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Buildin your own case...
Rosewill DESTROYER Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
Need some opinions
antec 900 owners with fan controllers, in here please
Mac Mini alternatives
Engine Enamel or Gloss Protctive Enamel?
Full Tower Case
First time painting help needed
Sell antec 900 for haf 932?
Extending Cables?
Fan filters
HAF 932 w/H-50 Mod
Help me find an HTPC Case! (and mobo)
Question about wire size
How to put SPU in coolermaster haf 932 ???
Coolermaster haf 932 Top Fan ( Question )
Wood Project
Silverstone SG02-F Review
TT Armor + upper HD cage
New to computers, would like some advice on computer cases
HAF 932 Side Panel Window
dimension 4300 case
Why are some cases very expensive?
Mod tools
Stacker 830 Evo VS HAF 932
Full Size Tower Pics
this case looks awesome!
HAF 932 back panel depth?
Storm Scout with H50
Any way to improve cable management in my case? (pics inside)
Looking for best cooling quiet case
HAF 932 vs Antec 1200?
Thermaltake Lanbox Lite+Corsair H50
Lightweight case without sacrificing size?
Lian Li still good?
What is this thing?
Will Krylon do?
Xoxide X-Benze Case, am I supposed to remove back panel?
[O/C]The Green Monster – Automiketic’s CM NV-690
Any how-to guides on cable routing?
Front window?
Mirror Paint?
I want to paint the inside of my case... excatly how?
<$100 cases that fit 5770/5850?
super project.
Fan Power connection
Mini Builds?
Thermaltake Level 10 Chassis finally available...for $849!!
DIY professional paintjob for aluminum cases?
Need a decent full size HTPC case at ~$50
Need a good cooling case for around $90
Ataching Computer Feet
PWM - Anyone utilizing this to control multiple fans?
Need recommendations for stylish new case!!
Dynamat in a computer case?
Haf 922 Bottom Fan...
Unique "Artistic" Case build. (lots of Pic's)
GPU Glass
Largest case on the market?
woppys corsair obsidian
Which is the best case for me?
Cooler Master 334 for a cheap, non-flashy case?
P180 intake dust cover raises intake fan's RPMs
Project Build *Pics*
Lian-Li Lancool PC-K58W, anyone have hands on experience with this case?
DeWoof01's Cosmos 1000 Case Mod & Build
Dell optiplex cases
hooking case fans up in cooler master case
Smallest case, biggest GPU
CM 690 II Advanced
PSU Wiring solution please
Best LAN computer case?
questions to HAF 932 owners
Paint To Use For Inside Of Case
New Case, help :(
new case for an i5 setup
Benching /testbed frame help?
Cheap, big and well ventilated case?
UV Reactive paint
Nzxt panzerbox question
UV lights....what to get
Sound Dampening Meterial?
What would i need to add an intake fan to a Lian Li PC-P50?
Looking for a well ventilated micro-atx case
Wiring a 2 wire fan to 4 pin molex
My 1st build, Antec 900
Haf 922 Side Panel Orientation?
XCLIO Windtunnel lights
custom decals or stickers for case
Cooler Master HAF 932 - Can It Handle E-ATX Dual Xeon Board?
New Lian-Li Case: Hard Drive LED Out
Affordable case for multi-GPU watercooled folding rig?
New toy ! :)
TJ07 Front power switch not working?
Parts list
Thermaltake Element G Build.
Molex, pins, wire... Where to buy?
need suggestions for dust filter
AZZA Power Supplies, OK?
New friend build
Antec Mini P180: A good case for O/C?
Update on my CM Storm Sniper case build
What Happens When...
How to bend plexi?
Antec Mini Skeleton 90
pretty *drool*
smallest atx case
2 HAF932 questions
CM RC-690 modding
Modding My Mid Case For internal WC
Antec P180 Mini
Holy overkill
plexiglass cutting
Haf 932/922 with Prolimatech Megahalem
ATX for CEB w/o EATX and a EPS12v
Anyone Have a Thermaltake Xaser VI? Power Button Question
Casebuild in Progress: Cube˛
Re-Build: CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 *Pics*
HELP! Will the Diamond Radeon 5870 fit in an Antec 902 Case?
NZXT M59 with Prolimatech Megahalem
What happened to the BTX form factor?
