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anyone using jv16 powertools?
This is starting to get difficult
HUh? what went on at amdmb setit team?
How much would this crunch??
Team Race - Lets Roll!
3y3 r 1337
Shameless celebration : 5000WU milestone
Team Races?
Team Question
Shell's ?
Weekly's Posted
A hello and a question :D
SETIQueue server add-on script
Updating Links page, suggestion needed.....
Seti spy is messed up
Stats anomaly?
Just a word for Gary. WOW!!!
Daily Stats Suggestion
And the Blue Jacket goes to:
OCSETI Folding Breaks into the top 1000
To all our forum members
how high ?
Just say Hello to everybody..
Top rank jumper!!!!
here's some "POSSIBLE" info for you guys....
Going for 1k
Steenking Power Failures!!!
No Weekly's Tonight
Processor performs better when it's cold?
You think our team had problems?
high AR's = good
quick idea.. what do you think?
Setting up new SETI box:)
Back in Black
Putting SETI@HOME on RAM ?
Question about Stat tracking!!
Top 50's, where am I?
help for the slow...
Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz with 2MB of L2
New challenge graph (18/10/2002)
Benz playing games
Congrats to Hallen crossing 30k mark!!
New Top Logo by request
Team Announcement! (And poll)
This is good right ?
The Cyber Cafe is open
Just hit 700
Join and exit teams..
Welcome Back!!!!
Just got a new cruncher up!!!!!
efficiency for seti?
We the undersigned
Idea to stomp OCUK 7 step method
Why ?
BEST OS for seti??
Where do i go to see...
help - setiQ problems
I just couldn't stay away
Love the Halloween Theme on the Stats Page!
I do believe we just broke 1250 years of CPU time
how come ?
I forgot. look what i bought at areceibo
something wrong with this picture ?
OC SETI Hall of Fame
Funding crisis threatens SETI@home
how do I become part of the team ?
i will be at the 1K mark by the end of the week
Tidbit of news
Ocuk New Member
It's been brought to my attention...
Top Rank Jumpers KenCo
SETIwatch eating memory ??
Diskless farm with dos???
hmm, can't get stats from berkley?
OCUK Has a stompmonster.... Do we got one?
WOOHOO! Top 1%
I thought you guys were going to stomp us by now ?
How to flush only and not fetch WU ?
SETI Comments
Weekly's Posted
Welcome New Members
ahhhh....I Get enough POLITICS at work...LETS CRUNCH ALREADY!!!
Hey Digital Pimp ......
Does Anybody Want Weekly Stats?
Strategy to name change? - far out idea
Should We Vote to Select Our Leadership?
Team Name Change
Your suggestions on the OC Team Name
----------------------------- SETI Team Problems ---------------------------
Top 100 we movin on up:)
Where did the diskless howto go?
seti info, user name, etc?
Just did the tour.. areibo pics
Did the team lose someone?
The Two Norsemen crack the top 1000!!!
Benz back in the hunt???
'Nuther Cow....
I passed the Four Horsemen!
Sign up For the Team Races
New challenge graph (11/10/2002)
new addition!!!!!
Happy Birthday Kaillum and Skyhook.
My own small milestone.....
poll for folding switchover
Here we go again with the case stickers
Top 5 Shuffle
New Milestone!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!
Seti Spy Configuration Help ?
Just Hit the 100 WU Milestone !!!
VNC "Virtaul Network Computing" Looks like a cool program !!
SETI sighting
Benchie updated
Sound Off! Lets Get Some Captains
My Apologies!
OCSETI folding update
Yeah another milestone reached
Priceline.com Supercomputer
Should seti be a relligion
My video card has a processor, right?
Rally!! towards OCUK, GOOOO TEAM!
Self serving post. I just hit 10,000 WU's
Thinkin about dropping folding....
WooHoo!!!! Milestone baby!!!!:D
I'm at it again with yet another silly idea
My donation
New challenge graph (07/10/2002)
Are you a REAL overclocker?
Weekly's Updated
YAM (Yet another Milestone...)
My Counter Proposal To Folding (everyone Planning To Fold Read This)
Welcome New Members
is seti just like folding?
a little credit
Rank : 99.500%
OC Seti Cyber Cafe is open.
Cruncher Pics
Saturday Stats Posted!
setiqueue questions....
Daily Stats Will Be A Little Late
SETI folding name = OCSETI
Just added myself to OC Seti Team !
Seti + Prime95 = Same Seti Times?
Regarding changeover to folding: Subteam easy solution!!
Sorry Daily's Were Delayed
the end of OC setiteam?
If you become a changeover folder, would you want a subteam for SETI?
Fall Cleaning
Hay Taloah!!
New Team Member
server down?
SETI temp. closing down?! FOLDING changeover?
Getting ready for team race
Go Tc!!!
landshark u've been robbed
Kentucky Mafia Exposed!
seti install
Somebody messing with the clock...
