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In need some assistance...
Seti at work down.
New to Folding
Battle for top SETI Computer
Getting back into crunching...Astropulse running slow?
Version downgrade?
Enable Both Cores
ownload failed?
bang for buck CUDA? advice?
work units not validating at berkley now??
OC folding team is just days away from getting knocked out of the Top 3
SETI cuda w/ 3x GPUs?
AP V5 has been velly velly good to me
Ok, stupid question
what the hell is wrong with berkely now?!?!?
Optimized apps question
Decisions to be made
couple of questions
I'm back on the forum!
Linux cuda
GPU Crunching Overclocking?
Fold or Crunch??
Nearing 10k RAC!!
Crunching with only cuda?
Weird BOINC issue..
Can I run cuda on a geforce while using a radeon for graphics?
cant get my second gpu to work with seti
Two 5K Machines
Congratulations to the OC SETI Team
Boinc + optimizations help
CUDA V10 supports multiple GPU's
This is why I carry a large WU Cache
CUDAV9 released
Cuda working great!!!
Join us for the "March Madness" Folding Contest
Running CUDA with a PCI video card
Oooh, what do we have here?
CUDA + SSE2 released
CUDA/video card performance?
BOINC 6.6.4 now available
Optimization for SSE3 AMD on CUDA
[AF>HFR>RR] ThierryH how'd he get that RAC
Skeletor is back online!
how can i merge 2 accounts?
Update on Cuda RAC
Team join links aren't working in the stickies.
P II looking good so far for Seti.
Anything besides ourselfs
Really like my RAC on my I7
User of the day!
Atom 330
Crunching AP and seeing a low RAC? Here is why:
Updated CUDA client being released
Windows 7 and BOINC
Milestones 2009+
New Seti GPU Processing Problem?!
Problem getting BOINC to use both GPU and CPU
I need of some help!
One quad down
9-year anniversary comeback
Seti Servers down?
Missed a deadline!
Wanted to make sure I got the right optimizer
Father Newegg delivering toys tomorrow
SETI@Home CUDA GPU client released
Low RAC with SSSE3 SETI Optimizer
Pictures of my new custom water cooling rig(not 56K friendly!)
Pulling the plug ...
i7 RAC?
Can I use my nVidia GPU for Seti?
SETI featured on t.v
Seti newby
New SETI member!
Running out of work again.
When were the last time we...
Setup my first quadcore rig :)
Pulling the plug
Why I hope the search for ET life finds nothing
Windows BOINC vs. Linux
Astropulse optimizations, Should You?
No King's Gauntlet this year?
AstroPulse Optimizer!
how much RAC does a stock E6600 worth??
Stock speed...E6600 vs X2 5600?
Atom 330?
not getting any work?
OK. Time to get back in...
Cracked 50K
Congrats Razor
Congrats Mud
where are my stats?
Reclaiming the RAC
****ty Crunch
XS Nehalem crunch thread
anyone running e1200/e1400 celerons?
Congrats K Rider
Congrats btoups
Congrats Hahn's PCs
What Happened To Eaglescotter?
My Rac will go down
New Processor in the farm.
Congrats ocfolders
Congrats boox2
Congrats Svirfnebli
Congrats Razor
hey everbody, I'mBaaaack!
A new rig
Return member with problem
Finally found a way to lock the affinity of each unit automatically :)
Congrats Mud
Don't forget...
Decrease in RAC
im coming over to the dark side maybe.
New Member
What do the computers actually do for SETI?
Back in the game!
New Cruncher coming online this weekend
107 hour WU??
So, got tired of the F@H problems...
cpu question
Small WUs?
SETI Avatar Finals
RAC E1200 Celly?
new boinc install, cant find apps folder
Why do WU's hang?
E6600 AK_v8.0_Win32_SSSE3x?!
We Sank The Pirate Fleet!
AstroPulse not running
Projects: SETI@home Astropulse: A Fresh Look at the Skies in Search of E.T.
new to seti got a question
How to (legally) Cheat with BOINC
The odometer rolls to 200,000,000
Masive Client Errors
Command Line won't work?
Within striking distance .. Cmon step it up!
Dropping like a rock
Back again
New Toy
New SETI Avatar ...?
Pirate love inside.
I heard from my Senator...
Units not uploading
no WU's?
Milestone changes
No work?
Multiple P4 3.06 HT or some quads ?
New version of BOINC, Change to Optimization Process
Grr.. Un optimizable Q6600 .. Are there registry settings?
New type of Seti@Home WU & App coming .. Astropulse!
OC SETI Website: Help Wanted
My Poor RAC!!
I'm Back
Servers down ...?
The future of Arecibo Observatory is threatened!
[IT'S ALIVE!]Lost a machine.
linux 32bit vs 64bit
Pending credit
Japan has its priorities in the right place!
Shutting Down (more than likely)
The point average, what's it based on?
