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Questions about BOINC
Seti Classic or Boinc?
Boinc Stats
Overclockers move to #9 in SETI/BOINC
Seti Spy BOINC Version
Stats for Classic SETI Delayed
this is about the seti teams helping out....
Well im back...
are here enough People at SAH who are ready for a Gauntlet
how much better is linux optimized BOINC?
BOINC acting very odd...corrupt WU?
Soon up on the top 25 !!!
Few questions about SETI / BOINC
setisynergy stats?
New BOINC SETI Avatar Set
BOINC Credit - How does it work?
Whoo Hoo! 40,000 units!!
another stats link
Dr. Seth Shostak Answers Your Questions About SETI
OC Team BOINC Avatar Proposal
ALU Benchmark
new old Statsside
BOINC 4.19 out
Universal Translator Might be Needed to Understand ET
Boinc seti down?
Einstein@home user of the day!
Planned SETI Outtage
LHC Back Up Soon
A Bit of My View on the Current Situation of our Team
Is there a way to force a "send" of completed W/U's?
Happy Anniversary to me!!
Validate Error
Frontpage article
Farm Case and OC Question...
New cruncher & 30k
Never mind....
Let's see those farms!
Q about Home/School comp profiles
Help getting on the new team!
Boinc SETI not working...
100K BOINC Credit!
Boinc 4.15 released on E@H
more crunchers :)
BOINC site has changed.
New Member
3.0C or 3.0E or ???
Bionic credit question
Optimized Boinc clients for Linux
Problem with BOINC
Passed 40k in Boinc today !!
starting on startup
64 bit?
83,267 Classic wu's
Performance wit quad opteron 850 ??
Huygens lands on Titan
New addition =)
10k + Top 100
Wait?? WHo hit the top 50??? Cuper did!!!
We are again 14th in Classic
new member
Need a farming mobo.
latest BOINC SAH News
Has anyone else's BOINC RAC skyrocketed?
Made it in top 100 :D
Matter Rides Black Hole's Space-Time Wave
Sending results
cant log in....
Boinc Seti - 10th Place!
Hi All !!
Now just three days to #10?
Congratulations Hallen on 100000!
XP vs. Applebred for SETI??
My Return To Seti!!!
Upcoming Seti Outage 1/9/05
Red Arrows in classic!
100k BOINC-boinks!
Happy Birtyday to me! I'm this many > I I
Found this on seti synergy website and stats:
No work from BOINC
The New and Improved SETI
11th Place in 5 Days
Woooohooo Im Crunching Again :D
News from SETI@home
Seti synergy Disappeared?
XP-M avg credit at stock speed?
not meeting deadline
Some help please
Merry Christmas!
25,000 in SETI Classic!!! Woot Woot!
50K in BOINC!
Movin' on up!
SETI BOINC Project Transition updates
just joined. Hello to all
Seti@home Classic will shutdown soon
What happens to Pending credit from July?
problem with boinc
Is anyone having RAC problems with BOINC?
One good and one bad news
Crunching with NVIDIA
Just began crunching for the team...
Just got 1000 seti classic points. Switching to BOINC
want to start out
User Stats and Such unknown
moving to boinc
i wanna crunch for OC forums
Monsters from outer space ?
Is there any point....
Intel VS AMD ?
Sharing SETI: A Personal Book List
New to seti
100,000 Credits
Astronomy Picture of the Day 7 December
BOINC Outtage
Reboot - WU Gone?
Loading Boinc on another PC, won't attach to project
Loading Boinc on another PC, won't attach to project
sudden drop in WU times??
Recent avg credit for quad p3?
What Do You Say to An Extraterrestrial?
BOINC - 10 active with over 100K!
To all farmes how to manage seti box
Intel Vs Amd for seti
NG Naked Science: Alien Contact
Can personal wu's be applied to a team progress?
Shorter BOINC times?
BOINC need help Please
Project Dolphin?
Where is this? BOINC
SETI and laptops?
Predictor@home to be returning soon
boinc cache
I've misbehaved. . . .
how good would this crunch???
Seti/BOINC News
Mictlan #1 cruncher in Mexico
2.4c cruching slowly
Im gonna brag.
50th Place
Joe Rhodes hits 100,000 classic wu's.
Seti at Work moved? Gone?
Quantum Astronomy: The Double Slit Experiment
Sweet 75
It's About Time!
Performance increase
No granted credit...for just me!!!
On the 70th Anniversary of Carl Saganís Birth
points updating
We are finally 13th in S@H
Any use to old pc
What Would You Like to See?
Hey guys, what's up?
Team Web Site Back to Normal
team total credit acurate?
project url
Boinc results????
OT: Star Wars Episode III Trailer
Good seti computer
boinc ocseti team probs...
**Please Read** A Survey About Distributed Computing
New Boinc feature
Lots of Client errors lately
SetiSpy Founder
Quick question bout BOINC & SETI@home
PlanetQuest: the search for another Earth
new user can't get BOINC working
Unable to Login to Boinc
BOINC is sucking wind....
