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New Here
Benchmark updated
Next Raffle
2 new crunchers YAY!!!!!!
Time to shake things up!
Zero AR Unit
New challenge graph (09/08/2002)
main cruncher dead
attn Landshark
We got ca$h!!
Team Site Stats......partly....
New additions to the farm
Benchie result update will be delay!!
Disturbing news from Ars.
anotherone bites the dust
Revealed cheats
Can some one check the classifieds for me?
mirc problems?
Just checking my class.
da pimp is no more...
Where'd AMDMB Get all those wu
new comp, new nick
Basher: Question about Daily Stats
Team Statistics
Slug machine problems...Please help...
XtremeSystems Seti@Home Folks here
I Need To Download
New challenge graph (05/08/2002)
Help With Seti
I'm buying the drinks!
All S@H folks please read and give me your thoughts.
SETI On a Windows 3.1??? Possible??
Seti Project Killed before it was born.
My next cruncher
New mile stone
Welcome JWS and hardass
Step by Step.
Scheduled Server Maintenance
3045 wu's today
New cruncher
Can't Stop To Celebrate!
Help me with fastest possible new SETI Cruncher
AS/400 Cruncher
Benchmark updated.....yesterday
Gaussians, Triplets, Pulses, Spikes
SETI/FOLDING cruncher machine business...you thoughts?
I 2x my seti out put
Has the new recruitment campaign been working?
Oh Demont
WINNER of raffle
Anybody alive out there?
I joined the team!
SETI Connectivity Problems
New challenge graph (02/08/2002)
da pimp is on(line)
Bench updated
*Th-thump* "What was that?" "New cruncher."
Ending explorer.exe
My new seti cruncher is HOT!!!
benchmark about to get ROCKED
A little linux script.....
1Yr. B-Day
Crunching for a while....
How can I sneak SETI onto my schools Networked Comps?
Gotta convince someone that SETI is good.
Can we please switch IRC Servers
Could MY P4 Be..... DYING
building another Seti box, opinions please
Star Maps
Bad news, worse news, and something else.
Coming back.
pimpin aint eazy
Quiting Crunching....
Does nebben ever post here?
Goin' back to Cali!
Woop HAPPY B-DAy to ME!!!
Guys! i need some help/advice!!
Seti Banner Ad Rotation
SETI Calculator
Argh... I hate these .0003 AR units!!!
Maximum Process...could ya do more than 1?
Uping my FSB...Should I see a big improvement?
another interesting link
What's wrong with this picture...
All This Unused Power Is Driving Me Insane
Nice banner!
New challenge graph (29/07/2002)
Seti Queue
Newest Member
My CPU isn't at 100 percent when I'm using SETI...Normal?
benchmark page and others mod'ed!
750 WUs, here I come!
Auto Transmit On Seti Driver/I Might Be Gone For 6 Months
Arg V1.1
Interesting SETI anomoly
closing in on 1,000
What should I be getting?
SETI banners
Diskless cluster soon...
ARGH....Went from 3.5hr's Per WU to 5...Need a little help
Out of the top 50
overclockers.com SETI Team banner ad campaign.
*Makes 10 WU dump*
Networked machines?
Way to see all workunits?
New Avatar
is this about right?
looks to be official!
Ok...Hal is Online!!!
NEw Cruncher!
Norton Anti-Virus and SETI@HOME
amd prices going down
Ideas for more exposure for our team
New Challenge graph (26/07/2002)
Powers of Ten
for those farmer wannabe, here's a good deal for u!!
As The Raffle Draws Near....
Seti-spy Stats GONE!!
One of My Machines Had a Baby!
What a spike!!
SETI Queue question
SETI avatars
How many GREEN DOT work units have you gotten
Goodbye to fast P4... hello XP?
Hi there
Wow!! 476 ranks - Formosians (07/21/02)
Subliminal SETI avatar Message
Another question...
Laptop Question
Ultimate WU's output System...
Weekly Stats Up
I want more WU's out of my Celery..Please help
290 wu's today from the Two Norsemen
Welcome to Indysol!
Seti & Mac, whos doing it? and how is it working?
Minimum ram for ramdriving
havnt been crunchin much but...
Vodka314, shall we race?
Really Low Angles
Really bad news and better good news
Anyone using 1066 Ram with 533 FSB?
Gear up team
another 2.0 ghz of crunching power
Rambo Dog Back Home
Appears TC Was RIGHT!
Take a look at how are we doing!!!
Benchmark updated
We hit 1 million already?!
Would that it be true. -Shakespeare?
does this look strange to u?
need some help.....
The Little Spacecraft that Could
Please 'splain 'Top 100 Movers and Shakers'
wow, everyone take a step down for the new top dog...
coming back to Seti.
