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average length of time for crunching a unit
Idividual Stats@Berkley/SETI@Home
1000 and counting
Skip HAS been infectid by folding! @.@
Thanks everyone
Swirvin' in my lane
Time to post another thread in the GD!
I'm the ONLY one!?
via cpu's and seti ?
one of My Crunchers Died
1,000,000 mark
Milestones Don't Appear To Be Updated
Ugh..daddy says no to leaving PC on 24/7
New Cruncher
Crunching and leaving computers on 24/7
Out for another week
Hola, Como Te Yames...
WHAT the!?
List your SETI processing power here!
New challenge graph (31/05/2002)
General Discussion Sticky.....
New 100MB/s SETI Server Up!
7 XP1700+ setup
Busy Freeway
to the person in charge of the milestone section of the website....
holy cow!~ one million years
100% CPU Usage with SETI
New to Overclocker seti team
When is the next team race?
Forum Trouble?
Moving Seti Queue to New Machine?
Contest/Raffle Ideas Needed
Removing In-Active Members
help with seti queue
Today's my anniversary
Benz still alive?
Missing Progress Arrow In Daily Stats
Seti on disk?
ET closer than we thought??
quick question about screen capture
Note for Those Using my Seti Queue
I'm moving
For all you guys with servers (question for U)
New challenge graph (28/05/2002)
Missed anniversary!
Happy B-Day CARL!!!
SETI as a Windows service?
Hello, i just joined OC's Seti Team
New Top 100 Avatar
how do you join
SETI command line bombing on WinXP
Who Has A Queue That Works?/Giving Up On SETI
AS promised: LCD display
Some news
1000 WU milestone
dead mobo
SETI is flying.
I'm just wondering...
Bad News
What is this for??
A bit of a farm...
Memorial day Bar and Grill>Frog Legz and Drinks for FREE
Just a Thought
All stats updated
How's Berkely status?
I've been AWOL (but my Farm wasn't!)
This is neat!
Buying/selling/trading within the SETI forum.
umm....uh oh...
Spread out!
We have a Winner
Installing W/U's From .ZIP File
5000 WUs
Hey queue admins, got a question.
How do I setup a Client
More Power
New challenge graph (24/05/2002)
Question for people who have Queues
One Million WUs Contest
1.1 Duron/DDR = 1.6 TBird/SDR
almost completely out
those thinking of building a farm....look here
Dual XP MBD Suggestions
Cleaning house...
Sean, When you are ready...
So, how many of you...
Lets get motivated
anyone in Houston?
Linux and a gui front end for seti
Im back....
i'm <500th....almost
Another milestone!
This is what I call.. Yodels abuse!
Just a proposal
SETI Totally Down?
Help my dead cruncher live again!!
LuKEs SETI Queue Off-line?
Dial Up
why has seti sucked so much lately?
Setiqueue question
Help with mIRC SETI room
Can't connect to Berkely
Reaching the top 1%
New challenge graph (21/05/2002)
can we do this?
Problem with B-Dogg's Queue??
Need more crunchers
RAMDrive Software
www.ocsetiteam.com bug thread
Has anyone found E.T. yet?
So how long will it take for him to come back?
I made it to the top 200
Need To Format-Will SETI Info Return With Transmit?
Time limit on SETI WU's?
3 YEARS in search of ETI
Next race format...
Another SETI team email
Next team race
Finally made top 200
All stats updated
Get yer cheap crunching boards here
A quick question
Motherboard "stack" ???
New case and New PSU work great!
Daily stats posted
Bar and Grill is OPEN> Drinks and Frog Legz for free
Someone's Birthday!
New challenge graph (17/05/2002)
Look out Wookie
Hey B-Dogg...
Here Ya Go Yodums
Question on a Micro ATX cruncher
I'm in crunching afterburn mode!
Hey Two Norsemen
will this be true if berkeley is down?
Problems setting up seti again...
Possible stats outage.
Berkeley Connectivity
Question about Clients in Seti Queue
Strange problem on my cruncher.
Finally Hit 3000 WU
Star Wars: Episode II (No Spoilers)
Guess whos crunching again???
Longest WU you ever crunched?
a setiQueue queuestion :)
Anyone here use a RAM disk?
CPU Times
i need help/advice from u guys!!!
I can't believe this.. Please read
Team Comparisons............
Congrats to The Two Norsemen
What exactly are you guys doing?!
completion time went to hell, please help
SETIing in Linux
Problem reinstalling seti...
Ya Baby!!! Passed 1500!!!
YES! I'm in the top 500!
