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case modding
WC Rig: Lian-li PC75B vs v1000B
this case is screaming "buy me!" except for one problem
I need an big case
In the Market for a new case
Help a member Case Selection Team
Dual 120mm on a Lian-li PC65 top?
what is the cheapest case you can recommend with these features?
decent tower case
Lian Li PC-777
lian li v1000 plus
Simple, elegant lian mod for oc air cooling
This case will rock my cooling world
Would this fit my chieftec dragon case?
Gigabyte 3d-Aurora case review
Silverstone Temjin TJ05 and p5ld2
My new Antec p180 case mod, adding an air duct!
Adding 5.25" bays to a case
multi-mobo case ideas needed
Building your own case
Dell cases
can't find info on lian li V1100 - help
POWMAX 601 Case w 450 Watt PSU
Paint Inside Case
phase case
Fixing the warped door on an Antec P180
Cheap Case. What do you think?
Stacker 810 case connections???
case replacement for my ufo cube
an good looking HTPC case?
Fans in a Stacker 830
Antec Truepower II 550 in Lian Li V1000
Mesh case.
Running a mobo without a case
Lian Li PC6x Front Cover Parts
cube case, where to buy
RAIDMAX Scoprio 668
Antec P180 w\ WCed Presler
whats the very best water cooling case
Temjin TJ07 compatiple with Lian parts????
Looking for classic design black case.
CM Stacker 810 + A8N-SLI Premium + Seasonic S12-500
Are there any really good brands of clear acrylic cases?
Need help building an Aluminum Case
Those of you with an armor case
Next Case??
My New case
cheapest rackmount case?
is there an case like this one
Case selection
observations on air cooling for CM stacker
Let's play a new round of ID this case.. 56k beware!
Spire Mid ATX case purchase
Case Painting
what and who makes this case?
Has Anyone tried Case Quieting Foam?
Any good cases with removable motherboard trays anymore?
What Case is this?
lian li pc60
Media center cases and low volt power supplies
Case Studies (Pun intended LOL)
My new case and power supply
Grounding case from ESD, please help.
HELLLP Case/PSU combo Quiet/cool. Looks don't matter
Painting inside of case
Good way to clean inside of case
Same Old Case Question
What Case Does VoodooPC Use?
Lian-Li PC-880
Case Temp Testing on CPU & MB
Case Suggestions Please!?!?!?!
Post your Wire-Managed Pics
Looking for QUIET case for HTPC
Looking for inside pics of TT Armor and CM Stacker
What micro-atx case?
Another case that I am interested in.
HT Cases
Antec P180, how to remove bottom fan?
So.....I was thinking about building a new system, and needed a new case
I need a case
PSU + Case Information
I'm trying to find a particular case...
New Lian Li Cases!
holy cow look at the fans on this case!
Thinking about going Shuttle...
I have this case, is it ok?
Possible Antec P180 improvement ?
New (spacious) case
can cm stacker be gotten in black?
just ordered a new case...opinions?
Case Buying
Laptop Chassis
Silverstone ST56ZF w/ A8N-SLI in Antec P180
SGI 540 full tower case, ATX?
Need some help finding a case
taking the plunge, buying a better case/cpu for cooling
Orange CCFL and 4-LED 120mm Fans?
Cooler Master Stacker 830
Where do i Buy a Harddrive Cage Like the Antec P180 has.
Anyone had any experience with these cases?
Recommend some cases with good cooling
Lian Li V1100? what do you guys think??
powestream not fitting into lian li
reliable cases for ATX mobo - mod ok.
? On Antec slk2650 case
Whats the best lian li case for the $$
Anyone know what psu brand IN-Win uses in their cases?
thinking about a new case
Case Help
Case / Mobo Compatibility
Need your advice for a case
Reverse Case Side Panel?
lian-li v1000+ w/c mods
Anyone with an acrylic case?
case shorting out MB?
can you get cm stacker with clear sidepanel?
Raidmax Rx-9 Gt
Lian Li CDROM bezels on a Kingwin KT-424
Qpack case , power supply
NZXT Lexa and OCZ PowerStream
Power needs for UFO case, X1900XT + OC
Lian Li PC-60 Motherboard Mounting Screws
A case for water cooling
Thermaltake Tsunami VA3000BNA Case
Can Someone Recommend a Case?
