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Newegg Logitech Deals
100 Pack Ritek 8X DVD-R $36.00 w/Free Shipping
Dell 2005FPW $564.20 SHIPPED
Looking for deals on z-680/z-5500
Microsoft gives you $100 or more (no joke)
$14=100 dvd cases
FREE - 1 TerraByte e-mail
FIC ICE BRICK Barebone System for Socket 478 Intel
TCCD @ excaliberpc for $199.00 (2x512)
cheap hard drive..i think
Super cheap A8N-SLI!!!
I need a deal on a Wireless Router
Avaratec laptop $899 after rebates @ CC
looking for a Staples $15 off $75 purchase coupon.
Minolta Magiccolor 2300DL $329 after MIR (Office Depot INSTORE)
Maxtor 160 GB ATA133 8 MB $69.99 NO REBATES
cheapest 1gig stick of ram?
eVGA 6800 (239.99) 6800gt (319.99)
Microcenter Houston - 160gig SATA HDD for $58
Antec SLK2600AMB for $20 AR
X600 Pro Pci-e $125
cheap Divx player
ultra x-connect 500w $69 cnd or $69 usd
Fry's in Downers Grove Illinois
I need a digital camera
NCIX - win a amd athlon 64 4000+
Antec Super Lanboy $40AR Compusa
Koolance PC2-601BLW Case, Blue $100
asus sli deluxe
Maxim + Stuff for $9.95 then other mags for $5 after that
Outpost.com deals
Outpost 1.6 Duron/Mobo $39.99
Best deal on WinXP-Pro?
200GB WD 8MB Cache for $70 AR
INSANE PRICE on T42P $2300 -- 1600x1200, 1.8 Dothan, 1GB RAM, FireGL T2 Mobility
Looking for 21 or 22 inch CRT.
Cheap DVD Cases
Need some 120mm sanyo denki fans?
512mb Mushkin PC3200 $45 AR + shipping @ outpost.com
Deal for a XFX 6600 GT or the BFG 6600 GT OC?
any good deals in slim-cd rom cases?
Free antivirus & firewall
$99 120gb barracuda->$50 after MIR @ BB
[CANADA] Halflife2 $39.99
D-Link DI-514 802.11b Wireless Router + Card $15 AR
Mobo/CPU combo deal
P160 Anodized Aluminum Super Mid Tower, No Power Supply
AeroCoolers Retailer???
Newegg.com 74GB WD Raptor for $155.58 AR
PowerColor Banner Contest
Agpb 500w Ps $44ar
40gb Ipod $320!!
abit vivo x800 pro 379.00
$40 = 100 dvds at bestbuy
CANON PIXMA IP3000 Photo Printer under $70.00
$5 Cases + Shipping
pc4200 adata hyperram 212.00 a gig
I Smell False Advertising
HL2 for $29.99
ANNOUNCEMENT! See any threads pointing to dotdeals.com >REPORT IT TO A MOD
Agp 6600gt
Any deals on AXP 2200+ - 2400+?
Circuit City - ATi 9800 Pro 12MB for $179.99 ARs
antec p160 59 bucks
Sony SDM-HS93 19" Flat Panel $349.99 SHIPPED AR
xp-120 any deals?
Sky hawk case 10 dollars
Christmas is over; what gets cheap, and when?
Any deals on Memory Stick Pro?
Warring Nations - strategy game for Palm OS and Pocket PC 50% off @ Clickgamer
50 free MP3's and 2 weeks free at Emusic
skyhawk aluminum 1 mm case 19.00+ s/h
VapoChill LS: ANY DEALS?
Maxtor DiamondMax 300GB Serial ATA 7200RPM 16mb
Cicago Area people, Dell 2001 FP 20.1 in. $580
WD 80GB 7200rpm 8mb cache PATA $25 AR at Best Buy
Creative Zen Micro Contest
Seagate 400gb for $199 AR
The Boxing day thread!
[CANADA] Dell Holiday Contest
**16 PIPE X800-XL PCI-XPRESS M.S.R.P. only $300!!!**
Logitech MX1000 -60 bucks + 2 day Free
!!! HALF-LIFE 2 GIVEAWAY!!! (complete a wu)
eBay Sale PCP&C 510 Dlx
6600GT AGP back in stock at Newegg
any deals on radeon 9800 pro 25mb 256bit?
