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Added to team scores
Validation backlog
Ver 4.68
OT:HDTV and Nasa Files
A tip for improving Up/Downloading
Please help...
Anyone getting work yet ?
Overzealous network admins.
Can I PLEASE get a few W/U's?!?!?!
Interesting Q&A Article with Dr. Anderson
need some help
Dual cores the new crunching king Thread 2
Race - Final Standings
Race Coming to an End
Optiomized Client Question
Great! Cache empty!!
Get yer diskless boinc here!
The Legend of Rongo Rongo
Validators finally making headway?
Its going down!!
uploading problems?
New to seti
The struggle over science
BOINC working on user-supplied IDs and passwords
Just (re)joined S@H, couple of questions
Mass Pending Credits
big bummer
Upcoming Series of Outages
Neat little Pending credit script
Save the Stanford Radio Telescope Dishes
Semprons 64bits seti anyone using it
New rig coming
dumb boinc question
Einstein@home swithing to 14 day deadline
Intel 820D or AMD x2 4200 for seti?
How to cool the farm room?
So is it still a "farm" if .....
Some crunchers have been down
Yet another outage
What about the other teams?
Sig generator updated
SETI to use less than 100% CPU
broke 10k in LHC!
Race page back up
Been a loooong time
Does anyone know the new BOINC scheduler IP?
New Mission to the read Planet called MRO
XP Pro Dogging my output?
10th planet discovered!
Still space in LHC
Where can I get the optimized client?
BURP Project back
Question about classic seti
Checking in...
Discovery Safely in Orbit
What are the race standings?
Think its about time to change my Avatar....
Picture of the Day 2005 July 24
Could it be?? 10 Days to the Top Ten??
Quick Install
The tomb of Seti. Quicktime needed
BOINC as a service?
Saving completed units?
P4 630
Unhandled Exception Errors on Optimized Client
I think I got a visit from Roto-Rooter!!!
New News
Update on Orbit@home
New Project for OC.com
News on Uploading Troubles
Are the uploaders offline?
Any MINI ITX guys? VIA EPIA's only..
using loopback -> firewall blocking BOINC on FC4?
Climate Prediction crazy spikes
Predictor Amd/Intel performance
Trouble Uploading & A Warning!
LHC@HOME open for more users again!
setti teamen up with my fx57 at last
Crucniing, little help here..
BOINC is Offline
stratcatprowlin would like to join team D
optimized client question ??
Joe Rhodes hits 1 mil plus+
Completes WU with succes -but no CS??
200k Seti and 100k Einstein
Analyzing Signals in Real Time
problem connecting to scheduler
150.000 Cs
Race Page
Which optimized client for a Athlon-C?
What happened to the seti team page
1.5 Hr wu for 1.6ghz WOW...
Average CPU Efficiency?
decided to start BOINC
200k Boinc
Another Reason to Change to Opera
LHC is up and running
Tootin' mah own horn.
Validators back online!
Validator online???
Team B.....Fall in!
Seti needs some Cyber Ex-Lax!
The future of computing - Electrons? Nah.
Seti News: Classic shutdown looms, Boinc hardware fails
Boinc vs seti classic speed
Pending Credit
D Team
I stated a thread in FAH and.....
result_overflow due to ocing?
The Wizzard hits the Half Million mark!
Enter the Great Comet Crater Contest!
Post pics of your Seti Setups (Computers)
Team C
Team B Race
Team Race!
Cruncher / OC Candidate - On A Budget!
Yahoo! A64 finally arrived :D
Team A
New SETI client available
Have you seen this in the main page of SETI Classic?
Which computer to press into service?
M Sako - 1/2 million classic WUs
Praxis Hits a Cool 1/2 Million
command line for linux
These sound about right for optimized client times?
Joe Rhodes kicked it into HIGH GEAR!
Dual Core - The New Crunching King
Speed decrease from BOINC 4.09 -> 4.45?
Scheduled SETI Outage June 17th 2005
SETI on Knoppix
Upcoming BOINC project - ORBIT@home
multiple BOINC's on one PC
For laptop users (specially Pentium M)
SETI OUTAGE NOTICE! June 15th 2005
Fire down below..
Congrats on getting to 7th position :D
Upgraded to BOINC 4.45 and Seti Version went down?
Gemini is down...
Congrats to Slimm on 500K Points
Faster SETI
Ok - I'm back (Sort of)
200k Seti
-> Eaglescouter. Congrats on 50K classic WUs
SETIs New Site
Just a quick question...
HELP Please!!!
Question of BOINC
The battle for top 10 positions ....
SETI - where are the Aliens?
Which boinc version?
PS3 Running linux with boinc
Just joined SETI team
Outage Notice - June 10, 2005
Optimized SETI App For P4 Linux Boxes
Just joined the overclockers.com seti team!