Ok, call me stupid (avatar selection)
old setivs bonic
Is Berkeley down again?! (BOINC)
New Member in BOINC?
Made top 50 in OC team for Boinc
Europe leads space race to hunt down ET
5000 Wu
Updating the client
more units in boinc
New BOINC client stalls apps?
Upgrade to the pharm
Katelin and Puffy - 25K passed.
Planned BOINC Outage - Oct 20 17:00 UTC
Old SETI or the new BOINC?
Can't retrieve my password
BOINC validator has caught up
Team Web Site down?
Now that its' cold...
Top 50 Avatar
sir LOIN User of day at LHC@home 10/15/04
Ok, I quit!!
Pioneer Days:Why the Search for Life Drives Space Exploration
Now you can see "pending credits"!
How to join overclockers.com BOINC team?
Seti Boinc - Updates and Upgrades Info
If anybody's out there, what do we tell them?
New BOINC Client
Freezer internals for sale
Is it worth it?
Back on the race
Seti Boinc - Validator / File Uploads / Issues
WU's per day
SETI Glitch?
Planet Quest, the search for other Worlds
5 digit club
Screensaver version?
man fired for running seti
1 year
problem with account
A64/P4 LHC unit time comparison
One grid to rule them all
Classic news: 4 guys past 100K!
Odd errors in BOINC
OverClockers.com Team #10 - Boinc
Boinc team name is not a link :(
speeding up seti@home
just joined
Berkeley outage
Question about newest update
New to SETI and question
Points are posting again
BOOM!!! 10k achieved!
Mictlan, DK Jedi Alliance, Puffy
BOINC ó Stats Link Sticky
Are We the Galaxyís Youngest Residents?
New Version of Boinc available for download
Cruncher Down - Diagnostics?
BOINC upgrade...finally
just dled S@H.. need some help
???? Seti Team Case (42U Rack) Project ????
Eye of Jeanne on Doopler Radar
NASA Releases World Viewer World Wind
Note to Frank
Cold Sugar in Space Provides Clue to the Molecular Origin of Life
BOINC Team name
Expired Boinc units
BOINC -the first mill. points!
For now I already had it with BOINC, or what?!
BOINC status
Call for BOINC SETI avatars
Total Boinc Rank
BOINC on multiple PC's
Banias 1.6Ghz
10,000 Credits
opteron or xeons faster these days?
Foling, Seti Farms anyone
Boinc Stats/History ?
Not too sure where to put my efforts
Shuting down my SETIQ server
BOINC server status.
#5 on the top 100 crunchers
BOINC Seti@Home - Server Status Page
Half ton of cases for someones farm
One year ago today...
Free stuff for crunchers
Boinc rankings?
Win 98
Validator up - CREDITS FLOWING!
Researchers: ET should write, not call
What's All This About?
No BOINC'in on small a harddrive.
Boinc Work Units are Flowing
Anybody getting thru to BOINC this weekend?
Big production increase by Murfster!
Any expericence/advice on this non-SETI question?
Not listed on the BOINC Team.
crunching with your gpu?
Strangely familiar place...
Multiple Project lookup
NEWS: interesting signal discovered by SETI
The Two Norsemen hit 200,000
The bar is open
Get 'em while they are hot!
Climate Prediction
Warning To Win98 Users!
"Deferring communitcation with project for 2 weeks" - Why?
New team avatars
What is BONIC
Project Upgrade to v4.xx
August 25, 2004 "We plan to release major version 4 of BOINC and SETI@Home tomorrow."
"Recent Average Credit"
Interview with Dan Werthimer
Is it true?
Boinc Credit
Seti Classic - give #13 a go?
a "draw" on ocsetiteam!
27 Hour WU's
BOINC - Detach and Re-Attach " Or Not "
BOINC SAH is going to 64 Bit
Berkeley To Populate New Class!
Alien Vs. Predator: What's Really Out There
ET where are you?
I've had it.
Crunch on witrh classic!!!!
Boinc Status Updated:
WU completion times....
20,000 Club!! Whoot! Tweet!!!
Emails Illustrate Fine Line Between the Brilliant and the Bizarre
SO SAD :( (happy ending) :)
[NEWS] Should SETI Be Looking For Lasers Instead?
NASA Chief: 'Let's Go Save the Hubble'
Tired Of Waiting For BOINC/Back At Crunching Old SETI!
Translating Berkeley
i think i know what boinc REALLY stands for!
Congratulations Joe Rhodes
T-bred avg. BOINC times?
How many machines to let sit idle?
I did a very bad thing
Multi-Beam Receiver Promises New Vistas for SETI Research
What is Boinc?
Message from server: No work available
CNN presents Is Anybody Out There? The Search for Life in the Universe
BOINC Country stats
what in the hell is up with seti now??
Climateprediction.net Open Day 30/7/2004
I would like to justify a few things...
Custom Stars for Crunchers
Old O/C'er with 6500+ WU's wants to return :P
http://www.ocsetiteam.com/ - last update June 21st?
