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despite your opinion of Alienware, what about their cases?
need a case suggestion
CoolerMaster HAF 932
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Top 3 Gaming case's for Water Cooling?
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[Special Case Technology] 200+% OC able stock!?!!! -Interested?
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PC case made out of CF or FG?
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My Lian-Li PC60 (Silver) w/ Prometeia Mach II GT
Fan thumbscrews?
Modding SAFETY Tips and Tool tips..
Case brands
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Carrying strap for DeskTop
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Any suggestions for mid-to-full tower w/ large window and well built
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The Akasa Omega ..
The Dragon Case - A Thideras Modded 830 Stacker
ANTEC 1200
My 80mm fans are too loud
Cheap, roomy case with removable MB tray?
Glowing ORB!
Looking for ideas for cases
Stacker 830 Watercooling Ideas
boredom and a dremmel
Etching windows?
Metal Case
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One thing the Antec 1200 has I wish the 900 and 300 did
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Need help deciding on a new case
PSU @ Bottom, bad for wind tunnel?
Rate My Cable Management
Antec 900 Case but no window!
New Fans Maybe!!!
Antec 900 Gaming Case But no Side!
Painting Aluminum
New Case Help
New case recommendations
**OFFICIAL**CM690 Mods Thread!i!
What does your cable management look like?
Thermaltake VF1000BWS "LanBox"
is it possible to use more that 1 stand off under the mobo for wire management?
Dual rear 120mm CM Stacker 810 w/o PSU?
Could a Kind Soul Measure Their Cosmos (s) for me?
How to put LED's into one of the 5.25'' bay covers? voltage?
Hi! Anyone have pics of TT Armour ?
rocketfish stealth mod!!!
I lost nearly all the drive screws for my Lian Li V1200
Cooler Master Elite's (which one)?
Case Building
BioHazard/ Toxic Theme
Sleeving a SATA cable
Thermaltake ARMOR EXTREME OR Armor JR
mATX case
Properly grounded case?
Is there a filter + silencer for case fans?
Dust filters ???? what to use....
What u guys think of NZXT LEXA blackline?? Is antec 900 betteR?
CM Stacker 830 Evo Noise Problem
My Rocketfish Mod
Need some dremel bit names
I am tired of using old cases to put new stuff in..
whats the best air fliter!!
Mini ITX Tower Needed....
A few CM690 Q's
ideas for theraml take soprano???????????
NZXT Tempest case reviews
Lian Li V2000B
Looking for someone with a Coolermaster Cosmos S
Narrowed My Case Choice to 2...Thoughts?
Local modders mesh alternative...
Old Style "True" Full Tower Cases
Acrylic (plexiglass) vs Polycarbonate (lexan)
Acrylic Case?
How should i begin to make a new case?
what is so good about antec 900?.....what case to buy?
how do you disassemble 200mm fan area?
Where can i find this case at? Cheiftec?
Antec Three Hundred anyone?
New build and cant find any big cases.
any one use this case?
Cosmos vs Stacker, help me choose please!
I need to find a little case
My new Rocketfish case build
Case for friends/relatives/anyone.
Problems With the case fans.
Lian Li 5.25 Drive Cover/Bezal?
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Anyone with Xman Case. Need help!?!
optimal fan config for Cooler Master CM-690
Stacker problems
Antec Lanboy and large cooling fans
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Hey I've got a question.
Rad mounting in Antec 1200?
Any one using a Liani-Li V350 case?
Mini-ITX question
Case Project No 1. Wood attack.
Sata Power Cable Splitter to 4 Pin Molex
When a case costs more than the components...
Antec NSK6580?
NZXT Tempest case looks good...
Want to upgrade to 1200 from 900...
Want to upgrade to 1200 from 900...
Request: Tips on taking clear pictures without flash
The Acrylic Case...
Well, I pulled the trigger(U2-UFO & 56k beware)
Stuck between cases, Help!
New Build with the Antec P180 Mini
Antec 900 problem
What do do with my new Cosmos S
So, I'm trying to find a good quality case with a window on the side.
Antec Nine Hundred Experience?
Antec BP550 Plus 550W, who is ODM
lan box rig
What paint do I need?
My setup (includeds Blinking LED YT video)
Silverstone TJ04B?
Rocketfish case driving me insane
Good case to fit 9800GTX?
Red Cold Cathodes
Case for passive SLI setup?
modding my p182? drilling side panel!! help!!
Another "I need a new case" thread.
Help me choose 1 of 3 Lian Li cases - Please!
My New Cable Management Job
Between pillar and post...
