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Stubborn WU
let the dumping begin!
Need Mb Advice!!!
Welcome New Members
new edition to my farm so to speak
want to contribute to the race?
I would rather be involved in the race than..
So, how much time is left?
SetiQ now runs in Linux!
Yomama, Please take one step back to the 11th position
Problems joining the OC Seti Team
Shuttle Columbia Breaks Up on Re-entry
Beta BOINC screenshot
problem with seti
Question about memory??
Looking for seti .zip file??
I need help
New challenge graph (31/01/2003)
Fastest 1 day WU Time 1/28/2003
woohoo i got the fastes screen saver
I'm disbanding my farm (in case you care)
hahaaa....guess what? Benchmark UPDATED!!!
Holy Cow! Are some WU's huge?
how many wu's do people have cached
Congratz to our Friens at AthlonMB
Virtual Race News
Benchie need HELP!!!!
Two Norsemen Enter Top 500 of All SETI Users
Just a few hours remains
Server down?
Look out top 100, new guy on board!
is this alright to do
User Stat's On SETI SPY Not Updating!?
Test page? On ocsetiteam.com Site??
The Greatest Acheivement EVER!!!!!!
1 unit
my setiq user!!!
I'm coming for you :D
Greg M....will reverse psychology work?
unOfficial Team Skymap!
W2K stealth install help
do you guys have it???
Warning! This is very ugly! Viewer discretion is advised!
Ready.... Set.... Jump into the TOP 100
Atention Dan Fraser, Thoth and Maloso
Novel based on Seti
New Milestone Reached...
Setiqueue help?
Welcome New Members
why isnt everyone caching?
So Whats up in the wonderfull world O-SETI
NeoN.... Can we persuade you to join us?
Seti Bench
Norrko, we hope you will join us!
P 3 450 question
OC seti world rank positioning stats
SETI Articles
Question about race, caching, etc.
Last Week's Weeklys Updated
caching for the race
happy b-day to me.......
bbdd and Chad Kiser...c'mon!
New challenge graph (24/01/2003)
Problem on ocsetiteam.com??
Finally movin on up:)
gotsta hardware mission for yas!
**Official Overclockers.com case badges available again soon!!**
How are these #'s?
Need a little SetiSpy Help
Welcome Murphy XP1800 from Holland still in the race
What helps the most with SETI Times?
Hopefully the last benz or q-_-p thread
Seti Driver Updated
Question for Landshark
Seti Stats for Seti@Home addicts
Who just hit a milestone????????
Processing efficiency
for my setiq user
something weird happening to me......
Puffy, what are u doin?
The "I'm in" drive.
four k on the way
2nd fastest cpu time for top 200
Virtual Race
TC, I have some time to help you
New Info at the Team Website
Just Joined the team
about my cache and uploading
Burning all done
phase 2?
WU Queue software for OS9
Hmm, looks familiar...
Finally have all the crunchers in my sig running full time
Fellow OC.com DC member having some tough times...
Avg Time now under 5 hours
2300 Work units
back agian.......
New Challenge Graph (17/01/2002)
Thoroughbred XP2100+ 'B' and Epox 8KHA+ great cruncher.
back home :)
Hello All
SetiatWork: An important announcement
are we gaining on tpr?
what cause the big drop
w0000r! Here we go!
New challenge graph (14/01/2003)
New PC case for SETIers
Morpheus, KenCo, .... sooooon
I finally broke 500!!!!!!!!!
KX7-333 $40. with free Newegg/Abit T Shirt.
Reached 100......
What to do with an IB AS/400 Advanced 36???
Help, I need to speed this up!!!!
Welcome New Members
SETI OC Team, measure WU's or time?
why did you start?
I'm gone.
setiq setup ?
new cruncher, need a little help
torch thingy?
how do i join???
New Job = New Cruncher? I hope so!!
Congratulations to Hallen on the big 50K!!!
say hi too the newest full blown addict!
Top 20 Movers and Shakers
Linux How-to
Very strange high output...
new overclockers team?!?!?!?
Seti Performance on G4 Powerbook?
just became able to crank out an extera wu every two weeks
Virtual Race Update
No new benchies for over 3 months - wasup with that?
SETI as a process
Needed for project
Back for a few days
Congrats Wookie8662 alittle early.
why is this like this??
I got laid off yesterday
seti question
Benz and q- -p LOSE units???!!??
Are Celeron's really this bad???
HELP! main rig down
2nd computer crunching!!!
all my real life issues have been solved :) I'm Comming back
Somebody Check My Assumption
First Challenge Graph of the 2003
CPU id freeware
pls let me know if you could help......
Who's Doing the Benchmarks Now?
is 2h 48min good for a athlon
Welcome New Members
The Mighty Flaming Phoenix will......
Setispy is idle and won't stop being idle
Benz is BACK
linux client
just visititng for a day
Benz is gone.
One monitor for multiple SETI Crunchers? How?
1500 wu's!!
