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Athlon FX 64 Bit Bench Results
Noob SETI question
We lost someone!
The end is near?
Athlon FX Seti Bench
Cost of distributed computing?
Interested in a Little Info
The big 250
old question but forgot the time
the future? mmmm...
Just joined, when will password be here?
TeamRace Additional Stats
did you know?
laptop usage
Farm thoughts
OT: A Favor
By guys.
i know it has been ask before but
Congrats Katelin
The Bar is OPEN
Eaglescouter->Congrats on 5K!
I want 100!!!!
And one...
1 year old
Still Paying the Price!
Thought i had a lot
Crunching with an FX51
Moving SETI@home to BOINC
New member a jokester?
Let's go Frog in a Blender!
BOIN Seti Beta News
new toys.....
Back! From the dark side of the force...
We passed 3 Mill!
New Microsoft Patches
Overclockix and SetiQueue
Stats Circus Under New BigTop!
Important Info For Setiteam Users!
Something odd in SETISpy
SETI and F@H???
Berkeley stats are down
SETI@home Update, September 25, 2003
Which is better? higher RAM or FSB speed?!
Avg. WU time for a Pentium 4M 1.8G?
I need a new goal!
New Challenge Graph
the Pluto-Kuiper Belt flyby mission ! -- Still a chance to save this mission !!
Team update: Carl's Cosmic Crunchers
Two months now
Two months now
The Drake Equation Revisited: Part I
Weekly Stats Will be Late
Just joined SETI
Go Crunch O'matics
any advice/idea guys/gals??
Berkley stats site offline?
Seti Crashing comp
Let's keep it going Frog In A Blender!
What happened to Norrko?
Any Athlon 64 SETI benches around?
Some questions
Good deal on crunchers
Isabel crunches Crunch'o'matics
For what its worth
our world team rank is back to 18th
when Seti moves on...
wooo hooo 250 wu's
diskless crunching
Paging F1x.
So what makes it crunch faster?
Say Goodby to Galileo
I've been waiting for this day!
Thinking GOOD Thoughts!
New Sig!!
Free Solaris 10 x86
Just broke 2500!
p4c on its way
E-Mail from MS
SETI and ASP.NET Servers
Letters to ask for permission to run SETI?
#17 spot for team OC.com
Hurry up - Mictlan!
Seti@home in International Herald Tribune
Crunch'O'matics Roll Call
mitch sako = 100,000 wu's
Almost there...
Extreme Crunching!!
crunchers beware!
how much memory for farm machines?
AMD = ??? WU per hour?
11 September in Sweden...
Crazy Unit!
Team Race Statistic Links
11 September Reflections
7500 w/u for me
Microsoft warns of new Windows flaw
Computer Problems!!!
Wheres the sticky...
Carl's Cruncher let's show some pride!!
building a farm :D
How long you can safely keep a work unit before returning it to Berkeley
Crunch'O'matics Unite!
5th SETi rig is now reaching Ludricrous speed
Finally in Top 250!
BOINC 2.01 is out
Somebody had to do it
OT: I feel really wierd right now...
Sweeet..! Just hit top 1% of all Seti
Work Estimate For 3.06GHz Dual Xeon w/1MB Cache?
WU production estimat for a 3.2HT P4 at stock?
Connection problems
Any success??
A big hello from across the ocean
S.E.T.I. Sharky's INC
5500 units!!
Dedicated to ALL SETI forum members ALSO....
Top 3 team in BOINC
w00t im back up
Hyperthreading and seeing seti progress?
New top 50 member :)
only 1 Month left after starting BOINC
Secret message to members of Carls Cosmic Crunchers
We need to run these team races ALL THE TIME!
Back In Town!
Mac Crunchin - OS9 versus OS-X
Frog in a Blender
server down?
Let's Talk
How do i join the team?
Daily TeamRace Stats Page URL
"Happy Anniversary" and SETI bench 1:36 hours....
Wow, look at all the red arrows!
WOOT!!!! 1,000 WUs!!!
Problems with SetiSpy 3.3.3
what mobo to buy for pharm?
TeamRacers!!!! My Apologizes!!!
Carl's Crunchers...
RACE STATS: Day 5 — 5:20 pm
SETI Banner on OC Forums! Need graphic artists!
DAILY STATS: Day4 — 5:15 pm
To all my SETIQueue Users
Recomended maximum cache for SETI Driver?
RACE STATS: Day 3 — 5:11 pm
OC Seti Bar is now OPEN
With The Race And Simple Crunching In Mind
Production slightly down
Looks like another round of reobservation units just went out...
Forum server crash.. SETI team can help with $
Been do in it 2 years now!!!
User accounts
10,000 SETI Work units from PB Mansion
When is Berkeley going to update the teams page?
Interesting Video
new addition
Running seti on a thumb drive?
