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disappearing threads
New challenge graph
running SETI on a laptop 24/7...???
SETI Team not working the past 2 days..??
I'm very happy
runing two seti clc in linux
What is SETI???
An interesting article about the future of SETI@home
Seti Bechmark Instructions
New challenge graph
Bad stats news maybe....
Check out the new chart at Berkeley
That's what friends are for!
stupid dahnm universe
I cant believe it...it is possible
Challenge graph help
WE broke again the 400,000 milestone
Where you at Godfodda???
Benchmark Page For Seti
@Home news update
Bye bye for a while :<
hehe...more machines coming, more WUs prducing..
Challenge graph
is this possible?
Team Races
Chawken has left the Team - Need to Reorganize Team Races
Super fast WU's
I'm going to be adding to my farm quickly...
SETISpy crash on WinXP???
900 WU gave me.....
Updated Team Race Results Here:
Problems with Seti when overclocking my GF3ti500
anyone know this?
Oh Yah!!
The team races have begun!!
Add Another SETI Rig?
Site update
Teams are set .......
basher, here is the gif
Stats fyi
Hey chawken you are missing from the team again
new machine online after the weekend
we made it to 46th in the world!
deez, I'm coming for you!
Notice For @Home Users
Free Money
Darn it!!
CY, Chawken's on your tail!!
SETISpy No Show Details!!
Possible trouble on Friday!
I made it to the top 1%
Team stat counter...
Team stat page
Lowest AR?
To all new members and fellow crunchers
Quiet In Here
Gif team need some help...
seti@home wont turn off!
The search continues!
The Federation Needs You
Team Challenge Graph for w/e 11/25/01
were still gaineing on you better watch out
Many Happy Crunching returns for Mictlan
Is this a good idea?
what should i get?
250th WU
Want to see what I just started running SETI on?
WU's take days
PIII-M or Athlon4, which is faster for SETI??
my 233 is outpreforming my 450
About the stickers.....
New web page addition?
Senior Team Staff - Please Read
Top 200!!!!!
WU expiration time?
47th in the world.
Processor In Seti SPy
Individual stats updated
Squeezing last WU's out of PIII 600E
Site news updated
Top 50's, milestones, new members updated....
Basher could u change the team name?
486 & Seti?
Seti Hard Disk Access Frequency
I am uploading my 1000th w/u woooohoooo!
Does a computer need a video card to boot?
changing seti email notification
chawken vs. Basher
Goggle Gobble
Site update
Stats question
Overnight I broke into the 80%
Two Group Members.
auto call in seti cmdline
random super computer thought
Group username for slow CPU's
Coming up behind.
I'm new, but SETI is slow!
ocsetiteam chatroom
100 wu's!
Any UNIX experts out there?
Challenge Graph for w/e 11/18/01
anyone running seti on a mac?
just an idea......
the ultimate farm builder!!!
SETI Counter....!!!
i hit 250 wu's tomorrow!!
Mictlan You are A Lucky Guy!
X-Box freak'n tweak'n
one more quick question ;-)
Moved up AGAIN!
I always receive some frequency distortion at the same time everyday.
Pooling Our Resources
Top rank jump
Connect Automatically?
seti spy
how to get 100 comps w\T3 to join setti
18 wu's anyone?
Top 50's, milestones, new members updated....
I want to see the thingy
gif not loaded
beowulf cluster's & seti
The Best SETI Software
WOOHOO 100 wu
Sorted it out.........finally.
What is SETI
Quick question
SETI Cruncher Upgrade!
I'm BACK!!!
Seti for Win3.1 ?
Congrats to Tim!
Need Seti Log Result For Comparison
uh, how do i join.
Seti Down
SETI news.....
I saw the ultimate seti farm today 800 Alphas!!
My HAPPY Thread!
XP and workunit times??
I'd like to join
Seti Priority Question
Screensaver Client?????
cpu dedication
Need help optimizing 2nd machine
Lil' bit-o luck
Mind Blowing - OC Seti Team 49th out of ...
Post here the proposal for the OC SETI Team logo
Last Night!
Team Challenge Graph for 11/11/01
Seti, i need help
Weird spike data
approaching 1700 wu!
Good to SEE you back Murphy.
Overclocking and corrupt data????
Tell your story
just joined (don't know if i've done it right)
Now its Official - OC Seti 49th in the World
How do I get started
200th WU!!!!!!!
Possibly 30+ per week for me : O
Individual stats updated
Which processor for better times?
