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OcBible v1.54
##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4233_B5CC_5BB94B879762# #
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Probably a dumb question
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DirectX 9.0c (November 07 Release)
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VISTA HUMOR, whats yours?
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In Windows XP - My dvd burner doesn't update the contents of the disk when viewing my
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Share applications over a dualboot system
Restoring applications after reformat
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How to pause chkdsk so that you can see what errors may have occurred?
I need my M$ outlook files off my old drive.
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Need boot help
600 points lost in 3DMark06 with Vista! Is there any way round this?
Windows Vista Business
destination folder access denied
***The Official Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit Thread***
Fixboot and fixmbr?
How can you get around driver problems during windows boot up?
Windows Remote Desktop - can't get it working.
Possible to lose Vista license b/c of activity of orig hardware it was registered on?
DriveImage XML / backup solutions
Will a boot disc made with WinXP or for Win98
XP will not operate on system but linux will
Is there an upgrade for Vista 32-bit OEM to 64-bit?
Can I view my desktop icons as a list?
Uninstall issues
Grand theft Auth San Andreas
Windows XP Home "Upgrade version"
anyone running a dual core cpu with windows 2000?
Privacy protection Softwar
Vista Ultimate Lose Optical Drive....
Windows MediaPlayer 11 Crashing
Internet explorer shortcut acting up??
Programs gone...XPPro
Do I have to run x64?
Windows Home Server
indexing / crawling website
installing Vista off hard disk!
Help, can't connect to Internet on new install
Have problems with some .sys files
Driver Update Can Cause Vista Deactivation
winxp - csrss.exe and regsvr32.exe - 100% cpu usage
Vista 64 crashing in games....everygame
software contradicts bios
4Gb's of RAM and Vista 32 bit.... I know, I know.... Quick question!
Can you say LAWSUIT! Windows Vista
window XP home 32bit question
Software overclocking:
Dual Boot questions
updates for xp slipstream install?
VLC: full screen without zooming?
Software on a new computer
Dual Booting XP & Vista
New Raptor for Vista
Explorer.exe Crashes
Hard Drive Transfer -> New Computer
Probably a stupid question, but...
New problem vista animated cursor
Did Vista blow my 520w Power Stream?
Can U Get VISTA Explorer For XP
how do i auto fill forms?
Registry and Shortcut errors
Installed Vista SP1 and now vista is screwed up
power saving settings
lost my windows profile.
Help Iam looking for drivers but caint find them.
Lock up problem with iPod
Vista 64-bit.. Wierd Memory Issue
How to do this Photoshop effect? (Turn water into fire)
External C drive?
Paging File For 1GB & 2GB Systems
Strange usages with Vista x64 *Taskman stuff*
Show transfer speed in file dialog?
My briefcase always 'busy', inaccessible
** Can I use a laptop restore CD to install Windows on a desktop? **
Finding actual RAM usage in Windows XP 32bit
Trying to recover some documents
deleted my \Windows\Resources
My Vista Update
WMP10 MP3's Plug-Ins
Vista install driving me crazy
Reseting Vista Basic Password
Using network CD drive?
Vista Hardware issue
some really bad problems before and after format
Copying lots of files in Vista is not that "easy" !
Need some Word Macro help
Using QoS
Internet Explorer Security warning
Vista forgets were my router is?
Windows2000 & XP on the same parition...
A way to recover an OS after a quick format?
imaging at boot up? win95 machine
OK, help me disable this annoying shi....
Please Help! SBS 2003
A test for redduc900!
Freezing.. Consult Event Viewer?
Oh no! I can't lose these .avi files!
No right click on xp pro desktop.
2000 to XP?
Vista freezes?? not sure if i shud of posted here tho:S
AIM crashes as soon as I hit video
annoying vista prob
Explorer window in Outlook 2003 pane
2.9gb of free space?
I.E. 7 memory issues
Quick Question
Tuneup Utilities 2007
Going from Single-Core to Dual-Core makes video not play. weird... Help!
explorer.exe Keeps crashing, ideas?
Paging file moves by itself??? WTF LOL
Getting album folders to display album art
Automatic updates turned itself off???
Looking for an external regeditor...
What the hells going on with all my computers?
Need Help Getting Into "Power Using": System Utilities etc.
Need to access NTFS files
Looking for a program that will let me manually answer my modem
Need to activate Vista, quick question
how do I do this... (likely needing a rename program)I
Need a small, free backup application
Office 07 is slooow
Game server - how much CPU/mem does it require?
I need a CD/DVD burning program with lightscribe(Vista)
What is a good free net speed meter
dual boot?
What was MSFT's real reason for eliminating audio HW accel in Vista?
I having trouble with network printing.
firefox and google no goood
How to make WMP 10/11 recognize all of a HUGE library?
upgrade vista home premium 32 bit to 64 bit?
3dmarks+vista64+2900xt=no launch
Autopatcher replacement?
Lockdown XP...
Help -Need Standalone backup to USB Drive
Vista Ultimate X64 error
Need quick info
Need major help installing XP on VIA controlled SATA HDD
Vista Home Premium Question
blue screen then crash
unexpected errors in outlook express.
network drop on pictured threads?
Reformatting and general issues
Outlook and I.E. Problem - cannot find server errors
What's going on with Vista?
