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First of the two needed
CLC auto transmit question!
LandShark, about your monitor...
I need tweaks to pinch out 2 more WU's a day
The eternal question: Do you want OC SETI Team badges?
Woohoo... just a small step for me...
Sorry guys, another bump shouldn't hurt :)
New challenge graph (01/04/2002)
What do you guys think of this?
Need your guys help!
Frogs Still Pulling Away!!!
Something is wrong here
Team Races Suggestion....
Rank Jumpers mistake
Almost the Entire site updated
Two new public SETI WU servers!
SETI Bar-N-Grill> Now serving fresh frog legs and free drinks!!!!
A good happy birthday goes out to our web tech guy -- Basher!
still trying
second computer running linux
Im banned :(
Noticed something very cool about the Daily Stats!
I hate this
Congrats bbdd
Running Seti client x2
Running Winnt CLC in Linux via WINE
Need SETI Help`
Someone asked for it, I forget who...
Uhh.. How fast does your mobile crunch?
A Big Hello
SETIQueue Server Outtage
Help find E.T. in IRC; Visit the OCSetiTeam Stomping Grounds Today!
Time for a new GD sticky?
Daily stats
New cruncher kinda
Dual Processors - Is it worth it?
Possible Good Time WUs
Please lookout for a cele 500 for me
TC, I'm very interested in a 1500
SETI Is Slower As It Progresses
they are talking about us!
Another member of the 10k club.
next race???
Calling you out Bender !!!!!
benz4140 is 979 worldwide.
Seti Race
Linux Seti CLC question...
Site update
Finally got me an avatar :)
finally hit 5k!
Hit 500 WUs today
are older alphas worth putting back together?
Another Milestone...
Basher, for your consideration...
Small Milestone
Will this work for SetiQueue/Linknsys router?
Counters go here :)
Team Race....
driver stuck @ 100%?
OC Seti Member Counters
How do we go down in WU's?
Can you have no visible icons with seti running?
Stolen Avitar!!
New Challenge Graph (25/03/2002)
Gif people.....
SETI Times for Pentium Pro 512k
OCing Athlon 1.1 seti times go up
IWILL XP333 owners- overclock news!
My P3 is getting slower and slower
SETI and XP = odd taskbar problem (PIC!!!)
HAHA Im back
What Causes A WU To Complete in 3 Minutes?
Seven days. Zero WUs.
Since the race has started....
Question On % Of W/U Completed
I joined up....
Happy B-Day Wookie8662!!!
Have you guys seen this yet?
Team races
Looking for a new team....
Lonely Raven...
top 50's milestones and new members updated
My name is green?
Maybe next week Bender
Four Horsemen Hit Yet Another Milestone!!!
What the heck! Three straight same angled WUs?
The four horseman at position 349 the first week
Individual stats are up
The horsemen broke 100 day!
Congrats craigz1
amd vs. intel seti performance
Top 50 Finally!!
Picture Time!
Proxy@Work/SETI Client
More Distrubuted Computing News...
IBM Distrubuted Computing
Changing SETI Client Priority
There was an inch of dust at amdmobo so
New challenge graph (22/03/2002)
Lil bit o' frog legs on the barby
The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen's first Milestone
Special Release Version 3.07 for Windows is available
New Member Needs Help w/Uploading/Team Credit Info
SETI on Itanium?
I'm up!!!!!!!!!!!
Idea of mine...
Frogs hearing footsteps...
Seti Times on Linux vs Windows
The Sir Epix Saga continues.
Doing My Part To Say Thanx!
Star Map Help
SETI getting more bandwidth?
It's Alive!
Only a hundred late...
Congratulations, good, my sympathies & ok.
Almost there
400 Wu :)
Congrats Firehawk XP and Skywave!!!
Go Hallen!
Daily stats are up
Stats may be dead
What if we run out?????????
21st place????
Rank: 1,574,180 and damn proud of it... actually no.. not at all :(
Forums slow today?
Getting Internal Server Error when updating
wu help
Daily stats
The Four Horsemen!
Servers Are Up!!.
Naughty Cruncher....
I'm A New SETI@HOME Member!
Seti Setup on Linux Workstation
how do i delte the wuu i using right now?
Looking for some Seti info for report!
Small milestone
Get them while they are hot
SETI members...read this!!!
Can I do this????
Shaved 45mins of my seti times
how to download multiply wu's?
Daily Stats take a beating when SETI is down!
An OFFICIAL response from Berkeley
Finding Stats
Go Chad Kiser!