Is the team race still on??
50k Credits
Einstein team moves to 14th position
Inexpensive Upgrade?
Boinc Survival Kit
About the FAQ
Points and BOINC
How To Setup Boinc
Im back
question/problem about Boinc
Just added a 24/7 dedicated XP 2800 to the team
SETI@home - Update Status June 4th 05
Suggestion to help SETI and F@H
Ok...We need a plan to get into spot #5!
Question about operating system
New Member Thomas Mitchell
LandShark's On Fire!
Someone still benching SETI (OC.com SETI Team Benchmark)?
300,000 And the Hits Keep Coming!
Seti classic is going to the End
-> Moonbiter..Fair warning
Broke 100K Credits!
no blue jacket for me?
new crunchers?
Cosmos1 Ships in Preparation for June Launch
help with sig
Hitchhiker's Guide' Gets Thumbs Up
please help
Been upgrading to BOINCManager 4.42
Hey Skab
Seti@work BOINC is back online.
LINUX - boinc manager = connection error?
BOINC error...???!!!
what is eveyone using??
Sign up for the next Team Race!
It is too quiet in here, we need another race
Cosmos Education: Engaging, Empowering, Inspiring
Made it!...Top 20!!!!!
Overclockers.com, 6th place in the world!
Compiled client - post results here.
Dual core benchmarks for seti cli
For Hallen!
Why deferring communication?
help with vid card
Retiring for a while.
SETI is offline
Compiling faster Windows client with Intel C++ compiler
3 comps not crunching?
Why are prescotts so good with seti
500K Today
Why isn't the rest of OC Seti team NOT being updated?
New seti cruncher cwits
someone using an opimised client for LINUX on BOINC SAH
Einstein "No Tap"
Switched to SETI
seti boinc linux?
200K Credits!....Made it!!!!
Cosmic Crunchers win the team race!!
Lets see those farms!
What do you think about E@H race
Cant help myself...
Our Cogent link has been down since around 9:00am PST
200K... for me, that's a lotta' BOINCs...
6 validators running?
Finally hit 100K
6th place
Four successes and credit still pending
thirty days
Passed 50k Boinc credit
WU credit question
The hunt for Tempel 1
setting BONIC as service problem??
New Avatar Barby
Where are the Einstein@home stats?
The Wizzard!!
BoincView CPU Time
is it just me
BONICView, GUI RPC remote question??
Bear approaching
General Outage
Nice article on the front page
Congratulations User of the day - Cyklopz
In Memorium: Philip Morrison (1915-2005)
Question about SETI activity (not @home)
Top 25!..and a "Yellow Jacket"
Evil_Von Takes over 2nd place
What If Everybody Is Listening And Nobody Is Transmitting?
Outage 4/22/05
Milestone: 100K!
Seti Milestone
Can't attach project in BONIC via proxy server??
A new cruncher has arrived (aka It's a girl)
Can't attach to project...
3 days to #7?
been awhile
WinXP vs. Linux - Help?
Team Underdogs needs you!
Berkeley's XML Statistics Issues
Ten Days to top 150
Current Race Issues
Classic Seti Setiqueue Users
Boinc and XP firewall
D team report
where are my WUs going?
HyperThreading question
A- TEAM reports for duty
Team "C" thread.
Team "B" Thread
Team Race has begun!
Really Big Telescopes are Coming
Mid 50's here I come!!
estimated time to top 10
70K & New Avatar
50,000 woohoo
Made it!..TOP 30!!!!
Overclockix 3.8 is up (now with boinc)
The_Vixen joins our Team
177000 Points to #7
My Avatar change
Team Race Page
BOINC Question
the eagle has landed
Einstein "Do the Dew"
Thats It!!!!!
HEAVY Cruncher On Ebay
Team Race Sign-Up
coolblue joins seti overclockers
boinc runing on linux
Remember team races?
SETI 4.10 Released
FAH BOINC Project Coming "Soon"
BOINC SETI now in 8th place
3/31/05 14:00utc Seti Down For One Hour
Some bad news
StormPC joins Overclockers.com SETI BOINC
Yay !!! :D ( nothing to do with seti )
top 150...yay
Would someone supply me a boinc linux client?
WOOT WOOT!!!! Just passed 10K!!!!!!!
Planned Seti Outage 3/28 18:00 Utc
Video card overheating
Backing up work units? Across operating systems?
Change team location to international?
-> Audiman..Congrats on 500K CS!!
Fried Motherboard
Top 100!
Query about SETI scoring
Activate accounts / Claim "lost" SETI classic WUs (no email access)
i'M new =)
Overclockers #8 in SETI!!!!