Is this right? (wu proccessing time)
Upgrading 4 new machines .. Dollar/Credit check please
Adak, calling you out!
Atom and seti, you might be suprised....
cant get new WU's anyone else?
Ok, anyone in New Mexico who can load Seti for us on this?
quick q for setup
SETI and Cache
Lost a hard drive
RAC Watch - The OC SETI juggernaut
get that extra quad cruncher with intels retail edge !
Linux optimising help
Temporarily offline
I'm back
SETI Nicknames ...
Welcome to two new members: Jerry F & Tristan!
GPU crunching still possible?
Mictlan says "hi"
Is quietice on Mars?
What's this race in November?
A big demotion for QuietIce!
Welcome to another new member: Pixie
What FORMER team did you crunch for?
Installing ascom driver + platform on my lappy?
added a new laptop to my seti home :)
testing Linux vs Windows RAC
CONGRATS Eaglescouter! 5,000,000 Million Credits!
Hello again and a Question
OK, time to start owning :)
Holy Cow! We're about to cross 400,000 RAC!
help me build the ultimate seti cruncher..
User of the day
Why my quad rig's RAC is so low?
My experience with AK_v8
Why crunch for SETI?
havent crunched in a while..
Ran into a SETI Genius...
is it safe to run seti 24/7 q6600`
Howdy Crunchers!
How is this possible?
New Seti millionnaire
Avitar Change
I'm now part of seti@overclockers.com
Welcome to another new member Bmill!
Am I reading this right?
Target Acquired: #5 in the WORLD in RAC
Dear God .. Is it possible .. Could we actually reach top 4 by RAC??
Target Acquired: #6 in the WORLD in RAC
Optimized apps for OSX?
Target Acquired: #7 in the WORLD in RAC...
Welcome to another new member: SnDm3MnY
AK v8 is out!!
Windows vs Linux
100mv Vdroop? Bad board or PSU?
Does my RAC seem right?
Boo . Yah .
Taking a break
Im off seti. :(
Overclockers.com SETI Team Stats Updates
New Member Razorface
What the hell!?
Free GPU coolers 7900 GTO/GTX
Chimp Challenge '08
nikhsub takes 1st place in both RAC & Total Credits!
Ranking on team?
Yay q600 behaving itself now
Servers down?
Coming back
AK app
Intra Team Race
What kind of RAC will a ... put out?
What do I have to do to...
old member wanting to come back...
Question to SETI farmers with Q6600 machines
aargh, down again!
Vista 64 and Seti
Optimized clients?
SETI featured in the OCF Podcast
Top User
Back from the dead
Preview for the cheaper Yorktown procs.
Best efficiency, aka watts per RAC
Worth a shot, need help with parts.
2nd Rig Problems
Computation Errors
Old member returning to SETI and the hobby
Sweet, I have a second rig crunching.
Client issue???
Back online...
Intel runs S@H in their top secret office
It's time to return the favor
Pending Credit!
Worldwide Telescope
What if...?
Do I have the top E6400 on SETI? o.O
Short WU's ?
S@H GPU Client - NV 8XXX+
Most optimal way of running BOINC and F@H on the same computer?
Scientists Tuning Very Large Array Radio Telescope for Deeper Exploration.
One more time...
New member :D
Graphics under Ubuntu?
No uploads for 5 days...
New machine to the farm !!
just loaded BIONIC for the first time
Upgrade time
Well, it only took just under 5 years, but..
Ok, looking for some advice on a build
My Phenom is evil
Want to trade: RAC for a waffles or what.cd invite
uhg~ cruncher problem help plz?
Minimal parts for Q6600 cruncher ...
Help Wanted: Playstation 3 Porter
Just a special mention to a special someone :)
Not a bad day, added a Quad, a Core2Duo, and a P4
Out of Commision...
Hello 2....
Need to build a new system to crunch with...
One down 2 to go, 1 coming up behind me!
Looking for a stat site with fairly specific graphs
Farm equipment available in classifieds
Problem with boinc on ubuntu 6.06
RAM Disk
Stupid questions .. Has anyone ever considered a team merge?
Strange graphs
SETI Folks wanted on the OCF Podcast
Virtual Machines
SETI Doesnt suspend while pc is in use, even though its set to
a nice Race at Spinhenge
Has anybody got BOINC working properly on OS X Leopard?
Calling slimm....
New machine
Added a few machines to the crunch
Darn hard drive on laptop.
Whats with all the high priority WU's?
News from the SETI Project
A big yearly thanks to Eaglescouter & Quietice
I just checked and..
Cost Productive Solutions?
Folder joining the Team.
Starting the New Year Right
SETI GPU crunching on G8x
wanting to join, problem with links
Optimizations for your seti client
PS3 vs Intel Q6600 PC
speaking of rocket boosters!
Coming to an end
How do I get Seti running on my PS3 ?
Harpertown Upgrade Worth It?
so I walked into costco today ...
