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4U Case makes for great HTPC case... fan orientation? pics within.
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No reason not to now...
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installing PSU into an antec 902
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Old Case Reborn
What's the hardest pc mod you've overcome (Or didn't and ruined yur case/build)?
ferrari Cosmos S
My Dragon Side Panel Case mod on Lian Li armorsuit 60. And pics of my room setup
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p182 airflow
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New Case Needed?
Best computer case for my needs?
micro atx? need horizontal mobo tray for true copper and i7, possible?
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brand of case
Custom Case and a few questions.
How to get custom small full color LCD working
GTX 260 SLI in Antec 902 case?
Part Question
Thoughts on NZXT Panzerbox
case modding?
antec 900 or coolermaster haf 932?
Armor - Paint and minor mods
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Will a True Ultra Copper LE fit with GigabyteX58-Extreme in A silverstone TJ09?
Prevent static cling?
RAGE : Elusive HDD Mount + Fan
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The NEW look .
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme - Case Solution
need a bigger better case
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questions about modding the Antec 1200 {help please?}
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Add a door to the Antec 1200?
CM690 Windows
Old School / New Twist Bod-Mod
Project Black Water
Keeping dust off of plexiglass?
lamborghini With A Cosmos 1000
mounting swiftech rad on antec 1200
Trying to find a case I heard about
Custom modding/ Painting Antec 1200 only
So how do you guys think it would go?
Looking for Lightsaber red cold cathode lights....
tuniq tower, heat sink mod
Cooler Master - Storm Sniper.. eh..
NZXT ROGUE | New Build | Benchmarks
Want to get a mATX case, with some specific features
Antec 1200 side panel fan
having problems pickin a new case (mATX)
will my case fit these?
Antec 900 and 38mm fans
Antec Needs CLEAN UP!
Show us your window stickers!
Cool master c690 + GTX 285 fit?
5.25 bay to internal 3.5 adapter
Need tips and tricks to reducing noise.
Antec Nine Hundred custom paint and build
Modding my shuttle [mostly cooling]
Old Parts, New Life!
What is a good case gaming /w Fans cheap ?
Need CoolerMaster case suggestion, HAF 932 seems too big...
Rocketfish/Lian-Li hard drive mounting screws & grommets
Custom acrylic
To users of cooler master haf 932 case
Lian Li fans, about side panels...
Good place to buy extension cables?
Replicating Gold color of the X-fi pci bracket
Need case advice
Whats the case made out of And Casecom Good brand?
Whats the case made out of And Casecom Good brand?
Versalink Gateway 327w (Verizon)?
What case should I get?
Full Mesh Case?
Does this critter exist? Case Needs!
Dethklok case mod
Antec 1200 (another) Pics
Project Pearly White Armor!!
Project: CM 690
Type of screws/bolts for top fan in HAF 932?
Casters/Standoffs for Case
Idea on new build
Question about Spray Painting
Thermaltake Level 10 PC case
Project: Inferno (56k warning)
Antec 300 - Front DVD Drive covers?
my VoodooPC Omen case...
New RAIDMAX Monster case! *SICKKK*
From 111 Disk CD player to HTPC
New cases from coolermaster
HAP! I need help finding a case.
A from scratch Aluminium case... very different and meticulous quality
Need a new case!
Bulgin Valdal switch
Corsair now makes chassis
5.25 Front Panel w/Just USB ports?
Best cooling case under 100 dollars?
looking for a small case
Grill,Fan, Filter bolts
Cast aluminum case?
Looking for Flashing Led Fan
Good pick for a new case?
case made out of fans | case made of of RC Ferrari. must see! =D
Anybody use protocase?
motherboard desk-type case
TT Kandalf LCS
Fan LEDS and Cathode light problem.
I Silenced my PC!!!
Suggestions on case building tools
Where is the best place to buy a hole saw?
Antec 900 night shots
Audio mod for portable PC
UV CCFL fading problem
Looking for a new favorite case
Any Case Suggestions Along these Lines?