Landshark, Thanks for your Queue
Bye Bye Cisco - We're #29
Please Explain "seti Bandwidth"
Anybody see the SETI@Home article in this June's Wired?
The Aliens are coming!
This weeks goal
Happy Birthday FRANK!
Today is my birthday!
Guys I need your input!
Good job, Team Morpheus! ! ! !
SETI Statistics Are Working Again!
All stats updated
Help? Which Queue to use?
Anyone else use SetiStats?
Is it just me.....?
I made it
w00t, yet another milestone
The Bar and Grill is open
Back at last......
anyone know where chawken's gone?
For all you northwoodys out there
can't connect???
New challenge graph (10/5/2002)
Did Berkeley change something...?
Must be my memory timings.. Why are my times slow?
New XP cruncher, online and full functional!
Good New/Bad News
Question? Been away for a bit, are there still Seti connection problems?
Still waiting for the horse runover.....
New Duron Cruncher
Wow Shark
SETI computer link
SETILog.csv question
exiting seti
Just hit 2500!!!
Woohoo! A milestone for me!
Anybody want a Vapochill compressor?
Daily stats are up
Woot The new ABIT P4 MAX board is out!
Just hit 6000WU!
Ultimate Seti Cruncher?
New to Forum & a Decision
Daily stats
Pentium 4's really overclock that much?
Piii 1.2 Oc
1000 members!
Top 10 mover and shaker
Horsemen? Norsemen? bah...
Have you seen a new sub 1 h/WU time?
New challenge graph (06/05/2002)
Epix and Jokrs new Cruncher
Who are the Two Norsemen?
Any crunchers in need of cheap SETI rigs?
Resurrected Cruncher
Time for a little Yodel Hunting!
Second best cruncher dead!
hell of a cruncher
recomindation for network?
Congrats for Cary Stone. Fastest rig!
Volcano 7+ .. Tricky, but very effective.
CPU usage down??
Weekly stats.....
OCZ Issues
Need info.
i made it over 100 WU for the week
Seti Bar and Grill is Open:) Thanks, and props to milestones! Get some Frog Legz
New challenge graph (03/05/2002)
team comparisons
We're in print
Considering Seti.....
2 gold jackets for today
Just hitt 500 wu's
SETI times on Sun WS
pass it on
1 million units?
ah...Basher.....give me 10 more mins......
Yellow Names on SETI stats page
Shifting results
500 millionth WU should occur in next 24 hours
Have a quick question
Loney Raven:
New challenge graph (30/4/2002)
What Multiplyer should i use
My XP is falling in sleep...
Team Morpheus...
A thanks to the truly great members of the team
I made top 10 today!
Daily stats are up
New Cruncher A7M266-D
What is seti ???
Found a cute sign
Another upgrade
Need help with IBM GXP issue....
lending a helping hand...BRB
seti@home irc chat room
Daily stats update times changed....
OCSETITEAM Benchmarks...
This is gonna hurt my CPU time...
ARE my times right for my CPU
Puffy aka JigPu steals the yellow jacket again.
Hello new member "ggb2000"
Gif tean help needed.....
Almost there!
Replacement Cruncher
All stats updated
I want to join a SETI@Home team, but I have a few Qs first...
OMG, if you need WUs from Berkley, get 'em now (Friday night)
Farm is DOWN!
Seti Bar-N-Grill is now open and dedicated to pcgirl
Woot! 99.9% of SETI Users!
Need a volunteer
222 ranks
Landshark and raven...
Should I??
New challenge graph (26/04/2002)
Seti Queue Server Online
Cached worked units?
SETI on a schedule?
Whats up with the Lonely Raven?
Anyone here work for the US DOE?
What's up with benz NOW...
what program will lock my computer w/o stopping seti?
ADDED another
Viewing 2nd computer from first?
Going to folding. (hear me out first...)
That's quite a few FLOPs....
Fight with father and SETI
look out hallen
Check it out...
2nd pc is going but need some help!
A Flower has Died
SeTi acct problems, going to wrong acct
Ok need some help!!
New challenge graph (23/04/2002)
how many "interestings"?
cy, a pic from your post, making me ask a question
Hooked on Seti...
Seti team avatar
Help in a little crazyness
Question for Top 10 SETI Team members
I'm very close to.....
It must be that time of month...
Just hit the BIG 500
cel 300a or p3 533
seti on a beowolf cluster....
welcome Jackywebdesign.....our newest member
100 Wu per day HOW???
sdram on a kt7a, how much?
