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17" lcd $179.99
Dfi nforce 4 ultra d $115 shipped
Aerocool VGA Heatsink - Xoxide
CM Stackers for sale cheap!!
Dell Home: 40% off Inspiron Notebooks over $999
3700+ Sandy for $270 from mwave.com
Antec SLK3000B $46 SHIPPED
Sources for "Build Your Own"
ATI X850XT(AGP) for $350 Until Saturday (In store and on net) At Compusa!!!
Minolta Dimage Z1 10x optical zoom $138 shipped (refurb)
Panaflo PA12038-U1C 10$
Enermax Noisetaker 600w 139.99!
SATA DVD Burner @ newegg for $66 AR Free ship
17" LCD for $150 after MIR @Office Depot (+shping/tax)
7800gtx $400 2405FPW $670 2005FPW $340 DELL
unreal 2003 $1!!!!!
Hot deals Seller on eBay.
Razer Diamondback @ Xoxide $35
August sale on case modding items Cool-Cases-USA
Hitachi 160GB $39.99 after rebate
CoolerMaster Aerogate 3 - $14.99
Antec NeoPower 480 @ Newegg $74.99 AMIR
Unreal tournament 9 dollars shipped!! from the egg
Big Typhoon $49, 820 $240 shipped
Another great deal on the 7800GTX
Fry's Phoenix Antec ps and silverstone case
7800GTX $495/Free Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
XFX 6800GT AGP with 3 games $253 Shipped ($30 MIR)
Pre order: X2 3800+ $399
Connect 3D Radeon X800 XL for 229.00 @ Tiger Direct
250 gig WD for $80 (MIR)
WD 320G SATA HDD for $114 after MIR @Monarch (free ship!)
OCZ 520W Powerstream $94.00 after rebate
Dell 2005FPW 20" Widescreen LCD - $359 Shipped
Monarch Computer Systems - Tax free Weekend July 28 - 31
Fry's Electronics & Outpost - Silverstone TJ-03S disco $199
Great IBook G3 deals
BFG OC 7800GTX $473 Shipped
$499 7800gtx!!!!!!
ModStream 520 $94 - 20 MIR = $74
Nice deal on Audigy ZS2 Platinum
OCZ TCC5 1GB memory for $145 with MIR
(This is at another forum, One available) BBA 9800 pro $80 shipped
Huge Computer Sales!
Last Round of Dell Deals (?), Plus ONE $35 off $300+ coupon
Woot Off!
YMMV ATI x800 xl AGP 179.40, x850 xt AGP 239.40, x850 xt pe269.40 For CC Employees
Pre-owned PSP and GBA for 199 shipped!
McAfee Virus Scan 9 Pro- FREE after MIR (in fact, you earn $10)
2GB Compact Flash - $80 after MIR
Where to buy a ATI Silencer 4
(Dead deal) Windows XP Home $1
PC-Cillin 2005 $6.99
x800XL for $216 (after tax and MIR) YMMV @ Circuit City
X800XL Agp for 249.99 at Best Buy
Socket 939 3700+ $280 ; 4000+ $399
Sunbeam Rheobus $15.95 @ Jab-tech.com
Half Life2 $19.99 CUSA instore no rebate
linksys wireless B
Need a hot deal on Creative Audigy ZS.
eVGA 7800GTX with full version BF2, $539
Seasonic S12-600 @ 121.54.
BBA X800XL @ Compusa $260 no rebates
Wow Wow Wow 7800gtx
Connect3d x850 XT Plat PCI-E $350 no rebate
Dell 40% off laptops over $999 ... good for high-end systems
Dell 2005FPW $389 + tax & shipping
Ultra 600W Power Supply $39.99 after MIR
Bbati X850xt Agp $350
Patriot 2x256 2-2-2-5 DDR $55.01 no rebates (pc2700)
connect3D X850XT PE 360 shipped no MIR
Yet another $750 off 1499 select Dell Inspirons
dell 20.1 LCD $486
200gb maxtor IDE drive for 69.99 no rebates~
2.2GB mobile HD for $60???
6800LE 135$ @ Newegg
OCZ booster $29.24 shipped. Good deal?
Fry's Stuff
Office Depot instore benq 19' monitor $146! (Hard to find, may be dead deal)
Dell 24" Widescreen LCD for $779 before tax/ship
(Dead Deal) Emprex 2.2GB USB 2.0 Drive $59.99
looking for a chieftec case
Bag Of Crap Returns
6600 GT AGP 4 cheap @ Compusa afer PM and rebate.
X800XT PE, AGP Version, Tiger Direct = $329.