ABS Canyon HDD boards
Another wood case thread..
Black Antec 900 (640K of Images)
Acrylic floor Case Mod
Pntgrd's MM-UFO Adventure
$200 "server" case
Finally Done with it for now....
Cut case fan grills..what tool
Think I want a new case
Case upgrade worth it? (Antec 300 maybe)
New Antec 900
Case w/o CD Bay available?
How To: Cable Sleeving?
Recommended Design Program
Project poverty - my DIY tech station.
M-ATX cases
Which one is power cable? Help pls
Silverstone FT01-B(W) Mid-Tower
new Scythe Case - Fenriswolf
Combining two 3pin fans on 1 3pin connection?
How much room does a case really need?
cooler dictating case madness
TT armor side window..is it normal acrylic
Case/Rear Fan Cable HELP
Power and Reset Button / Switch
Frustration building.. NEED A CASE
what mod to do?
First Mod, why start small?
Card bracket / How do you secure your expansion cards?
Finishing holes
Case window mod
Cooler Master Sniper Pics
A case i actually like, from... thermaltake...
Standard Mid Tower ATX gets a facelift:
Cooler Master ATCS 840
Cooler Master Sniper
Looking for informed opinons on the Silverstone CW01B-R
So I'm starting a build
Mid-tower case for Core i7 system
My Build =p 56K WARNING!!!
aerocool m40
Which case should i get?
ABS Canyon 695
My first case mod
Cosmos + full stop paint + i7
Painted my thermaltake ARMOR :)
Help with case
spraypaint image onto pc case-Armor
Dumb (?) question about antec?
The MB Antec 300's new home & wave keyboard & modded
Antec Twelve Hundred
I can't decide!! >.<
Super Bowl MOD
Compact case that can fit a gtx260
Painting my TT armor..What paint to use?
Bespoke PC case builders?
Cooler Master HAF
has anyone tried XCLIO cases
Need a Case for ASRock 780G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
Need mod ideas
Evolution of my P180
Project: ITX Switch PC
Antec 900 watercooled and tidyup (with pics)
antec 300
Thiddy's new MM case and build
Antec Skeleton
TT Armor - side fan- Do i need it?
Help with case!!!!
Thiddy needs another case
Flashy cool looking case?
My Microcool Banchetto 101 [56K Warning!]
Cooler Master Storm Sniper
My Home Case-Mod, PowerMac Style
Antec 900 floppy adapter
looking for a case, i have needs, does one exist?
Antec Nine Hundred Two
2-pin extention for Antec 900 case wires
Monster Garage rules...
Everything i need to know about Aluminum?
Post Pictures of Your Leet System
Any one have this case?
Good microatx cube case?
P180 Mini - bottom filter alternate placement!!
Case Power Supply Hole Fit Up Issue
Anyone able to make this?
Coolermaster Cosmos S Questions
Help me find a case please
CM Cosmos 1000 vs 1010 Temps
powder coating
Antec three hundred, best case under $50.00
Antec 1200 case fan swap questions
Best paint for the job?
Project : Creative GO..or..No?
Fan wiring issue.
Huge Desk / Case Project - Help, opinions, pointers welcome
Torn between building or modding an existing case
My new P183 came in !!!
Help turning an old dvd player case into a media server, suggestions wanted...
My HTPC case mod
Antec Three Hundred
LEDs for case lights?
Using a 35 Watt Laser to turn a side window 80mm hole into a 120mm
Using a 35 Watt Laser to turn a side window 80mm hole into a 120mm
How to quiet hard drives in Antec 300?
danger den case
project: silverstone TJ07
Lian Li announces crazy PC-888
My custom mod ..
Looking for a control panel.....
Joining Fan Wires?
My new Pinnacle 24 from Mountain Mods (Pics)
problem with case pwr led mb header
The "Lighting" Gallery...
P180 MINI with long PSU ?
Cosmos 1000 vs 1010
Cosmos or Armor
Need a new Case
Dell 5160 Laptop Fan Intake Mod
Dell Studio Slim, or build my own?
awesome full tower
Which Case do you reccomend??