SETI STATS are atleast back
How do you get the SetiQeue server set up?
is Seti down
Can't Join your team
Nearing the 150th mark
The Four Horsemen
750+ wu's
bobt17! here u go....see if it fit ur big plant....?!
why is my set queue connect button grayed out?
help me queue some wu's
Daily stats.....
slow Tbird
Switching Teams
start of a cheap seti box
Your Newest member
Next team race...
More Email Team Recruiting
Berkely Down Again!!
Hows this for a WU time
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
Team Races
Lost Work Units
Wow top 10?
Weekly and daily individual stats updated....
Back with faster machine
Command line SETI is the only way to go
Woah! A new version of SETI is out?
Been gone, but I'm back!
Hi from TPR
Fatal Error with SETI@home! HELP!!
Joined SETI a few minutes ago....
Benchmark Results
Making XPs into MPs!
questions about WU time
New challenge graph (15/03/2002)
TC hits 20k
Big Congrats to TC!!
Linux and SETI
Newest Member Of The "Times Two Club"
Welcome to the bigtime
Daily stats test page
Good evening guys...
Top 200 Logo
Replacement 8KHA+ on the way!
Never had a wu this busy before...
Dailystats posted
Direct Tape Access
Users of My SetiQ
seti Optimisation
B-dogg im passing you!
Sir Epix's saga
2 down and counting...Grrrr
SetiQueue update
D-Day +1
Another Frog Thread
Why is it so so addictive???
Network SETI
Another New Member
Now calling number 33, number 33 please...
Hallen is coming up fast!
SETI stats site
Comon' Peeps add some more crunchers if you can!!
Folding vs Seti post count
How to read results?
Command line client!???
kill old account
kill old account?
When is our new ocssetiteam.com coming?
Asus A7M266-D Dualie Questions-Help!
Anyone up for some friendly frog bashing?
Sub 3 hour WU!
Now I Understand-First Milestone
out of commision temporarily...
New Members
SETISpy/Driver issue
Super Seti Setup
A quick question
Seti Driver
Daily stats boo-boo
New challenge graph (11/03/2002)
Happy B-Day Our Fellow Seti'er Godfodda
Just some quick Q's....
The Secrets Out?
This is good, right?
Moving on up
Another small milestone...
Someone with writing skillz
Daily stats posted
EDO or Fast Page for Seti
Team races
Weekly stats.....
you already saw aliens?
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
Individual Stats Updated
BOOM! Take a step back!
Change of events
Crazy seti times with XP2000
3 members and 3 milestones
Clean up your sigs or they're history
Barely missed another milestone..
Remote control of farm
Daily stats final version
Woot! Dualie OC Goodness!!
Seti faster than ever?
Sorry about the Bump
TC, could I pick at your brain for a sec?
Chawken! welcome back!!
Daily stats posted
New challenge graph (08/03/2002)
Fried my CPU; is my data integrity at risk?
Up to #35
Dual Processor
Daily update
I couldn't resist.
I'm the second highest rank jumper!!!!
The Worldwide Computer
Question about SetiQueue
New daily's are up
Daily stats V2.2 update
Woot! 12th place! 12th place!!!
Added another cruncher
What's the most WU/week has someone done with a single system?
A question about Setibuffer
Just hit 200
Daily stats v2.2?
Big # 400.. Were commin for ya fishy :)
Idea for team website
Seti home page
just ordered some pc2700
OC good! Heat bad! = Less SETI WU's
XP Home no faster than ME
Happy Birthday.
Daily stats are up
Had my fastest WU watch out Yodums & Klear!
Stack 'em, rack 'em and pack 'em...
SETI fsb or cpu power
New XP up and crunchin...
Weekly stats.....
Wookie pulls another rank!
Seti Client Priority Question
setup question on Dual Machines..??
New Xeon Cruncher
Version 3.06
I Hit 1k!!!!
Anyone have a P4 woody running seti?
*Dailys are up
500 milestone and still climbing
New challenge graph (04/03/2002)
someone help a computer idiot?
Help me calculate my "Estimated Daily WU Output"
Farm Considerations
Seti Command Line and Queue..
Linux WU Caching
Only 25 WUs yestderday?!?!
How much memory?
Hello from another team
update on my farm.
Berkeley Updated: 36th place!
SETI Queue Problem Work Units
Daily stats
2500 Wu Yehaw!!
keep it up team wookie!!!!!
Time to trim the farm.
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
A little higher FSB, or the most aggresive mem settings?
Individual Stats Updated
It's been awhile...
OUCH! Lowest Angle I Ever got!
The top 1% of Seti
Updated dailys are yp
I'm Back!! :)
WU Milestone
Ahahahah This Sucks.
Hey Godfodda!!
new member updates...