SETI@Home + a RAM Disk - I need a straight answer.
brand spankin' new
Sometimes I worry about myself
Team Race & Team Morpheus....
Need some help with Seti Queue
my server died.................
Wow the hrsemen made a big dump today
I hit 50K for our website.
Much Difference Crunching Between KT333 & KT266A?
WTG Wookie! 2500
Question about seti and wincooler
999... a ... a
All stats updated
Can a SETI group join another group?
I Need Some help
Baby Cruncher
New P4 crunchers finally set
Where has benz4140 gone?
Seti Bar&Grill is now open and dedicated to Frank my new bar-back
Need an Add banner Stat!
Congratulations Sean
New challenge graph (20/04/2002)
It broke
Look what the seti gods sent me today....
seti on a silicon graphics machine.....
smart people of seti....i need your help again
Anyone else having trouble w/Berkley?
b-dogg, your server is down...
P3 1.26Ghz 512 <--- the new cruncher
500 WU Milestone!!
New SetiQueue address, finally!!!
Question about Xeon cpu's & times
hehee...first time ever wearing a Gold jacket
New landmark reached - 6000 WU's!
Just Had to do IT
new "inactive" status on stats pages
Its going to take a miracle.
A Big Happy Birthday!!!
Hmm if found setiteam v2.1c
New challenge graph (16/04/2002)
New duallie online
ARGH! Little idiot!
Really fast WU with interesting results
SETIQueue server offline for maintenance!
Major setiqueue update
What is Seti
SETI crunching system optimizations - pointers, plz?
new cruncher options...
Just made a new milestone..250
Changing rig for Setiqueue Server.
dual cpu setup?
please dont shun me??
SETI and Linux?
New team race files thanks to yodums
Thanks racecar12 - it worked
oh my ???
1200 wu's Never thought I'd make it
Help with my astronomy weekend assignment - constellation...
Team races, new members, milestones and top 25's updated
Admiral Fraser Welcome to OC Seti Team
Seti & Tru64 Unix
Greetings from OCUK
just joined
Indiv stats updated more updates to come tonight
The Pipeline Is Open!!
Small site update
New farmhand, looking for opinions...
Is this correct?
Can someone tell me...
bd, can you feel the heat?
The SETI-Bar & Grill is open
SETI team counter (check this out)
www.amdmb.com is going down!!
New challenge graph (12/04/2002)
I'm back, but this time loaded!
YAY!!!!! just made the 4 digit club!! :D
Daily stats posted a little late
Interesting Tidbit
I have an idea.....
Setiteam users for team race.....
i feel so STUPID
Toomny- 5,000 Congratulations
New cruncher xp2000+
People who haven't linked SETI in their signatures...
What is the Deal with SETI lately!?
Benz hasn't completed WUs in a week...that's unusual
who wants seti@home wus? :) they expire on 04 23
Lost Work Units
May be time to bump the queues up
anyone live in the northwest??
nice work RED HOT Machine!!
This week I'm getting passed by...
SetiQueue downtime
Having a bad day with seti
Berkely slow
Ver. 3.07 is out for Mac OS X
As promised. PIII-S data
New challenge graph (09/04/2002)
1st year with SETI
New Cruncher.
SETI @ home service 2.1..any feed back?
what could i do to make it auto start..??
group stats?
Fireahawk, take a look at this....
SETI SPY problem
sigterm signal
SETI Tweaks
Bandwidth problems?
Have I found aliens hehehe that would rock
Wow just looking through the top 100 movers..
good night!
New member
Front pages news
im back
Top 50's milestones new members and team races updated.
Dead cruncher
Production for me is going to be down for a while.
Individual stats updated
Heres some good software for any SETI box with internet access
less than one
SETI system
cache size at night
Sorry for the extremely late sialy updates
Seti newbie question
The bar is open>Frog legs and drinks for free
SetiQueue webpage
New challenge graph (05/04/2002)
Where did I go? oh--there I am
AMD vs. Intell
Just wondering 'bout SETI performance....
Pharm pRon!
Command-line SETI use both processors?
WU what does that mean?
berkeley bandwidth
comin up the ladder
Anyone want to race??
I tried to cache 500 WU....
Congratulations On Milestone!
Whats happen? Im loosing my WUs!
My 100th post! :)
So what's up with the Horses?
sgi workstations worht crunching on?
Firehawk from Brazil is back
500 millionth result = SETI@home T-shirt
You top 10 movers and shakers are amazing!
Sorry they are late..
Long Overdue.
I do this too often
Seti Help
Just my opinion.