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I just joined the 3000 WU club
Unlocking the PII-Tutorial (Warning: Large Photos)
Have we found intellegent life yet?
SETIQueue Server Available to all
Intel/UD Cancer project ending
Hacked SETI user on our team?
The Berkeley Servers?
The Time has Come.
Benchmarks updated
New challenge graph (15/02/2002)
Decided to throw together nother Cruncher.. Hehe
SetiQueue for All
ecs mobo and seti
A little good news... for me anyway
W2K.....each time I start SETI
Seti working great.BUT!!!
Case stickers
Need more dual help!
Seti Institute lapel pin
One more
New version of SETIQueue
Horror, the unspeakable horror!
Ok what are your thoughts on daily stats?
New Cruncher
Help w/ Dual CPU's
Here's my trick to speed upload/downloads
SETIdriver and connecting
Welcome to all the New Members.....
Seti running slow???
Lil help here. May have it fixed
I Joined the Team Today!
Benchmarks updated
Another 1K team member!
Managing SETI over a network
Can't Connect To Seti
Close call.
How do I find me angle?
Another dumb question
Overclockers and DSLR..
when can i have this...??????
SetiSpy wont run
"Tweak" shaved 60% off laptop times
Is there any hope for the old horse?
Got My Water Block On
Trouble Shutting down seti
How fast is it?
WHOOPEE!! Should break 1K today!!
Thoughts about SETI Servers....
How Does This Look For a Farm
jazztrumpet216, look out!
I have to stop for 2's day max!
Went from 5 boxes to 1
seti friends...plz help
FYI: daily stats updated on today, 2/11/02
good news and bad...
Considering Joining O/C SETI Team...
I really want to help but!!!
New challenge graph (11/02/2002)
Inactive Team members?
The amazing dissapearing client
#39...will it last?
1000 W\U's finished
almost to the big 500 WU:D!!!
It's finaly happened... =(
New cruncher!
2 Years!
RAMDisk and SETI
Who is Seti User B-dogg ?
Look out....
Dailys are up
3000 Wu's Completed!!
lost a member........
How come I cannot get my password?!
Problems on the Farm
Individual Stats Updated
Keep it up team wookie :)
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
How much time do you spend on SETI
PC1600 and wu's
Dailys are up
Yea Finally
OC.Com Seti "Membership Drive"
Win XP,can this be done?
oc.com or ambmb.com conflict of interest!!
Project.Beat the RED HOT MACHINE
not showing
I'm moving up the charts again!
seti socket error
This blows!!!
daily stats
Oh my
wu queue help
Will be shutting down whole farm
New challenge graph (08/02/2002)
Can't Connect To Seti@Home :-/
GIF team need another favor....
Big News!!!!
Seti Benchmark page
I call again on my seti teammates to help me pick the right speed.
Linux Beowulf Cluster for SETI
You guys asked for it so now your going to get it
Has anyone used this mobo?? Asus A7m266-d
CPU temps while crunching
SETI—Official bandwidth News
The dual Morgan is crunching away!
What is Seti?
Off Topic: I'm a grandfather... Damn I'm old...
Benchmark Editor Required Apply Within
Just Joined!!!
I hope it is OK to ask my seti Brethren to help me in other forums?
Problems Getting Stats
Milestone: 100 WU's!
Library Computers
Seti Results
Added another cruncher!
Where r my Seti stats?
Welcome Team Tsunami!
Thought it was time to up grade some of my gear, hehe
Just hit 250 wu's :D
why did this happen?
Connecting to SETI server
10pm and getting wus :)
Is this normal?
Who has the Highest CPU Dedication Rating?!?
WOOHOO new member
Threw down the gauntlet!
Sitting here on the new system and can't connect...
Newbie can't connect!
Stats updating?
Alpha? Sounds fun!
Anyone ever seen this before??? CHECK THIS PLEASE!!!
How can I speed up my Seti
Seti on Two Computers
We're recruiting in the new SETI forums!!!
New SETI Official Forums!
Wouldnt it be nice!!!
Xp 1700+
Reporting units?
Exactly what Standby does
a new cpu for me!!
Does Seti "lock" itself to each machine?
Team Stats Question
A different Challenge.
team races updated
Seti Farm
leaving PC on 24/7 & electric bill
Team Races Updates : Look Here!
My first WU done!
I got ripped
Seti Watch - Client List Storage?
Team Racers Report in!!!
Chawken's Predictions
Newbie Here
Top Banner Voting
RED Hot Machine I am calling You out!
Error I haven't seen before...
Rogerdugans! Forget me, look further behind!!