Looking for a new case.
Air Conditioned Case?
lian li home theater case
case decisions again
Carbon Fiber Case
Coolest Case EVER!!
Need 400-500 watt power! maybe new case!!
Full Tower ATX Case
Cheiftec/Chenming case owners
original Stacker in a BTX style mount
Antec P160, or another case? Advice please?
CM stacker 12cm fan (the one it came with)
cool towery case remote thingy...anybody?
Who Makes "Rosewill" cases?
Modding COOLER MASTER Stacker 830
Aspire X-infinity front panel lights going dim
Side Panel Of Case Will It ... ******
Where to put the hd in a cm stacker w/ front mounted bix3?
Do i need to get a new case for build?
Most spacious case
case design question
How to make your case cooler
New PSU/Case
Reverse a CM stacker with ATX boards?
And only the case was left....
pcie adapter and case question
Anyone have the new stacker yet?
Is there a case like this?
Where do you get your Lian Li side panels from?
Neat case mod.
Nice case/first build
lian li v2000b vs. 2100b
Lian-Li Warrior... HUH?
CM stacker owners come on in
Stacker question
Tiny case and quiet psu for ghetto Tivo
Looking for a new case
Need help finding case+PSU combo for brother.
Designing a case
new case no idea which
Modding a DELL Server case?
aspire dreamer case?
PS + case fitting ?
Antec P180 +....
Stacker window
Need Case Advice
Lian Li's 7 that looks like a 6 literaly
New case! Pics!
Case Info Needed
SFF Case & PSU
case side?
Antec p180 fan direction placement for best cooling
Which case reccomended for my system
Cutting holes in case
Case suggestions?
aspire x-superalien problem
Recommend me a case for watercooling
What do you think of these cases
Thinking of new case
TT Armor vs CM Stacker
CM Stacker 830 vs Lian Li V2100 vs TT Tai Chi...Best for Water Cooling ?
Lian Li question
Getting a new case
50-90$ well cooled case?
Thermaltake Xaser WinGo V7000C
New Lian-Li PCV1000B power button problems..
How does this case stack up to the Centurion 5 or other cases?
making the case stfu
Is this a good case for my rig?
The coolest case I have ever seen. Check it out!
Picking a new case need help
Will a Lian Li V1100 or V1000 fit a complete Water Cooling System ?
What's a decent case that's $50-60?
New PC, Best Case!
Case Like CM Stacker But Mid Tower?
Personal Opinions on the look of my case? CMStacker, Picture inside...
Looking to buy new case/ <---$150
first time case build
Lian Li PC-75 Fan arangement
Strange switching device on my new Stacker
Need Help Picking a Case for Black Ice Pro 3
Pcp&c 1k w/ cm stacker
Good Places to Buy/Research Cases?
Stacker Parts
Good case for use with Audigy 2 ZS front panel?
Roomy cheap alu case?
QUCIK !! Changing Cases !! Will I have to Re-Install?
lian li v1000 screws
Anybody have a Lian Li V1100 ?
how do i hide a hole on my case
Opinions of this case?
anybody modded the Lian Li PC 61 USB??
Need an aluminum good cooling case for under $100
lian li pc 75b case feet
insulate mobo from case floor -material?
The traditional "recommend me a case" thread...
Good cheap case?
Case PSU combo? budget :(
New build in a TT Tsunami case
CM Stacker 830 vs Lian Li 1100 vs Silverstone TJ07 ?
CM Stacker Owners! Post Pics!
Case and PSU , on a budget
Armor vs Stacker
Which direction for case fans ?
What PSU and case to choose?
Best case for cable management and aluminum
Lian Li V2000A: Flipped!
Powersupply for a D.Vine D5 case ???
Look for a good case
Luxor Pyramid Case
Anybody add a 120mm blowhole into their Lian Li V1000 ?
Need PSU and Case recommendations...:)
Shuttle SN25P
Getting new comp for christmas. But need expert advice on a case
Need alu case recommendations.
Sweet. Comp. case will be xmas gift. Need suggestions for case! :)
CM Stacker using BTX mode
Lian Li 6070 Questions
Plz suggest a good case/psu for my application.
