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Anyone getting any work?
shirts for T32
Optimized Clients Not Working!
Hey Everbody, I'm Baaaack!
never ever never ever ever never never ever....
A few Q's
Break time is over, Back to Work!
Ah the milion at last!
Just wanted to say hi!!!!!
Sun Microsystems comes to the rescue of the SETI Project
COROT discovers its first exoplanet
SETI Crunchers: Please read
Anyone crunch on 56K?
Seti temporarily offline
Just call me lucky???????
The 1 Million Club
New player in the top 5 for our team!
Seti communication problem
Official Beta Boinc X64
More horsepower joins the team
Italy is in sight!
Another Newbie!
Another 2 million club member
Congrats to FloridaBear!
2 Million
*nix SETI Optimized client released
Muddoctor in the top 50!
X64 Client fo Boinc
What proc would be better for crunching?
Lets have a race
Half a million...finally
Big changes in the top ranks of SETI
Back to Seti
Just started!
Congratulations markodude
New Member
Sky is falling on my town
BOINC.Italy in our sight!
New overclockers.com team
New build, need some advice
added a couple computers
Lunar eclipse saturday night.
FElt like comming back to Seti
SETI Titles and User Group now available
Southern SETI Prepares for Great Leap Forward
SETI folk were reportedly overjoyed they actually found something
Tyrinon is stalking me
BOINC set to always run...but goes idle?
Anyway to search for users of the day?
Processor Performance Chart??
How long till I can fold with CUDA?
Old Timer back at it
New optimized apps!
Electrical supply for seti farms
Seti and IA64
Some amazing team statistics
SETI Use 4 Cores?
Just starting SETI@ home
New machine on the farm ...
Communications problems ...?
250,000+ ...!
oops! changed isp, sah not running
seti as a stability test
Stepping aside
2 million
Markodude quad at #4 overall
err..no work
SETI Group
Sign up here for International Race
Cruncher down
Setting location for BOINC?
Second day
Service installation
The Kings International Gauntlet 2007
So I started.
SETI team member
possible p2 results
How does this look ?
SETI finally discovers life!
Post your Crunchers (pics)
hey everbody, looky at this!
Who i Daniel Edgar ?
Happy new year!
How much will these BEASTS be able to put out?
No work from project?
hey Guys.
Source Code ?
SETI@home browser toolbar
Just signed up for SETI
Remembering Carl Sagan (1934-1996)
Mictlan hits the big 500.000
Race Page
At last its stable
Still no GPU Crunching ?
Race hits the 75% mark
My old stats page is up
Race stats...Where are they...
1 rig showing twice
SETI Crunching Rack
almost in team top 25!
Race - How are you doin?
boinc 5.15 vs 5.17
Hawking: Humans must colonize other planets
it' a close race but, team b will need a superheroe like this to win!
Woo! Careface is back!
Simap user of the day
it's getting hot!!!!!
Race update
I finally made the 7 digit club.
new way of calculating credit?
Is it worth it???
Migrating BOINC and SETI
Is Regular SETI Still On?
Mexico readies world's largest radio telescope
cd rom boot
Team A we need to pick capt. and name here
team "A" allow me to be the first two run some smack!
Team B - SETI Race
Teams for the Race!
Step by Step Instructions for Optimizing the SETI BOINC Client for Windows
need more RAC today!!!
thanx everbody(or all y'all)!
unrecoverable error for.....
Results and speed of crunching
Hey everbody watch this!!!!!
using chickens new client with 64bit os
Lookout Charlie, FloridaBear, Tyrinon and Chris!
yeehaw! seti back up!
New optimized seti app released
why can't i download work?
seti down?
signature :(
RAC question
Overclockers are #26, whats up w/that
This is cool!!!
need help joining seti
SETI Team Race- Sign Up Here
SETI interview with Dr. Eric Korpela
Utility bill
Boinc on Win 98
Time to get serious....
Distributed Computing Plug
Help me find the right optimized client
Team race....
Just added another comp...
Just wanted to say "Hi"..not here to fight..recruit or spread ill will!!!!
BOINC Issue, Dual Core CPU
Not getting any work !!??
Changed avatar....feels really sad...
Winter is coming and I'm tired of loosing ground on SETI
1 million CS!!
just joined
Dave H's 4.8Ghz monster
Long time no see...
Computers way off from what they should be
Seven Years of Seti
All this optimized client talk has me wondering...
Hatch Hill Farm has joined your team.
Started crunching again finally
New cruncher added to my farm/team.
Antialiasing for BOINC Projects
An offer of help.
Which one of this will be better
Long time - no see.
How much RAM do I really need?
Our Team Web Site
Looong time no crunch!
GPU crunching
Designing New Cruncher
Can a dinosaur search for ET's
Yay 100,000
Just joined seti team
Seti Beta
Farm is back up
No Que ??