"AMD edition" HAF 932
Cooler Master ATCS "Punisher" Build **PICS**
Karma TF5
AeroCool 7 case
Nightstand computer
Antec 900 rev B, compatible coolers?
Silverstone TJ07 HDD Bay
My antec 1200 attempt (current state)
Oil Cooled PC
antec 1200 build
New HAF 922 Case up and running
My new case!
ATI & PhysX question
Analog Amp Dial
Best airflow easy install?
HAF 932 front fan LED
Sleeving Kits
Looking for a case to fit Thermochill PA 120.3 rad inside...
First mod ever!
"Project Reality" Case
TNN500 - Where to buy?
Just bought a computer.Wondering how good I can mod it.
Help me choose between cases?
Antec 900 Vs HAF 922 vs. Thermaltake Element S
Need new case. Any suggestions?
HAF 932
Anyone with Antec 90 and xigmatek fans?
NAS in a case - what do you think?
Knowledge and your opinion wanted (and respected!)
Fan wiring question
Thermaltake Armor issue
Looking to change LED's
Cooler Master 840 opinions wanted please
Long video card in antec 300
Front Page - Modding
Would a scythe mugen 2 fit inside a thermaltake v9 case?
Window Cutout Molding Tips?
My CM Storm SCOUT (pics) smaller is better:)
Question for owners of Antec Fusion Black 430 case!
Looking for case recommendations
Went with the Antec 902 case for my i5 build
Cable Management tips?
cold Cathodes?
Intel mod contest
PC ignition switch
What Dremel Piece to use for case cutting
1st custom build system/case.
Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 and Cosmos S
Needing fan replacement for a P180
Corsair Obsidian 800D Case Video
New case, need advise
Antec Mini P180 Questions
The Very Low Cost DIY Benching Station
accessing the other side of acer cases
Promalitech Megahelms Case Clearance
Thermaltake Level 10
How to mount motherboard in tj09?
How is my cable management?
Boot Switch - Determine OS
which case to buy
Aywun A1-603 Case Question
Coolermaster Haf 932
Antec 1200 problem???
How to attach mesh to the inside of case hole?
noob sleeving question
Three fans, one plug?
looking for mesh
OCForums needs content editors!
Ok what is wrong with this case...
Using allen machine screws for fans.
UV Lighting and a white paint job
UV cold cathode light wavelength
Good Micro ATX towers?
How to get glass to stick to metal
HAF Caution with P6T
Looking for a new mid-tower case
So how do I make these sound sensitive cathodes work??
how do card keepers work?
HAF 922 VS 900 V2
12v In car LCD Mod
Another reccomend me a build thread
Antec 900 vs V2- differences?
Antec300 re-spray
HAF 932 vs CM Storm Sniper
recent Antec 900 clean up + PSU fan swap
In need of heat resistence
How to solve this on cosmos 1000?
Case Modding Showdown 2009 Official Thread [Must Read]
Antec P183 case, good or bed?
Project Sestren Worklog - World's First Back/Outside Mounted Tri Loop Cube!
BJMs build thread
Modded HP Gaming PC - My latest project
My new HAF 922 - modded.
NZXT Panzerbox Build Thread!
Source for Lian-Li V2110B?
New build, seeking advice on a good case.
Custom TJ08-Ideas For Good CPU Heats Sink(Please Look)
Tuniq case?
Should i upgrade to antec 1200?
Cooler Master cosmos 1000? any comment about this case?
Thermaltake Xpressar
My first mod project Antec 900, comments?
What about MointingMods cases?
Using tights/pantyhose as dust filters for Coolermaster HAF 932
Project: Autobot300 - COMPLETE!
Looking for a Smaller Micro ATX case
Window Mod For Antec P182 Case
My first Case Mod, 56k stay away!
Need some suggestions on a new case
Just switched from p180 to to cooler haf 932 -10 to - 15C cooler!!
Current Case Project - Tell me what ya think
Benching stations?
Give Me some Ideas
So i got bored and did a little work
So I just impulse bought the Antec 300 Illusion
NZXT Apollo with a H2O setup?
anybody seen the new Antec P1000?
Cpu getting to hot in case?
Interior Case paint
Home made case and or TecTable
Project: Mega Maid
New Case Opinion
Your perfect computer stand/desk?
Mountain Mods down?
