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Klipsch 2.1 THX for $49.99 plus shipping
They're giving away the TCCD again.well, almost ($180/Gig after rebate-sss)
100pack of Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD-R 28.80 shipped!!!
Officemax - 50 pack Imation DVD-R for 18 bucks
Dell $750 off $1499 Desktops & Laptops on Thursday
Free 250w Fortron PSU @ Anadtech forums, pay only shipping (only 1 PSU available)
MX1000 $39.99 *DEAD DEAL*
10k RPM 73GB Seagate Cheetah - $75 New!!!
Free Opera License
XFX 6600GT PCI-Express for $170
WD 80 gig Special Edition for $30 AR @ BBUY
Free Beta Microsoft Visual Studio Team Suite 2005
Thermalright XP-90 $29.00 from Jab-tech.com
3 deeply discounted PC Power & Cooling Power supplies
Looking for a cheap LGA775 processor... Can't find one!
Dell Ultrasharp 2005FPW 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor - $486 Shipped
Cheap GeForce Ti4400, Ti4600, or Ti4800
30" WS LCD HD-ready $699 no rebate
Dell 2005FPW $456.85! shipped Expires 04/21/2005
Free shipping during X-hour!
300 gig seagate for 119 AR
3500+ Diago @ Sparco ($280 USD)
PNY 512 MB PC3200 $29.99 AR @ TigerDirect (PNY rebate, NOT TD rebate)
Headphone shopping PX200 help needed
12g AS5
GENERIC 168-Pin 128MB PC 100 SDRAM 109.99
Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW 24-inch Wide Aspect $848 refurb
36GB Raptors for 99.99 @ Fry's
Mushkin Basic 512 MB PC3200 $42.55 shipped
Winston 1GB(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200 68$
NCIX Maxtor Diamondmax 10 200gb Hard Drive Ata133 16mb 7200rpm
$10 Fan Controller
$5 off smugmug (unlimited photo storage)
MSI 6800 GT PCI-X... uhm $336+8 shipping??
(DEAD THREAD) Price Typo AMD 3800+ for $12.84 CDN :)
Sleeving Scroll
350W dual rail 24pin Fortron @ ewiz.com $46 shipped
Thinkgeek T-Shirt Contest
Kingston TCCD 2x512MB for $170 at Directron
decent keyboard logitech @ newegg
Samsung PC3200 512 MB $43 shipped @ Directron - ends 9pm 4/14/05
World Of Warcraft for $35? Ya' don't say!
Venice / Diago Pre-orders Available (Ships April 18th)
Coolermaster Hyper6 $25
XFX 6600 GT AGP @ Newegg for $163AR
Anyone know of Cheap PCMCIA 80211.G Card?
$5 Sparkle 250W psu's at SVC
Newegg D-Link deals
Any Dell Inspiron coupons?
staples external DVDRW clearance.
I need a new case....
Cheap Sparkles at SVC again
rockford fosgate stuff
Dell Inspiron $750 off $1499 Back on Wednesday
Any Web Host deals? Is DreamHost deal still up?
Sapphire 9800 Pro 128mb/256bit 156$ newegg
512mb Mushkin PC3200 @ Newegg for 41.99
More Cheap Ram Only $10 Ar!
SVC Cheap shipping
Super cheap peltiers...
deal for UKers?
Samsung 930B 19" LCD 8ms response time $330 after rebates
Blue Acrylic DIY Case - $24.95
Kingston 1GB DDR-3200 DIMM for $85
Fortron FSP300-60BTV 300w PSU uber-cheap on eBay
256MB for 13.99AR + ship Newegg
x-dreamer/gamer 29.99@SVC.com
eVGA 6600GT $166 plus shipping
17" Advueu AMW-F176B 16ms LCD $149 [after $70 Rebate]
$275 shipped x800pro PCI-E
WOW! What a deal! $999 BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra OC PCI Express 512MB DDR3
Kingmax PC3200 1GB Kit - $73.99 (after $10 mail in rebate)
CANADA: Ocz 2x512 gold vx, $220
Athlon XP 2800+ FOR 234!!! Great Deal!
