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back after a long vacation :P
Fabric of the Cosmos
Another 10000
Seti performance with amd and ddram
Sir Ulli
Forgot to mention I blew through 5k ;)
intel cruncher
New to the SETI program... have a few questions
Just ordered a pair of MP2800s
Seti time fluctuations - prescott issue?
COSMOLOGY The Myth of the Beginning of Time
Are we about to take 14th place?
SETI@home Newsletter #22
XBox 2
UFOs, Abductions, and Ancient Astronauts
SETI SPY will not work
stop wasting time and energy
Dual Xeon still the champ?
SETI Login Screen
hows everyone doing?
Q: Approximately how many stars are there in the universe?
Arecibo Observatory gets 7-pixel eye on the sky that will make world's most sensitive
I'm new
SETI@Home effects on system
SETI Institute NEWS
you guys got a stats page
2.4C @ 3.84Ghz
Homebrew Radio Astronomy Circuits
Thanks for the entertainment OC
Back in action
No pain... no gain
The Bricks of Life: Exploring the Idea of Alien Chemistry
How fast will this system crunch?
SETI Race! Computer parts needed
SETIqueue and Dynamic DNS
More Windows security updates
Yay!! Ive nearly hit 5,000 wu's
How the hell do I get the ms-dos based version to work??
Can SETI Probe for Probes?
Averaging 49 minutes per WU...
12000 work units
Us crazy folders are giving away free stuff!
Order the Windows Security Update CD
I finally got my Mobility ~2 hours/WU :)
what is it
Here is a plan!
Happy Easter and Good Friday
Asking Big Questions to Learn Science
AMD Core Math Library 2.0 ACML
How about a race?
Have 800 to give but no password from Berkley
1YR Anniversary
5000 Baby!!!!!!!
2nd rig is ready!
Heads Up!
What notebook for seti?
Can this rig hack it?
Ashes of the Phoenix
Satellite to test Einstein predictions
Space art wallpapers
switching over
'Fifty planets' could have life
Temporary cruncher
Addition to the Addiction!
Finally Ranked at 99%
World's largest postcard!, fly over the surface of Mars
I am back...
Installed CLC
Demolished First 100...
Seti@work down?
So many yet so little.
oooo boy
Italian Engineer Stelio Montebugnoli Wins SETI League's Bruno Award
Moving over to folding in a few weeks
first 100
Wohoo top 2% :)
New challenge Graph
SETI@home Update, March 23, 2004:In Search of Dyson Spheres
Ohh noooo!!!
new cpu shorter hours
running multiple seti
Questions about clc
Just Joined
How do you recruit?
soon will be shutting down the farm
Budget upgrade!
Just joined the OC Seti team
Soon to have yet another 2500+ M on the team.
OCSeti = 15th.
Planets and Moon Gather in Evening Sky on March 22 - April 2, 2004
Seti download problem
The Seti Signal, and how all are startet
Two Year Anniversary!
7500 mark.
A new Telescope for Seti
Little help
Bunch of Questions with hardware.
Mobile Barton benchmark
not getting the most out of processor
smallest HD in the world
SETI Driver and processor affinity with HT?
2500 milestone YAY!
Anyone running a Centrino ?
Extending distance from PC to monitor
2 new Mobility 2500+'s to add to the team
200 units completed :D
Biggest, baddest cruncher around
SETI director looks outside Earth
A new Chance for Hubble
[HELP] A7N8X-E Deluxe / 2500+ + Seti = BSOD
Congratulations to Mitch Sako for his 200k WU's!
SETI: Article on the science behind SETI from Xilinx
I hate my bad luck
Couple of Announcements
Hubble's Deepest-Ever View of the Universe
How to hide Seti??
How to get 100% ussage?
Hi to everybody
When phase 1 is over
2 Comps Running 1 Account
SETI has taken over my pc's :)
When did we move back up?
Seti Farm electrical bill
Questioning The Prime Directive or what Signal is the right to find ET
seti client sudenly idles.....
Seti farm
Congratulations Cy on 50K milestone!
Back in action
Another 10K thread :)
Journey to 10K
Building up farm for the end, Cache Max?
Top 50
cruching for past 4 days with no results
New farm finally completed
Long time team member, first time poster
Congratulations KenCo 50K milestone
Very strange WU
New Job=More farming?
1000 WU's
Wow, big AR. :P
Welcome Back psyshack
Pics of the New Farm...
Venus: The Forgotten Planet
Taming a Prescott for SETI
I gotsta painted
Via Socket 370 CPUs
Dark Energy
Top 150 Finally
Broke 3000 WU's this week!
linux vs. winxp pro???
Woot Woot, just pick up a new cruncher!!!
keep losing settings...
farm up and running!!!