3200+ venice shipped $144 from monarch
$80AR 250 gb hard drive!
BF2 @ CC $34.99 !!! (online/instore)
BBATI AGP X800xl 277$ at newegg!
Ultra-X Connect 400W $20 after MIR
3200+ Venice oem $169 shipped..
Cheap XP discs
Visiontek Radeon X850XT 256MB PCI-E Graphics Card Platinum Ed. $366.26+tax, free ship
WD 7200rpm 160gb IDE - 40$
$441 for 20.1 Inch Wide Screen/$863 for 24 inch DELL
4200+ Dual Core Processors £999
7800 GTX deal
100 pack spindle of 'Legacy' cdrs $9.99 shipped at newegg
T-shirt or $5 Starbucks giftcard for attending WebEx
$750 off $1499 Dell Inspirons
Ultra X-Finity 600W Power Supply $40 after rebate
520w Powerstream $109 after rebate
1.6 LV xeons - the u-wire / OCable ones
Need a SATA HD deal.
Georgia residents only- Monarch deal
really good deal on 40mm counter-rotating fans!~
$17.99 512MB PC3200 RAM! after rebate
Seagate 160gb SATA for 59.99 after MIR
8 alimunim RAMsinks for $1.99 @ SVC
connect3d x800pro -- $199.99
2GB PQI for $160
woot 2.0, check it out
Sweet MP3 Player Deal (Sony Vaio 40gb player)
[UK] GF 7800GTX 256MB PCI-E £286.80 ex VAT
Seagate 300GB External Hard Drive - $219.99
Ebay: Used PCP&C 510 SLI
WD 160GB HD $39.99 AFTER rebates @ bestbuy
15 percent off at staples
Leadtek 6800GT for 275 at newegg!
Connect3D x800XL - 250$
Good digital camcorder at fair price
Seasonic S-12 600w for 133.19 Shipped / S-12 500w for 108.89 Shipped.
Intel 640 $180 SHIPPED
Kingston 512mb PC3200 memory $17.99 AR at CircuitCity
Patriot XBLK TCCD Sale
(dead deal) Ebay Deal-o-the-day X700PRO $82 (not including 10% off coupon)
Maze 4 gpu waterblock $44 shipped @ TD
Cheapest place to get an mx1000?
Maxtor 160GB (7200) $50 @ Tiger Direct
120gb Maxtor $30 (5400rpm) no mir + shipping
MAXTOR 200gig PATA $69 @ Fry's NO REBATE !
Fujitsu LifeBook S6231 - 3.7 lb Notebook @ Newegg
get a sporty looking titanuim nixon watch for your girlfriend for $50
XFX GeForce 6600GT $149 at TigerDirect
LINKSYS BEFW11S4 IEEE 802.11b, 802.3, 802.3u Wireless Router 15$ AR
BFG 7800 GTX for $491 with free shipping from Dell, till July 12th.
2x256MB Sandisk Micro Cruzer $39.99 no rebate
ABS ULTIMATE M5-64 Pro, Athlon 64 3500+ Checking
Epson R300 for 79.99 from Compusa
OCZ ModStream 520 $79 shipped after MIR @ Monarch
2405fpw 24"Widescreen Dell + Computer: 1199 AR
Seagate 200GB HD $50. Expires 07/05/05
160GB Seagate Barracuda HD $39.95 AR
Fortron blue $78
Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle OEM: $125 USD Shipped! ENDS IN 1 HOUR!!
3000+ Venice for $117 Shipped?
Friends & Family 10% off at CC
Sunbeam Reobus at Mwave $12.50
OCZ Gold 3200 2x512MB = $121.00 after rebate @ Newegg.com
EVGA Scavenger Hunt - 2005
Get your Dell while its hot, 35% coupon
current Woot Deal on 6/30/05
EVGA.com- Annoying contest, killer prizes
pny5700 tv,fm tuner vidcard $74 newegg
L90D+ 329.99 plus tax if applicable (free ship)
5" LCD for $59.99
ATI Radeon X850 XT 256MB GDDR3 AGP $314 AfterRebate
Dual Format Internal EIDE DVD+RW Drive $18.00 after rebate
Maxtor 200GB HDD-$80 shipped, no rebates
WD Caviar RE WD3200SB EIDE 320 GB Hard Drive - $147.00
Good deal on x800 xl?