Optimized BOINC client
Computation Error
Another Team Bites the Dust!
xp -> vista RAC
What is good time for completing a work unit ?
No SSE3 optimized client for AMD ?
Minus 1 rig
Huh? Team changes?
Hi There!
Scheduled project outage 11/29
pending credit....
Cant report work on 1 machine
How does one become "SETI Team Member"
SETI going offline for maintanence Monday
G4 optimized client?
SETI Gauntlet- Results and Thanks
Back in Action!
Gauntlet horsepower on hold. We need SETI linux help, pls.
Help Need with BOINC client d/l for Ubuntu 6.10
Red Alert!
been a reaaaaallllllllyyyy long time since i ran seti so...
High Priority?
My nemesis, Drshiva
Help Please
i'm baaAaack !
8:18pm Pacific Time, Eaglescouter crosses 3,000,000 Creds! WOOT
SETI is getting interesting now
Gauntlet Upgrades List, including optimizations
installing seti on linux...
WOOT! Officially past Team Art Bell!
The Aricebo message
Moving a BOINC install.
Crunching - CPU Speed vs. Ram Speed
Run BOINC from a flash drive?
Who are the Top 20 by RAC?
At the end of today...
Computation Error???
Linux Queue
BOINC service stops
Production will go down
XP x64 can't download work
Diffrence in 64bit vs 32bit?
Noob questions
Seti linux question
Understanding credits .. question
P4 upgrade power efficiency.
Seti on a Mac Mini?
Calling all SETI Crunchers, Old and New
ROFL at this stat.
Good stats sites
Server status!
Did I do this right?
Flag of Earth to Fly Again
E6600 w/ Seti.. Do you consider it 2.4 or 4.8?
Allen Telescope Array Begins Scientific Observations
Nikhsub1 takes first for weekly average production
Approximate performance with E6600?
Project offline until Mid Day 9-Oct
Would you upgrade to a Q6600 just for SETI?
What do I need to get started in seti?
Slow rigs...Is it worth it?
hey everbody!
Sitting idle?
Astronomers see second Earth in the making
Can a client install be cloned? + some planning q's
Returning Favor need setup help
So I hear you guys need a hand? :)
Crunching time between X86 and X64?
A little help getting started
Hope you guyz...
Kings Gauntlet 2007
http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ been Slow or unreachable??
Question about boinc
Moving work units
Show us your crunching rigs/layers!
SETI Website!
I'm on the search now
I found a Little Green Man!!!
The view from up here
SETI and the command line...
System memory bandwidth and crunching speed
Team Web Site and Domain
2 Million!
minimum amount of ram used for seti
Is there a problem with...
its only running 1 client??
New cruncher online.. keep online 24/7?
optimized question
RAC keeps dropping?
oc seti
38 hour + WU?
Sorry to type this, but...
advice on CPU upgrade
I must be dumb
Home LAN security
Fold or Crunch?
Dave's mega antivirus test
PS3 now able to fold!!!!
France Releases UFO Files
Coming back for the nth time
Free pics and then some! Click here!
Hello, and DANG I can't believe I am locked out!!
Configuring 2 dualcore 5120 xeons...how to?
Computation errors
Almost there!
BOINC only uses 2 cores
Mandantory upgrade to Chicken optimized clients
Crunching Milestones ...
New MultiBeam (MB) SETI Client Released
Where is everyone getting their new quads?
SETI Project offline
what are RAC ?
Another great stone for Mictlan.
Large SETI files, anyone?
just joined but...
Did I read somewhere ...
Active members?
3 Million Club
Pxe diskless boot
Seti q6600 anyone
BOINC Security
diskless, headless crunchers ??
Turion TL56 blazing fast in seti boinc
SETI- No uploads- No downloads - for now.
Seti on cf card
Team Art Bell VS Team OverClockers.Com
SETI gadget
The ugly side of crunching...
Optimized seti client
How do we get people active in the forum?
Seti on ps3 without linux
linux vs windows
Would a 630, perform better then a celeron 420
Linux x64/boinc setup help needed!
Aricebo funding to drop
Adopt-a-rig sub-forum
Optimized Client for AMD
What are you gonna do about it???
Get your post 7/22 quad prices NOW!!
How to efficiently crunch SETI
Not spamming but if you have ever wondered...
Our Team world ranking
quad VS dual intel?
I ... am .... back .....
Like a rocket to the moon!
New faces in todays top 20
How many machines are you using to Crunch SETI?
Windows XP x64 w/ bonic 64
Joining our SETI Team? Report here for duty
Production taken a hit.
what is Seti
Lost and Found, where have these crunchers gone?
SETI Presentation in Redding CA
Back after long time away
Tyrinon, better tune up the Farm!
New member of your team
Top 100! Now help me get my Avatar!
Seti at the the end....
International Team Announces Discovery of 28 New Exoplanets
SETI@Home for PS3 Linux
has anyone else tried the benching bonanza?!
Cluster client?