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Media Portal
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Laptop or old pavilion
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help best quality to fo play on diy projecter
PVR-500 MCE vs ati theater 550
Loud PSU fan
AMD ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner - HDTV for the PC
digital cable tuners
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Philips or Samsung
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Dual TV tuner - Vista Compatible
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Question Ati Tv Wonder 650
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crappy sound on VHS > DVD conversion
My HTPC build
trying to get best picture to HDTV
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Using s-video to component, progressive scan?
ok, im not the kinda guy who knows his HTPC stuff.
Need some help w/ htpc & sound output
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What is good freeware tv viewing software?
Digital Coax cabling
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TV doesn't pick up video card signal automatically
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Good budget htpc case: Silverstone Lascala 10 CS-SST-LC10B
Choosing an HTPC case
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