64 Bit Version at Seti
Just set up BOINC !!!
need to chose a project...
Team logo on official SETI T-Shirts
Added some computers!!
Congrats to TC
Hallen the most productive member!
Pluto Loses Its Status As Planet
Congrats to Hamm3r!
Need cpu advice
Weird Recent average credit
Article -
Back in the fold...
Proposal for DC Teams
With Multi-Beam Receiver, SETI@home Takes Giant Step Forward
Congrats to AudiMan on 1M CS!
P4C unit times question..... WAY TOO LONG!
Upgraded A64 3700+ to 4400+X2 It's crunching time
Distributed Computing Wiki
Optimized Seti applications
Error 403 - what's up with that?
Compute Errors!!!
SETI urged to fess up over alien signals
Rosetta and big credits
Is this worth it?
Am I The First?
New millionnnaire
Mark your calendar!!
Just drop by to say hi.......
How many credits per day do you average?
In 2 days...I did what I crunched in a year
BOINC user survey
Sunday, Bloody Sunday @ Mr Bush
BOINC is hosing my computer!!!
How do I cache some Wus ?
Top 100 !... Kinda
Post your measured sppeds
Dumb question...
SETI actually found extraterrestrial signals?
A New Toy
Having problems keeping the SETI service running...
Proposal to bring back the old SETI@Home spirit
SETI BOINC and Vista Beta 2
Crunch3r Conspiracy and 5.50 Client
Time for some new Boinc upgrades to the OC SETI forums?
I'm back in the saddle again!
Steven Greer -Disclosure-
Anybody got BOINC 4.19 client?
Berkeley is offline again
Seven Years Crunching for SETI....
NO Admin Privledges - BOINC 4.19?
Weird problem with credit
This does not look good :(
Having problems connecting to project
NO work?
Congratulations Team B
From Seti to Einstein
An interesting read from the SETI Forum
Need opinions on two computer builds
Anyone getting new WU's?
Volunteer Computer Grids—Beyond SETI@home
Enhanced WU - which times are you getting?
RealVNC flaw exposed, new version released
Cant upload error 403
Hit the big 500k
How do you get 2 WU's to crunch on HT?
Enhanced is here!
Congratulations Enkidu on 2 million credit!!!
"Virtual" RAC?
Dual Core outproduces Dual Opteron
interview with Dr. Jill Tarter and Dr. Frank Drake
OC'ing for Seti - CPU speed or FSB?
Linux clc, whats the account key?
Back in the hunt
LIGO in my back yard.
Core Duo Kicking but
Credit calibration mod question
Run BOINC as linux daemon
1/2 a million CS!
We believe in ET, not ID
->Eaglescouter - Congrats on 1Mill CS
Boinc is growing fast!
DC Teams Combined are now #23 overall
SETI Soliciting Donations
Low RAC?
Team Wildcards Page
Pending Credit and Hi
Team A Page
Team B Page
Team Race
OCForums is #37 and Climbing
radio amateurs received signal from VOYAGER 1
wow, optimized client does wonders.
What to buy
Climbing the ranks
Increasing Quota?
1/2 milion credits finally!
Team Race Signup
How is RAC calculated?
No, I will not yield!
Server(s) Down?
Big congrats to Slimm!
SETI for Video Cards?
Team Stats Site
I make too many threads, sorry :P
Next Race?
E-mail from Berkeley
Congrats to Dave H!
Any one know where to find this optimized client
New Milestone!
Merge PC.. annoying. Very annoying.
New BOINC projects/teams
Why is my granted credit diffrent then claimed
graph display in BOINC
future plans of Setiathome
DC-Vault - Combined Team Statistics
Other Dc Projects Sub Forum Here
is SETI down?
Lost work
Noob question sorry guys
Congrats to Vento1!
SETI Optical Telescope
fx 60 added
Problem. help
Dave H Climbs the ranks
Pending credit
Seti beta
"Quick Deploy" BOINC
ok im new.
BOINC and 64 BIT
help... please+wierd viewing of...
Host Merge Disabled?
BOINC in virus form?
Seti Doesn't Work... Nothing Happens.
Seti Tech News
Changing SETI's priority during certain times?
New optimized client (SETI App)
Can anyone access Overclockers.com team page?
Woo, New milestone :D
No Work!! Surprise, Surprise
Just passed 100k!!!!
Hubble Space Telescope images
Team Site for SETI
I feel like a noob - can't connect to BOINC
A Radio Pulsar Spinning at 716 Hz
Seti@Home slowed my conputer down to a crawl
Cheap, Decent Telescope?
Pics of the moon TAKEN half hour ago.
Optimising an Intel?
Cannot attach to a project ?
Running as a Service, without running as a service?
300,000 Cobblestones Milestone
Help Setting Up Seti?
BBC article about LHC
Andromeda:] Just Saw. Andromeda tonight.