Individual Stats Updated...
Top 50's, milestones, new members updated....
Bad times all of a sudden
When is the race going to start?
250 Milestone :)
SETI Team ver. 2.0G
I'm back
Another on the way.
Seti Server Connection
Seti commd line
Get Your Work Units Right Here
P2 400 now online
New challenge graph (01/02/2002)
We Need One More Team Captain
new cruncher here
Windows 200 pro troubles
Sorry I been gone. Very sick
possible to copy workunits on other computers ?
Chad Kiser joined the 10K WU club
Am I the only one ...
Just hit a new milestone...
News from SETI
Question and good news.
Desired cache size?
PSU heads-up
Finally made it :)
SETI & DSL Question... "Farming"
Good news...bad news...
Berkeley #2
Seti Server?
11 hour wu on a 1900+
How fast will........
Dan LaRoche hit 10K WUs
Top Banner Contest
OC Seti Contest : Cast YOUR Vote!
:: Seti Instructions/Files/Team Info :: Everyone Look Here!
Seti install :(
what is the most...?
I'm Baaack!
Just Noticed....
Slow Team Race - Ready to Crawl Again
Team Captains - Vote Meeting Tomorrow
Sorry, but my WUs are dropping
Question about really fast WUs
Not Uploading wus?
Seti Legal issue.
Cant load seti driver
Is SETI server down?
New challenge graph (28/1/2002)
Apologies for not being around
World Rank #40 & Team Stats
How does the "Results" On SetiSpy work?
a seti monitoring program,take a look
Top 50's, milestones, new members updated....
When is the draft????????????
Individual Stats Updated
AMDMB.com charts
SETI Team Germany!
yellow seti icon?
Need help, i want to join SETI
Starting up in less than priority 3??
closeing in on 400 :)
Just made 100 WU's!
T-Bird 800 8 x 100 pc1600
I have a question for you guys!
New challenge graph (25/1/2002)
Back in the SETI again...
question about farms....
Just got it.....
SERVER SLOW -- note from Berkeley
We're Back In Business - Seti's Back Up
caching question now that may have to do this
Crunching times by processor...
whats up with seti
Site update
Server Down?
1.7ghz or 1.85ghz
Trying to get a user setup but will this work?
Help setting up seti
A little race PhoenixMDM
How bad will Seti lag old computers?
SetiSpy keeps CLI alive when comp is shut down!
2800 wu + 2 new machines
This Image Courtesy of Eobard
It happened: Benz moved into No. 1
why is my system that slow running Seti ?
see this..??
Weird Seti Times...
SETI farms should be illegal
Lets See How This Crunches
How to use a custom Avatar?
My 2nd SETI WU certificate
I have a couple of you seti users in my sights!
take a look at this.....
top 5%!!
I'm back...
Next team race participants
Weird SETIDriver Problem with XP
Team Race - And The Winner Is....
Individual Stats Updated
w00t!! 100 WU's!!
Can't get Seti Running
probs with WinXP
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races benchmarks updated....
Individual Stats Coming
Calling Planet Earth.....Calling Planet Earth......
SETI Team user! New version just came out..
Thanks Again Doug
whats better
Just a note
So why would anyone use a patched client anyway?
Eric contacted about "benz4140"
I've been down :(
Whos that coming up FAST behind me?
Remember to defrag your HD
New challenge graph (18/01/2002)
Seti Help
Not too bad
seti@home cmmnd line screen saver?
Basher.... stats question
Carl "Chawken"... Wassup?
SETI Institute??
Uh Oh TC, Benz is only 700 WUs behind you!
blew out my power supply running SETI 24/7
It's done.
morgan durons and seti
It's a live!!!!!
what does it mean....
smart people of seti....
1000+ and crushing
I'm excited!
seti driver faster without setispy?
for those wondering, the benefit of CLC version...
Crunching faster then ever!!
How To Join
P4 and DDR Cruncher
International Team makeup
Morpheus, how's the job?
1500 Wu's
Someone got a fix?
my xp 1500+ died.... BUT
New cruncher!!
Morpheous, Murphy and Maestro
Real Meaning of SETI
Watch out what you tweak of your system
Toomnymods, you passed me!
New challenge graph (14/01/2002)
Anyone who is using my stats sheet
Overall Team Stats Will Not Be Updated Tonight
Individual stats updated
is there any individual stats update this week?
less than 100% complete?
File Needed To Unlock The "Update" Button
1 meg vid card on Athlon@1.5!
Am I doing it wrong?
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
Personal WU counters!
I'm Back!
Please Help Me Join...