Thermalright XP-90C Copper Heatpipe Heatsink $40 at SVC
21 New Dell Coupons Starting in Next 2 Days
(out of stock) Fortron 500 blue storm *72 shipped*
AMD 3200+ and 400 Watt Ultra Xconnects for $149 [2 day sale]
Super Hot, Seasonic S12 500w PSU for $95
pci-express X800 pro 284
7 Boxes of Kellogg's Cereal + Stamp = Free Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
XP-90C on sale for $39.99
XP90c 39.99 pluse shipping
(contest over)Win Free asus a8n sli deluxe, gigabyte ga-60xet and water cooling stuff
Seagate 160GB HD $50 SHIPPED AR
WD 250GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive 130.99 shipped
Corsair Value Select 2X512mb
Sony 1GB Micro Vault for 50$ (USB 2.0 pendrive)
40% Discount at Reebok!
WD 36gb Raptor $80AR
OCZ ModStream 450W Power Supply with OCZ EZMod $74
Good Deal? AMD 3500+ and Corsair VS1GBKIT400 1GB for 355$US
Retail A64 3200+ Winchester for $166 shipped
Delta 92mm EFB, Awesome Price On Ebay
*XP-90 for 29$ :O!!!*
pny 6800gt for 299.99, this reliable?
FREE EGM Subscription
Up to 30% off Dell LCDs + Stackable $ Off
6800Ultra $249.99 (Now back ordered) Other PNY cards really cheap still in stock
World's First Round LCD Monitor (April Fools thread) :)
HOT!!?? XP-90C for $42
Coolerguys - FluidXP 1 quart - $20
X-connect cheap
17" LCD for $195.00 free shipping
Free Computerworld Mag Subscription
Good price on ddram from newegg
Dell Notebooks: 30% off $999+, 35% off $1499+
great newegg deals...cheap x800, 17" LG LCD, 6800gt
Some cheap accessories over at nexfan, 4 dollar flat rate shipping.
17" LG LCD - $189.99 shipped
17"Aopen LCD $165
ImageQuest/Hyundai L90D+ Current Prices
NEWEGG.com 99 shipping
One Day Sale HYUNDAI L90D+ 369.99
Do u think this is genuine?
Newegg x800 Pro VIVO PCI-Express $275.99
Samsung SyncMaster 912N 19" TFT-LCD Flat-Panel Monitor $287 SHIPPED!
(SOLD OUT) 5900XT for 125 shipped... hurry
AMD Prices are back down again @ MonarchComputer!
Xp90c $52
eVGA 6800 GT 256MB $378 Shipped Free.
(DEAD DEAL) Quietmaxx 5100 heatsink/fan FREE with order today only!
neat MATX case fairly cheap
SiS756 Contest
Kingston HYPER X 1GB PC3200 144.99
1GB Kingmax SuperRam $73 @newegg
9800pro AGP (as if they make it in PCI-E) 152 shipped at monarch.
EVGA Contest
NEC 16X - $53.99 New Egg
intel motherboard
l@@king for a MP3 player deal....cheap
Dell Monitor and Notebook Deals
Corsair Value Select PC3200 2x512 for 89 shipped
Any Sony CRT Television Deals?
Aspire X Dreamer II for $19.99
2x512 PC3200 = $70 + after rebates
P4 System for free
in college? win a free ipod shuffle!
Samsung 710-N-2 LCD @ Newegg *$200* w/ MIR
Logitech MX1000 $55 Shipped
Arctic Silver 5 (3.5g) for $5.99 *Free Shipping*
Free lapping kit upgrade today only....(m)
Anyone see a keyboard/mouse deal?
300GB Western Digital HDD, $169! Ends at 5:30PM on the 22nd!
DELL Ultrasharp 1905FP 19" LCD for $317
40gb 7200/2mb cache on clerance at Staples
$12 SHIPPED USB2.0 Case for 2.5" Drive
Connect3d x850xt for $449 shipped at Newegg
Looking for cheap all aluminum case
Silent Hunter 3 @ Outpost/frys $27.99 W/free Ship
Two 160gb Maxtor $90 shipped *no rebates*
Sony PSP $249.99
APC 725VA UPS $9.99 AR @ Office Depot
$19.99 SOYO Case + 300W PSU
Antec Neo Power 480W $49.99 AR @ Fry's
Geil 1gb Pc3200 Dual C2 $ 112.99
Samsung 710N - 195.99AR
PC3200 Deals
Coupons @ Xoxide
DFI Ultra D $137!!!!