Lian Li V2010 vs Silverstone TJ07
CoolerMaster CSX Case Review at XCPUs.com
CM690 owners who painted the indside of your case
Rubber Washers for Rocketfish case
Xbox PSU in mATX?
New case for water cooling
Tips for Painting the Inside of a case
CM Stacker (original) - PSU on the bottom
I have a list of dremels.. Can you please help me choose the right one..?
Antec P182 with FREE fans!
CM 690 cant use IDE drives?
Antec 900 fixes and suggestions
need a BIG case :)
Ok it's a nice looking case but...
MM Case question? Acrylic Bay Cover
I want to build my own case...Advice??
Antec 900 questions
Looking for a new case...
side door fans for better cooling?
Anyone run a Corsair 620HX in an Antec P180 or P182?
Some unrealistic demands on a case ><
Antec 900 and SLI space issues?
useing alaser cuter to make a casE?
Need some case advice.
Need a good case
Will this case work for me
Need help from someone who owns a Armor+ case
antec900:get a front fan in germany?
Getting Case Sizes With Board Right
What do you do for bottom-mounted PSUs?
Sigma Phantom (Raidmax Smilodon Clone)
Is there any real difference among these??
Modding Idea for Rocketfish case
Need a gaming power supply
MM U2-UFO, thoughts and experiences?
Gigabyte 3D Aurora
Opinions please: RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-530SS
New Case
[Antec 900] best drive placement
Some questions about TT Armor 8430 and 8433
Which case should i use?
Cleaning brushed aluminum
Need a vent for my side panel. Advice?
What do You think is Better for my new PC?
Question about the CM Cosmos S case
case and power supply help
Customizing my new Thermaltake Armor+ case (lots of pics!)
I Need Help Finding a Case
Making my case quieter
Looking for a reasonable case for watercooling
Great Deal on decent 400 Watt PSU
Looking for a Lian Li.....
holesaw for modding case, need advice
Lian LI DVD/CD Bezels on a Silverstone TJ09?
cm stacker psu
Thinking about changing to Thermaltake Armor+ case . . . Any thoughts / suggestions?
Antec 900? Enermax Chakra? Or Something Else?
Thiddy needs a case
exhanging the mid fan in a tj10 case
Smallest ATX PC case
Bought a used case for $4, need info on the PSU
Lian Li Rubber Grommets
New case time. Any thoughts?
Stacker Side fan Bracket?
Cooler Master Centurion 5 Case
New Mobo does not fit old case
CoolerMaster Cosmos S case - very happy
Antec P180 and GA-P35DS3L No power light on case
issues choosin a case
Recommendations on a small case?
Antec 900 case and power supply fitting
Roomy case needed for 5 hard drives
looking for a new case
Do you think Nvidia will produce an ESA case adapter
Good choice for a case?
Monolith Case Parts?
Lian Li PC-P80
need advice on a case
Sick Case
Antec 900 (Feedback Please)
Is it sad that I am going to change OUT of my stacker
Quick question and advise for a new case !!!
P180 Mini
Need new case for 30$ or less
Need good case under 60 pounds/120dollars?
Do I need to use primer if painting the inside of case
Open case tech stations
NZXT Rogue Case Review
looking for a new pc case
Good case for dual-fan radiator/heatercore?
water cooling cases
Ehem...I can't remove my side panel (Antec 900)
Cosmos S Case Review
how to remove top panel and psu cage from stacker 810
What heatsink can i run in this case?
Case suggestions for a full tower case?
Antec P182 side window w/ pics
Case + Vapo
List your case for dual video card set ups
2X EVGA 8800GTX + P182 Case
Antec 900 side fan? Blow in or out?
any good antec 900 mods...
8800 GTS G92 + antec 900 case
Case Choice
Who made your PSU? [Answers inside!]
Aluminum Case... Bad Idea?
PSU for a dell XPS 400 case
Align i/o shield on mobo jacks or install in case first?
LIAN LI PC-V1000B Plus II Question
Case panel alterations
lian li
Need Advice on a new case + Power supply for my new build
picking a case for my build
Small ATX Cases?
in need of new case
Possible Case Mod On This Lame Rosewill?
lian li v2000 help
Casters or something for case
looking for new case
Need Case Suggestions for my Pentium 3 System
Question: Antec 500w earthwatts + Nine Hundred case
Chieftec Dragon
Antec 900
Looking for a FULL TOWER case, need suggestions
Antec 900 is it good?
Good Case
Coolermaster Elite 340 Case
~$150 ATXE Tower cases
Lian-Li's CES 2008 cases...