Poweredge server $250
HALF-LIFE 2 FOR $35 @nothingbutsoftware.com
Am I allowed to do this?
Great Rotary Tool Deal
9800 pro?
Host a server and this company pays for your Internet Bill?
Maxtor 160GB 8MB Cache Hard Drive AND FREE Mini Fridge $59.99 AR
WD 80GB Pata $16.50 AR AC ends 12/19
Dell 1905FP for ~$450 shipped today only!
hyperram on sale at komusa
I see alot of people with Dell discount codes...
Any deals on printer ink and/or Refill kits?
Monarch. Mobo+A64 = free far cry, HL2, and Napster
Ultra X-Connect 500W PS for $49 after $30 rebate!
Newegg Logitech (Blue/Black), MX1000 $62.99 free Ship
Gigabyte Motherboard Contest
9550 128MB Radeon $60 after MIR @ Circuit City
Woohoo!! Just won an X-Box!!
Mach II a64 kit cheaper than 65?
MSI GeForce FX5600 Ultra 128MB for $60 at Woot.com
Sempron 3100+ S754 $99
AMD give away 6 FX55 (AMD Edge)
To Craigslist or not to Craigslist
Dang Nintendo DS Wanted
Neon Case Set Blue/red 9.99ar
Is this for real (non-pe xt) 439 shipped
1Gig Corsair at New Egg $140.00 :)
80GB Deals NO MIR
x800 is only 336 shipped!
Audigy 2 ZS $49.99
COMPUSA PNY GeForce 6800 NU Deal $199
1COOLPC will beat any online store by 5%.
Ultra X-Connect 500watt PS for 95.00 (Rebate)
Memory heat sink spreader $4 shipped NO TAX!
(Dead Deal) Lexar Jumpdrive 1GB $30 no rebate!
all in wonder or something similiar ?
Teon 20 DVDRs for $4.94 Shipped. No Rebates at Staples
HL2 w/ CS:S for 40 bucks
Anyone looking for 2x512 of OCZ EB?
Newegg 17" LCD $209 after MIR
Computergeeks.com Holiday Sales
Antec p160 89.99 After MIR
any cell phone deals??
Micro Advantage 1GB Quick Drive $49.98
[UK] Fuji A607 Digital Camera £99.00
Sanyo Denki 92x92x32mm for $1.49 @ Coolerguys
CompUSA upcoming deals!
$35 8x dvd burner
Antec Super Lanboy $59.99 after $25MIR
Seagate 160GB, 8MB, UATA, $49 (after MIR)
ASUS V9999 GeForce 6800 Ultra deluxe (out of stock?)
x800 $311, no rebates
HL2 @ Best Buy $39.99
The Elusive X800XT PE
XFX 6600GT for C$249.97
Nero 6.0 Suite 3 (oem) 7.99 Free Ship
Apple iB00k, $899
NEC 3500A 16x DVD+-RW DL Drive $50AR + Free 50pk Fuji DVD-R AR
Kingston Technology 512MB PC2700 DDR SoDIMM Notebook Memory $80 after mir
Seagate 160 $129.99 - $50mir - $20mir = $59.99
Logitech MX Elite Duo - 55 bucks w/ free 2day
ends 12/5/2004 memory cards
Half Life 2 at Newegg.com?
Cheap system
WD 120 IDE 7200 for $49.00
(Dead Thread) Ebay Parts Deal
eVGA doing a Vid Card Giveaway Again!
Other cyber deal places?
(THIS IS A SCAM -sss) HOT!! Sapphire Toxic Radeon X800 Pro VIVO $350
Thermalright NB-1 chipset cooler
Any deals on some memory stick for digital camera
MCW6000A for AMD K7s - $33
Antec Super Lanboy for $39.99 AR
cheap cases free shipping
Free Ipod
Dell 2001FP, 2005FPW Shipped $539.25
What do thank about this m/b ?
Seagate 200GB for $79 at CompUSSR
17 lcd,16ms, $187.00
RYOBI 7.2V Cordless clutched drill for $9.99
Prometeia Mach I starting at 250 on ebay
Wireless Optical Mouse & Keyboard $19
Buying somthing at BEST BUY over $200? Here's $20 off :)
GSkill (TCCD) 1GB(512mbx2) DDR PC4400 F1-3200DSU2-1GBLE 2.5-3-3-7 $265
MX510 for 25 after MIR *free shipping*
Laptop deals?