Samsung 17" LCD - $201 shipped
Ipod shuffle for $25, 4GB mini for $105!!
LOL, Great Deal :-p
Contests: Grand Theft Auto & Prints (ends Mar 18)
Antec Overture - not a deal, but curious...
6600gt pci-e or AGP $179
best deal on 256mb of ddr400
Sapphire Radeon X850 XT $459.99!!
[CANADA] MX510 $18.88 Mir
Free pocket knife
Shure E2C $50 E3C $90 (DEAD DEAL)
9cent Fans (SOLD OUT)
Anyone seeing a good 17" LCD deal?
Thermalright XP-90 $24.99!!!
1GB CORSAIR ValueSelect PC3200 103 shipped
A full box load of 120mm X 38mm fan, all 18 of them for 37 shipped.
Shure E2C 65 bucks + free shipping (great earphones)
TT 420 Smartfan at newegg (again)...
Fry's SATA HDD Deal $49.99
HP or AOpen Optical mouse FREE + shipping ($4.99)
Kingston HyperX 1GB PC3200 2-2-2-5
mx500 19.00 shipped NR
1.6 duron mobo 128 meg pc2100 + hsf 68 bucks
Holy Crap! ZALMAN CNPS7000B for 3.95 (Price changed to $31.95)
Win XP Home Edition Upgrade $39
12% Off Coupon at Staples
XP-120 $43 + ship
Lot of 52 Delta 92mm Fans
$29.99 XP-90 deal
Any good deals on HDD based MP3 players?
Military Service Members_Listen Up!!!
need deal on ti-89 titanium, $30 off $150 OD link here
$82.99 Audigy 2 ZS Gamer Limited Edition
512MB SanDisk Cruzer Micro $9.99 ARs
enter to win at monarch 1GB of Mushkin
amd 64 (939) 3000+ for 129 shipped!!!
COMPUSA got a 6 hour sale tomorrow. 6PM to 12AM, check it out
Phantom Dust FREE After MIR
XP-90 from Thermalright $29.99 + shipping
2.2GB CF+ Type II MicroDrive - $67
**Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro 2.0 $59.99!!! CompUSA**
CDR 100pack $10.99
Retail discount?
Soyo Awro3101 Aerielink 802.11g Wireless Ap Router W/ 4-port Switch
(SOLD OUT) Digital Multimeters: $2+ $6 shipping...
(dead thread) 9800 Pro $131 shipped Newegg Refurb
NewEgg Promotional Codes
Monarch GiveAway - Sapphire x800xl and MSI RS480M2-IL Mobo!
TD ultra case+ ultraxconnect PS for only 49.99!
Western Digital 160GB SATA for $70 AR (ends today : ( )
cheap external hard drive
$19.99 802.11g 108Mbps AT&T PC Card (no MIRs)
Adaptec FireWire 800 / PCI card $29.99 , penny ship , NO REBATES
The Best 19" gaming LCD
Dothan 1.7Ghz for 120 Euro!
CompUSA 21'st birthday
coupons anyone ?
Logitech LX 700 100-50=$50 bucks
ATI 9800 AIW Price?? Why so high?
dell server 229 w/ Quadruple the Hard-Drive!
Surplus Center Fans & Blowers
HYUNDAI L90D+ Silver 19" LCD Monitor 359 shipped
Samsung 17'' LCD - $219.99 shipped as of 03/04
X800XL at CompUSA Business 272.89+ship
Cheap Antec PSU
SVC coupon code anyone?
Treo 600 $199 w/ 1 year unlimited local (CAN)
XP-90 $29.99 + 6$ shipping
Rio carbon 150$
105.0CFM/45.0DBA fan 5 bucks
512MB OCZ PC3200 $44.95 after MIR
zalman 7000 heatsink 38$
short round dual ide cable?
X850 XT $469 second day air
20 inch dell LCD under 500, 24inch just over 1k
newegg 15 fans 15 bucks again :)
Pny 6800gt $328.00
Free ice cream (1 scoop, lol)
rebate question
Win a free mobo and cpu and dvds les then 2 hours left!!