Race Stats
seti@home vs. seti commander
How will the change to SETI Phase II occur???
0.004 Ar...argghhh!
Win as a team
why cant i get my SETI password?
Seti Driver locks up?
TeamRace Files
[b]READY - SET - GO!![/b]
And The Race Begin's!
Aarrgghh! On the road and production is down!
A Borrowed Putter / And Seti End
TEAM Eric Martin...CoolDrum3...whatever!
was wondering
Hello Everyone
TEAM Morpheus... READ THIS!!
NOTICE TO ALL: I am now crunching under the name CoolDrum3
To All Member of Team LandShark
Team Race Name
TEAMRACE - Proposed Teams
SETI Only Taking Result's/Not Giving W/U's?
I finally get to see my name in red!
oops! Redistribution of Reobservation Data
2 seti drivers load at startup?
Any reason to update SETI Software?
Join the new Team Race now!
Need more crunchers in the team races!!!
SETI@home has received over one billion results
i refined the seti self install file
so...testing seti
X-rays from Earth
Mmmmm... Frog legs....
running 2 WU on a P4C?
Taste That...
The almost last WU dump
i want to build a Farm. Xbox?
No I haven't dissapeared
top 400!!!!
finaly TOP 100
I got 600 WU :P
feel semi bad
What do you think, have I found ET?
New OCing Utility
How to stop CLC from popping up every time it contacts server?
Raise money for Roelof Engelbrecht!
New Challenge Graph
Five straigth days
bootable usb key drives
Boinc !! Can you test it ??
unable to send results
It's my one year anniversary
getting a pelt/ benchmark
I need your advice for mobo +proc ....
Need Linux 3.03 client...
End of Summer TeamRace SIGN UP THREAD
Team races?
Turner/Cuper Congrats
Lots of Red Arrows = Welcome David Yoder!
BOINC a first Summary
Got hit with msblast.exe
Question for the Top 10 OC Seti Members
P4C on the cheap...
Pentium M beats Pentium 4, AthlonXP at finding aliens
16MB Thumb Drives $9.99
I will miss this group guys
New heatsinks....
Will TPR be recieving an apology after the implication of cheating?
SETIQueue users
seti and adult
cant get the team stats to work in spy?
For those with Notebooks who crunch
Top 300 here I come!
Apparently Some Technical Difficulties
change my information in my seti account?
HELP cannot send WU results!
What Will O/C SETI Team Do With BOINC?/When To Dump Final Cache?
Welcome Boozer to the team!
Been a long time + a WOW for me today
Tom´s benchmarks part II?
LRP SETI Boot disk
just uploaded my cache :) top 100 here i come
Will I have time?
How hot is your room?
Congrats Demont & M_Arishnakoff
How hot is your room?
format, lost current WU
About mIRC
:: Overclockers.com SETI Team :: Useful information, FAQ and Instructions
New stickies Questions and Suggestions
Hidden SETI icon?
New Challenge Graph (04/08/2003)
Brought ANOTHER rig up!
One more HD dies of overheat
SetiQueue Question
Estimated 3 Million mark?
SETISpy locks up on startup
My SETI client found an alien!
switched to overclockers seti
Going on vacation soon (I hope)
Looking to build the ULTIMATE SETI chuncher!!!
lost w/u
This is just funny
SETI & Electricity Bills
New Cruncher Online
Question about WU production...
Seti@home goes BOINC
New SETI member
You're not taken for granted SkyHook
how is this?
SETI@Home with no internet?
Welcome to j-rok!
Another 1740 MHz online...
Possible new OC SETI site?
Can you do SETI and Genome?
Question about BOINC Projects
Interesting WU
Oc Seti Team Counters
Thanx :)
Arecibo UPDATE
seti driver yellow
Seti Spy Log question
Berkeley says we picked up 2 today!
ive just gone to spy and driver
New Challenge Graph (28/07/2003)
need some help, please!
Im now part of the team :)
70hr WUs on P4??!
How Did I Get The Graphical Version?
Updated challenge graph?
P4 'C' chips doing 30 WU/day - how?
First full time SETI rig is up and running
no real topic
SETI add ons
seti driver
We lost 2 members in the last 24 hours?
SETI Benchmarking later method change
In search of a good Laptop
BOINC 1.05 is out
SETI@klamm.de could be catching up
How can I use my main computer as a file server for SETI
hi should i be doing anything different?
I just made the 500 units milestone!!
Best utility for logging workunits across multiple clients?
10,000 WUs...
Overclockix- Diskless crunching made-easy
clc freezes w/ seti spy
Some issues with my 2.4C@3.4. Need help.
Everyone Seti Team Of Oc-forums (team 32) Needs Ur Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 P4 motherboard issues!!!
Feels good
Champagne Computing on A Budget
AMD SETI temps...
