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OT Power supply
more crunchers on the way!!!
RASoC less than 500 WUs ahead... HEL-YA!
Welcome a potential member :)
WTF, slow WU times
New TEAM MEMBER needs advice
Setispy/driver can't connect error
Setispy isnt working right again
WooHoo we are #69 again
How do I know ?
Why can't you copy Seti Driver to Different Machine?
very short WUs
hyperlink in seti@home page username field
dead cruncher!
back to the 70s!!!
uninstall client
WU trouble
Pin Fell Off CPU
Last 100,000 WUs
Challenge Update 9/1
Hey morph
Top 50 and top 100
Good Day
Free Electricity!!
Memory layout options question
O/C Seti Team - Have a great holiday weekend.
SetStash SetiSpy compatible?
Chawken at Lucky 13
Team Challenge Update
seti updates?
Into the 60's
50+ work units!!!
Team Leadership Changes
How long have you been doing SETI?
Seti setup wont work.
Messed up WU.
Lets give Morpheus a Nice Goodbye!
Seti W/U time!
How to download Multiple WU's and setup?
Abit KT7A Northbridge Fan Warning
Home seewt home & $h!t WTF going on.
Made Top 30!
Off topic: Avatars
Read This: Vital Information!!
Finally passed the 200 W/Us...
Toomnymods Bios Pics Part 3
Toomnymods Bios Pics Part 2
new machines
Toomnymods - here are your bios pics
chawken or TC please read part 2 hehe
Way to go Daniel!
Fire wall
would this help seti run faster
whats seti?
Attn Kris.
Team Stats Down....
clc question
Seti and DOS?
VLAR's - Like a plague of Locust's
Gone for 4 dayzz.
Joined team
Yo Chawken/ off topic :D
Join team
chawken or tc please read..
Top 25 Stats (8/22)
Team Stats 8/21
how could u guys have 5+ rigs? what do u guys do w/ it?
Is this a good time for a pentium 3
Why is it not counting right??
Plz help a newbie
New AMD DDR chipset
Whos going to be 600th??
FTP needed for stats team...
I'm not listed as belonging to the Overclockers Seti Team?
Somethings gone wrong
Hey...I just joined.
Ram Disk
Command line seti caching???
Linux settings/programs
Adding TBird cruncher!!
copying SETISpy into startup folder
Long Term Predictions!!!
Seti Newbie
Stats (8/18)
22nd fastest team in the World!!!
For Kris :)
Is it possible to get a WU under 3 hours?
The popularity of SETI
How to inprove times?
Lost WU's
seti and memory usage
Does suspend and other power saving settings affect seti times
Two more WU's and I'm in the Top 100!!
Yu Morph
more than one seti machine
Individual Stats (8/15)
Maestro & rogerdugans
400 WU's
Silly Question on SETI Spy 3.0.7
Dear Morpheus...
Just joined, and brought a few thousand WU's with me... :)
Stomp - Blew past SkzDaLimit
Atomic Time
Can someone explain?
Team page
Red dot
Bought some new "Goodies" today for 2 More crunchers
TC - Epox + Palomino
how to setup SETIDriver to run only when rig is idle??
Where's the STATS?
Caching program for linux
Come on newbies, where you at?
I'll be away for 1 week
Stats Team: Roster #1
5.75hrs/WU on a T-Bird 1.55G normal??
Team Stats (8/13)
signature HELP?
Clearing CMOS hoses SETI,WT#
Woah... just saw the power bill
250,000 "quarter-mill" Milestone
A few old work units....
off-topic... Karmann Ghia
New stat team question
Just joined!
250,000 not to far away
seti + linux + slow
Name change time :-)
Increased CpF values??
CPU speed and cache size for SETI AMD vs Intel
Stats Update!!!
OK "U" Pros. FSB,CPU,Mem,Sandra ??
How about this: ready to go SETI 3in1 software
What in the world has happened here?
After burning in my Epox another week Look herehehe!!
What the............
1.26GHz "Tualatin" Box On the Way!
Is This Normal?
New SETI machine with Epox 8K7A
I'm in the top 50!
just testing signature
Seti loses another WU on me
Having 2 different Names merged into 1
porting SETI@HOME to an Xbox
alternative os for crunching
Need help with ram disk for SETI
40 WU's per day.
user profile
How about.....
An Ideal Seti Machine...
just saying thanks
Just sent and recieved a WU!!!!
seti server down??
Meet the enemy
DEC AlphaStation...it's usefull again
Anyone willing to fold a while?