(Dead Thread) Razer Diamondback Contest....Ends Dec 1st.
NEXTEL i860 $75AR and i830 $30AR ! ! !
cheapest bawls?
ASRock P4VT8+ on ebay, bad BIOS
I need a credit card
Maxtor 120GB $59.99 no rebates
Outpost doing it again: 2x512 Kingston 1GB PC3200 HyperX $160
Free Ebay Feedback... if you dare
Free PSU Sleeving w/ PSU purchase from Frozencpu.com
rebate question?
Dead NF7-s on ebay
deal wanted for mx1000
ATI AIW 9800PRO w/ HL2 - $254
Is this for real?? Leadtek 6600GT AGP for $149!!
For Those Who Got the Antec SLK1600 at Fry's on BF: PSU Upgrade
Cheapest I can get a copy of Windows XP?
Nikon Coolpix 5700, 5 MP, $190 off at newegg= $560.
Prometeia Mach 2 sale $399-black friday only.
Duron 1.6GHz Processor with Motherboard $49.99
Black Friday Video Cards
6800... $199 Still Available
$82 Athlon 2500+ Barton @ NewEgg
Black-Friday Woot off!
Opening time?
6800nu $255 shipped!
Best cheap item to resell on ebay
any microcenter bf info?
300w psu at newegg
By At Best Buy Tomorrow
X800 Xt-pe @ Zzf
The "What I scored on Black Friday" thread
(another DEAD THREAD) Lite-On Double Layer DVD-RW w/ software for 39.99 @newegg!!!
Crazy good deals in Canada at Vibe Computeres
Newegg's gone bonkers. 17" LCD for $194 after rebates
Jones soda at target
Rosewill Optical Wheel Mouse.........1 dolla
Sony MDR-NC6 Noise-Canceling Headphones $25
Anybody havbe a link to what Fry's will be offering up for BF?
BH-5 back in stock at Mushkin.com
WOOT: Microsoft wireless router $25 shipped
iPod 4G 20GB - $275.04 shipped
Get it TODAY BH-5!!!
NewEgg non-MIR: DVD+/-R and 1GB Cruzer
Epson Stylus Photo R200 - Refurb. $77 Free Ship
Needed: Cheapest Chieftec Dragon/Antec/Chemning case
21" CRT $99 P4 Barebone w/cdrom & floppy $79
Looking for Memory Stick Pro, 1gb or bigger
Black Friday circulars/deals
6600 GT 128mb $186.75 at GameVE
Anyone saw this? Syntax Olevia 30" LCD $999 AR. at MicroCenter.
Excelent deal on Asus 9600XT (VIVO?)
Fortron 500W Blue Storm (20/24 Pin 2xSata 78 Bucks!
2 X 8 pack AA Duracell for $5.50
Any good HD deals W/Wo Rebate?
Dellf Game! Win Laptops Plasma TV's etc. (consolation prizes too!)
More BH-5? look here
Magnavox DVD/Surround sound system
$119. is this a good price? amd barebone
looking for a memory deal ddr 2100 ecc registered
Another Dell Deal... BB Retort
Kingston pc 3200 512mb for $54
Best Hosting Deal!!!!!
BestBuy Official BestBuy Ad
Dell Server Deal... $458
Free Super Flower 550W PSU
Black Friday strategies
Nice fanbus at Coolerguys
Cheap fans
WOOT.com HP notebook $899
Dual DVI AGP 6600GT $205 Shipped
awesome deal
Asus PC-DL for <$180 shipped @ Newegg
Circuit City HDD Deal..
Logitech 3-piece speaker set @Office Depot
Awesome SIRIUS Deal for New and Current Subscribers
30,000 Best Buy money.
Logitech X-220's $8.99!
EVGA 6800 Ultra for $509
[USA]Microcenter + Abit Contest
160Gb, 8MB buffer $59 (after mir)
X800 Pro and half life 2
Starwars Trilogy Ws/fs $33.50 Shipped !
6800 ULTRA for $499 until 10pm 11/13
Free PCToys 5.25" Fan Controller w/$15.00 min purchase
Dell Deals
Any deals on RAM or P4s??
74GB Raptor ON SALE
Looking for Xbox/Halo 2/XBL deal...