SETI Bench....GOOD OLD DAYS......
Merry Christmas
Team Pages
2 Quik questions, no big deal
Desperate times.. desperate measures
Boinc Server Problems still?
Where's Larry?? Am I missing something???
Latest biuld
in Memorandom 20 Dezember 1996 Carl sagan
Project Freya - A New Contribution to the Team
YO OC.com
The end has come for Seti Classic
Recruitment Thread?
Thought you SETI guys would enjoy this
Quarter Million
Is anyone else recieving zero credit on large numbers of units?
Com Deferred?
Guys and Girls, Upload your units NOW
Cross Project ID
So uhh.. what are we waiting for exactly?
When is the next race?
How to make BOINC run something else -ONLY- if SETI has no work?
Server Still Busy?
Help me remember ;)
error 500, help needed
SETI's Next Generation Telescope Array
Does anyone know what happened to these people?
Completed W/U's Backing up??
Half million Boinc milestone
Woot, 6digit club :D
Linux is faster than windows here!!
What in the world is this?!?!
BOINC in Linux?
Boinc Overclocking...
The turkey stole my rigs!!
S@H Run at certain times?
S@H on my laptop?
Crackpot or Serious Threat - You Judge
Force server contact during a specific time window
One STUBBORN P4 3.2 Boinc Errors!
What is Folding and how may I help SETI
Pending Credit: just when will it be enabled?
Negetive credits???
User Of The Day
Is it possible for me to join a team??
My new rig for the long weekend
Congrats To Team "B"
Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!!!!
SETI being cancelled?
New No Uno!!
Optimized clients do not work at all.
Back Crunching
how long does it take....
SETI Sets its Sights on M Dwarfs
Big trouble with a machine.
How many of you people do it for the science?
Is this a mistake?
Sorry TeamC, I let you guys down, BUT...!!
X Files Opened: The National Security Agency's UFO Investigations Unearthed
What's up with this W/U??
Can't Connect to Hostname Setiboincdata.ssl.berkeley.edu
Overclockix Q's
Is this considered cheating?
Enhanced SETI project?
A way to remove the format penalty?
12,000 RAC and 20th in the world.
7 Digit Club
SETI Classic, The end is near! Dec 15th
P4 551 EM64T Optimized client.
I have a star. What does it mean?
How do I get ride of Seti...
AudiMan Seti user of the day!
wohoo new avatar for me!
WooHoo! Got the yellow jacket!
Pending Credit Calculator
Best way to keep em on?
First-Light' for Africa's Giant Eye
250,000 Credits
Anyone have a spare $26,000?
Classic "scheduled" to close Dec 15th
We are soon back to #7.
Team race stats?
SETI outage around 14:00 UTC tomorrow(11/3)
Team C: Roll Call
Anyone Have issues getting work?
Team A - Roll Call!
Team B
Team Race Q's??
Vacationing on Pluto's moons?
How To Talk To Aliens
Just broke into the top 100 and 2000 RAC
David Anderson talks about BOINC and more
Rosetta@home = Big Credits
Added one more computer to E@H
Seti@Work Site
Congrats to sir LOIN !!
SETI Boinc News
Anyone here Close to the SETI Project at Berkeley???
SETI Team Race Info
What is boinc?
6 Years on Seti
Optimized clients
Log in Every X Days
Congrats to Larry Quinn!
300K boinks!
BOINC Version 5.2.2 released
Getting a little ambitious. Seti and Wine
I finally made the top 25
Venus Express is ready for lift-off
Slimm hits a COOL MILLION!!!!!
Top 100
SETI Race Signup
More news about Classic shutdown
The greatest discovery of all time
2 hour plus work times normal ?
Latest Info for the Allen Telescope Array
Help With Cpus!!!!!
One Million!
Six Digit Club
Roelof & I - How to get/use an optimized client?
WooHoo Bronze Medal!!!
We are about to drop to #7.
Asteroid Named for Dr. Jill Tarter
How do I install BOINC on linux?
Voyager Finds Three Surprises Near Our Solar System's Edge
Seti Spy for BOINC?
New to the team
Uh-oh, unscheduled down time. Can't be good.
Help! Seti/linux
1k RAC
BOINC 4.45 - Freezing Up Other Apps
What about credit for old work?
Installing BOINC client on linux
New member & no 1 spot
Building New SETI PC...
error starting boinc ?
Better W/U Time Estimates
Seti ?
SSETI Express
Enk's New Milestones (avatar and big numbers)
out of my mind
Looks like they might have it
a little news from Berkeley
The Future of LHC@home
new milestone for me
SETI Updates (Issues, Outages, New Clients, New Hardware)
Mictlan hits 200K CS.
SETI@home Classic will process its two billionth workunit today.
Password option now available for BOINC SETI's site
A Conversation with David Anderson
My favorite forum.....
OC Einstein team drops in ranks.