Callng manrrl
New challenge graph (22/07/2002)
Just thought you seti crunchers might like to see this thread...
Congrats from OcUK
more coverage for the team!!
all right, everyone, pls take a step down!!!
Congratulations Lorixnt2 on today's Yellow Jersey
I may be the new #1 in wu benchmark
More crunching power!!!!
No Weekly Stats Today
? about our output?
What happened to rogerdugans?
1 year baby!!
??? HELP
Tell me It's not so
My SETIQueue
New Milestone (3000)
Number of the Beast
explain this one!
8 Hours for this?
What happens when you forget to check your stats
Inactive Ranks
Long WU Processing Times?!?!
Birthday Beats For Jon and JazzTrumpet216
For Those Using my Queue
Hey Yodums
Happy Days
New Milestone
SETI Drive problems
Unknown Cruncher
Anyone else getting these
Oh, Demont... By the way....
IRC Channel
Ah guys
Thinking about quiting SETI
New Cruncher
Welcome to SSS #2!
Big Gun Joins OCSETITeam
When's the next Team Races?
Anaylizing the top movers and shakers page
not a good week
You're mine jkool!
The New Seti Telescope
W00t!! Finally reached 99.900 percentile!
!!Top 50!!
Been busy
Lose someone?
a bit of harmless taunting from OCUK
You say it's your birthday...
SETI Seniors
Astronomers Hope to Find E.T. in Next 25 Years
MB recommendation or you have MB to sell **LOW SETI content**
Seti on linux
Better make a pot of coffee marge....
New challenge graph (well almost :))
Attention Digital Pimp and Aggies
What is seti?
Help Please
roughly 6 days until I'm in the top 100!!!
Did we loose a team member??
berkely down?
SETISpy: Official Update
Back up to Full production
benchmark page updated
NOTICE to oc seti counter members!
AH! Another personal milestone reached...
Diskless How To Uploaded
Just noticed this...
Weekly Updated
starting up SETI at startup
Anyone Know Where Basher Is?
My Server is Down Briefly
3 Years CPU time!
Spam you DON'T see!
Identical low AR's in a row
building new seti machine need help please
Can't update
I'm happy to present this...
What country are you from?
Seti@home Poll?
Thanks for your help
Venus looks great this week
Give A Gal A Vacation and LOOK What Happens!
More good news
New Cruncher
hey guys, whats up with this?
Come on down to the real Cyber cafe ;)
hail from canada!
Look out you top 50
Diskless Cluster Running
Fastest Windows version?
SEtiqueue question
Will hit 99% today
Benchmark Page ~~ updated!!
Just hit 50
Any Recommended Reading?
On myway to 2500
"Workaround" For SETISpy/Help Please
Great job on web site
No History In SetiSpy
SETIscreen... Anyone?
Help, Linux is killing me.
New to team can i have some help?
So where's the beef?
WTF!!! Anyone else getting bad units?
Greetings from a lurker.
looking for a socket 7 mobo or two
setting priority in seti.
I better take a screen shot...
for your next home computer cluster project
Why Did I Lose My "100" Avatar In The Daily Stats?
went to xp now need help.
weekly stats updated
Drop in WU's
Can you guys help me w/overclocking and testing
Broke 2500
A little comparison
Cheap network adapters for your farm
Are you SETI pure?
can running seti and folding at the same time be dangrous?
using mosix
Wahoo! Broke 10K
SETI@Home Error
Cheap Diskless Seti Crunchers
Got 50, yay
:( I betrayed the Team!!!
I feel like an idiot...lol
I have joined SETI !!!
Overclockers Seti team as a Non-Profit Organization?
Increase In Rank For Inactive Members?
A huge thanks to Burning Phoenix
ack a rogue WU!!
Good news!!!!
Linux and SETi
Hello from Thailand
Horsemen 1 away from 3000
OC Seti Cyber Cafe...Come and get a drink and Frog legz
New time for stats?
duron vrs. celeron
Spread'n the luv!
Bye Bye Blue Jacket
500 Ghz of SETI crunching power, lets count it down!!
500 WUs and still going!
5K wu's and got my self a gift
Why Does My Account Say This?
Just Crunch
Wheres Yodums??
hehe have a read
Weekly Stats Updated
1 year and 6500WUs later!
I Forgot - Sorry Everybody
CPU Dedication?
SETI was crashing my computer
Name List For Contest?
Does more memory help
WU's from 1999???
SETI mention on TechTV
I will be Inactive for a while.
cpu dedication
Benchmark question
seti funding...
The frogs ran away!
Contest Starts Tomorrow - Only 8 Participants
Another Cruncher :D
Made It Too 100! Only 24,900 To Go.