Top 50's, milestones, new members updated....
let's try to get this guy on our team!
weird seti problem
Anyone good with cgi scripts?
Hr. aver. question
GIF team need a few updates
Hey U bone headz,hehe
Are we having fun yet??
Woohoo! 6.1 hr avg
DDR Rules
16000+ WU's added today
Just joined :)
slower at higher mhz?
cpu score...
Mictlan this is your warning! hehehe
Where are we really? Showing #50 again
Help me over here! Speed!
Finally in the top 50!!
i upgraded!
I Just Joined SETI yesterday
I MADE IT....Top 5 Percent!!!!!!!!
IP address for Berkeley uploads/downloads.
About the stickers.....
I got a farm!!!!! (sort of)
SETI locking up, what's going on??
Name changes....
Team Challenge for w/e 11/04/01
Another Milestone for Me!
More CLC, Driver questions
the SETI home project is bull****
Team link in sig
New Member!
Well we will be dropping in the team ranks
Top 50's, milestones, newmembers updated....
Shutdown problem with CLC & Driver Q
ddr and SETI
Possible additions to team web site
Team Hardware
Just joined
FYI Stats update
I quit the group
Another of those strange WU's
750 Wu
-= SETI Works!-They Found US!=-
Avatar question/suggestion
I want to increase my WU times....intel upgrade question
Unofficially in 52nd Place.
Newbie Seti
700+ members
duel processors and seti
new to the team
running on two machines?
Team challenge graph!
Fast WU on 1800xp
What is the SETI team?
I'm a new member but..
Team Challenge Graph for w/e 10/28/01
gif team......
Growing a Farm
wth, help
Power Management?
Seti down or is mine broke again?
New Member
Just changed toCLC and need some pointers
you guys have nothing in the GD board about Seti....
New SETI cruncher
Fastest Crunching OS???
Individual stats updated
Overclockers Seti Team Font
Top 50's, milestones, new members updated....
CLC Help!
Seti down?
Yay 100th WU
The Ultimate Budget Cruncher?
Windows 2k Pro
WooHoo! :D
is auto transmit reliable?
And we have another member hit 10k
TOP 100 + 800 WU's
Just seem like yesterday
To any of the Moderators:
WHy so high?
ok smart guys....
My antenna is flopping up and down
XP1500 or 1.33GHz w/266MHZ FSB?
New member
seti driver logs
in case you care...
optimization guide
Apologies for lack of input recently.
Seti driver and Spy setup?
Team Challenge Graph
Star mapping program
Bye Bye LKSAB again
Individual stats updated
Top 50's, milestones, newmembers updated....
Any thoughts on THIS SETI PROBLEM???
100th WU!!!!
SMP question...
1800+ average w/u times?
Celly 900 cruncher...
Lost Crunchers
Sorry I haven't been in the forums, but I'm still crunching, just hit my 500th wu!
Team Logo Schtuff
Ah, sweet 2k. :D
Dumb Question!
GOT my 250 today
Welcome Team Fowler!
Welcome to all the new members!!!!!
New Member 'Cyklopz'
My fastest WU ever
Berkley down?
Gif team need some numbers
Just an update from me...
Honor to the web developers
gif team......
Team Challenge Graph for w/e 10/15/01
is running seti 24/7 bad...
quick question...
#58 in the world
netscape problem fixed
Athlon XP
netscape users
Oh, and he breaks the 1000 mark!!!
A few minor web site changes
Stats update
Berkeley Servers?
100th post
the ticker thing...
Team's Total Results Received Screwed up
Top 25 crunchers development question.....
need a favor from anyone.....
New members from Newsgroups.
low angle
Check out this WU!
Just got my share of low angle WUs!
XP Cruncher: Thanks AMD!
Note to stat people
computer slowing?
Good news bad news
Update your sig links!
We Have Our New Domain
Shaved Off 2 Hours
Can't hide setiCLC in Win2000 / editing registry
CLC/SETISpy help....
Stats Team - You've got mail!
Pleasantly surprised......
Weird Seti Problem!!
Team Challenge Graph for w/e 10/07/01
What Happened to Schnider?
ET has been found! Now what?
SETI problem in w2k
oh...2 more WUs to go before i'm the 4 digit club!!
#59 Team in the world
SETI Spy question
Who was working on the tips page?
Good news from Seti@home..
Stats Updated 10/6
Where is our leader?
CPU time reportedly incorrectly
CLC install on w2k???
HOORAY i cracked the top 200!!!
