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My first wooden case completed!
New Upgrade Project Unknown for now
Almost decided what case I'm gonna get. What do you think?
which case should I get?
Project Paragon III - RESURRECTION
Antec Mini P180 Window and Other Mods
Antec 902 Mod/Cable Management
MAX12L - concept thread
Best Case/PSU out...?
Rack mount storage server chassis
[O/C]MyOpenPC DOMA Pro PCI Benching Station Review
Asus Rampage III extreme mobo, In a CM690II advanced case??
CoolerMaster CM690 II Advanced
Antec P183 review
Silverstone SG06 Overview/Build
new build ...
Case ideas for HTPC/Server
Lian Li PC-P50R extra cooling options?
Quality Case To Accommodate 120.2 Or 120.3 Radiator & Components?
Cosmos S Side window intake mod
Thoughts on New Antec Lan Boy
[O/C] Lian Li PC-X900 Case Review
Thinking about modding my NXZT Tempest
The 30 and 45 hard drive server idea
Case with filter wanted....
Painting the edges of a case window Cutout
thermaltake armour or antec 1200 case?
Nvidia ION ITX Build
Antec 1200 CPU backplate cutout
Need input on a new case
Antec 1200 HDD bay mods?
[O/C]Crystal Edge Case Review
ITX Server
SirJamesDTech - Corsair Obsidian 700D Full Tower Review
Bobnova does case modding. Case suffers.
Recommended Case
ATX and PCIe Extension cable questions
SG02 + H50 Mod
SirJamesDTech - Corsair Obsidian 700D Full Tower Case Unboxing
Best adhesive pads for mounting cable hooks and cathodes?
[O/C]NZXT Phantom Case Review
NZXT Phantom - Aftermarket CPU cooler Input
[O/C]Lian Li Releasing New Mid- and Full- Tower Cases
My First case mod but not my last!!!!!
Need help picking a new case.
[O/C]Silverstone PS05 Case Review
Xclio windtunnel fan issues
is my case big enough?
NZXT Phantom
RATE the case ABOVE you!!
Haf 932 + corsair h70 can it reach in the top far right 120mm fan slot?
Few cases to choose from *need help*
SirJamesDTech - In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case Review
Tired of the grey.
Help Choosing Case.
Haf 932 + evga x58 classified 3x sli e760+ corsair h70
Cm sniper CPU cut out fit with the asus p6x58d motherboard?
Screws for Stacker 830
Antec P180 Mini users, post your rigs
NZXT Apollo or HAF 922?
Which case?
Cathode Wiring
why on earth is this so expensive
[O/C]Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 Case and CP-1000 PSU
Heat Shrink Tubing
Corsair Graphite Series 600T
Suggest a case
My new 800D and wc
Coolermaster 690 II basic/advanced + PSU HX520 Corsair, question about CPU cable
Case Fan Led Switch
Watercooling a Dragon
Rosewill Vs Sunbeam
A bay clock
Question about the Lian Li Armosuit.
Need help choosing a case.
Plantarm's Cosmos S Mod
Given the chance to design your perfect case from top to bottom..
Drive Cage Mod
Rerouting NIC LED's ?
Cathode lighting. Help meh!
Fractal Design Define R2 Case Titanium, good case?
Corsair 700/800D for air cooling?
Case for SWTX motherboard
Antec 900 ideas and questions
SirJamesDTech - Cooler Master HAF X 942 Full Tower Case Review
Help! urgently before i purchase it
Cylon PC - Brainstorming
LED strip lighting
definition of a nightmare
Help with airflow/Fan setup
Has anyone ever tried dying cable sleeving?
Thermaltake Armor repaint
CM Stacker, iStarUSA cages and external power/reset switch and usb option?
CM Cosmos case panel not closing
NEVER get bored when you are on a design kick
pretty dirty casemod
Developing Case Lights
HTPC mini itx case??
Chiller's Hybrid Level 10
U-Channel Molding (Don't mention mnpctech)
Project : New Hope
Computer loud
Lian Li LanCool
Airflow advise
(Painting)Final coat wax and polish question
How to REMOVE front Case Door?
Home made cube
Inverted ATX for new WC project.
Help Choosing Right CASE
I need a new case.
Saw that new alienware case. Anything like it with a window?