38.5 CFM, 25.4db yate fans ok for i7?
antec 300, anyone wanna help? :)
TRUE doesn't fit properly
Lian Li PC-K56
Silverstone FT01-BW and Rampage II Extreme
High Textile Strength Fabrics
Xclio Wind Tunnel Advanced
(stupid question warning) LED's on cases
HAF 932 230mm Filters?
Best 120mm Case fan
Is Antec 900 a good case for i7?
My custom Antec 900
Sound Activated Cathodes Setup
Lian-Li PC-7B project. (56k warning)
Antec 300 Illusion
Corsair Obsidian 800D
932 HAF features in smaller case
Need help mounting a Gt 560 radiator
Resurrected Dell XPS 630i
HP Case Mods // Help
HAF 932 rear mounted exhaust fan in place of bottom PSU?
Antec 900 support bracket for long GPU's
my ugly monster....
Which Case? - Girl needs ya help lol
My conservative CM HAF932 build
Need feedback on desk design
The Green Monster v2.0
The perfect case
Antec P183 and 5.25" bays
Quieting case
my antec 300 finally done
Cheaper version of TJ07
PLEASE! Help pick case out of these!
Complete Opeth Case - Patterns In The Ivy
Looking for 5.25 bay high quality volume knobs.
Recomendations: Quite case
Armor Painting
Changing the airflow on the Antec 300
how to drill cable managment holes??
Where to buy those old beige full towers?
How hard can it be...?
Core i7 case question
My simple build/mod
It has begun!!!
Case Recommendations for Long Term System
Murdermod - paint?
[Project Log] Phamton White aka HAF 932
Need a uATX case
Project: Rackmount Underkill
PSU fit In This Case
HAF 932 Case Mod/Paint
Case modding?!
Recomend me a case
Build Log; Name Pending
Coolermaster Storm Scout
What's the best location for your PSU? Top or bottom?
Shuttle SDXi Carbon
My new rig...
Corsair Q/A Request
Project Log: mATX case
Planning My New TJ-07 Build - Questions
case lighting
MountainMods ?s
Need help with finding a good case
Time to paint the HAF? I think so.
Water cooled Thermaltake Mozart Tx
My antec 300 case
Case decision Help
Help me light up my case!
Tried ducting in my cpu, what do you all think?
Anyone Know about these cases?
Custom Tower Legs
Will a CM Sileo 500 fit a Radeon 4890?
Need Some Graphic Ideas On Custom TJ08 Cases...
case for CUDA supercomputer system
Dell 630i side panel mod
Painting the HAF 932?
Need a case
Best silent case??
Cheap Replacement/Extra Case Speaker & Switches
Custom Side Panel Mod
Low humming noise in windows?
Something Wicked
Show of hands... How many people saw a temp. difference after routing....
Painting cases
AZZA Solano 1000 Black
lian li g75...
Anyone have this?
Cardboard Server (Duron Server)
GTX 280 & Ultra Gladiator
Antec 900 Mod (56k Warning)
Tyan S2881 in a mid tower?
Anywhere in US sell custom side door for Antec 900 with Window
I finally Bit the proverbial Bullet and...
Cold cathode safety
To the Owners of the Raidmax Smilodon
CM690 wire management help needed
Long Case Screws needed..
UV caselift :)
Max cooling power: Antec 300, 900, or 1200? Fan replacement?
Just some more lights.
Modding a rackmount server chassis
Antec 900 + 4870 x2
Liquid cooling - color schemes
Look for a cheap and decent computer case
ABS Aplus ABS-CS-EL Diablo Black !!!
Need pc speaker for Antec 300
New Build!
Question: How Much Is My Case Worth?
A case with a side fan that doesn't block my dual fan TRUE?
TT Armor side panel
Need to pick a case: cooling and style
HAF 932
My Antec 300 (nothing special)
Antec 1200 or HAF 932?
CM Storm Scout or HAF 922?
Any recommended Antec 900 case mods?
Case Size Questions
Half Life 2 Antec 1200
Just some new goodies!
Picture of Lian Li PC-V351 Connectors
Need a case-some advice....????
Antec 300 Wiring Tips?
Looking for some good red LED 120mm fans.
Case Review: MM Crystal Ship (with Supplemental Radiator Review)
Where to mount Resovuar in HAF 932
Case Question
Repainted my TT Armor + Wire Managed PICS :)
Repainted my TT Armor + Wire Managed PICS :)
Case wide enough for Noctua NH-U12P SE1366
Which is the best case out of these?