Top 0.5% of the SETI@home users
Virtual Race Check in
O/C Team is ranked 22 !!
benchmark results
Happy New Year SETI Team!
I'm back...
Wed Jan 1 01:05:26 2003 UTC
Bar and Grill (OPEN)
spikes, gaussians, pulses, triples
SetiQ username
Welcome Nonvtec
Welcome New Members
Build a cheap SETI box?
interest at a Gauntlet
Top 1% of all SETI users!
Last Challenge Graph
Team Site Q?
Team rank #22
ASUS P4B533 or P4Pe for new SETI cruncher?
Seti Driver not shutting down
Finally New cruncher!!
Help with setispy
Lost a computer
processing speed changing...why?
HT & Seti?
New challenge graph (27/12/2002)
Site wont connect
The Two Norsemen's 50,000 wu Milestone
Grote Reber, Who Built First Radio Telescope for Astronomy, Dies at 90
Whatever Happened to Getting Coal???
Is berkeley down?
Woo hoo!
Infinite Probability?
Crunching diet
look what i got for christmas
Dailys Finally Updated!
Merry Christmas to you all !!
Next Project
TC: You passed benz!!
New challenge graph (23/12/2003)
SetiQueue Directions?
i'm bumbin
Six Month Report
Who Won a Logitech Keyboard/Mouse today?
Eric is one lucky ***!!!
Happy Crimbo - speak next year!
Big 5K
guess whos at 2 grand???
Who Wants to Do Benchmark Updates?
Seti WU expiration time
Question about benchamark's at ocsetiteam web site
Something new from Berkeley
New SetiQueue server
good bye to all
Seti Give Away
Congratulations to Tim on hitting 40,000!
Work Units
New challenge graph (16/12/2002)
Chicken dance
Logitech giving away cordless keyboard/mouse combo
3 more rigs coming up :D
Running Seti as a Service!
Running very slow sets..may need tips
Welcome New Members
Finally I caught you SpeeDJ
Beta Test from BOINC and Astropulse
2nd (simultaneous) cruncher coming soon
And Congrats to our newest senior!
We have a birthday today!
Burning Phoenix
why am i slow
This will be my last post
Landshark you there?
Seti on Linux and/or Solaris
10,000 WU Milestone
2nd Anniversary
Question for all Crunchers
any one have any experance with VCM memory?
Search the best SETI signals for your own name
Gateway makes store PCs work overtime
New Members on the team !!
Congrats to Team Hallen
Unusually high AR's in last 3 days!
New challenge graph (09/12/2002)
Team Race Ending Soon!
How Big Can I Set My Cache?
Lets party like its 1999
just a little side talk
Just hit 99% of all users
New System Running = More W/U's :)
Hi Cuper, bye Cuper
Welcome New Members
trouble uploading wu
Trouble moving up the ranks!!
ok which os takes less space?
Can we say Farm?
Irc Update :)
Time Of Day Seti?
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
Frelling Ice Stom :)
Notice about SETI Avatars- PLEASE READ!
Macs and Seti
haven't been around for awhile but i'm back
SETI@home has plans for the top 100 signals
Article about the "WOW" SETI signal
blasts past the 1000WU mark and enters top250!
New Distributed Computing Prog
Seti Benchie Update anytime soon?
Not ONLY am I networked....
Welcome to Mark C.
WooHoo!!! Passed 4K!!
Better Late than never
Networked finaly!
What is everyone boycotting the Seti room??
Final Lap!
Let's go Team Morpheus!
New member nipster
New Challenge graph (02/12/2002)
New Member????
? On SETI 1 Ending / SETI 2 Starting
Pure Evil
AthlonMb seems to be in reach again
Welcome New Members
Looks like we are team #23!!!!
New Yellow Jacket holder - Norrko
Congrats to Landshark on 40k!
I see the lights are up on the Team Site
Team Race...Who's winnin?
Seti Driver "Set Affinity" Box
More than 20 years ago, U.S. airmen reported seeing a "strange glowing object"
calling out q-_-p,
Congrats to Harvey on hitting 40,000!
Getting New XP2600/333 System!
I know
WU averages
Seti Driver Transmit Problem/Stalling?
Happy Thanksgiving
#23 in a few days
Race Status 27/11 10:39 GMT
lets hear it for bignuttz
<<Sisoft and dual Xeon>>
hiding seti ??
Some news about the stickers
What should I do???
link to get ws_32.dll
Raffle - Complete System
New additions
Arggggghhhhhhh, Lost it
Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!
Milestones Posted
Silly SETI Songs
the coolest picture i have ever seen...
Daniel ~
Problem; NO L2 Cache Detected
Weeklys Posted
Broke into top 30,000 users!!!
Be careful laptop users
woohoo team jazz 2nd place
Team Race File ---dl Here----
Duallie Setup Problems
fastest classifieds sale ever!
Not motivated
Team Race Question
Looks like we're team #24 now! Congrats everyone!
Another Milestone
Bye Bye, Top 50
MIPS processors
will be inside top 200 by next week
Is the race over? Who won? NT
Help Nicolas
Just a little more!