5 new crunchers
Calling B-Dogg
the big one...
Does Win2K/XP handle low AR WU's better?
SETIQueue Update available
New daily stats are up...
1000 WU's
New Crunchin' Combo arrives
New challenge graph (01/03/2002)
no more setiTEAM.......
Two computers and Seti?
Comming soon to a web poage near you
2500 Work Units
Team Captains
Looking for a Soft FSB progrie....
Finally hit 175 fsb on my Epox 8K7A+ !!
ocsetiteam vs NovaStar Update
SETI article on Roadrunner Homepage!
My first crunch
How to make my P3 faster
My latest cruncher (warning-lots O pics)
My latest cruncher (warning-lots O pics)
Have you ever had the web board.....
Arrrg! Another bum IWILL board!
Who is that comm'in up behind me?
900+ Team Members!!
Strange stuff in the Setispy log file
Ok another new member
Average results Received Per Day - A bit off
Power consumption
Good news
Top 200 in the Team
Spring Cleaning - Farm Dismantling
AMD XP Owners, Please READ!
100 Wu
Vp6 R.I.P.
What do you seti guys do
TC's benchmarks seti page
Hiding seti driver
B-dogg's Queue
Quick SETI config question
Can't get Seti set up :(
SETI Team Email Soliciting...
New member with a few WU's
SetiSpy Update button
Can someone help me get my new A7m266 workin' Hehe
Minor SETI probs....
Another growth spurt?
Excellent job with the site!!!
Your OC SETI Ranking?
Emerald Tablet
Berkeley Server Update
Questions for Seti users
I'm tRyinG !!
SetiQueue & Linksys
Single Xeon cruncher
What's your time for doing a WU ?
Tim, about your PIV@3.0 GHz
I want to race.....
New challenge graph (25/02/2002)
Hope everyone has a full cache
I need some info about this seti stuff...
Times are bad! :(
Seti Shutdown issue
Benchmark Problem- Help
Change in my Seti plans
Site updates
Yay Team!! Wookie :)
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
I jumped 195 ranks!!!!
Oh my look out TC you have been dethroned once again
Individual weekly and daily stats updated
Cant get my new mobo to work
Longer WU's lately?
Approaching 50 WU Milestone
For farmers not using KVM
Been AWOL!
here we go again
One positive about the down time is....
Dump your WUs now. Midnight CST
Is it me or the Berkely Servers are back to normal?
Differences Between Seti Driver and Queue
Using Driver with Queue
Update on NovaStar vs. OC Seti Team.
New challenge graph (22/02/2002)
another newbie
another benz4140 thread...
it's getting better...??????
No credit?
my thoughts on the bandwidth issue
Its been a good time...
interesting bandwidth graphs
What do YOU think it is??
Another "new cruncher" post
Closing on 11th place!!
Seti 100% Down Now?
Gratuitious Post!!
Berkely server issue is reason for me to quit...
quick message for TC
-= A birthday WU =-
Multi ??
Questionabout Processing WU's
Folding in my downtime
I don't understand the Berkley server issue
dumb question, and my new email address
UFO Flyover Predicted at Olympics
OC Seti Team vs. NovaStar race update
1st Anniversary with Seti@home
Quiet today...
I just hit my biggest milestone, TOP 1%!
Woot, I got some WUs from Berkley!
another cruncher
Yea!! the SETI Gods have spoken!!
How do I join OC Seti Team?
Trying to reach 500!!
Servers saturated
Hey P3 users
Trusty Compaq rides again!
Setiteam V2.1a
How Fast Are You Crunching?
:: Seti Queue Server Addresses and Instructions ::
Are they down again?
It is amazing how much faster you crunch when...
Dailys are up
How can I tell my post count?
Why won't Seti autodial!?!?
Setispys red dot
New challenge graph (18/02/2002)
Go wookie go!
Team OC Seti team are you ready!
Anyone crunch/crunched with an Alpha?
WUs for all!
Didja ever have to say "I'm a dumb***"?
SetiSpy/MS XP users
How do you get your milestone certificates?
Question for Seti Pros
Milestone Certificates in Color
Killed My Best Cruncher
Nice work Basher 2.5k today
OT: Make it through the change!
Team Wookie still on top :D
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
knocking on the 100
new cruncher
Individual Stats Updated
AMD or Intel ???
There goes the neighborhood
Dualie cruncher Question
Seti WU
Something new
Bye Bye XP 1700+ :(
Under 3 hours per WU
Daily stats boo-boo
The rewards of success...
Contact info update
To SetiSpy w/ SetiDrive or not?
YAY!!! i'm in the top 5% finaly :D:D:D