PNY 6800nu agp $160 shipped at Newegg
Aopen DVDRW $39.99 - Newegg 1 day sale
Infocus 4805 $699.99 +$5 ship!
1gb ipod shuffle $105
Ultra X-Finity 600W Power Supply
89.00 2.4 celeron, plus mobo is it a deal?
X850XT PE Sapphire Retail $424 - Rebate!
Mushkin Memory Discount
TMSP 512mb $42 shipped at Newegg
Clearance sale at the geeks
Seasonic s12-600 $130 at Case-Mod.com
ipod shuffle 1gb price cut now $129 ($119 student)
300gb segate for 120
Free Mechanical Design Software
NewEgg 1 Day Sale: DFI NF4 Ultra-D for $119
NewEgg 1 Day Sale: OCZ Platinum rev.2 PC-3200 $169 w/ free shipping
==> NEWEGG.COM Exclusive Forum Deals
need a hot deal on an ipod / mp3 player
Dlink 108g Router+ USB 108g Adapter=$40
CoolerMaster AeroGate I = $4.99+shipping
2x512 pc4200 ddr2 corsair memory - $89
Generic Printer Refills
Delta 120 MM Fans. Ebay Cheap.
Laptop Deal Not a Dell
MX510 - $26.99 + Free Shipping!
128MB Secure Digital (SD) Card Free!!!
Netgear WPN824 Wireless Router $119.99 Free Shipping
Dremel on the friday sale...what you guys thing?
XFX 6600GT retail for $119AR from Buy.com
$59.00 Socket A Barebone
gigabyte GeForce 6600 $99
Battlefield 2 for $34.99...
512 ddr 30 dollars (After Mail in Rebate-sss)
7800GTX in Stock at Newegg $604 shipped
Free 32MB Thumbdrive
Audigy ZS
Cheap enermax case, 13.99 + 7.50 shipping
NEC 3540 for 49 shipped, no tax if you don't live in GA
place to get CD/DVD mailers?
Look For A Dual Motherboard Cyber Deal
(dead deal) Corsair VS DDR400 512 - $25AR today only!
Black Ice radiators 50% off
Gah.I hate woot.
OCZ VX PC4000 512MBx2 Contest
Dell $750 off $1499 Select Systems Starts Tuesday
XFX 6600GT 128MB AGP for $130.00 shipped!
Win64 + Mushkin MIR deal
Best Buy Wireless Router/USB Adapter $5+tax AR
HydrX only 2 bucks
WD 80GB IDE HD w/ 8MB buffer for $20 AR @ CC
CT-79 Adaptors, where?
Psu Deal Smoking
Mwave 7800GTX *In Stock* $643
Seagate 300GB IDE HD w/ 8MB buffer at Outpost for $120
(dead deal) 9800Pro $90 SHIPPED
(dead deal rebate expired)OCZ Premier Value 256MB (DDR400) - $14 Shipped after MIR
Crucial Ballistix 512MB LED PC2-5300 only $71
SD300 $250 shipped
OEM PNY 6800NU 128MB $156 + $3 shipping
2x512 MB Patriot XBLK PC3200 - $169
Barebones folding (or similar) rig $99 after rebate
Xp120 £31
found this good deal on 40mm Counter-Rotaing fans
Mushkin $30 MIR For PC3500 Redline!
Directon $69 P3 450MHz
14 upcoming coupons for tomorrow at Dell Home
Razer Diamondback $33
Maxtor 120 gb hd $59!
Biostar SFF s754 NForce1 chipset only $95!
WD 320gb sata hdd $140 AR
Unreal Tournament 2004 DVD Edition $9.90
Fuji 19" LCD, 12ms, 160 viewing angle, .264 dot pitch
Looking For Really Cheap Mobo Combo
Refurb Rio Nitrus about 53 dollar shipping, 1.5gb mp3 player
(dead deal)1.5 GB USB pen drive for $22
8x DVD+R Media 50-Piece Spindle - $15.99 SHIPPED
2x 12" CCFL + Inverter $2.99
Thermaltake CPU fans free shipping
Dell 2.4 Celleron for $200+shipping
(dead thread) hard to believe...x800xl 200$ ebay
Western Digital 80GB HD $39.99 w/free ship
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox & PC $29.99
PNY 512mb 3200 -- $19.99 AR (good 'til June 14)
need to find something cheap? a few tips on how to find it cheap and not get scammed
yahoo auctions is free
Comp USA Weekly Deals of 6/12
160GB HD $50 after $70 rebate at BestBuy
Where are all the Father's Day Deals?