WMP won't play anything other then .wmv files
Swapped hard drives, now won't boot into XP
WinXP Re-installation- Bring everything to Default?
Windows Live Messenger wont load
Music question.
Do dual proc Window systems need this patch applied or is it auto-installed?
Excel Stuff
the longer the computer runs the more errors
Techno Software
Music Player, with Web UI
testing ram
Win XP's SP3 Looking Vista-ish
making your pc go to sleep/hibernate
Laptop won't connect to network drive anymore
window xp plug and play
What does updating WinXP really give you?
Adding custom icons to Vista 64
Internet Explorer Icon Problem
Internet Explorer 7 does not read custom link icons
which way do i put a envelope into the printer
Outlook problem
How to make a drive active from recovery dos prompt?
Windows Freezing about 5 secs into Logon, and Freezes During Safe Mode Booting
Overload network?
Windows 2003 Server
Trouble viewing video on S-Video out
BSOD when loading XP. What does this mean?
MCE 05 Issue...
How do I reinstall preinstalled MS Office after recovery?
Used versions of windows XP?
Dualing Booting
Why does windows need to use a registry?
Vista 64 bit doesnt want to Sleep.
Win XP keeps rebooting, even after selecting safe mode.
computer wont start up
Why is a laptop able to insta-on but a desktop computer can't?
How can I disable Java's automatic updating?
Ripping DVD's - Serious help needed.
Server2003 64 old raid drivers?
Boot trouble
permissions in vista
2 user license xp home?
can i make microsoft word automatically insert page numbers on every document open
Windows 2003 Server: Permissions
backing up an entire PC
Firefox problem
how to download the latest updates
CPU Utilization Logger?
Internet Explorer 7 update: Now WGA-free
Nero 8 Is Out
Rom Drive acting funny - Not refreshing
nVidia Rotate Dekstop Re-Arranges Desktop Icons
Sata Drivers
VirtualServer 2005R2 infinate loop fun
How do I create my own cumulative update ?
xp never shuts down
linux boot cd with ntfs drive imaging?
/sigh - vista activation
Microsoft Office 2007 Groove Monitor Removal
3DMark06 Trouble
javascript "don't go"
program demands earlier version of an installed program
Problems installing Vista.
Control Panel
Why does some websites halt browser activity?
Vista 64Bit Reg cleaner
Recovery vs OEM/Retail
Windows Movie Maker HELP!!
retail to oem.
Fastest Bit Torrent Client
32 to 64 move
Vista Service Pack 1 Beta
Looking for some kind of open-source CAD
java script control help
Old XP Pro
Help with making a website/Advice
Help! missing search pane in XP Pro
windows blinds
Way to copy over files for backup...
satellite tv software?
interesting Vista article
re-install the HID drivers?
Any way of retrieving pre-installed Microsoft Office from Dell laptop?
Windows Portable License
Low bandwidth/high ping web browsing
Program to convert VOB to WMV
switch hd
Programming trouble
Dell + Vista
Installing windows 98.
ImageReady: Hotkeys?
Firefox Won't Retain Config
Vista Business 64 vs XP Pro 64
IE and Firefox won't load.
Can't find disc in cd drive
sound in vista
Left-overs in XP
problem with vista , whs and xbox360 media center
ffdshow ftmfw!
Text File Comparison Application
Thinkin of going Vista, a few Q's
Backup DRM protected content - WMP11
driver websites
PDF Software Without DRM limitation
Help! Font changed after installing Office 2007?
problems with vista network discovery
Backing up data
Need something akin to MS Publisher...
Vista SP1 coming soon
Way to see invisible buddies on AIM 6.1?
cannot boot xp. ntfs.sys blue screen 0x00000024
How to: Making XP look like Vista - no software required!!
error message when i start, search
Remote Desktop Monitoring at school :(
I hate vista
Automated program to stop and start a program
Should I Go Back to XP?
mpegs play upside-down
Need help manipulating data in Excel
Progress and Vista
Vista/XP/2000 roaming profiles...
Need a good Remote Computing software....
AIM - Vista
Windows Media Player 11 on Vista - Doesn't work!!
New XP install folder access issue to prior install
Running unix/linux code on Vista Ultimate..
Any free burning programs for Vista?
windows server - file server replication
Problem with IE7 in Vista U
Dreamscene unstable?
Office 2007 - Outlook 2007, Business Contact Manager
Bought vista, and got a couple of questions.
Windows Vista vs Windows XP Performance: 7 Months Later GAMING
ActiveX disabled, possibly by a virus.
How do you turn off Internet Exploder Java Script Errors?
Winrar an win2000
Photo editor for Vista
Vista64 - Blue Screen of Death
imageready question
changing harddrives without reinstalling?
whois for Windows?
Cool 3D 2.5 plugin prob.?
Need a good high quality software video player
Good Download Manager?
WAV vs Flash?
need help with vista themes
Windows Vista 32 bit and program updates
Good capture card software?
Can't Install Vista Home on New Build
Vista 32bit or 64bit Ultimate
Limit File Sharing Applications
installing a program through network on Vista.
It finally happened...
Nero has grabbed the file types, how to change it back?
Program freezes, Computer chokes
free ghost software?
temp or perm)free w/ Vista? gadget news ticker/wallpaper/temp feeds, ms ngs, homepage
Windows Home Server questions