"New" rig on the Farm...
Last Raffle and Team Race
Nooooooo! Out Of Wu
Landshark Query
seti news article
Super Crunching TC!
monitoring seti
4000 wus complete...
what do you guys think???
Is this right?
90 spikes, and 36 pulses within the first 4%??
#OCSETITEAM DalNet Channel
4 Million Members!!!
How to move setiq??
Congratulations on 30000 to the Two Norsemen
ATT: all a7v333 users with seti
which would be faster for seti
Cracked into the TOP 100
Hipro5....WE NEED MORE!!!!!
Only 5 Minutes Until.......
Welcome Jdriab machenti m_arishnakoff and Infamous Q
how often should i reboot
Just joined oc seti team
just thought I'd let you all know
for users of vnc...
How to start seti in windows upon reboot?
Setting up new cruncher... diskless? dual?
2 years...
Just got 2nd cruncher online!!
seti as a service
Reponce from Asetek Inc. on New Vapochill product Seem they do read our forums.
New Challenge graph (27/09/2002)
Acaridans and rfeng
OC Crunch Monster *UPDATED*
Benchmark updated
Floppy/ZIP crunching on public machines - is it legal?
Don't Bite!
What the...??? Arg!!
How to turn diskless / caseless mobo ON?
how to consoladate SETI accounts
Top 2%!
VAPOCHILL (review) Anyone got a link to "Where to buy"
Laptop times?
J, your A$$ is mine
IRC question
calling all diskless admins
Those silly frogs :)
600nd whas up
2 minor milestones
It won't be long now
Stupid Stalls....
Please come and pay your respects...
My Most Imporntant Computer Died
Everybody else is doing it so why can I?
Worthwhile subject for distributed processing ?
Interesting Site
TC vs Norseman
stats graphic?
15 Amp nonsense
Sorry guys...I'm leaving
Amount of ram affect seti?
500th Complete!!!
New Diskless Cruncher difficulty
brag thread -- 500!
Win 2000 and Seti Question
I'M Back (with a stick of TNT)
Fastest Machine on a budget
New challenge graph (20/09/2002)
seti@home and irc chat...
Look at what I foun
SETIDriver version
do i NEED setispy
none1,what are you doing down there?
New Milestone
New upgrades coming to a your rig near home.....
New part-time cruncher and farm updates to come.
The Four Horsemen Are Picking Up Speed!
Daily's Updated and Posted
Daily's Will Be Delayed!
Seti for stress testing?
Bench updated
New cruncher ETA: 1 Month
XP and SETI Problem
what the?!?
Saw SETI in a commercial
Yo Yodums :)
1 dual cruncher compared to 2 singels?
I Think I broke my Wookie :)
The end of SETI@Home
changing the temp setting for seti spi
Is the athlon xp a multithread cpu?????
GOT SOME MORE CPU POWER !! To Help With WU Output !!
OC Seti Cyber Cafe is open
is this right?
FINALLY! part 2 :)
Why can't i update ??
New challenge graph (13/09/2002)
New milestones
Congrats Racercar12
Welcome nicolas costes
Cdw Lol
2 Milestones today! woohoo!
I'm about to finish my first SETI cruncing...Now what???
WU Counter to avatar?
Arghh.... I missed my day in the sun :(
Flags from around the world
Oc.com SETI Bench, an additional list to check
Warning for Win XP Users
i will be over 500 wu's by the end of the night.
Hi everyone
Team Race Over
And Team Norseman wins it!
Retiring at 30
Bad wu?
linux client
New SetiSpy
New challenge graph (09/09/2002)
an early congrats to Rogerdugans into the 5digits club!
Trying to join the team.....
while napping....
SETIDriver Problem
The new banners...
First Look
How much faster is....
new cruncher
Couple of Candidates for the Farm
How accurate is SetiSpy??
New challenge graph (06/09/2002)
SETI under linux
Team Races... A twist that may interest all
Question: ~~ Advantages Of Going With Duel CPU's ~~
Decent cruncher for little money from Dull
DOPE!! Screensaver Steals Clock Cycles, film at 11
Nooo...the sharks are gaining grounds
Weekly Stats Coming Up
Guess whos back, Back again
Go Go Go, Team LandShark!!
New Member =D
Going on vacation
diskless / yatamonster help needed
ONLY 5 Min less with 120MHz more power???
Lowered My WU Time by 10 to 12 minutes Per Unit
Digital Pimp, you aint getting away that easy...
~ Mr $t$
Daily Stats Not Updated Yet ??? Did I miss Somthing or Just Late ???
Dissapointed in the team races.
Just an Update
just maybe...
What is this?
From my looks...I've found a "form" of ET...
Greetings from Team OcUK
1000 WU, wooo!
I need your help.