Team Race Poll...
Interesting comparisons......
New challenge graph (11/1/2002)
YEA!!! Another milestone for me!!
2.8GHz more shipped today :]
NEED HELP, fellow members!!!
Getting Strange info with new packets????
Team Races
another cruncher
im back!
Hello All
What's better for SETI
New challenge graph (07/01/2002)
Anyone seen Mictlan?
I know it's a day early
I'm lost, How do I join
Ha, back to #42 again....
Multiple PC's on one Monitor
Format Change!
Any thoughts on the "Morgan" core DURON and SETI
Benz retired???
Team Ars lost a few biggies
New challenge graph (04/01/2002)
Stats reminder
Turtle Team Stats
Dang, looks like we are back to #43 again...
I received an e-mail from SETI@home
Gone for a few weeks.
challenge graph going straight up??
New to the Seti OC
seti name
Benchmarks updated
old time E.T. hunter
300 Work Units!!!!!
How can I keep Seti Driver/Spy from going idle?
800+ members
Best way to run SETI
New data chunker...
Those who use SetiTeam and excel.....
Back with oc.com
More good news
Seti team users....
Happy New Year! ! !
Another stats FYI
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
New machine soon to be online
Indiv stats updated more updates to come
New challenge graph (31/12/2001)
What do the frogs have to say?
#42 in the world
1 or 2% completed
Happy dance! 99.9%
Why is SETI faster when UR using UR PC?
It sucks, but I have no choice.
Stats FYI
Before I put This Stuff on Ebay....
SETI Team problem in the last 2 days...
Check This Out
A little slowdown for me.....
New challenge graph (28/12/2001)
There's my first thousand
high AR WU's....
Have you guys looked in your....
Home from D.C.!
How do u guys do that???
Almost reaching place number 41
Simple Seti term FAQ?
Hey everyone...Cy crossed the 10,000 WU milestone!!
Delta Sierra- Come on up!
Seti slowing down IE6?!
Oh Yah!
Just joined the team!
Epox owners please help out
Should I expect more from the CLC than this?
Swap the 1.4 with the 1800+?
GIF team need a few updates
New challenge graph (24/12/2001)
Benchmark page added
One more to a quarter of a thousand
Hey Cy - Kick it Up a Notch
I see benz4140 from Thailand went over 10,000 WUs.
how to join seti team?
Attention Team Cy
0.805 hrs/WU?!
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
a question. . .
Team Benchmark Update
Stats FYI
Almost 1000 WU
New challenge graph (21/12/2001)
My first milestone..
Should we Start the Slow Computer Race Again?
Killed an XP - Problem with SK6 or Epox 8K7A
Spy with XP
How's our SETI team all doing then?
im back
Farming away!
Best Bang For the Buck
major milestone for me!
What is SETI
rogerdugans...looks like I'm next
i have a question
Here We Come!!
Tweak Time!
HELP! My SETI efficiency is terrible!
stupid question
New challenge graph (17/12/2001)
processing 2 wu at once with seti driver
APB: Watch out for one Benz4140...
does seti have ranks
Gonna get 900 tonight!
Team Stats Updated - Nice Numbers For the Week
CLC Efficiency Enigma
Been Out Of Commision for 24Hrs
TC is still kick'n it!
Is this good performance for SETI@Home?
individual stats ...FYI
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
CLC Questions
Crunching 24/7 now
The WOW Signal
Required horsepower for <3Hr/WU?
What it takes to make the top 100
Another upside-down, red
Astronomy Class!
New challenge graph 14/12/2001
Fight for the 2000th overall place
Another animal in my barn!
Seti Benchmark Update
using a network of computers to run seti
lots of spikes!!!
Game Over!
i have a confession...all seti team members look
Happy Anniversary
Sending with VNC
real time chat for the team??
All Most Real Time Team Results Here:
OK..what is this?
I've started on my 1900+ system, and need the help of my Seti brothers.
Team Race Update......
Gif team need some help again...
Contest closed officially, thank you for all the Entries!!! Voting will commence soon
Team Pledge
200th WU
Warning.....incoming enemy
300th WU
Please Read - This is for all involved in the Seti Effort
New challenge graph 10/12/2001
Team Races have begun again
In & Out
SETI Spy and WinXP
Time for a new thread?
a few things
Bench instructions added
Top 50's, milestones, new members team races updated....
Seti Security Vulnerability
Thoughts on the team........
My old Tyan is possessed.
weird seti problem
Seti times?
cpu dedication
Seti Driver acting weird...
Open letter to Godfodda
cracked 500 wu's