ClearFlex 60 1/2" & 3/8"
Dell LCD Coupons 2001 FP, 2405FPW
CRT at best buy
6% off @ Buy.com
ASUS 945/955 Quiz Challenge
Raptor $166 AR
Newegg MB/CPU AMD 64 Combo Deals
any projector deals?
Dell server less then 300 after rebates
Seagate 300GB SATA HD w/8mb cache $139.99(after rebate-sss)
IBM P275 Black
(Out of stock) PNY 6800NU 128MB AGP $165 + $5 shipping.
Dell $750 off $1499 Laptop Coupon Back Tomorrow (6/7)
Ultra 512mb PC3200 DDR Ram $29.99
Sign up for free comp @ tigerdirect
Outpost Barebones
Doom3 Resurrection Of Evil Exp/pak $14.99
300 DVD+ or - R's for 19.98 @ Office Max
Antec P160 $90
Farcry $14.99
(Dead deal, was a misprint) Possible good deal on X800XT
xoxide sale~~
nice case +500w psu +2 80mm 59.99 after rebate -- tiger direct
TigerDirect Naperville Sat June 4th One day sale at their location
Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW 20.1" Widescreen LCD Monitor - $449.40 Shipped
61" Nec plasma
Plantronics .Audio 90 Headset $9.99 after instant/mail rebate
Fortron 500W Bluestorm at ewiz again $73.13
160GB Hard drive $30 compusa AR
Wd 250gb Hd $99.99
ULTRA X-Connect 400 Watt $30 AR Plus shipping
Chomerics Free Cooling Samples
fishing reels
Outpost: 80gb WD for $20 AR
Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut June 3rd
NICE CHEAP home theater setup. Good for your PC or console!
Why do Canadians have to pass a math test to win a contest?
Post All GiveAways/Contests/Lotteries Here.
80x25 fans 99 cents @ svc
CHEAP hosting
100 Gigs Free Online Storage....with a couple catches
Dell Dimension 4700 PC w/17in LCD, Printer, 40GB SATA, P4 2.8ghz $459 w/free ship
Enter to Win a CrossFire™ Ready System
P4 2.8G Dell server $324+shipping
New Dell Laptop Coupons Tomorrow (6/1) including $750 off $1799
$33 shipped -- PQI Power Series 512mb pc3200 at newegg
(ends 6/02) Seagate 300gb 8mb IDE 7200rpm $119.99 AR outpost.com
(dead deal) OCZ 512mb pc3200 - $25 AR at outpost.com
(Must be purchased by May 31 for Rebate) Seagate 200gb 8mb IDE for $59.99 AR
CompUSA Deals running week of 5/29
Sappire 9800pro 256bit 128mb new oem $120 shipped
BOGO: 256mb Jump Drive- $39.99
250GB maxtor for 70 @ staple no rebate
Great Deal on PCI-Express 6600GT at Monarch
BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC 256MB GDDR3 AGP = 283.99 (MIR)
19" Insignia black CRT $76.99 AR at Best Buy
finding international contests/giveaways
Razer Diamondback $42.99 @ Amazon
64 Computer giveaway
Anybody know where to buy a scanner cheap?
160gb Wd Hdd $30
2 x AMD 246 Opterons, TYAN K8SD Pro, Server 2K3 64bit edition - $500
Xoxide Memorial Day sale
[UK] PC w/ 17" TFT for £499.99 // Laptop for £499.99
A Venice for those living in Montreal | Pick up only.
Canada: Fujifilm 8x DVD +/-R's, 25pk/$9.99, Free Ground Ship
San Disk 256mb Thumb Drive for $10!!!
Diamond cutoff wheels for awesome dremel work
NEC ND3520A 16X Double Layer 8.5gb -+/R/RW $48 w/free ship
Fuji FinePix A340 $129 +$5 Shipping
Yate Loon fans - D12SL-12, D90SM-12
Arctic Silver FREE with $10 purchase
Seagate 200GB Ultra ATA/100 HD $59.99
Biglots has jump drives
XP 64 bit upgrade, now available to retail owners
Free L/XL Pizza Hut Pizza, Motor Oil too!
