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whats you guys opinion on the new mbp?
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HP ENVY dv7-7223cl 1.9ghz to 2.8ghz
OC'ing i3 380M 2.53 Ghz. HELP!
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Full On Fan , after re-flow
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[NBC] Hacker group claims to have cracked Apple's iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner
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Samsung Galaxy S4 - 64gb
Is Apple going backwards on purpose?
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Samsung s3 RAPID battery drain
how good is this laptop for small needs?
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Toshiba Satellite A300 No Power Problem
Safe to email ESN for clean verification?
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Name of new Android OS is Kit Kat
x230t vs t732
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Liquid damaged Macbook Pro
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Toshiba Satellite L30-113 diagnosing and endless reboot cycle
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How to upsize your msata drive & make it bootable...
net10 tmobile sim card
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Anyone set up a Ram Disk with their laptop?
Gaming Laptop around ~$800
Extracting text message history from phones
Convertible ultrabook/tablet under 1200
msi gt70 gtx670 issue
Tablet for school
Older laptops any value or interesting ideas for use? SONY/Gateway/HP/ASUS
Why won't a Dell XPS M1730 boot off of a single disk (why need two?)
Nexus+ ConsumerCellular=Horrible speed test
How can I tell the diff? HTC DNA X920E and ADR6435 models?
Acer Aspire 5741g problem
unable to get into recovery mode
MSI GE70 w/ GTX 770M Possible to upgrade?
As of today I'm eligible for an upgrade. Should I wait?
Lapdock on the way!
Samsung Galaxy S4 Snapdragon 800 International
Asus X502CA laptop downgrade win 8 to win 7 help
Samsung Galaxy S 4g not syncing to PC as a mass storage device
Anyone know how to Root a Motorola Droid Razr M?
780m vs 780m 2 x SLI? WTH?
Resurecting the glory of a 5-6 year old Clevo/Sager
Shopping for reliable on-the-go email/web- Nexus, Droid, or Laptop?
Overheating PM45
Laptop For School/Gaming
Issues installing Cyanogenmod 9.10 on my GS2 SGH-T989
Tablet or laptop for student?
Laptop CPU temps 90C when gaming (BF3)
best cheap phone plans
Laptop For School
Need someone with a Symbian phone
Help picking a tablet: Nexus 7/Kindle Fire/Nook HD/Acer Iconia 8.1" ?
Good way to sync music
Google Chromecast
New Laptop, decisions.....
Laptop add ons
Help pick out a laptop (what specs to look for)
I Need Input on this Laptop
New Laptop for School
Gaming Laptop?
Stuck in phone limbo!
Generic Laptop
I'm getting owned trying to install windows 8 on an SSD w/ my new lenovo laptop
Galaxy S2 infinite boot loop
Could really use some expertise.
No contract (smart)phones
gaming laptop
mini sata adapter
Please help, my lappy won't boot...
Tablet Advice
Laptop for School
Laptop Suggestion
AMD Kabini makes it into Samsung ATIV
NEC Versa Ultralite manual needed
Upgrading laptop video card
Speeding up a toshiba laptop.
Graphics Upgrade?
Need some info on an Emachines ER1401-57
Samsung Galaxy S Ralay 4G bootloader
Macbook Pro competitors
Lenovo Y500 battery issue
Help me find an office laptop for ~$700
Gaming laptop - where to start?
Thinking about getting an Alienware! :O
Best college laptop for under $550?
HTC M4 (One Mini?) Coming this Summer
How can I make sure that my laptops battery will last longer?
I want to undervolt - which program, how much?
phone/data providers unlimited data
gonna try to get a laptop here
Need advice on buying a budget gaming laptop
Nexus 4 durability questions
New to OC need Guidance AMD A6-3400M
Which of these two notebooks would be better for gaming?
S4 holster for extended batteries?
Mcdonalds bans Google GLass?
NEC liquid cooled phone
HP G7-1070us Disassembly trouble
Stuck between two gaming laptops need some input!
Laptop screen turned Cyan, why? (Pic Included)
Need help with casual gaming laptop
Anyone hang a laptop on a wall?
Remote control an Android tablet
Macbook help
Thoughts on a gaming laptop
Hot Laptop
Any one here got a Lenovo Y500? Got some ?'s
Gateway NV52l06u - help?
Which laptop should I buy ?
Google (ASUS) Nexus 7 Photos, Experience, Links, etc... (56K beware!)
Macbook pro best windows laptop ?
New laptop needed for virtual machine/network security school program
Looking to buy a new laptop!
Gateway NV55S laptop & Wireless NIC
No contract smartphone recommendations
Installed a SSD into the wife's Laptop!
HTC Planning One Mini
Time for a new cell phone, which would you choose and why?
Asus k52f keyboard mouse dead
New laptop, slow HDD, annoying touchpad...
Elitebook 2540p Supports 16GB?
need video on dismantling g72gx
disable CPU speed throttling?
which is better for gaming laptop
Deadish Macbook Pro. Uses?
Cyberpower Fangbook?
Need input on Laptop issues
Android transmits video over WiFi?
Sager NP9150 Upgradeability
Sony Laptop No Battery Detected
Upgrade cpu in a laptop
So I bought a Chromebook.
Help Regarding thermal pad
Any new android tablets coming out this year?
