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Mad dancing
Skywave...Have I passed you for keeps this time?
I canīt make it work on other rig...
need help getting wu's to work computer
GRRRR Da*n Setispy (Seti)
HT... How to utilize 100%?
Seti Driver Cache Contents?
a greeting to everyone
SETI@home "Stellar Countdown" Work Units Sent Out to Users Around the World
Seti On TV!!! Vid Clip
All Right 10000!!
seti bench
Benchie Updated
998) Norrko
units take 1,5 times longer.
would like to join SETI team
How many rigs
#83 tryin to move up but I've got them Formosians on my back!
What does SETI even do?
Seti performance
Mike Stairs
Three missions to Mars are scheduled to blast off in June
Is it really stable?
how many units?
new seti cruncher
Hey, How is it going?
new seti member
Burning Phoenix
Honk, honk,...(10002 times)
Too funny!
Centrino Cruncher?
Seti question
SAme files one shows graphical and
3300 wu's WOOT woot
Win98 on 16mb Flash Disk
question about seti driver
back in town
Strange SETI Spy Problem
Thinking of buying the new HT 800fsb chip
Hi new member to your team.
Nice PS2 Cluster
Top 75
New Cruncher Added
Congratz to Place 19 in the World
changing email address and.....
#19 -yahoooo!!
seti bench
spot #99 tomorrow, here i come Phoenix
I'm sure you've all had one of these but........
does hyper threading help crunching?
File for add-on seti.team?
How do I optimize my Seti@home?
New Challenge Graph
A Seti Spy Text Log tool.
Who has more people from OC.com? Seti or F@H?
seti problem
p233 linux distro
Seti-ONLY! Barton 2500 or XP at same MHZ?
Nother question
Seti Noob Questions
OT User of the Day
4 years!
#86 is back from the trash can & movin up
seti service not working properly..xp pro
seti password
8rda vdd mod=whoops!!!!
p4t533 512 RDRAM and moble 1.8
Free DVD drive
How to do units faster.....
SetiDriver colors
Well... ok fine fine....
Nice Dump!
Prepairing for the BIG come back......
Ona lighter note
Here comes the OC.com StompMonster!!
What happens when somebody DOES find aliens???
LOL look here
SETI Arecibo Telescope pics
team stats fact
BOINC vers 1.0 released
Were getting there
Better later than never
Trouble with setispy and setidriver
Quantity Samsung 256MB PC2100 DIMMS on eBay $16. ea
top 100, im coming
Photos from SETI@home reobservations at Arecibo, March 2003
gotta toot horn at my surprise
XP1700 'B' at newegg $42. Mothers Day Special
Hubble Galaxies Shot
Sorry for the small pause in crunchage....
Congrats to a couple new 2k members!
OC of the 2,4C
3k woot woot!!!!
Had to re-install SetiQueue
good SETI article
New challenge graph (09/05/2003)
just added another cruncher
Objects in Motion changed to Objects at Rest
Need a head count
3rd cruncher online!
Seti Rank
n00b question.....sorry : (
I'm in 200......
? on Avatars
is there a way to run seti and hide it
Who has 4 years crunching??
Top 25 Conga Line
Sun Glasses Required
just added ~3200 wu's to team oc
ASUS-P4S533-E @ 2.54 Ghz seti results
Seti and SMP??
made it to 1000 wu's
Mictlan you've been had
486 Dx-33 Dx4-100 ?
500+ WU's as of today.
A quick question
new recruit!
Does SETI have a client for MACs?
Poppin' in to say hi!
How are people getting dozens of WU's done in a single day??
Seti on Tandy 1000s?
New Challenge Graph (30/04/2003)
New to OC seti team
Is this about right?
Hate to ask, BUT what is SETI?
not to toot my own horn...
Maybe got a new cruncher!
2500 for me
newest member
Benchie Updated
seti doesnt count right
Two new members of the 10K club
Just A ShoutOut to Newest Member
seti counter????
seti and priority
Finally, New Challenge Graph (25/04/2003)
Longer than normal WU's
Is Linux faster at seti than Win98
kris kross will make you jum jump
Is it taking too long?
SETI and ram?
2 year anniversary!
Main Rig back up
back in 23
BOINC Beta test resumed
How to clear out WU's from my cache?
Re-tire-ing from seti
Tom's Hardware Opteron Seti Benchmark
Welcome to Joe Rhodes!
which one would you take??
Yikes, Low AR Work Units
I'm UP to 2000 WU .......
Instead of doubling my output, I'm down to zero!
i love my new system
Just went over 300 WU's
Question about very low times...sort of weird
@ AugustWest
My Main Crucher just went down :(
Happy anniversary to us...