Asus 6800GT 256mb PCI-E - $415 peorder
thermalright xp-90 retail...29.99
Radeon X800XL PCI-E for $300 @ microcenter
DFI LANPARTY 142.50 shipped. nforce4 get cracking
Dell Laptop Coupons. Valid until 3/3/05.
Turbo Tax Deluex?
DLink 54G +PCI+PCMCIA= $59.50
Best price on Thermalright AX-120
Semi online deal for DVDR +- discs @ office depot
ocz offers utt chips for cheep..
Averatec 3360 AV3360EH1 $950 MIR
Anyone buy a LX500 or LX700 from staples for pres day?
BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra $400 (AR) - Tigerdirect
Zalman Clone $7.95
Guess What's Back?? -Sold Out-
prometeia mach 1.. 370.00 closeout sale
AT&T Wireless Stuff at Compusa
Looking for mp3 deal
$1.25 heatsinks for xeon processors
Ultra Dragon Glossy Black ATX Mid-Tower Case with 500W PSU...$19.99!
4 gig microdrive $99.94 shipped! (comes in usb 2.0 case)
ipod prices drop
REALLY Cheap Printer Ink/Toner [Canada]
good deal mid-tower case ?
Any good deals on cheap Video Capture Cards?
XP-90 Retail with fan for $34.99
Round IDE and Floppy cables -- $0.69 and $0.99
Know Any Cheap Koolance Waterblocks?
G.SKILL 166.99 for a gig
Athlon 64 socket 754 Swiftech HS
Patriot 2 x 512MB PC3200 for $166.99 shipped
BenQ FP231W 23" for $1,299 Can.
Wow, X850XT for $489..........
Good deals on CC, EL wire, all that stuff..
31% off any ipod
DFI NF3 $102 shipped
backplate cheap ?
Good LCD deals [Canada]
Samsung 17" LCD Monitor for $229.00
Sparkle PSU 's 400w ~$30 shipped
Nikon Coolpix 5400 5.1MP $299 after MIR @ Amazon.com
160GB SATA Seagate 69 after MIR
Presidents' Day Deals!
Maxtor 250 GB 16mb Cache 99.99
Ahanix Zion Case
Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 179.99
Gigafast wireless 54G router 11 bucks after rebates
any psu deals?
unreal tournament 2004 for less than 15
Looking for good deal on DVD-R's
eVGA 6800 LE 256MB $229 shipped 2nd day air
Free Subscription to Blender Magazine
Free Wireless card, only $5 shipping
(DEAD DEAL) Very nice P4 SFF on woot
[CANADA] Thermalright SP-94 $19.95
Coolerguys GC
need a new case and power supply?
win a trip into space
SLI NF4 + Dual 6600GT = $600 @ Egg
Newegg New Look and decent deals
Hot as the sun deal, Dell 2001fp and 2005fpw for 500 shipped (NO REBATES)
Apc Factory Outlet Sale
Free Chicken Selects
AMD Sempron Barebones w/Mainboard, Case, DVD Burner & More!
Anyone know of USB keychain flashdrive deals?
XP-90 with fan 44.99 @SVC retail
Anyone have a promotion code for newegg?
(DEAD DEAL) Acer 17" LCD 14ms $169.99 AR
1 DAY SALE New Egg..Look
(DEAD DEAL) 600w 1.5 liter Cuisinart $45 shipped today only
Sale on Arctic Cooling Silencers
$0.25 cent 80MM Fans at SVC.
Edited by SSS (dead thread) .......they want to get rid of?
any SATA hd deals?
(dead deal) 128MB MP3 player for $30 shipped, no rebates
ImageQuest L90D+ 379.99 + free shipping
256Mb GFX6600 AGP $156.00
19" Flat screen CRT monitor $50 AR at Circuitcity
SAMSUNG 710N-2 Black 17" 12ms LCD Monitor 239.00 after rebates
DFI Lanparty NF4-Ultra Motherboard at Newegg $145 (1-day only)
2500+ Barton $76 on NewEgg...
Notebook deals please?