[HELP] Zalman Fanmate mod, control 3 system fans?
Case Recommendation
Help on choosing new case
Painting case ( 2nd time )
nzxt panzerbox
Just a little something I am working on
Antec 902 questions for build
Looking at building a new rig, Need help on the case
Need a suggestion for a SMALL Lightweight case
Need a suggestion
Looking for a new case
P182 Case Mod
Lamptron FC-2 Fan Controller Aesthetic Mod
Getting the Antec 300 ; Which/ where to get fans?
Moving into an Antec 300 case
coolermaster haf 922 and psu on the bottom
x-clear case mod
Retro Fun Factory [Computer MOD]
Sunbeam acrylic II MODS
issues fitting the hard drives in my Antec Nine Hundred case
Rom bay 120mm fan mount reccomendations
Silverstone SG01 SFF question
Wanna Help a Teammate?
Need a case upgrade from TT ARMOR
Silverton Raven Meets Fortress
CM Storm Sniper
Coolermaster Scout case & will it fit a Ati 4870x2 Card
Internal HDD dock
Another Cosmos Getting Modded
Horizontally mounted motherboard cases
Need advice on painting and stenciling.
Case mod: Hole cutting and painting
Color combinations
Antec 900 + Antec 900 = Antec 1800? =D
anyoe own this Ultra eXo mid tower case?
antec 1200-swiftec h20 220 apex ultima
how does a HAF hold a 3x120mm radiator
not bad but someone here can do better
any thoughts on zalman case
Antec 300 | Window Mod
Antec P182 Window Mod
Gateway 2000 NS-9000, Pentium Pro, 5 core server
Newbie tech station
Problem with antec 900
Case for 1x120 radiator and 2x120 radiator
Modded Keyboard
New case help :)
Custom case
Case Conundrum
Antec 1200 PSU Cable range
HAF 932 and x-fi Titanium
Server Case
Thoughts on the CM HAF 922M?
--- (un)Official MM Gallery ---
Looking for a new case for a mid-grade build
cases that can hold a 3x120mm radiator
Thermaltake Armor+ MX
Old Server Overhaul
Selling the Beast, cable management ?
HAF932- changing fans
Antec 1200
thermaltake parts
Antec 900 Side Panel
How is cable management in the Antec 902/1200?
HAF 932 mod
Show off your internal lights!
Design-Your-Own Case?
Lian Li PC-A7010 or Cooler Master 840 ?
Coolermaster CMStacker 830
Need Help Finding New Side Panel
Another HAF project
Make shift power Button
First case mod ideas/suggestions/ideas?
Fan mod help
Sunbeam acrylic II mods
DD Tower-26 Cases
Any way to order Antec Front Panels
thermaltake XaserIII pics
Mounting PSU in Antec 1200
Which cases with these front I/O panel ?
New Lian Li Armour Suit P-PC50
CM Storm Scout?
How loud is the antec nine hundred two?
Alternative Fan Setup for Antec 900 Side Door
Anyone resell/smuggle McMaster Carr parts?
Help me find a case similar to this
Monitor cable fast help needed please :)
Who has red CCFLs?
Need help choosing a case
Recommend me a case please.
Combining two 4U server cases to make one
Improving airflow in coolermaster Cosmos 1000
Thermaltake spedo adding second front intake fan
Expensive cases vs. Cheap cases
Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package - Able to Set fan Speed?
4U Case makes for great HTPC case... fan orientation? pics within.
[Project] Uninterestingly Named Project
New Build Plan - Need Help
Antec 902 air flow with cpu cooler
Thermaltake Armor+MX w/ my CPU Cooler
Will a Xigmatek S1283 fit in a CM Elite 334 case
Looking for a new case
No reason not to now...
My Custom Lian Li A7010B
Cooler Master Prepares Limited CM-690 Pure Black Chassis
New Dremmel for cutting metal?
Positive vs. negative Case pressure and a question
Mounting Corsair TX750w in Antec 900
Video On Custom Side Panel Mod On Any Antec Case
Antec 900 VS GIGABYTE SUMO 5115 (3D AURORA 570)
TJ-07 powdercoating?
installing PSU into an antec 902
SHOUT OUT: Anyone have a replacement mobo tray in a custom case?
Can I move my Hard Drive?
Old Case Reborn
What's the hardest pc mod you've overcome (Or didn't and ruined yur case/build)?