CLC on Linux
Users of SETIatWORK - Heads Up
new certificat
Seti Cam
Only for Info
please help, Booting without a video card??
Where are the Seti Moderators?
New cruncher
Seti bogging on 2 gig Celeron????
must have easy wu's today
is the a verson of seti that you can run from a floppy
Holy Moley! Laptop Powerhouse!
1 year!
New SETI Spy Out!!
SETI Bench @ THG
We went over TWO MILLION WUs!!
Alpha Server Specs
Seti Driver Cache
Um, help!
finely top 200
Trying hard for 51st place
Skywave become the 40th member of the 10k club!
SETI Bar and Grill open!!!!
Problems with my main rig
Am I really a Member?
Its bad..
Getting an Alpha Server...
Trying to clean up the stickies
New gaunlet
Movin on up!
difference between processing speed and instaneous proceed???
what program can i use to track the progress of more than just the computer im on???
BOINC beta test suspended
heads up to all of you running SETI
Bye Bye 'Puffy'!
I had no idea a p1 was so slow!
40 WUs in 11 days?
Hit 5000, Sorry, but retiring
Gaunlet Rules and Suggestions
To Hipro5 (warning, non-seti thread)
Astropulse Probes Your Systems
New CLC version available
seti screensaver
Two years in SETI
Exploit found in SETI software
Interests at a new Gauntlet
Have anyone noticed SETI@klamm.de?
happy seti b-day to me!!!
Erm, thanks...
Cpu dedication
BOINC 0.18 released
Updated stats: Hours per WU
Another One Bites the Dust! 20th in the world!
Buying new rig - which cpu?
Has anyone gotten problems uploading result for Astropulse?
have there been any SETI accomplishments so far?
Astronomers Finish Online Sky Survey
BOINC Version from Seti 1
SETI Monitor
Not pushing me out of the top 100 that easy!
my new personal machine.....
Hi guys how are you?
Welcome Objects in Motion
Congratulations LandShark on 60,000
Lost my main cruncher
how do i add the same SETI account to another computer to get work units?
Best Astronomy Forum?
Astropulse closed for beta testing... :(
Join Overclockers.com Astropulse Today
Introducing myself....
client priority High?
yay, i just joined
Seti on Windows Server 2003
Beyond the Countdown: SETI makes plans for the future
astropulse or not?
Y does SETI spy tell me unknown for user statstics and team statistics?
New Cahllenge Graph (28/04/2003)
Joining the OC Seti Team
got a new cruncher for ya guys
21st place- 20th in 6 days?
22nd place
3 500mhz vs. 1 P4 1.8 ghz
Vote for the name of the Astropulse Team
Seti 2 and Astropulse, arrangmant by me
Do I create an Astropulse Overclocker's SETI Team?
Has anyone downloaded the "revisited" signals?
Boinc Astropule Account is open
Hey Cuper.....
Welcome New Members 3/23/03
of course you can make short cut to....
Let's keep this going guys..
WU per day?
indivdual stats
top 10 here i come
Question bout SETIspy
Right on your Tail RED HOT.... but this times different
Any news of Overcrunchix cd cruncher?
Got a cruncher for u guys
Question on caching
Just added another computer
Im going as long as I can...
New Challenge Graph (20/03/2003)
is Berkeley adjusting those "suspicious account" again??
62 WU's Per Day on One System?
STRANGE problems with Pentium4 3.06GHz...Including SETI Bench...
how many does it take
Just joined and thought.....
website stats problem
planned seti outage
I just joined OCseti and I need some help...
Want to join team overclockers have experience!!
another 1500mhz
if anyone of you have some insight/idea, i would really appreicated!!
Yay 16000?? Oh wait....
A Member from the Planet was in Berkely
SETI in the news - results from S@H....
what is this????
Can the team founder email all members ?
This is strange
New milestone!
Top 3%
SORRY! Delayed Daily Stats Update!
I'm here
Mr. Deez
Bar's Open!
Self Serving Thread To Blow My Own Horn!
Slow 2100
Digital Pimp + TAC
Im Back
I'm back.
See you guys next week!
New Challenge Graph (14/03/2003)
64 bit proccesing and SETI.....
2 achievments today !!!!
take a look at this...
Someone get this spezial E-mail from Berkeley
Did I find "the 0ne"?
Yahoo! Frontpage for SETI
Benchmark Updated.
Dual CPU's - results every?
Well this is it... GOODBYE TOP 100
Board meeting review next month; if good then +10 crunchers
Landshark you here??