Astronomy Sweeps
OCZ Powerstream 520 102.00
3700+ (Clawhammer) $220 AC
Lian-Li desk. Hurry buy two!
Free Arctic Silver 5 w/ $10 purchase @ Coolerguys
Your chance to meet Bill Gates...
50 pack DVD+R - $8 + tax at BB
Cheap folding Pc's 180$ Outpost.com
HOT! danner pumps, half off!
2x512 Rosewill PC3200 2.5-3-3-7 $69.98 shipped Newegg
Coolermaster Cavalier 4 HTPC case w/ psu $49.00 + shipping
ATI AIW X800 XT - $287.99 Shipped AR
Gigabyte GV-3D1 w/ dual 6600 GT.
2x36gig Raptors = $218 shipped
Cell Phone Deals?
Dell Inspiron $750 off $1499 Back Tomorrow (Tues) - Selected Configs
Corsair ddr550 512mb chip for 79$ cas 2.5
(DEAD DEAL) P4 2.8Ghz server $298 plus tax
Something for all you people in the U.K!!
Free Nero 6.3 Ultra Edition AR from Fry's.
Hot!!! Geil 2gb Kit DDR2-533 $132
Outpost OCZ 512mhz DDR400 20$ + Shipping AR!!!!
Koss KSC75 headphones $9.53+shipping
OCZ 1GB DDR400 Premier Dual Channel = $99.99+s&h
some websites listing different deals
$25 off Microsoft Certification Exams
Fry's 1 Day SALE!
Modder's Kit plus a 10% discount!!
Tygon 1/2" ID 3/32" wall Tubing Cheap
Staple's DVD+R 50-Pack 5 bucks (now $17)
Help me to find good deal on DFI NF4 Mobo!
$216 6800 :-o
2 maxtor PATA drives onsale @ Staples
40% Discount at Reebok! (Again!)
92mm Delta Triple Fans @ Ebay
17" LCD $189 @ Staples
sp-94, programmable scanner, warcraft game in this months contest
Good Deals on Scanners?
looking for some cheaper folding barebones
Attention all Dremel Owners!!!!
Dell Home New E&A coupons [Exp 5/19]
[contest over]ATi's Colossal Contest
*Warm* Phillips Progressive DivX certified DVD player
Looking for a cheap desktop, $550 shipped or less.
Half Life 2 29.90 + 1.99 shipping and tax
(EXPIRED DEAD DEAL) Xoxide $10 10 hour sale
Sennheiser HD 600 178.94 Shipped
Antec SOHO ATX Tower Case 25bux after mir
Good deals on mobo/processor combos?
Adaptec Raid1200 ATA 100 PCI card $39.98 ($99 retail)
Sirius $50.00 rebate on radios w/ 6 month
Free and Legal copy of VMware Workstation 5
Newegg 9800PRO RETAIL 128Mb 114.99 SHIPPED!
dell 2005fpw under 400 dollars free shipping
Need an MP3 player? Creative has good deals
neopower 5/13 only 80$ after rebate compusa
World of Warcraft $34.99 @ Fry's
Viking 1GB Compact Flash Card - $49.99 AR
$19.99 SanDisk 128MB + WiFi CF Card - Woot.com
Newegg has retail 3000 Venice for ~157 with free shipping
Any Guild War deals?...or coupn codes to use towards GW?
AA rechargable batteries?
Newegg Rosewill deals. $10 off $20
Etymotic ER6i $75 shipped
REQ: 40gb 5400rpm?
256MB CF card $3.86 AR. SD card $13.84 AR.
Today Only: 35% off $999+ Dell Laptops
$160 Ipod Mini
Free Frosty's this weekend
SVC.com Deals!!
Surplus Computers 7th Annual Parking Lot Sale! -MAY 21-
$9.99 P4 Mobo
Ati Aiw X800xt $337
Free Intel CPU 233MHZ SLOT1, must pay shipping
x850 xt pe $480!!!
Logitech X-530 70 Watts 5.1 Speaker---1Day Sale, Ends 5/10/05 5:30 PST--$54 shipped
InFocus Screenplay 7200
Papermate Ipod Mini per Day Contest
$9,757.99 Ati 9800xt
Alienware Star Wars themed Computer Contest
X800 Xt Aiw 390$-50$ Mir = **340$**
100PK DVD+R 8X 25ARshipped 33before rebate
Wow! Motorola Razr phone $100!! (help)
REQ: Deal on MX510 or MX518
eVGA 6800NU $199 AR.