New Member
Hey everyone, I just joined
Finally made it to the top 200!
Pheonix Rising has risen
Team Bignuttz! Att JD!
Speed and the lack of it!!!!
New Astropulse Forum
seti in windows 2000 vs 98
Way To Go Team!
P4C 3,2 benched at 4911!
SETI bench 1:37 hours........Not bad........
Asus Motherboard for Opteron 200 Processors Model SK8N Retail
ahaah got a new cruncher, an AMD 1800+
New challenge graph
settings for SETI
HT rocks for SETI!
Anyone know why high AR=Fast Processing?
need stats help.....
Want to Run Seti as a Service & Hide It
started crunching seti....
Just joined Overclockers.com Seti Team
seti driver like app linux
New member Mitch Sako
New Cruncher
Congrats to The Two Norsemen 100690 WU
Visionaries see flexible computers using less power
Seti with Lunix
Problem with BOINC?
I'm being tricked...right?
R-E-S-P-E-C-T (finally!)
BOINC Account is open and a new Version 1.04 is out
Just hit 3000 a couple days ago
heat to hot
Teams page at Berkeley...
My new rig sucks at SETI!
Proud Cruncher with New Avator
Congrats to The Two Norsemen!!!!
Question for The Two Norsemen?
Seti w/out windows
Cruncher down
Where to see my stats And Is the P4-C's just Killing Amd at Seti?
Back from vacation!
New member
Slow client upload & download. Why?
I just dont know which way to go
How many Processes?
just a counter test... sorry
Hyperthreading & 100% cpu usage
hi all just joined
strange ??????
New cruncher online
Ive just downloaded seti :)
Benchmark updated
New to SETI. Need More Speed.
New challenge graph (04/07/2003)
It's Official...we have 1500 team members
Gary aka Lankshark
Planetary System Similar to Ours is Found
Should we have more polls?
Recently started crunching...'an I got a Q...
Can this do diskless?
Close race between two members right now...
Second rig online again
Outstanding mod
Need some assitance with Seti Linux client install
Partial shutdown...
Need HELP Transferring WU's from floppy?
Poll: Should We Replace the Team Website Description?
Finally got my average WU time down to under 3 hours!
Ubercrunchix ?
seti spy keeps crashing
Weekly Milestones Tomorrow
Congratz for Place 1 in this Gauntlet
No idea
knocked down wu #2500
The Perfect thing for building a cheap seti/folding machine.
Here I Go AGAIN!
Seti icon for ubercrunchix
3 accomplishments
New Challenge Graph (27/06/2003)
Thinking about building a diskless cruncher...
Overclockers SETI Team forum description
locked computer still...
Configuring Seti for dual processors?
certificates in color
My SETI Counter...
Seti CLI 3.08 vs. 3.03
I just joined the team!
awww im 1 month old on seti
Light Speed and greater
Just got this case for my....
Enough is enough
Just hit 1.00 years CPU time!!!
Got To Shutdown!
Topic Heading
when is seti dead?
7500 Wu's Completed, next position please
Pair of Abit NF7 refurbs coming up
The P4c Thread
what matters when crunching Seti?
new high.....23WUs/day from a single CPU machine....
Daily Stats Are Updated-10:45PM EDT
Please Don't Shoot the Messanger!
more SETI reading...
Just joined the O/C Seti Team
Public Service Annoucement =)
SETI Anniversery
SETI Team's forum description poll
New challenge Graph (20/06/2003)
Planned Berkley Outage
New Avatar
new rad for the farm
Ever Been Frustrated?
Hey yall, I'm back!!!
New Purchase!!!
SETI Team forum desc.
i need 3.03
TwoNorsemen in the top 300!!!
Did you find a candidate?
Dual Processing and Seti
SETI on linux?
What is your Electric Bill like?
Whooosh--what a Dump--relief!!
Safely in the Top 200 !!!
ClusterWorld Conference & Expo
fathers day!!!
Another board bites the dust
Looks like we are started!
Do you guys need any hosting help?
seti bench
Overclock on the XP2500 Barton
cache ???
setti stopped downloading
My new mobo is fast!
Seti crunching on the Pocket PC???
2500 for me!
Terrible CpF #'s / Is This Normal?
Finally back!
ey up.
High AR's...
I'm now online with an IM
*^*(&^**& Name Change!!!!
The Team is in the #18 spot
Help design and build a Multi-Node Seti Cruncher
Seti@home 1 for BOINC is there
SETI bench 1.41 hours......
New Challenge Graph (09/06/2003)
What's up in SETI@Work?
New SETI SPY version
in the top 90 for our team
cpu dedication from setispy
Top 200
just hit 4000
is here someone who is trying BOINC 1.02
VIA PIV platform sucks for SETI!!!
Mad dancing