Which UV Red Reactive Paint and Red Undercoat?
Antec P180 or Fusion?
Powder coating prep
Xmas gifts means rebuilding. 56k= no!
Replacement Rocketfish Top?
Antec 900 ~ Power SW, Reset SW
The APEVIA X-Cruiser Black case,its confusing for me,need help
Is this safe?
Check out my custom laser cut motherboard cradle
Is it ok to cut and rejoin wires?
A question prob. not asked before.
Cutting a case
CM690 How did you run your wires...
CM 832 Stacker cable management?
Case for Xfire 4870 <=100$ ??
CM690 or something new?
What do you think is the ultimate case ?
Vector mask hasn't worked and the magnetic lasso is cutting too sharp
Lian Li side panels
Spray Paint Fan Grills Black?
I need a Mini ITX case that will...
Case covering filter
Looking for compact case - you suggestions?
Please help me choose which one
Coolmaster HAF 932 and Liquid Cooling - question
Thermaltake Armor radiator
stripped screw hole
New Help with Case Layout
Looking for Midi-case with LED
Need Mesh Bay Covers
Case Modding and Cable Sleeving
A Case for ~$140
HAF 932 LED Indicator Lights Mod
Upgradind an Ahanix Dvine case
Thoughts / Advice on the airflow in my case?
First Mod: Make the Rad Fit (56k warning)
HDD Cages
What is the best tool to use to cut big hole in case
Case Help
Lightning Bolt Mod
Help me pick out a new full tower case.
Custom Case Needs Power Switch
Filter infront of intake fans
Water case
My Modded Rocketfish
Mini-ITX template?
Full Tower Case Recommendations
Coolmaster 932 HAF question
Antec 1200 VS Xclio 1000
Cm 690 or P180
just bought an antec 900
Which cases are out there with an horizontal motherboard mount?
Server Case
antec 900 or cm 690?
My old system parts from before upgrade.
Silencing an annoying case
Case for triple SLI
So I have a request.
have guts, need case
Need a case recommendation for new build
Need some input on modding materials
Raptor Mod
Wire Management Question
Can i replace the fans on a Lan Li Armorsuit
Corsair 650/750TX PSU fit in an Antec P180B ?
Cooler Master HAF case
Antec P180b too much case for me
5.25" Driver Bay Cover for xaser VI
Is it possible to use Scissors to cut an I/O plate?
CM-690 Stock fans?
anyone removed/redesigned a CM690 HDD bay???
Entirely Scratchbuilt Cases??
What case should i use for watercooling
Why I think 'micro' desktop formats are stupid
Lian Li PC-65B Panels
Shadow box ITX
I have been thinking?
The smallest case that ATX bords will fit in?
Giant Cases
New RocketFish Case
Revived an old case - Looks Great!
Design the perfect case????
thoughts on selecting case side fan
Antec 900 and Crossfire. Do my fans interfere with each other?
Chiefmax HERO 24 Gamer Case with LCD Temperature Readout
Case Upgrade - ~$100 Budget
General Fan Question...
Painting an old case
need something painted?
Have a chance to buy a Titan Robela Watercase
Have a chance to buy a Titan Robela Watercase
Stock Antec washable case filter
new interesting antec case
Antec 1200 fans
amazing mod and waterblock
Antec 1200 + Thermochill PA120.3
will a CM 690 fit my parts?
lexa blackline sooper uber help needed
Antec 300 vs CM 690
Antec P190+1200 + Utral120 = Trouble???
Hide wires in apartment?
Antex P180 Mini question
Need a new case
Antec P182 Power LED problem
Need advice on modding this case
Will It Fit? . . .That's What She Said. . .
GF needs a case!
ANTEC 1200 Pictures Please
Routering HDPE, Plexi, Lexan...possible?
Recommend a case
Shelf/Drawer Mod? kind of stealth
armor case window/fan
HAF923 Owners!