Way to go Cary..
Front Page News!
What was your first cruncher?
New Member
new member
1 more till 150!
Do you have permission?
Duron/TBird Comparison Help
my P4 is back to live
Microtel SYSMAR710 800 MHz PC with LindowsOS
Shares in SETI?
Is it a good score???
New CPU this week :D
Bench updated
Hope everyones day was better than mine
Trouble meeting us in IRC lately ?
Jusr heard about seti, and I am liking what I hear, but I have a LOT of questions
Weekly Stats Delay
trouble connecting Berkeley?!
anyone living or lived in AZ?
Does this sound right to you?
question here....
when do stats update?
Real life's kept me away
SETISpy Problems
new toy :D
I'm alive
I Suck!
Oocsetiteam May Give Errors
New Challenge Graph (29/08/2002)
ATTN: Team Landshark
#%@& Power Outages!
Congratulations Goes Out To Katelin
Not enough WU's
Ahhh......decision decision decision.......
Another new member
GREAT 24 Hour Period
Packed and ready to move.
How to monitor linux seti across a network?
2 setis under linux smp?
I need some seti help fast.
PIII times
Jkool, where'd you go?
20k WU Done.....
F-16s chasing UFO?
Early congrats acaridans
Heads-Up on a Cheap XP 1600+ For a New Cruncher!
ways to monitor two processes of seti.
SETI Down?
where's the admiral?
Back where I like to be!
Broke 3700 Wu's
My first year anniversary with seti
Who's interested in Overcrunchix, Win95 style?
Team Race Stats Posted
Stomp Monster on sabatical
Just curious...
Why you should count to ten!
ok, my fellow seti friends, i'll need ur help...
SETI Addiction
Future directions of SETI@home
Team LandShark, time to go "Hunting"!!
Newbie Needs Help!!
Moving on up
30 years completed :)
Strange question
Just Unlocked my 1800+...Partially but the Mem Width was worth it!!
new cruncher not performing well
SetiWatch question.
Auto-transmit question in seti driver
Benz........Where is this guy anyway???
1095.85 Mflops/Sec !!!!
why does SETI run badly on wot is supposed to be a quick system!
Seti in Secret:mad:
A reminder to everyone to crunch responsibly.
OMG...That Horseman certainly squated on all our faces...
Where's Basher Been Lately?
Woop, Won a heatsink...means I can make another Rig for SETI!!
Avatar support for Seti. What do you think?
Free to a good home...
BE on the lookout for ME!!!!
Things that can affect seti?
problem with computer going REALLY slow now :(
Grrr.. Low AR's
what does the red dot in the SETI spy systray icon mean?
New Avatar recruiting approach?
Team Norsemen Rally Thread
What is the highest AR WU you've ever seen?
Best Mainboardcombo für P4 Crunshing
Is this normal? WU newbie question
First Race stats...
Team Horsemen Members :)
BIG GUN Milestones
setispy wont update?
Are you catching hell due to me
Team Race Tracking File!!
CLC or graphical interface?
Best SETI diskless hardware?
How do I join the team?
I really had to change my avatar...
Ladies and Gents, Start Your Crunchers
wouldn't it be nice? 1 psu for 2 cruncher?!!
what is seti
seti and win95
full steam ahead
2 New Crunchers!!!
BBC coverage
OC SETI family to grow by one
Team Race?
Kick @$$
Weeklys and Milestones Up
Timing is everything!
Congrats Justshoot!
Benchmark updated
Good work, JigPu --- PR Master
w00r! Top 200!
Score Not Right
2 Cruncher Finally
The latest Addition
Somebody got knocked off the Top 100 list...
Monitoring multiple clients
OC-Seti Cyber Cafe has re opened
Team Races Prelimb List
Deep space picture archive
broke 3K today
Oh no...it's dead
this is funny
seti bug so bad going for another
Hit 100 and still crunching on!!
Quick memory setting option
I got own3d!
New challenge graph (16/08/2002)
newbie wants to seti.
my connection die.......
got another back up
What does this mean?
I just crunched my last WU...
I'm getting scared..
Argh! Lost a cruncher
Sorry guys gotta back down a bit
How can you calculate Kilowatt Hrs. for a cruncher??
So what does SETI depend on, hardware wise
Hammer and SETI
Handheld SETI?
2 gig pics with seti bench
I finally joined up with some distributed computing...
Top 1%
member counters?
New Milestone
Do I make you randy?! Do I?!
recycling old cruncher in setiqueue server
what happened to the IRC
benchmark... ;)
Hold on to your hats fellas!!
Diskless Cluster How-To Finished
New Milestone
New challenge graph (13/08/2002)
Prime Numbers
any good add ons for s@h
Sign Up For The Team Races
crunching Questions
Password help
Goodbye folks, no pimping involved
New Benchmark, Glad I did it!
what's going on???