Lost 14 WUs
SETI command Client Speeds? Low, Normal, High?
Bad WU?
Bad WU?
Congratulations TC!
Taking half the farm down
new name> OC Seti Cyber Cafe is open. Drinks and Frog legz on D'house
worth running
Who needs more power?
4 hours 42 min on a .417AR Wu
quick seti question...
New mobile cruncher@!
getting seti not mixed with my other folding proggies
ok guys! Benchmark finally updated!!
I have to stop crunching
Its Official: another Mobile Cruncher
Watch out TC!!!
program for monitoring seti on all computers in network ?
New Guy
How often does the website update?
We have 3 team members who may have found ET
Approaching the first milestone...
Mysterious Pipes Left by 'ET' Reported from Qinghai
Basher, an Idea
CLC and Screensaver differ 1 hour for me!
clc alone?
a folding conspiracy?
500 done    :-)
Ya Baby!!!! Passed 2K!!!!!
36 HOURS per Unit, How can this BE!!!!!
Top 100!!!!!!
To the missing "Mr. Murphy" aka ROB...
wierd WU progress
what are your seti times using a clocked P4 ?
new to seti and have a question about which program to use
Graphic for 30k,,,
So whats been happening then??
Uh, we lost major ground to the frogs???
For those of my setiq user.....
Achieved a Personal Goal!
Contest/Raffle Starts July 1st
anyone having connecting problem??
Everyone has to read this.
Weekly stats posted
greatest wu output?
Thrill of VICTORY-Agony of DEFEAT
Another 2000 WU milestone
Weekly stats
Setting up a queue for others?
IE question....very low SETI content
Cashe limit?
new top 75 member
The Bar$Grill is open>Free drinks and Frog Legz
to lonewolf1983 (and anyone else ;))
hit 100
SetiQ questions
Seti on a Dual?
Asteroid near miss on June 17th ,2002
Seti queue backups
My Queue
Seti Server down?
2000 WU's
Setting SETI as a service
Help Sharing Seti Folder with Samba
More 'Q' probs...can't hit Vodka314's
Is everyone else getting REALLY low AR WUs today?
Going out on a work trip
No crunch for a while
Start menu and SETI
Help with K Seti Watch?
Seti WU Times???
Nearing the TOP 100
for aggies92
B-Dogg and Luke's Queue's
Need more speed
seti going to idle
Looks like we're back online
What's up with the forums?
New challenge graph (17/06/2002)
CPU cycles
Sorry for the delay..
Problem setting up new client
Suzumaro and Tron.....
SETI not returning full WUs
Recent pic's :)
Now #26!
TC's queue
OCZ Memory?
New stats are up
SETI on Dual Rig?!?!
Calling all OC Seti Member!!!! I need your Times!!!
SETI as a service and process priority
Linux or Win2k - which is faster?
Your Name On An Asteroid?!?
Just joined OCSETI TEAM
running on 2 boxes?
Godfodda, i hear you knockin but you can't come in
OC Seti Bar-N-Grill has re-opened
Question about Socket 370 board and times
New challenge graph (14/06/2002)
Good-bye 200
Burning Phoenix, I shall not let you pass easily
Red Wings Take The Stanley Cup!!!
Good News & Bad News
SetiWatch question
OH no! im addicted read this. (funny)
Just a little something personal...
my server died..............
Daily Stats Up
Woot! Red T-shirt!
ftp problems
New Seti Member
Ther's a doin's a happenin.
No Luck, or , Bad Luck
My class can beat up your class!
Hope it's ok
account question
Check your tweaks!!!
Got dual?
Setiqueue question
This is why I sometimes don't trust SETI@work stats
Another Benz???
My daily output
My SETI Crunching HeadQuarters
My SETI Crunching HeadQuarters
W/U Caught Up With Me/Thanks To Whom It May Concern
Who Mailed Me a Dollar?
How fast do you crunch units?
3 months, 500 WUs, and just the beginning
New challenge graph (10/06/2002)
User Certificates
2.16GHz on Thoroughbred XP2200+
ZOOM-Basher-ZOOM/ sorry
Trying to find a litle light in Benz history
Perhaps we can make some sort of deal?
All stats updated
ocseti website question.
:: Seti Contest/Raffle Poll :: Vote here for the option's...
check out this ranking for OC and Athlonmb
Broke 1500 this morning
Anybody familiar with crunching on Xeon MP's (Fosters)?
I see AudiMan is crunching again...
behind the scenes at seti
Farm Changes.....
Need seti times with Duron chips please. :)
Running SETI on a laptop
533mhz FSB?
New challenge graph (07/05/2002)
also fold?
The Ultimate Mobile Cruncher?
Sorry I've not been around...
New Swifty Case!