Lian Li V1000B vs Antec P180 ?
Micro ATX case with full size ATX PSU?
multi PSU cases
Lian Li vs regular
plexiglass case
I need a cool, quiet case....What should I get ?
ATI Silencer 5 in a shuttle, Looks cool.
Lian Li PC-V1200B
Heads up on the Antec P180
Temjin TJ07
Does such a case exist?
NZXT lexa? wow awsome case
120 fans vs 80mm fans.
Need help finding a specific case...
Lian-Li 1000B + OCZ Powerstream + A8N32
Is the CM Cavalier a decent case?
Time for a new case, help me pick one!
Where to find a good selection of computer cases?
Antec p180 help please!
I need a Slim Case for P3 Slot 1 media centre .
A very nice silent case
size of sleeving used for fans
Antec P180 ok with my Antec TP2-550 ?
two PSUs that I want to install into my Thermaltake Armor case
Here are the choices. Which Case will it be?
Thermaltake Xaser and fan questions
Anyone ever buy cases from ZZF (zipzoomfly.com)?
I need help with a case
Recommend me a case!
Plexi-case static & ground question
Optinions on Lian-LI PC-V2000B
Thermaltake Armor Va8000bws Full Tower Case
stacker rc810 question
New Rig, PSU and Case Are All That's Left
lian li v1000b with watercooling
Need a new Full-Tower case - plz advise
Antec Case Spare Parts
Quite Cases
Got my SkyHawk case today...not bad at all!
Reccomend a Case
recommend me a case? (& PSU)
Is this a good case
Lian Li PC-v1200plus for a quiet workstation
watercooling case suggestions?
TT cases any good?
Anyone with Gigabyte 3D Aurora Case PLEASE respond. Will dual 120mm RAD fit INSIDE?
Case fans not working with controller...
Lian v2000b vs. plus
How do I build a comp without a case?
Antec P180 + OCZ PowerStream + Abit AV8
Case Suggestions?
Lian-li replacement feet
anyone here have the aerocool mastige case?
Case noise dampening
Lian Li PC-75B
will micro atx motherboards work with shuttle cases or so you need a special mobo?
will my hsf fit in this case ?
Antec P180 5 and a quarter bays
Pics of an installed system in CM Stacker 810?
Pros And Cons about Acrylic Cases
Case and PSU
Need a new "quiet" case
Lian Li PC-V2100 question
Antec P180
In need of a new case...
Lian-Li PC777(the odd one) quality??
lian li v2100 features?
New case I want, Lexa
Which case??
Fans on the SUPER LANBOY
Need a case...
Mesh ATX case for < $50
Painted inside case
I love these cases
Using an AT Based Case with an ATX PSU and Mobo
PROJECT MINOTAUR: My own custom-designed custom-built PC Case
"Looker" cases
choosing a good case for big typhoon
Cooler Master RC-810-SSN1 Stacker 810
microatx mobo in atx case
Asus A8N-SLI in G5 case
Nice case?
Case blues... Need a new one
Is this a good case
acrylic cases tips please
Case windows
PVR case.
Cheap computer case resources?
Hard drive case/rack like this one exist?
Needing a Server Case
Case Fan clips
New case is coming:D
Case Selection
witch is the better case ?
Danger Den wood case?
RaidMax Samurai?
starting to look at new cases
Case mod question
Any Knockoff's or Similar to Lian Li v1000/2000 Series
Cases with built-in wc setups?
Need help on building a case.
Pictures of my poor man stacker (Aerocool Masstige)
New Coolermaster Chassis
Lian LI V1000B or PC-7077B?
P-180 vs. my current case
Everyone's opinion is needed, case question.
Coolmaster Stacker 810 or 830
Looking for new case for a build... Help me out
favorite cases
Silverstone SST-SG01 or ASPIRE X-QPACK
Most original case
Another Case
smallest case for atx mobo?
Q on Case i Ordered and if My Rad will Fit
Need a cooling idea for a new case (pics)!
"reverse" atx cases?
Review for Sunbeam AC-T Transparent Case
What is this "INT short open" wire in my case?
TT Armor case fan questions
Case Bonanza
Dual psu cases
Any guides/tips for cutting holes in your case?