Bottom Fan on CM 690
Current project As of 10/19
Does it fit?
Shud i change my Case?
Little Help
Lian Li pc-p60 armorsuit
Blah, nevermind
Mini/Micro ATX Case for TRUE-120?
Need new case
Lian-Li case $250? Is it really worth it?
Full Tower case for Thermochill PA120.3
Buy me a case (not literally)
Antec 1200 Fan Colors
I've found the perfect case
P182 & Giga EP45-DS4
Cool/Weird new case
Thermaltake armor mods anyone?
Looking in to start a new Mod project
How can i improve my compiter cooling/wire mngmnt :) <<
Open air mini tower???
Cosmos 1000 , no motherboard speaker connector ?
My New Case
finding a new PS3 case
10.5" Graphics cards in a few cases
Idea case for me
To Paint or Not To Paint!
HAF Case... MASS air cooling!
Coolermaster Stacker 830 vs. Cosmos
How low is too low.
finding a rocket fish case or one like it
Coolmaster Stacker 830 Evo help
Fitting 2 cases together
Antec P180 : How to know if its the one ?
Amd,Intel Stickers
Lian Li PC-7F/7FW and Feser X-Changer Triple 360
Home-made Tech Station
can someone tell me who's rocketfish case this is?
how will this be for a case mod
Kind of Stand Offs???
Perhaps a bit overboard, but...
Help on New Case please.
Anyone Mod an Antec p182 Case?!?!
Whats best method to add fans to side of case
What brand of paint will match the black of an Antec 900?
NZXT Guardian!
Case Cleaning
Who has an Antec Mini P180 case?
Power supply screws
Simple question on Antec 900 DVI defect
Upgrade: From Antec 900 to.....WHAT???
Lian Li Case PC60 PLUS
Large GPU vs Antec 900
Good red cathode?
Antec SLK 3000B 1 Day Makeover
What do you think about Thermaltake Xaser VI
3x120 hole in top of case
Antec 1200 noise vs 900
Antec open air Skeleton Case- Cool?
Larger case suggestion
Custom Front Panel Company
Chieftec Bravo
Old Chieftec/Antec SX1000 Clone
Lian-Li V1000 Window Kit for the UK
I lost one of my side panels on a full atx tower
Antec 900 plastic drive adapter mounting?
watercooling case suggestion
Front fan housing for nine-hundred
Crap! Killed a fan controller channel
Cooler Master Stacker 810/830 Antec 1200. Room for 38mm fans?
my 1st mod ever again
Biggest case available
working on a new computer
Cosmos S 1100 Vs. Thermaltake Armor+ vh6000bws
CoolerMaster HAF 932
Antec 300 fan speed question
my 1st ever mod!! what yall think??
Antec 300 Versatile Build
should i get this over the lexa blackline?
Case Recommendation for new build
A dremel, a hole saw, and 6 pack. . .
full or mid tower?
My pc is done!
Antec 300 noise for HTPC - living room
Antec 1200 & TR Ultra 120 Extreme?
Need new case please help
How do you use those little LCD screens?
GTX260 Case Recommendation
Antec 900 Cable Management
Antec 160W Fan options.
Long motherboard stand offs.
My cat loves my Tempest case...
Ideas for antec sonata 2 case mods?
DIY Removable HDD Cage
Fitting an ATX board into a mATX case. Possible?
case suggestion for around $50-100
Case masking/stenciling question
Will painting the inside of the case harms the temperance ?
New DD Case !! OMG
Best and easiest window kits to install?
High quality case for large number of drives?
Need Case recommendation
Computer Case inside a desk Help with ideas.
Alienware cases and the cable management back
DaPoets Case Side Panel paint w/ Avatar
lian li a71 squeaky screws?
Really Cool Custom Case made from a Drum
Best budget LAN case
Looking for a glossy black case
Compaq iPAQ Home Internet Appliance
Black or Silver stacker??
Lian Li case Aluminum Brazing
so my lian li a71b just came in...
Newb can't decide! Halp!