Dual Xeon High Times
need advice, buying new rig tonight
Black hole takes bite out of star
Does anyone else have SETI benchies with Prescotts?
performance options in windows
Finally joined!
Not My Usual Style - But!
I joined SETI... why is it not doing anything?
configuring for quad cpu's
affinity with HT
Can anyone connect to Berk??
CLC - wont connect - keeps asking for email
Seti Questions
Happy day!
As you can tell..
Gotta love SETISpy's little suprises :)
Installing on diff partition?
not auto transmiting???
New 3.2Ghz Extreme Edition !!
Building a Server
Crunching with Prescott P4
processes with multiple cpu's
cant join
can some one help me with Technomancer??
can not get seti driver
Installed CLC ver. 3.03 now i can't transmit!!
Cleaning out the dust
Starting Farm.. some help...
rig upgrade
runing 2 processes
Shutting down the farm
Finally, Total CPU Time in years!
]-- 4 Diff. Systems - all doing about the same Mflops ?
l2 cache and seti
SETI Institute NEWS, We are back
Good start for the day
Help Me
Steven4563 Turned up the Heat!
Athlon 64 amazingly fast!!
Finally an extreme edition for a good price
WU crunch times for CPUs
HT and seti performance
50,000wu's completed!!!
Congratulations To racecar12!!
freebsd 5.2 + seti slow? or do i have it setup wrongly?
How Do I Join
How important is my CpF!?
Ok am back
Moved Back Up To 15Th World Ranking
Burning Phoenix: Your counter
Dead Cruncher
Oxygen and Carbon Found In Atmosphere of an Extrasolar Planet
Just joined!
Had Bad day yesterday
Alright I finally Joined!
am i still a member??
(OC) Clutch Head
Back to crunching again
About to get passed!
worlds fastest cruncher
Production back on track..
YES! I got flamed!
OT New fantastic Mars Video from NASA, JPL
Daily Stats Announcement
No Dos version?
slow Seti
The battle to save Hubble have begun!
Opportunity has landed
I want to build a ~25 WU/day system. Options?
2.5 Crunchers
Mars Express sees its first water scientific results
? Why is my comp slower than my families
What is the 2nd phase
Is this ture or just bogus
Im SETIing again!
Extrasolar Planets, the search for another Earth
One cruncher going bye bye
Has anything come out of Seti yet?
A sad day indeed...
CPU Throttling?
Last Chance to Send Your Name to a Comet
64 Bits Maybe!!
first seti
Just joined the team
1000 WU Complete!!
Back up to four machines
2 new computers added
I just joined the team!
YES!! Under 2 hours!
Anyone Donated to that guy?
Hey guys, Would like to talk to someone about SETI
How long does a WU take ?
Message From A Friend
1,000 Wu W00t !!!!
Since my HDD died, go diskless?
Is it over?
Extended Hand of Friendship!
Just joined Overclockers Team-saving,uploading?
Moving my Setiqueue
w00t! more crunching!
White house wants to send us back to the Moon
Just returned first WU in over 2 years.
SETI on Tech TV right now
Top 200!!!!
We are now #15 in the world!
Room for a refugee from the UK?
quick question
seti end seti2 begin?
AM Interview with David Anderson
Weekly stats not working?
49% WU completed and returned??
HT/NT Service Oddities - Help?
Gotta be B&*LLSH*!
Welcome "The Collective"
Enkidu, Nice production increase
how to get more off my xp2500+@3200+?
Whats the deal???
Hey TC...
is BOINC going real soon
Need 4.5 weeks to top 150
2 hour avg WU processing with XPC system
Happy New Year and New Challenge Graph
Spirit has Landed
Just hit top 50 !!!!
irc channel?
Just a little bit longer...
Chapter 3 from Is Anyone Out There?
Who is Mitch Sako???
Building a dedicated cruncher. Need your Advice
Happy New Years ...and be safe
10k Happening Today!!!!
Back on!
Who is Cyklopz and Chad Kiser?...BAR OPEN
17th place congrats to all
So I started crunching again.
How long does it take you to do 1 DU?
1 year Birthday card from Seti Spy!
Just joined the team!
Woohoo Just made it to 1,000 hours
Anything new?
Berkeley having server probs today?
broke top 100
migrating to linux
Dump Old Cache For New/How?
Finally hit 5000!
Sorry Team/Had To Stop A Cruncher
Enkidu and Eaglescouter hit 10,000 Merry Christmas
Xmas Pic of the Day
I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas
Minor Change In Tomorrow's Stats
Milestones for the week ending 12/21/03
First Pictures from Spitzer Infrared Telescope
I'm back everyone!!!
Message From TC
Hit Goal - 1k wu
3k WUs in a couple of hours!!!
Happy Chrismas to all of you
How many WU per day per machine
after fitting a pelt
1 WU stuck in driver
Finished WU's are disappearing?