CoolerMaster Cavalier w/ window $49.99
$9.99 Universal UPS 500VA after MIR
16MS 17" LCD for 179 after MIR
$0.28/GB x 250 = $70 AR 3yr warrenty
Western Digital 160GB Internal Hard Drive (59.99)
Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 200GB, 7200RPM (69.99 AFTER rebates)
512MB DDR400 Tigerdirect $40 after MIR's, only for Sunday.
Chaintech Rebates?
Achieve/Viomax 400W 17.50
Deal on a 6800 GT??
1 Year Subscription to Maximum PC Magazine $3
Maxtor 300GB 16MB Cache Hard Drive $140 after $75MIR
Monarch - AMD64 price drops
DFI NF4 Ultra 149 shipped
A64 939 3200+ for $180 OEM, $199 Retail - Free S&H
17" LCD monitor
Sober up and get clean! FREE coffee and soap!
anyone have a newegg promotion code i can use?
SLI main deals!!!
AN8's Anyone?
OCZ Powerstream 520w $134
512mb Kingston value pc3200 for 49.99 @CC
1GB PC3200 Kingston Value Ram @ $99 + $14 shipping, eBay
free contact lens solution
DFI NF4 Ultra-D at newegg for $159 shipped
Superflower 520W psu for $32.99 + s/h
Magazine subscriptions
1 year hosting, free domain, 2.5gigs storage/120gigs bandwidth, $9.25/year
$500 off select Dell notebooks over $1499, other deals too
New Site (to me)
19" LCD for $249 AR from Ecost
Maxtor Ultra16 PATA 16MB CACHE 7200 250GB $129.94 SHIPPED!
Sleeving kit on the cheap
Not cyber deal, but it's california wide. geil PC4000 for 80 NR
Probably the best LCD for the money
good price on lcd's
free coffee!
5 pack of D-link NIC cards free after rebate
KVR PC3200 @Ooutpost $119.99 After MIR
Dfi sli-d sli-dr ultra-d AT MONARCH
XP-90's @ Xoxide For $26.25!!!
Thermalright XP-90 26.25@Xoxide.com
compusa instore deals
Bfg Fx6800 Ultra 256mb Oc $349.99 after $50mir !!!!!!
IOGear Wireless-G Notebook Card $9.99 AR SHIPPED
Newegg 15 fans for $15 free shipping
Dual Layer DVD-RW $60
XFX $200 AGP Free Shipping
Princeton 17in LCD 450:1 contrast 16ms $199
5 dollars case + Shipping, Check it out!!!!
$153.00 Raptors
BM microcenter $25 ipod shuffle 512mb or $75 1gb
Wireless pcmcia cards !! $1.50
New Soyo Rebate pledge
CoolerMaster Cavalier for 49.99
Anyone have a Staples.com coupon code?
Help Out iNet and Win!
LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-D for $200 ULTRA-D $160 in stock!!!
$10 off $10 at buy.com
Chieftec Matrix case, 20 bucks again --Dead Deal--
Zalman vf700-Cu $34 (No Shipping Cost)
Wireless NB card for 5 bucks!!! @ BB
Crucial Icebox Case and Tracer Giveaway
1gb pc3200 ram for $117 free shipping NR
Xp 90 for 29.99 @ SVC
Syntax 30" LCD HDTV Ready for $999
looking Tbreds :)
X-hour Zalman VF700 VGA cooler, $23.95
ati 9800 pro
2x512 mushkin pc4400 $235 shipped
Anyone have Links for Free Stickers?
160gB ide hdd $49.99 AFTER MIR@Fry's
Staples: Linksys WRV54G Wireless-G VPN Broadband Router - $49.95 (Canada)
Woot BOC, tonight!!
antec true 380 watts nib 27.00 + shipping
Msi kbn neo4 Platinum/SLI $189 weekend blowout
Black server tower - Mobo tray = $17.55!!
Woot Bag of crap (Dead Deal, Lasted 10 minutes)
Free plus shipping legal sized FB scanner.
Free $5 for movielink
ot: shipping computer parts from HK to USA?
WD 74gb Raptor $151 at Newegg
MGM DVD Settlement (If you bought a MGM DVD between 12/1/1998 -9/8/03 Read this!
Mushkin 2x512 pc3200 LL2 V2 ($216) TCCD
Is this a typo?
P4 1.8 GHz & 3 other CPU's for $20
Cheap 802.11G AP or Router?