Lenovo T61 Upgrade - Dual IDA and Sata II
Looking for a New Gaming laptop
Brand New Laptop Keys falling out ! HELP
The Itch to Mod....So. Hard. to. Resist. (Verizon Galaxy S3)
Need Guidance
Elitebook 8460p vs. Toughbook CF-52
laptop for under 350 (uk)
need to unroot nexus 10 to send back in for exchange
Entry Level Laptop within 24HRS
ASUS 11.6" Vivobook runs HOT...is it too HOT?
Compaq F700
Looking for a laptop.
HTC one / Samsung S4 / Other ?
HP G6-1A30US backlight problems
New battery for aging laptop - ebay?
Cases for Galaxy S2
Interesting Mobile Device Keyboard Project
Raspberry Pi Projects
Business Laptop Build (suggestions please)
Which mobile phone deals
Looking for a new Smartphone
lenovo IdeaPad Y500
DV6 I7- Make Faster
Looking into a gaming laptop
Narrowed down to 3...
Issue with audio output on like new 15R Special Edition
Laptop Suggestions?
gaming on an s3 mini...
Wireless on a Toshiba Satellite
2nd hand pricing help, how much can I pwn this laptop for
My first product review - Rearth Ringke Slim Case
CMOS Battery in Toshiba Satelite L350D
oc to netbook intel atom n455 1.66ghz
oc'ing i5-u470?
Chillpad basic results (notepal U3)
adreno 203..
Want better battery on your nexus 4? (Or any Snapdragon)
HP ProBook 4540s - graphics card upgrade?
My laptop emits two short beeps
New see through phone
The Chromebook Pixel
Cleaning a spill in a laptop
Nexus 10: Anyone have one?
Rooting Android
Looking for best laptop to fit my budget
Nexus 4 in Germany/Europe
How do i root my Nexus 10?
Help: Dell m5110 overclocking a8-3550m CPU w/ k10stat
Help: Dell m5110 overclocking a8-3550m CPU w/ k10stat
Looking to buy an average, cheap, gaming laptop
Looking to buy a decent but cheap laptop
Dell Overclocking
iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iOS 6.1 jailbreak released!
Want to try an iphone5 to potentially replace Droid DNA
Win 8 seems use a lot more battery power (vs Win 7)
How to use ClockGen on a Intel M760?
Battery for laptop
Setup Dual-Boot on Internal SSD Drive
Have an opportunity to buy an iphone 5
Friend bricked his ASUS K53SV (G53S) updating BIOS
Turn Laptop into HTPC
Traded in my iPhone 4 for Nexus 4 - Mistake?
Dell XPS Gen 2 - NTune Question
Dell d630 cpu upgrade?
Gaming laptop
Need Urgently Help Overclocking n270 Intel 1.6 GHz
Which combo devices to get?
Just got a MSI GT60 0ne w/ GTX680m - gaming notebook
first time ICS android user, a few questions
Bought an ssd. Unable to install windows 7 on it with my laptop
stuck booting to bios :(
play music in track order
Nexus 10 tablet- worth the 399 if i own an hp touchpad??
Gaming tablet on the way..
Need help finding drivers
Need to unlock bios and OC CPU/GPU Of My Laptop
Anyone successfully running NES emulator on RPi?
Question about laptop specs and processor and gaming?
Laptop hardware virtualization
Mac vs Ultrabook : hardware concern
Mother board problem for Acer Aspire 7740g 6969
o/c dell latitude E5420 w/i3-2350m?
i7 820qm overclock
input device that allows me to "write" on my PC?
Chromebooks And You
What do u think of this laptop ?
Need DIP switch help---Old Presario 1200-XL118
Gaming laptop - No budget
Newbie to OC'ing
Dual GPU in a Laptop
Looking for a netbook/ultrabook
Which is better from these two laptops?
Cannot get new Acer laptop into BIOS
17.3" high performance gaming NB - Limited MSI GT70 Dragon Edition
broken hp pavilion dv5-1392nr
Sony Vaio Cheapy Upgrade
Looking for a more modern Asus U46SV
Can I get more?
REVISED: Can I get a better price? More options? Please help.
Satellite shuts off in BIOS
Defrag a brand new notebook before shrinking partition ?
HP pavilion dv7-1245dx won't boot and will not make any beeps
Android - Google services won't work on 3G
laptop overheating not powering on anymore
Is it possible to upgrade my laptops CPU?
Help! $800.00 to spend on lap top, What to do?
Nexus 4 won't turn on
Asus Laptop full reinstall, now its not an asus?
Nvidia Geforce 610m VS Intel graphics 4000
prepaid & no contract smartphone plans
Best Laptop Locks
Chromebooks & Backlit KB?
Which laptop is better?
Have I got a good laptop for the price? (For my boss)
Serial to usb for anicent laptop
looking for laptop recommendations
broken screen?
overdrive issue
dell xps questions
Hi Grade Laptop - Locking Up/Power Up Issues
Normal -> Touch-Screen Screen Replacement
[HELP] Replaced Thermal Paste on Dell n5010
Advice on laptops?
Overlock Dell Latitude ST
A good build for audio editing? (Laptop)
Help deciding laptop please :)
[Build log] Feed the Dada - W/C'd 2600k / 7970
razer electra for android smartphones
CPU Multiplier halving, only 40% GPU usage, ect....
i7 720qm help
Question about a toshiba laptop
Getting Gogle Play store on tablet
Laptop won't wake or shut down properly
internal wireless card died
High End Gaming Laptops (17in)
HP laptop display issue
Looking for a budget laptop for light gaming
Panasonic CF-52 Question (WWAN & GPS)
Galaxy S2 vs Xperia S - looking for a cheap upgrade