How much did it jump?
the original paper on seti ?
Norrko?? Who dat?
? about the team leadership??
Broken monitor! :-(
Individual User Statistics available as XML
Just a Heads Up
WooHoo!!! DUALLIE on the way!!
Goals Before the end of Seti Phase 1
Congrats to Landshark and Hallen!
Astronomy Front
New Toy
How Dedicated Are You!
OC Setiteam IRC chan??
Greetings from Germany
Skyhook, where have you been?
it's slow so here's the 2nd part
Raising Priority speed things up?
Joined team oc.com
Top 99%!!
Tc is no longer in the top 5
11/17 Race Stats
Woohooo... just broke 3 years Crunchin
Seti Bandwidth graph
New Member...
Guess what I did!!! :evil:
q-_-p from Thailand has joined the team
51000+ Wus added to the team...
New Cruchers
Farm Cutbacks:(
Benchmark...under 2 hours !!!
New fresh Team !! Join ??!! ***EDITED***
Am i missing something here?
Wake Up People!!!!!
Team Morph... RALLY thread
11/15 Early Stats... DEAD HEAT for 2nd
Benchmark on dual xeons ???
Reached 2K...Going for 3...
A new Cray supercruncher.
SETI Bench almost 2 hours....ggrrrr....
New Challenge Graph (15/11/2003)
who's getting a 3.06ghz p4?
Katelin moved into the top 100 crunchers ... Cool!
11/13 Race Stats... a bit late, sorry :(
Welcome JeepZJ!!!!
Raffle Anyone?
IS IT JUST ME or did 3 teams just loose half a mill each
WUHOO broke 500 mark
11/12 Daily Race Stats -- fresh as of 7:13 pm PST
A little heads up.
Why is it so DEAD in here???
Need help running S@H on linux
11/11 Race Stats - UPDATE (for those who REALLY want fresh stats... LOL)
Team Hallen moving on up
Team Morph... LET'S CRUNCH!!!
top of my class
11/11 Daily Race Stats
New challenge graph (11/11/2002)
Um ... who's winning?
J consider yourself passed
OK, I am really freaked out.
Congratulations Lorixnt2 on 25,000 wu's
Anyone Read This?
We're back up to Team #25!!!
Comming up on 50
command line version..
Crunch Digital Pimp, Crunch.
11/8 Team Race Stats
Anyone else having problems uploading?
Sorry guys....Ijust can't reach 2.00 Hours at SETI Bench....
New challenge graph (08/11/2002)
Rapid CIty (the "new Intel chipset)
Gallatin shipping
Did I just.... ?
Go Team Jazz!!
Weekly Stats Update
Got my third cruncher up!
Team Race Stats... Day 10
Can *anyone* hit DALnet right now?
New Newest New Toy
Top Rank Jumper!!
Race Stats -- Dailies Test
yet another stat page, with graph
flood of new users attack on seti@home
My Apology
WHY OH CRUEL WORLD!! [gripe and moan... in SETI! ^_^]
problem, cant dump wu's
My New Toy
Woo Hoo! 7777 WU's!
Team Morph.... Day 7
Quantity of ECS K7S5A refurbs at Newegg $29. shipped
Kudos on the Thanksgiving Theme, IT LOOKS SWEET!!
Does seti use L3 cache?
Take a look at this...
Anyone notice SETI is slower with XP running on 'older' systems?
New challenge graph (04/11/2002)
Team [Oc]acaridans, the BAR is open!!!
Congrats to Harvey and Gary on entering the top 1000 overall!!!!!
Just broke 500 today!
500 by Wednesday (I hope!)
250 WU Milestone !!!
How many days...
No one has noticed??
almost to the 50 mark!!!
Team Morpheus... Day 5
I'm in the RED!!!!
you guys see this?
SETI@Home cheating?
Problems with Sending Units??
have a look
Touch of Death.
Phase 1 stats/Phase 2 ?
Team Morpheus... day 4
My new part-time cruncher
WU times climbing, help!
first time seeing this....
not new news, but an interesting article
Team Jazz Rally Thread
There is a new sheriff in town!!
'days of minimal insanity'
hey! I got left out of the races!
Team Morpheus... LET'S CRUNCH!!!
Problem with seti???
Question about team site
I'm Back.... now what is phase 2?
Case stickers
SETI on BBCWorld
MSI KT4VL = great seti farm motherboard
How do I setup the seti screensaver so I am team OC.com?
top 1%, yay for me!
Grandma's Computer
SETISpy temperature auto shutoff
the 10,000 club
New challenge graph (29/10/2002)
Bmarks for 2400+
Just Passed 750 =D
2200...2300...2400...2500... =)
Team Race Info -- Look Here.
new member Hideo
Team race?
picture of seti telescope "big picture"
Yay! Finally broke the 1k mark! :D
Just submited my benchmark :)
Calling all team captains!
Broke 4K today
New SETI@HOME Member !!!