Stacker 810 in Canada?
any better case than this for sub $100?
Antec SuperLan case
Lain li v1000 worst case ever
case / psu
My Antec P180 Wiring Job
cm 810 stacker arrived
Looking for a optimal air flow case. 150 or less budget.
Aspire X-Cruiser Metal Case
CM Stacker Owners! How do You add 120mm fan on bottom front of case?
How to get a dell case without stuff inside?
CM Stacker Owners!
Raidmax 450W from X-1 case enough for simple build?
cm stacker owners
Front panel cables for Raidmax case
My finished case
Display cases for 20 inch lcd monitor: ideas?
CM Stacker 810 .. where to get in black
dual psu in a lian li v2000
the Tai Chi case from TT
Review for a case
is this a good case.....
Computer Case
Antec P180 Galeries
new lian li case ?
Smallest ATX case?
Media cases, any experience?
What tool to use to cut through a steel case?
Ugly case
Antec p180 question
I need a good watercooling case.
Anyone get the Stacker 810 yet?
Best-Air Cooled Case?
help deciding a case
Desktop Case Opinions
Case/PSU and other questions
Rate my PC Case Mod!!!
Need help, quick case question?
Please help me choose a case
antec P180 and xp-120
Lian-li discussion
Cheap Acrylic case
New case for UNI
more space in my case..................
Cases, for the little guy
New case with good cooling?
Lian Li Cases
Case suggestions?
Need a case and psu suggestion
Server Case for gaming?
miniatx into atx case
What case for university?
Clear Case pics inside, need help find some matching accessories
Very hard to find case...
calling all case experts - newbie needs help
Question for the Antec p180 owners
Best case for airflow?
xion case light question
Cm Stacker
Aerocool Masstige - Poor mans Stacker?
Any cases that will hold BIX3 radiator internally?
Raidmax Astro and Storm cases, Need Help
Need help with picking out a case
Quesion for owners of the Lian Li V1000
Hmm....never considered this case.
Good case for WCing?
OCZ Modstream Worries on new build (and dremel mod with lian li case)
Absolute cheapest case you know of...
Chieftec versus Fortron 550W...
Lian-Li PC-65B Question
Question for Silverstone Temjin TJ05 (or other) owners...
Antec P180 Question
Best Bang for buck psu and case
Which case and power supply?
info on this case
Need help choosing case
Antec SLK3000B Case: show me your mods!
New Case
which case should I get
lian li fan connectors
Might get a new case
How 'bout a cool case I don't need a U-Haul to move.
Mid Tower case with dual 120 openings on top?
Help, I Think I am missing parts from the cm stacker.
Stacker module problems
I have a question about re-wiring my case.
Want to Get a New Case
new lian li
I got an official release date on the new CM Stacker 810!
Stacker different versions?
New case, Spiral Galaxies, Magic 3D, other? ($100)
Good case for water cooling?
looking to spend around 140 on a case
case ventilation question
Nice new case
In need of a case with good cooling options under $100...
Professional case mods
Case for $50....Is it worth it?
Who else thinks that this case is weird...
Lian li v1200b wiring problems
Replacing my PSU...will it fit in my case?
good case?
Raidmax Cobra
The ultimate case
Looking for a case with 2x120mm
RAIDMAX Scorpio 668W Front Fan Filters???
Acrylic case
Case Suggestions
Materials For custom case design, including polymers
Better case feet...
Fans in P180?
Looking for a particular case...
Shuttle XPC PSUs
good alternative to CM Stacker?
Fitting a Sunbeam Rheobus in a case with "Tool-less" design??
Waxing my case
gigabyte 3d aurora gz-fsca1-ans/(anb)pc case
Antec SOHO case Mod.
Case Building
Pcp&c PSU and lian li v series cases
Buying new case opinions?
What Case To Buy?
Chieftec Dragon
A case just a HAIR bigger than the Lian Li Pc 65
What Is Your Case Made Of?
Need this case help!
Need a Recommendation on a Simple Case
Antec Titan 550 vs Lian Li V2000
Revised Stacker (Not Stacker 2)
Question on my Lian Li Pc-65.
Thoughts on ASPIRE...
mounting an atx board in a case from 1997