Thermaltake lvl 10 MINI
[O/C]Jolly's CM-690 Case Mod v2.0
Front case exhaust
Repaint Antec Armor high gloss
Replacing Level 10 SATA cables
[O/C]The Navig Exoframe Project
WTF @ these USB 3.0 Cables on HAF X
Raidmax Smilodon
Where to get metal mesh filter for case?
p182 mod and paint
Need answer today =]
A Lot in a Little
Corsair 600T - "Avail from Retailers Mid Sept"
Corsair cases
Antec 1200 (case) with SeaSonic X-750 PSU
Case Fan not spinning -- Bearing Problem ?
HAF 922 or Storm Sniper
Corsair 800D
How to make a extra fan mount in the top panel
[O/C]NZXT Vulcan Case Review
how can i clean up my rig?
Old Precision For Temp. Housing/Mother In-law
best airflow/coldest w/o mods? - antec 1200 vs haf x
I don't consider this modding
I need a case but which one?
Installing fans (where they're not meant to be installed)
new Color Scheme
Antec 900 Fan Controller Help Please
NZXT Phantom
New Case Selection!!
Clean Acrylic?
Looking for ATX Cube Cases
Hard case request.
[O/C]In-Win Dragon Slayer mATX Case Review
I am torm apart, what do I do????
Thermaltake vh6000bws cpu back plate hole
Need Help with PSU for Antec 902
New case, Lian Li what do ya think
[O/C]Lian Li PCQ-06 Benching Station Review
Looking for a more compact case
Coolermaster HAF X Led case fan
[Upcoming mod] Project RTR
[O/C]Cooler Master HAF-X Case Review
cooler master v8 in armor a90 case, will it fit?
fan in optic bays ( HAF X pics)
Dell poweredge 2400
This is why I love the Antec 1200. (12 SATA Devices)
Recommend a case for this setup
Azza Solano 1000 or Tempest Evo
Cooler master 922 HAF
i/o shield prevents mounting MoBo inside Antec 902
need Zalman GT-1000 Cable Management tips
My quickly custom made bench
Acrylic/plexiglass build guide?
Cosomos VS HAF X
Best case for $100
Lian Li Water Cooling Project
Project - Yet another 800D
Enemigo Publiko by masbuskado
G5 case
looking for a wooden box to make in to a pc case.
Wire Managed.. Racks?
Cooler Master 690 II Advanced case
water-cooling cases
Gotta HAF it blue! ( HAF X pics)
Cooler Master Centurion 590?
Lian Li PC-8FIB and USB 3.0 Question
Antec case modding?
Cable Management?!
Antec 1200 Big Boy in 900?
Sata Power Pin? Need help.
Linksys WRT54G Router cooling mod (Lots of Pics)
Obsidian 800D Fan Management
Will this harm the components?
Black and blue haf 932 finnally.
Case compatible with TV tuner
Bzzz... BOOM!
New case!
Cable Management
My antec 900 cable management and paintjob. Picture intensive
which one to go for?
just saw an odd case at buytech
Slim case!
Wire sleeving! Supplies question
How to overclock an Antec 900?
Any place that paints and sells cases with no other parts, can u send them case?
2x 4x 3.5" RAID cage (Antec P180)
Antec 902 cable management
Project Blitzkrieg
Antec fan -->Antec Dark Fleet DF-85
My new pc build
i bought the HAF X :D
Airflow in a Thermaltake Armor Series
Airflow in a Thermaltake Armor Series
the Antec 902 or the CM HAF 922?
Size of HDD LED's?
Project Paragon
800D Cathode Locations
Lian Li pc-V351b
LAN Rig project in Silverstone SG05
my newish build:
NZXT "premium" cables
HAF-X or DF-85
Antec 300 vs CM Gladiator 600
Making a benching station
Airflow... is this the best way?
Just got my 800D today! A question.
What's the cheapest case that can fit a 12" GPU?
Water Cooled D-Link Router
New Build.
RAIDMAX Skyline ATX-948WS worth $40?
Can I get some advice on my case fan configuration?
Smallest Case for ATX12v/EPS12v
Wood PC case build
New Mod City!
Fan Controllers - NZXT Sentry LX vs. Aerocool V12XT
Velocity Micro Signature LXe case?
Operation Thermaltake Level 10
To Those Who Have the 800d
Paint types
where do I put project logs?
New case suggestions
Does the perfect case exist for me?
Antec Nine Hundred Case Audio Connectors
Corsair 600T
Impossible Quest! Looking for M-atx case around 12inch D max and 3.5 in H max
HAF 932
Case Features
Case Decision
New Cooler Master Case
Lian-Li PC-A77F or PC-V2010?