8.2 days till we pass SGI SETI
Wow, 2 Triplets that are the same
SETI@Home Expanding Goals With Sun's Help
Switching to AstroP/FAH
Post your SETI monitor.
Confused by the CLC version
Its sad all the cycles that get wasted.
Overclockers.com Seti has fell to 19th in world rankings
See you all later!!
water cooling ....seti2000
I nerfed something...
Milestones for 12/14/03
SETI as a Process?
Darn power hiccups
Optimizing my PC for SETI need help!
Burning Phoenix
Set Processor Affinity?
My 3 yr. anniversary is today
Opteron140 or P4HT??
Wohoo! I'm the top tenth "Mover and Shaker"
My Barton 2500
Check out my new cruncher! *drool*
production down because of Trojan
New cruncher coming soon
Im Back Crunching Seti :D
Longest avg WU time?
New mini series "BattleStar Galatica"
The Big Crunch : Interview with Dr. Dan Werthimer
Just received August29 WU
p4 ht and seti
New Member
Milestones, Week of 11/30 through 12/7/2003
Woo Woo!!!! New Milestone!!!
how do i hideSeti in the task bar
A belated to tribute to one of the best
Question to Barton users
Slow wu's
OC Team World Map Thread!!!
overclockers.com seti team farm
Might come back soon...
Server Failures
Just installed SETIQUEUE
Milestones week of 11/30/2003
Joe Rhodes hits 50,000!
Worms installing SETI
SETI down again?
Team Members
P4 with 2m cache?
Problem with a P4
Nice production increase
Team Rank
amd ocing
Now let the party begins...
A64's, Athlon FX's and P4 EE's.
OT: I just earned my first Sticky!
I'm almost there
Must of lost one of the top two hundred
Astroseti.org interview with David Anderson
rate my efficiency
Important Info - Maybe or Maybe Not
Another new Interesting!
just broke 10,000
Need help to get 3 more crunchers online
Congrats Mitch Sako!!!
Welcome Back To Active Duty
Amost there
Happy Turkey Day
Seti Driver
Power Struggle at the TOP!!
The Official Alama Project Thread
Eaglescouter in top 100!!
just broke 900hrs :)
Arecibo Chronicle contributed by Seth Shostak, SETI Institute
LandShark is closing in on 100,000!
Trojan on SETI machine
Seti machines have been drydocked
LiL Mr. Bill is HOME!!!
a 1st.
Just added another 2.4C
Nnnnoooooo! Too many red arrows!
P4 Willamette vs Celeron Northwood...
What's the best CLC 3.03 or 3.08?!
Holy crap
I wanted to say thanks for not dropping me
New member of the team
SETI a little slow
BOINC and SAH Account is open again
Happy coincidence to me!
ALmost at 10K !!!Woot!!
Finally made the Top 1%!
seti at work down?
Any News On The End Date Of SETI?
I'm back...
landshark, how dare you...
Belated CONGRATULATIONS to The Two Norsemen
Interesting news!
Last Foreseeable Goal Achieved
a question
Check out the new desktop
any idea??
BOINC Beta test will open soon
Setiatwork is down
WU sizes
i know it isnt the fastes but i am under 2 hrs
wee 2 achievements in one day.
Boinc news ???
seti hack
2.4C or 2.6C?
Hubbles best of
Authenticated Message Received & Decoded!!!
Nice 1 landshark
SO close i can almost taste it.
About to break 100Wu's done
I didn't realize how fast these things were...
single vs dual channel memory for P4
Just dropping a line
Small addition
need more power
Farm Material?
Fastest Pentium II!
Lunar eclipse (nov. 8th 2003)
Top 300!
Need help, corrupt user account
World-map Candidate.
My new SETI needs your help!
Seti screensaver at login screen?
any links?
Ok quick question. Setting up second rig for seti
CONGRATULATIONS to "racecar12"!!
Two processes and AMD
What can we do to spice things up?
team site
SETI on Ramdisk
Benchmark on my Opterons
Interesting Reobserved
quick seti & SMP question
2,000 WUs COMPLETED!!!
A Halloween Treat
Multiple PCs
Happy Halloween...
100th place
heavy hitter??
Increasing Speed
Computer heat problem
Hard drive question...
Man...SETI@Work stats is MESSED UP!
Seti Teams' Total GHz
setique ?
New Member!
OK Now i got a FATAL ERROR From Seti@home
Noob question on completed WU,s and stats on program window
Athlon FX Likes Cool Weather
Customize the .zip all in one seti program
OCSETI stats
woohoo I hit the big 4 digits.
Need Help
SETI data server is down
Crazy Stats
Bearin down on Top 10,000 in the WORLD
Your thoughts?
Seti Q?
Hope Yall dont mind if i joined
Sad day...I am shuting down the farm
Seti News Overall