New BOINC Project
200,000 Cs
trying to find a friend's stats
Craigslist gets beamed into space
Non Seti/Boinic News!
Boinc - Full Steam Ahead!!!
Seti Wu's
LHC@Home handing out work again
BOINC GUI Error...puzzled
Live Chat
Everyone is leaving...
Is anyone else getting fed up with SETI downtime?
Hey Yall!!
Is SETI down? Can't connect.
We're being robbed!!!
How long does it take?
Seti Classic --- The End is Near
Attention ric, you won a T-shirt at LHC@home
into the top 75 at long last
"BOINC" Forum -- Official Poll
Did you notice?
I have a present for you all...Gmail
BIONIC Problem???
A Bionic Congrats On Milestones!!!!
Bionic Stats
Splitting up projects
2 questions???
Unless I'm Missing Something... (Einstein@Home Related)
OC Boinc Overall #9 Fast Approaching
Cruncher down!!!
34k & growing
How to split between 2 projects?
Witch is it ? Seti or Einstein
By tomorrow...
Einstein "40,000 in three weeks"
Seti RAC # 1
Bring em on....
BOINC 4.25 released
Einstein "Breakfast of Champions"
FYI Duron + Einstein = slow crunching
Einstein "Where's the Beef?"
Einstein Stat Sites
Researching for farm upgrade
diskless boinc?
Einstein "You Got Milk"
Total BOINC standings
Is Einstein Down?
Ok Berkley
Resource Share question
Berkeley is down for the weekend
Need Help Please
Who's BOINC'in what (list your rigs and projects)
forum name change?
Smallest Star
Einstein "Oops we did it again!!"
Started Einstein
boinc client upgrade - what happens to uploading WUs?
Report deadlines
Intel's Pentium 4 to fade away
March 2nd Seti Update
Global Flyer
No WUs?
anyone has a SETIQ server that I can use??
New Space Object?
LHC Million Turn WUs
To the SETI Gods
Just joined Einstein@Home
Seti Classic is dead
lost wu and lost id
Question about Projects "Reset and Detach"
OC Einstein just Jumped 2 Positions
Seti ACTIVE X control
Dedicated vs. multiple projects & 0 credit
WUs past deadline?
Project Urls?
BOINC logo
ohhh myyy :drool:
Climate Prediction and Predictor@home
Einstein at Home...
Berkley is doing great!
492000 Points to go!
Hey Psykoikonov!! (Einstein)
New BOINC Version 4.24 (dev)
Another 30k
Wow, one of my crunchers already accumulated over 100,000 credits on its own!
woohoo i now have my avatar finally
knock me out
Some BOINC units moving
Services Coming back online
I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!
Started the move over to BOINC!!
Einstein "It's what's it's whats for dinner!!"
Can't join the team...
Sat. pic. of the Space Sciences Lab
AMD debuts dual-core Athlon 64
Blown Fuse at Berkeley Kills Classic Daily Stats Once Again!
coming back, the bar is open
Does seti...?
need help with seti autoinstall
I hit 30k today!
Credit granted but not given??
LHC@Home returns
Sounds like we're getting closer?
Summary of Projects
Who needs some exlax?
Einstein @ Home is officially up now
BOINC/SETI problems?
New member to the team !!!
#10 In BOINC Totals
Have a Great Weekend
I'm Sorry all
International Gauntlet 2005
Help Me Help Me
Way to go Top producers..
Hourly Stat site?
Lattic Project, BOINC Keeps growing
Wee Hoo!! just broke 20,000
New Seti Rig
New Rig Up!
OC SETI Team Signiture Stats Script!
Seti classic
Avatar and OC rank
Question about WU and machines?
Trying to understand
What do you think our goal should be?
Techincal Difficulties SETI@home status
The grey hairs just keep getting longer...
Seti Bonic Certificates
OK not funny who put the restricter plate on Me!!
Einstein@home enabling account creation
Trinity: My New Baby
Another one hits the 500K mark! Way to go Psykoikonov
First 10,000 and into the Top 100 in OC
Total Credit - does it include claimed?
Hello all its been a while times have changed
Added 2nd CPU
Just wanted to say HELLO!!!
Movin on up....
Wounded Horse
Boinc Seti Case Badges
And then there were Credits
Half a million for Joe Rhodes
Number One
HaHa new machine crunching BOINC
Movin on up
Pending credit !!!
Are Xeons worth the price for SETI?
Is seti dead
Displaying pending credit
No Work From Server
New cell processor
Good news!
Reasons for using BOINC
It's Monday Again - Classic Daily Stats Delayed
WHat port does BOINC use to upload / down WU ?
Help with BIONIC..odd behaviour
Pending credit?
"no work from project"?
Einstein@home cpu comparison