Newegg-Acer 19" LCD 16ms response $309!
XFX 6600 GT AGP $200 shipped
Fuji 8X +R 25pak (TY02/Japan) @ BB $9.99
mx510 $29.89 NR shipped & 24.99 AR shipped
$500 off Dell Inspiron notebooks $1399+
MX1000 @ Staples
Amazon.com HD-497 $42.84
where to get DFI Nforce3 UT 250
Cheap servers!
Anti-Rice.com T-shirts
160 GB HD @ Staples
P4 3.4E w/mobo -- $270 at Outpost/Frys
Sanyo Denki 90x90x32mm fan for $1.95
(SOLD OUT) Wireless 802.11g 4 Port Router
10 pack DVD-R $1.99 (MIR)
asus a8n-sli for $188
$5 for one year magazine sub. .. PC Gamer/Maximum PC/etc...
Adata PC4200 1GB $207 free ship
XP-120--36+(?) bucks!!!!
FREE Schick Quattro (DEAD DEAL)
Maxtor 160GB 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive $69.94
Asus SLI as low as $176 !! Hurry!!
Decent cheap case
Looking for a T-Bred B, Barton.,..something socket A
Altec Lansing XA3051 5.1 Speakers = 39.99 with free s/h!
Free boxes!
Thermalright SI-97 Heatsink $30.00 including SH
Abit AV8/a64 3400+ Combo- $270
Lite-On 16X DVD $56 After Rebate @ newegg.
Plextor Serial ATA 12X DVD+/-RW Drive for $72.50 after MIR
Alt. modding LCD touchscreen special
save 5% on $50 or more @ svc.com
*B&M* CHEAP RAM Staples PNY 512 pc2700 $35
Awsome Microcenter MIR deals! (Local only sorry)
B&M Half Life 2 @ Target $39.99 starting Sunday
Pny 6800gt Agp For $345+ S/h
MSI rma taking forever...2 weeks and counting!
Kingston HyperX PC3200 1GB (2x512) $139 after MIR
MX510 for 29.89 shipped
complete case with mouse, keyboard, webcam only 69.99
NEC 3520a $59.99+$4 ship @Newegg 1 DAY ONLY
25% off dell laptops (2 codes)
$20 MIR for Rio Carbon until March 31st
XFX 6600GT AGP $206 shipped @ Newegg.com
Anyone know where can I check outpost's in-store deals weekly?
Samsung 710T $324.88 USD
P4 3.2E + mobo = $220
Staples rebates are the best
$59.99 for Logitech MX1000 CompUSA!!!
Best Buy PNY 6600 GT $187
Looking for the best deal on 2 6800GT's...gonna go SLI!
[Canada] sp-94 only $34.95 Cnd
$219.99 Intel 3.2E Ghz Box ECS board combo Outpost
[CANADA] Logitech MX500 $14.95
Looking for Cheap ramsinks
awesome dell deal
(Dead deal) Mushkin 2-2-2 1GB pack for $165
Any idea when/if that 50% off Dell laptops is coming back?
Any deals on Logitech Z680's or Z5500's?
Sparkle 300 watt PSU 8 dollars plus shipping
Case of 18 120mm Delta Fans for $40 Shipped
Free Soyo Motherboard After Rebate:
Cheap MX440, 25 bucks plus shipping
Need any deals concerning pci-express
Warm Deal 74GB Rator Retail
-Dead deal- 20% Off @ ATI.com
20% off at ati.com
Cheap Motherboard/CPU combo
Chieftec Matrix case, 20 bucks
any good deals on dvd burners?
WiFi PCI Card at Outpost.com
Danger Den NV-68 Nvidia 6800 Water Block
Lian-Li V1100 for $120, V2000 for $180!!!!
WDSE 120gig $40 AMIR @ BESTBUY
OCZ 1GB DDR400 Premier Dual Channel@Directron
Belkin 650VA UPS, $20 NR at microcenter b&m
Cheap SATA hard drives?
Xoxide New Year clearance sale
Oh man, shopping for cases in Canada is hard
Free Education - MIT OpenCourseWare
Need rebate form for Outpost 512mb Mushkin deal
Hf2 Collectors Edition $50 @ Microcenter
120gb Sata 49.99 Ar