Awesome Keyboard Paint Job
VOoDOo antec skeleton mod
Dell WS 690 w/ RIIE MB
Making a reguler PSU modular
24 pin sleeving
[O/C]Case Modding Showdown II - 2010
[O/C]Cooler Master Elite 430 Black Review
Corsair HX 850 vs 1000w ?
Lian Li PC-X1000 vs PC-X2000 ?
Case for EVGA Classified SR2
CASE MODDING SHOWDOWN 2010 - Competition
TT Armor or suggestions??
top exhaust fan
Mesh side window
So i bought myself a new case
New Revision Of Antec 1200? My Antec 1200 came with a precut hole for installing
Lian-Li V2100
First Time modding looking for pointers
Biggest full sized case
Motherboards & Heat Shrink
HTPC Case Suggestion
Seeking advice on replacing Antec 1200 Stock Fans
Antec benching station
changing LED lights in Antec 1200
Painting HAF932
Convert HD Audio mobo header to AC97 Case Front Panel?
How do these look for a wooden case concept?
DIY cheap sound proffing
What to do with Intel's oem heatsink?
Zen Master
[O/C]Lian Li to Release Several New Cases
NZXT M59 vs ANTEC 300?
Project BlackOut (1st Build Log)
Looking for sheets of Heat-Sinks....
Antec 1200 with Venomous X
full tower decision
Mid-Tower Review - Lancool PC-K62
Two cases in one? o.O
Case decision
CoolerMaster cm 690 a good case?
Lian Li X2000
Looking for antec 1200 or haf 932 cooling equivalent
Fixing a window mod
removal of sticky products
Thermaltake Level 10
Xigmatek Utgard Tower/Ikonik RA 2000/RA X10 - Opinions?
Antec 900 Sidepanel on Antec 300
Cosmos S Side window mod.
Allen wrench size for HAF 932
Join the "\m/ OverClockers mATX L33T Club \m/"
Leet Gaming Computer -- My First Build
Looking for a SMALL (mATX?) case that will fit full sized GPU(s)
looking for case front panel
HAF 922 side fan?
Xclio - 1000
Corsair Case Fans Suggestions
[O/C] IN WIN Griffin Case Review
Which brand of LED fan?
Cathode's vs. LED's
How big should a case be...
Antec Three Hundred questions
painting rad
Buying a Case
Quick case question!
case room question
help with 2x120mm, 1x80mm and fan controller
aprevia x-sniper case room
Coolermaster 690-II Advanced - Final Build :)
Paint Help Please
Suggestions on a mATX case?
NZXT Tempest EVO Review
case modding/cutting with a dremel
New Case Dilemma (100$ range)
Cleanest case?
Adding some fans, replacing others.
Please help: Mid & Cooling Case, ty :)
Lian Li 351 - 5850
Noctua NH-D14 Paint Mod?
Cosmos S front intake fan mod.
Water Cooling noob looking for a quiet case.
Need 5.25" to 3.5" external drive bay converter for Antec 300
Corsair Obsidian 800D
cheap case mods
Planning on modding my case for the first time
My first real project
Raidmax Tornado..what a pile..
removing haf 932 side panel fan
Case Curiosity
Blue led angel eyes
First custom case
My New Monitor Setup :p
Feedback on my cable management
Help with disassembly of CM Stacker 830
Project: Rackmount it all
Micro ATX case
White led case fans
Favorite Mid Tower Case
Thinking of a New Paint Job on my TT Armor+
ATX and ATX Extended Motherboard Dimensions
The Budget Build (check)
Chieftec Candy Shop project 56k*warning* [ Sponsors arrived]
Born to Kill Silverstone Raven RV02
How much do u think my modded lian li would go for?
First Time Modder
HAF 932
Dust-proof a HAF 932?
Laptop PSU to run Fans in a rack
Where to get UV Blue Cathode Lights?
WOODEN PC Case - i5 750 inside
HAF932 cabling questions
Lian Li X1000 - Anyone here ever use it?
Coolermaster Scout --> HAF 932?
Antec 300 led/pwr connectors.
Finallizing my 690
Thermaltake Armor MX+ mod.
Post your Cooling pic's
CM 690 II, case upgrade...
Need help consolidating 3 or 4 cold cathodes into one connector
Project Banchetto Bench
Comments on the NZXT Tempest Case for watercooling
[O/C]Jolly's Tech Bench 2010
What colour should I paint?