$ 76.30 36gb Raptor 2 left at Dumpinggoods
10% off order @ Coolerguys - expires 5/10/05
Delta's 120MM fans cheap by the case
Looking for a VGA cooler & fan controller
Woot-Off 5-6-05
DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D ATX AMD Motherboard - OEM $128.99 shipped
Radeon X800 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI-Express x16 Video Card = $188 shipped (now $245)
SVC XP90 coupon and more
Free Candy!!!!!
Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Computer Case + FREE GROUND SHIPPING= $34.99
$8.99 card reader - internal usb 2.0
Got Windows x64 questions?
Fortron Blue Storm 500w PSU for $69 w/ free shipping
X800XL $274 shipped
Beat this memory deal please
EVGA AGP 6800nu for 169.00 after rebate @ newegg
$28 heatpipe coolermaster at svc
Xoxide.com coupon codes
Laptop Deals?
Logitech MX518 Mouse $41.99 Shipped
$40 SHIPPED 512MB DDR2 533 PC2-4200 CL4 240-Pin DIMM
svc coupon codes 4everyone who needs
Battery Backup US$20 (now $29.99-sss)
Geeky shirt deals? Or custom shirt deals?
projector needed
(out of stock) $53 512mb PC3200 2-2-2-5 Cheap TCCD Ram
OCZ EL Plat Rev2 2x512 PC3200 $199 SHIPPED! NEWEGG
Seagate 160 gb
Xfx 6600 Gt $160
Yo Bro, Chenbro cases, big sale at Xoxide
80GB HDD 39.99 NO rebate
9800pro 125shipped, no tax for most.
Guild Wars $40 @ outpost.com
Speakers with active noice cancelling technology $15 at CC
Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 = $279.99
Wheres the best deal for a pair of 17-19LCD's
$199.99 BFG FX6800 OC 128MB Video Card
cheapest atx case?
Great Case deal
Bfg 6800nu 199.99
1GB of DDR400 for 49$ !
Woot (DEAD) deal : InFocus Screenplay 4800 DLP Projector $499
Anyone interested in a Fileplanet scrip (free game plus free upgrade)
More dell Coupons
SLI Bridges @ Newegg soon
What is this about? Get an X850 XTPE for $149??
802.11b Wireless LAN PCI $6AR+ship
AIW ATI X800XT $339 with MIR
10 fans $9.90 shipped
Fortron Blue Storm back in stock at eWiz
Creative Labs Megaworks THX® 6.1 650 = $99+shipping
cheap used Audigy
Socket 478 Barebones w/Mainboard, Case, DVD Burner & More
Wharfedale Moviestar 70+ 5.1 speakers - $79.99
Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Upgrade Promotion
$14.84 52x24x52 burner
Patriot 256mb -$14 - ENDS 4/25
Printer Ink Cartridges
Athena Technologies AS-F1 @ BB, your price will varies, read to get the deal.
512MBx2 for the poor..
19" Lcd ? ?
OCZ 450Watt modstream, 60AR @ monarch
$100 rebate on 3400+ at tigerdirect (total $129)
$254 shipped X800 XL
More TCCD on sale at the egg...GEIL this time
CORSAIR VS PC-4200 DDR2 2X512mb $105 SHIPPED
Muvo Mix 512 - $109CAD (Web Only)
Canadians.....Netgear wireless-b router 19.99AR
Patriot Memory $12AR at Newegg.com (rebate ENDS 4/22/05)
World of Warcraft for $25 after $25 MIR.
Dell 2405FPW 24" Widescreen down to $1,019...
Fortron BlueStorm 500w - 71.60 before shipping
Civ3 Rollercoaster tyc2 $8
World of Warcraft $25 ($50-$25mir) @ CC
Dell notebook deal is back on Friday at 8am CDT
Free hosting + domain for 6 months!
XP-90 $29.00 including fan
POWMAX PSDE580 PSU for $38.99 shipped? (24A 12v line, 24pin power)
Logitech V500 $43.99 shipped 2nd day @ZZF
Mushkin "Blue" On sale at Fry's (again)
Dell 2005FPW $384 / Dell 2001FP $422 Shipped HOT!
WD 80GB 7200rpm 8MB buffer drive for ~$30
$180 TCCD @ Egg
Looking for shoes...Anyone have a coupon?
$11.59 52x 700MB 80-Minute CD-R 100Pack