Blowin' my own horn...
movin on up
SETI@home Takes New Step in Search for ET:
Ram That don't give an inch
SetiatWork Problem
Registration classes?
Top 150
Any Harvey Sightings?
has anyone compaired barton and tbred
Welcome New Members 3/9/03
SETI Boot Screen - now available for XP Home!
Seti Team Chat!!!
It's WOOF WOOF .... not
WinXP Pro SETI Boot Screen
How fast are you
lost a cruncher :(
Woot Woot!!
Seti spy question
Congrats Wookie
How many seti crunchers have you had over your lifetime?
Show your RIGS!!!!!
2 milestones in one week!
Chad Kiser, please step forward!
New Challenge Graph (07/03/2003)
I think,I'm ready to take my place back as for SETI bench...
BOINC 0.15a released
SETI self setup works for me!
Barton and Seti
just a quick question...
what is a flop?
how many wu on this?
Mr. Stairs
We Have a Milestone!!!
?????Slow Units?????
About the late comers participation in a new gaunlet
well i'm gona start to 24 7
Conclusion of Gauntlet 2
new member
New Challenge Graph (03/03/2003)
Back crunching.....
okay, okay i'll join!.. :)
Seti team new member ?
Very Fast!!!!
ShAdY, I see you on my 6
win98 shutdown fix
we now have 3 in striking distance!
Seti Farm advice?
Joined O/C Seti Team...
I got engaged
going to devote saturday to get 4 new crunchers workin
has anyone clicked the new exit button at setiatwork yet?
Congratz to Place 5 ath this Gauntlet
Seti@home Receiver
Problem with Northwood-128 and CLC 3,03?!
Seti under Linux problems
Top 100 Finally
to our Friends from the other Teams
48 hours to the end od the race
the virtuial Race ends at 28.02
Goodby PIONEER 10
Dual DDR and WU times
W00T more milestones
So umm hows it goin...
Get Permission First!
Seti Spy Performance
who is the fastest?
Declaration of Support For Space Exploration
Welcome New Members
here you guys can stop useing seti now
Come on guys...
Only 25 days left till......
Gots me a new TIFFY
Wife's slow cruncher
Line forms to the left...
Just Had To Blow My own Horn!
spy sitting idle?
Who dropped out?
Where's Nipster?
The End of Bios Tweaking?
Woohoo! Looks like Hallen's back!
Going on a vacation
SETI Spy map
New Challenge Graph (21/02/2003)
full steam ahead
Am I the only one To notice
560 hour workunit
is production down?
FIVE digit club
Jig Pu!!!!!!
Need CPU sugestions for new seti machines
Finally said WTF
Seti Bar and Grill OPEN!!!!!
markodude, nice days work
Show Your Support!!
uhh are we still racing?
Benchmark updated
Saddame in SETI@Home too?!
adaptative optics
Just added another cruncher or two..
This is sad
Complete but incomplete??
Ever had anything wierd happen?
uh oh Mictlan
'Nuther notch in the belt
How many hours and how many units
Finally hit the 1K club!
Finally Back in the Game!
Why are my times the same when I overclock?
best OS for crunching WU's
Where's Hallen?
Happy Valentine's Day!
SETI@home never sleeps
New AMD in the game
Barton and SETI
Another milestone for me:)
Long work units.
finally got a new proc!!!
New milestone top 20K
Why does my chip crunch so slowly
own a DVD burner?
how many computers do you have SETI working on?
need to make seti completely oblivious to the user
Admiral Fraser aka Dan
Attention Red Hot
need a hand here...
Seti Badges
Command Line Seti in Win NT?
New challenge graph (10/02/2003)
possible 2 rank jump for the team in 30 days
Is there anything faster?
super smar seti people...have a look
Congrats to Gary aka Landshark
Welcome New Members 2/9/03
Daily's Updated - FINALLY!
Just Letting Everyone Know
berekley status?
I'm back again.......
back to life again
Daily Stats - SNAFU!
seti driver..
new machine coming for the effort
guess whos got 3 grand??
funniest thing ive ever seen!!!
noobie to SETI
Just got a little cooler in my house!!
Just To Let Everyone Know!
is anyone of u into video editing stuff??
Norton Speed Disk Conflicts w/ SetiSpy
OH no, where did it go?
bad news and good news
any way to get old logs?
a new #3
This is the only place where...
Setiatwork with new Features
Virtual Race Stats Tracking
Come support the team on IRC!
Seti Phase 1 and 2 Time Line
Congratulations to LandShark on 50K!
Increase output!!!!!
Something new from BOINC (Seti2) and more