The Antec mini 180 and pre-modded parts from Performance-PCS
Can I duct tape a hard drive to my case?
New case for fileserver (iCute 0701SL-4G-SB))
My first build underway!
The Ultimate Stock Upgrade
Painting an ATCS 840
How to fill two 5.25" Bay slots
Upgrading my shuttle
Picture on case
How to connect 2 fan wires to a 3 pin connector
Does a good looking case add resale value?
Big Ol' Wood Case
Lian Li Lancool PC-K62 or wait for Lian Li PC-60FNWX/PC-7FNWX
LED help!
Xclio Windtunnel From Newegg
My Haf 932 case and window mod
Opinions on new case, please!
My First Case Mod: ABS Aplus Monolith
Aerocool M40 or Thermaltake Lanbox Lite?
[O/C]Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced Review
Coolermaster CM690-II or Lancool PC-K62
Building a rig(need suggestions)
Corsair Obsidian 700D coming , economy version of the 800D
Looking for some modding ideas
Spray paint <Pics>
help me to pick up an Aluminium case
Modding an old Compaq case
Do these cards fit in these cases?
My antec 1200 (almost done)
[Project] Copper-Framed, MDF Station
CoolerMaster HAF 932 & X58 Mobo question
Best case for my setup?
Feser tube instead of cable sleeving? Can I do this
BigHam Wood Project 02
What shall i doo :( Any suggestions?
replacing razer lycosa + naga led lights
Switching a Case LED
Can you spray paint a 180mm case fan?
Which case?
2.5" tool-less drive bays for desktop?
How to improve the look of my HAF
My build project !
HAF 932 Case : End Result
Thermaltake Armor Renovation
Thermaltake Level 10 case with Mach II Gt?
It's all in the case / I rest my case!
Antec Nine Hundred vs Antec Nine Hundred Two?
Will this fit?
Cosmos Pure (RC-1000K)
Coolermaster 690-II Advanced Build
full tower please help
Back to the HAF 932
My First Case Mod.
Need coolest running/best ventilated/compact case Please advise
Maxishine's Rig
Project: Emily
New to the Overclockers community
Cold Cathode Lights???
Epic casemod
will a MATX motherboard fit in a ATX case?
Silverstone Raven - Any ideas???
Can my case fit 2 140mm Rads
do you think this case is decent?
Painting a power supply
The Big Case Off... 2
Anyone got a Coolermaster CM-690-II yet?
Putting LED's across a fan 12v...will it cause problems?
Case Recommendation
Workstation case mod.
The Big Case Off...
aplus blockbuster storm
Antec 900 cooling problem..
Drive bay card readers & fan controllers et al
Case Recommendation
case w/ all connections, drives and contols on one side?
The Black Hole...
ideas for cable management other than ducttape
Lian Li PC-P50R Armoursuit Extra HDD Cage
Coolermaster RC330 - Worth adding a roof fan?
[MOD]Undercase/Back-lit mobo LED lights!
Are there cases that are made specifically for lots of hard drives?
Cooler Master Haf 932 5.25 to 3.5 converters
Next mod - Painting the Wii. Where to start?
Some weird questions (mini tower transfer?)
paint drip and now I sanded all the way to bare metal
for all you Antec 900 haters. =D
Should I put optional fans on my new Antec 1200?
EXTREME case mod and ovcerclocking.
Case recommendations?
Fan Filters?
Flip down optical drive bezel
Paint suggestions...
help me choose a case
Need Ideas...
Antec 300
inside my case. the wires look really messy...how do i fix them?
Keep case? Or get new case?
Case Suggestions.
Silverstone TJ07...
Cooler Master ATCS 840 case painting remove rivets - help!
WiNDy cases will be available internationally once again!
Dragon Case full tower
H.D rails making H.D humming 10x worse
Custom Wooden Case
Another which case thread :(
Best spraypaint for painting the inside of my case?
A380 Mod
Need Color/Lighting Advice...
Raven RV01 or RV02?
Case panels and magnetic tape
Best case for HTPC
matx case(cube style)
Lian Li case feet?
CM 690 II Discussion
The final question about the 800D, carpet issue?
Tutorial: DVD Drive Window Mod
A 10.23" wide x 7.48" deep x 2.87" high computer?
[O/C]Corsair Obsidian 800D Case Review
How to set-up LEDs in my case?
Which Case?
Weird case huh?
Dooms101's First Case Mod
Paint a Metal socket (for amd)
Is the Antec 1200 any good for water cooling?