Left off the milestones list
What happened to Morpheus (Kris)
We now have 3 members in the 10k club
SETI on Win2k ADV Server Cluster
I MADE IT!!!!!! top 10% !!!!!!!!
Ehab...what's your SETI farm?
Just showing off my new avatar...
What should we get for our domain?
Thelemac how about that poll
Team Challenge Updated
New activity
Link in my sig
Do we want our own domain?
Heh, you want tobe number 1?
seti error????
SETI down?
aahh... It started over
Seti Back Up
Team Challenge Graph for 10/1/01
duplicate wu's
I just uploaded my 300th w/u!!!
overclcing and SETI
First Team OC WU Crunched! Woohoo!
Calling All Stats People
Do you use the CLC or GUI client?
L.K.S.A.B. has leapfroged us again
GIF team need another favor....
CLC / GUI Poll
OC Site Stats Updated
Triple digits
Updated 05.06.02 - Team Updates - LOOK HERE For all new INFO!
how to join the team?
I'm back
I can wish right?
600+ WU's!
TRIPLE digit SETI numbers!
Gif team I need some help...
How to do more than 1 WU
Results Received on Team Page Error
Top 200
SETI Driver Hanging!!!
5 .413AR WU's in a row...coincidence??
yayyyyy first WU
Hummm..dont like this.
91 Percentile
what is the efficiency thing?
Nimda like virus in my WUs
-1.000 AR work unit
Stat up date?
what happened?
can i do this
why am i not there?
Is Seti down?
how can i know if i've found a signal from out there?
Team Challenge Graph
TC's 10,000 WU Milestone
Seti still giving me headaches
I wonder whats going on ?
146x11.5 or 140x12?
SETI w waterblock/peltier setup
I hate to ask the same question twice, but you guys always help soo...
Stats update
1,000 WUs!
I made it to 200!
250 W/Us
What a difference the spy makes!!
Are there any negative sides to "caching"?
Is seti down?
WTF is wrong with seti now?????
Setting up new Crunchers
I am in.
what is seti & how to join...?
Finally Broke the 100 WU mark
Dumb Newbie stuff
Is this rare?
My WU time just doubled!!! WTF !!! help!!!
Is Seti just as good as...
I posted this in General, but I knew I'd get a response from my Seti family
1 min 30 sec Work Unit!!!!!
Good bye team.
chawken gone?
A 3 minute WU
Feal sorry
Can anyone post the i386winntcommandline.exe here?
Galactic Habitable Zone (GHZ)
Team Challenge Graph
Does SETI run in DOS a la F@H or....?
top 50 crunchers and top 50 rank jumpers
Who wants stats?
Any tweeks
How many wu's could a T'bird crunch in a week?
my p200
Welcome to #59
Is it better to "underclock"?
How do you setup Seti...
I've just added a new cruncher!
System Usage Is This Right?
benz4140 from thailand?
A S.E.T.I. wu virus?
Website password?
Low ar seem to be comming back
Crude Stats Chart
Why Not Fold TOO?
possible to donate a WU to someone?
I've just crunched.....
Update for Chart showing Teams in the Crosshair?
#61 - Well EXCUSE ME - I blinked.
#62 and still going and going and going.
Will hit 1000 wu's Tommrow!!
seti... too many problems
Excel Stat Sheet Took a Turn For Worse
incredibly important please read...
This is REALLY slow
OK - I'm in.....
Add another computer
What this team could use.....
seti crashed XP
Post your average WU times here please
40hrs for 1wu? What??!!
To All SETI Team Members of OC.COM ... Please Read
Are you a SETI Addict..
Hmm...stupid question about running multiple SETIs
Stats Team?
Can anyone remember this url...
Stats help on the way?
smallest bit in OC helps seti time
100 wu's. I finally did it!
Hitting that 100 WU Marker!!
65th in the World.
Forbidden Errors on Berkeley Stats Page
Need a stats fix?
shocked, 33min wu's?
Personal Goals
282,497 WU's
Does Seti put full load on CPU?
Top 100!!!
66th By tonight??
So many changes and news
Double Digit Seti Numbers!!!
Good OS for SETI
Seti Spy, Driver, CLC in one zip
Our sheets are taking it in the shorts...
The Mystery of the LOST WU's.
Why is seti doing this???
WU's, WT# is going on
Wheres my name?
Weird....SETI going slow...
CLC stopping
68 th place
Want to add another SETI Cruncher Need Help!
Who are you?
3rd machine
Berkeley Problem !!??!?