Anyone know of any Antec or Thermaltake cases with a removable MOBO tray?
Cases to support large radiators?
I need a Rackmount gaming case
Thermaltake Case Help
choice between 2 gaming cases
clear cases
Which case
Airflow for CM690 case....Need suggestions plz.
Using a power supply to power Antec 900 fans
which case
el cheapo case
Antec 900 Specs?
Case or external enclosure for lots of hard drives?
Roomy PC Case for my ASUS P5E
Looking for a new case
Antec Gaming 900 or Rocketfish Full Tower?
torn between 2 cases
Will the Corsair 750TX power supply fit the Antec 900?
New case help
Antec 900 vs CM690
Antec 900 w/ PC Power & Cooling 750
new case for a new system?
The best mATX case?
Looking for a mini case for atx
LIAN LI PC-V1100BPlus II Black [PICS]
Keeping Your Case Clear
Raidmax smilodon case
Have you seen the Xaser IV ?
Looking for a Computer case..
Antec 900, the + and - wires
Silverstone Kublai KL-02 case
CM690 or Antec 900?
Best case for 50 dollars?
What Case?
Case VS Spec*
case that locks
Plastic PC case, some assembly required.
Cases for the ladies
Ugh. Any Full Tower case suggestions?
any recommendation of a small mid-tower/mATX case that holds 6 HDD??
Is a case necessary?
RaidMax Smilidon Any Good?
I need a cheap and beefy case
need a case with more fans... read this..
Silverstone case quality?
Watercooling noob needs a new case!
Tribute Case Build, case advice
Look at the case I just picked up:)
Jpac case my $0.02 review
Help identifying older Antec case
Will a A8N5X FIT IN A Xaser II
CM stacker 830 Good price?
New build using Lian-Li PC7B Plus II pics.
Case Help Please
New case, new theme
120m/m Yate Loon UV fans.
Suggestions on cases
Interesting "industrial" style case from Thermaltake
Plz recommend case and psu for new rig
Top of Antec 900
Water cooled PC in an Apple G5 case
Modded Lian Li pcv1000 + Extreme cooling!
Cheap Aluminum case that doesn't look retarded?
Looking for a new large case
New rig, Lian Li PC-7S chassis
Need a cheap case
RAIDMax Case and EVGA MOBO question
My first case ever
Best/Cheapest place to find this case?
Need a new Case & PS for Gaming Rig...Which?
Lian Li 1200plus vs 1100plus
CM 690 or Antec 900?
Case with watercooling installed
New PC case and ps question
Potential HTPC case on the horizon - plausability/ideas?
Antec 900... 38mm front intake fans?
Antec 900 Question
Pretty interesting budget case
ID10T Error - Lost the Keys to My Case
Thoughts on a HTPC case
case modding, what to use for side panel?
I feel dumb...case fans won't start.
New Case Suggestions
Carputer Case
Have you seen this case?
What are a few good functional cases & PSU?
Cases recommendation for water cooling
"shuttle" cases
I present to you the world's best case.
I know I just got my CM690, but this case is calling me.
Bet you never seen this case - what do you think?
Case Mod Project: What To Do? Help
case styling
High-cooling, low noise case that fits 8800gtx
Build My Own Case?? Help? New to this!
Diamond Plate Steel Cube Case Project
Upside down Corsair 620 in an Antec 900, dust collector?
Whats another basic sheet metal case company or specific model like Lian-Li??
antec 900 replacement fan?
ATX Cube Case
Help Deciding On A Case
How expensive is it to ship a case?
New Case
Cases that come with a powersupply?
antec 900
Ati Case.
Anywhere to order a bag of assorted case screws
HTPC case question
good case
Silverstone TJ-09 vs CM Stacker 830 Evo
cooling better then case??
Looking for a coooooooool case...
Is this case Hot or Not
"The" greatest case ever....
Wood Case
New Case
cases that can house 2 PC's
I need a big cheap well made case
Question regarding Antec 900
case creating a short
a Lian Li case a little shorter than PC-65B?
Benchmarking Case
Lian Li V1000 Questions
fan controllers on an Antec 900
Suggested case and psu for midrange rig?
Planning on modding case, looking for ideas
Dual PSU cases
One case fan came broken.....
Looking for case suggestions.
Ok, so my case airflow sucks.... Could I get some help? :)
Stacker 830 question
You want a good Case!!
You want a good Case!!
open case -> more or less dust?
Reccomendations on cases/PSU's.
I just bought a used case for my q6600 rig. Be the judge!
Quietest case...
P180 case/fan mod
Macintosh Cases
Looking for a new case