asking for!!
Strange issues with a Shuttle SK43G
Non HD HTPC build. Front end question.
Fantasy budget HD HTPC build list
HVR1600 software/drivers = POS
HDTV monitor question
Help with Terratec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T
Measuring CPU usage during HD video playback: ATI vs. NVIDIA
Problems installing MeediOS (or am I just a nub?)
Different options of "Basic Captioning" and "Advanced Captioning"
Is this possible?
Automatically converting and compression recorded TV in Vista MC?
Need an HTPC Case
Compression Question
What i need to connect to my TV
HTPC build for cheap using current parts
power dvd
Caching DVDs
Need a mobo...
ati 650 pci issues
This weekend's LG BD/HD combo drive venture...
Can you make an HTPC out of a PS3?
beyond media dvd library
LC18B silverstone case help
Anydvds price increase as of jan 1st
HTPC build
HD DVD vs Blueray
Blueray & HD-DVD Help
need help getting HD to HTPC from Direct TV
question on tv tuner
capture for a laptop
Question for Harmony 880 users
converting vhs to digital media
Beyond Media
s-video and "yellow" cable
What else do i need for an HTPC?
Centering my picture
Quick Question about Laptop-to-TV connection
Best software to go with Happauge HVR 1600?
4600+ is it enough???
thegreek's HD DVD / Blu-Ray HTPC Project
sound card for htpc
HTPC setup (complete noob), general questions
how do I improve my picture quality?
FYI: Asus Xonar U1 USB
Bandwidth for multiple streams?
HTPC Build - Questions
how many GB's are HD/BD movies?
ati hd2600xt vs nvidia 8600gt for HD performance
Laptop to TV
TV Tuner basics
QAM for MCE in a few days.
Sony's 200 disc Blu-ray changer
This HTPC stuff is the most frustrating thing I have ever done.
Mac Mini as HTPC - HD & audio
problems with HD 2600 XT
Need Advise for HTPC Build
Xbox360 HD DVD drive deal in Classified section!
Help - No sound in BTV when I start a show
In need of TV tuner card...
PC/360 Stream help
Home Theater and Gaming, a revisit...