Don'y Know How Long This Has been Up - BUT!
i don't get it
better for SETI? intel or amd
Phase 1 certificates...
new to seti
Eavesdropping on Olympus
i know i said i wouldnt but....
seti@classic and seti@boinc running together, how I did it
BOINC back up in the morning
Classic SETI Milestone
Before the Eagle landed
I think this is why Seti Boinc is so damn slow to update anything.
Setting up BOINC
Is BOINC having problems updating stats?
Retaining service startup switches?
cant get units in or out of the old seti
What does "no work from project" mean??
A Problem With Seti: Help?
http://macg.no-ip.info:5520/boinc/teams.php - Update intervals?
The Search for More Earths
I think Northwoods > Prescotts for BOINC
New lab room at home - BIG PIC
Been outta the loop a while, should i be running BOINC now?
BoincView 0.8 Out
How Many PC's Are You Running Seti On??
"No work from project."
Seti BOINC is ****ing Me Off....
Not too happy with BOINC
where to download bonic
Interesting system comparison
BOINCview: Networked drives?
Results timing
BOINC -- How to view team pages??
My PC's. How are they for Seti??
Large Boinc WUs
BOINC: 1104.74 Credits in my first 24 hours of BOINC'ing
BOINC: GUI RPC request from non-local address 0xa000006
BOINC Network Monitor?
Hubble Comes to Home Computers
How To Get URL And Code Again
Bonic is it live yet?
Boinc - Scheduler Server Update
New room
Just hit 40K WU's
BOINC questions
The future of Boinc
how well will these work for seti
you guys better look out
For those who wondered what happened
need help w\boincveiw
Can't submit WU's again?
Predictor on boinc...
BOINC Won't Except URL
can't get any WU's from Boinc...
Need Help With Setispy or SetDriver.
its been a long time since I used set and it wont let me sign in again.
Im the #1 Rank Jumper
Turns out I'm a member after all.
Get BOINCing!
Boinc Utilities - Get Them Here
Thinking of signing off at 20K...
BOINC Cache?
new cruncher help
BOINC status
Getting more attention to non SETI and F@H forum users...
Seti farm power solution IDEA
Joined Team
BOINC SAH is live
Laptop crunching from thumb drive
anyone crunch with fx51 or 53?
Changes since I've been away...
Sun Ultra 5 with an UltrasparcIIi
these WU times are getting nice!
Second computer for the kids!
Bandwidth issues. . .
Is berkeley down?
Biasos joins the team
Seti Transmit REALLY slow when i OC?
The Pentium M is now available;)
SETI on Playstation?
low AR times
Hi there to all.....I'm BACK.....Also SETI bench 1:19 h.....
2.4C @ 3.12 GHz-1:1, 260 FSB Or 2.6C @ 3.06GHz-1:1, 235 FSB - Guess who is faster.
44.5 WU's per hour,,
Hit some new milestones
Analyzing Seti Preformance
I shifted my SETI back into high gear today.
best way to OC for seti?
AMD 64's and SETI.
Constant Seti Error!
Joined the team! (again)
how does one join a team
2000 WU, and my first full year of crunching
100 Wu
OCsetiteam below 6 Hours in avg!!
I'm in
is BOINC are going official or
14th place?
Idle time in between WUs?
Crunching on my dually
Setispy question
Hmmm.....Kinda slow.
going to start crunching again...
How Einsteinís Theory Helps Scientists Discover Planets Thousands of Light Years Away
Been running on OC's team for a few days now..
.07 CC and 3.07 SAH have been released to Beta for all platforms.
Weekly Rank Jumpers?
M Sako picked up some speed!
Boinc and hyperthreading?
When Weather (and Science) Goes Bad They Day after tomorrow
i hope you can help
1700 Wu
SpeeDj is crunching again!!!!
Zim2411 Joins the team!
Time to do my part!
out of the 80's baby!
Team rank?
Approaching 14th Again
Mictlan and DK Jedi meets IRL!
A big welcome to AbitAvenger
How much do you spend on S@H per month ? "Energy wise"
OK, who did it?
Whoo Hooo Finally 10,000
3.05 CC and 3.05 SAH have been released to Beta for all platforms
A new milestone for sETI 5 million users
The Big Lab Experiment
5 years!
happy surprise
How hot is too hot?
Stats Announcement
Doh! *smacks self* stupid windows
Finally the website let me join
calculate most efficient seti farm config here
yah out of the thousands
SETI@home Newsletter Pulses, Triplets, and Gaussians
Gateway E Series too noisy for a farm
2,8C - how fast at stock??
Send / Receiving WU?
anyone have a barton for sale?
LiL Help Plz
new cruncher
Very happy day for Denmark!
Vatican Astronomer Comments On Extraterrestrials
Exciting Astronomy with the Allen Telescope Array
Massive UFO sighting
Finally! Top 1%
The Chance of Finding Aliens
SETI site all messed up
How much do we have searching?
processor problems
Pushing the Limit: Possible First Photo of Extrasolar Planet
How many WU's a Day?
individual stats
The Physics of Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations
Upgrade to PC-3200 ram??
Was Galileo Wrong?
Mars and the Teachable Moment
So, are you an addict?