(DEAD DEAL) Free T-Shirt
Clearance sale at SVC
200GBs, 16MB of Cache $130 CDN
HL2 FREE over night shipping !!!
Free Motherboard
Any good deals on DVDRW drives?
Deal on internet access, regular dsl for $22 or 6mb/608k $60
brand new socket 478 for $5.00 from newegg
Any good deals on wireless-G routers?
MoH Keyboard! $19.99
Woot Random Crap III
25ft Network cable, .99$
MaximumPC subs again $3 yr (NO cd)
Sega Dreamcast System - 16.98 (including shipping) from ebgames
Maxtor 300GB hard drive L01R300 w/16MB Cache $199.97 w/free ship
HDD Deal at office Depot
X800 pro for $329.99
New SONY HDR-FX1 w/ 3-day FedEx - $3389.05
1GB Dual Pack (2x512MB) PC3200 222 LII V2 for 255$
Mad Dog 16X Dual Format/Layer -+R/RW Burner Drive $79.98
Intel® P4 3.2GHz E (800FSB) Box CPU With Motherboard $ 219.99
DVD+R 50 pack = $9.99 No Rebate!
Free Micro Atx Case W/o Power Supply
Western Digital 200GB SATA HD $99.99
Dell Dimension 3000 2.8ghz, 15"LCD 80GB, 512MB, CDRW printer $599
Great deals on Amd at Monarch Computer
36GB Raptor: $99.99 - $30 MIR
Klipsch Ultra 5.1 for $279.96 Shipped!!
Dell 2001fp 20in LCD Monitor $609 w/free ship 11/5 only
3.0 Ghz P4E for $186
Looking for deal on RCA input card.
(DEAD DEAL) Sign up for aol free trial, get $100 for amazon.com? Look at this guys.
Where can I get a good deal on Clearflex 60 tubing?
full comp...with vapochill
Netgear Router $9.99 AR
KingMax PC-3500 Red pcb at NewEgg
Half Life 2 Collectors $62.91 After $5 Off Coupon @ Buy.com
$50 off $100 coupon code on Dell Printers
BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra OC 256MB AGP + GPU water Block for low $488
X800 XT deal or scam? (Dead thread-sss)
Dell 4700 Dimension PC, 2.8ghz, 512MB DDR 2, 80GB SATA, CDRW, Printer $499
Dell UltraSharp 2001fp 20" LCD $639.20 w/free ship
Where to find Fortron 530?
256 ddr for 20
Ultra will buy your used Antec PSU
Cheap hole saw?
Kingston 256MB PC2700 DDR RAM $19.98
This has to be a misprint (Is a misprint, vendor has a history of warez sales-sss)
Maxtor L01P200 200GB Hard Drive 8MB Cache 7200rpm $79.97 w/free shipping
X800 Xt Pe $529.98
Kingston HyperX 1GB 2-2-2-5 TCCD $267 - $45 MIR
Deals/Rebates/Bargains on Benq FP767 ?
Asus A8V Motherboard & AMD Athlon 64 3400+ $299.99
Velocity CDR 25 pack and DVD -R 10 pack Deals .99 after rebate at Amazon
Looking to buy Engineering Paper in bulk... where?
Logitech Cordless MX Duo Keyboard and Mouse $54.99 10/29 only at Buy.com
iMac G5 Contest
Symantec Norton SystemWorks 2005 $9.99 w/ free shipping
EVGA 6800 ULTRA for $489 at Circuit city!!!!
You guys are the best at this..
Bb + Bfg6800 Oc = $250 (Now $299)
AMD64 3200 939 CPU $160 after $100 rebate - Tiger Direct
WD 160GB HD 8MB Cache 7200rpm $79.99 w/ free ship
Liteon show-1613s SINGLE LAYER walmart 69.96 Oct 31
No Paypal Fees OCT 28th
Powercolor 9800pro $165 Shipped!
Decent deal on DVD+R disk 100pk
Belkin 550VA Backup UPS $34.99 w/ free shipping
$130 coupon off Dell 15" $199 & 17" $262 LCDs
To Early for a Black Friday Thread?
SVC.com deals?
Belkin Office Series Battery Backup UPS, 890 Joules, 550VA $35AR
1u Atx Psu... Cheap!!
looking for some hard drive deals
SOYO P4 i865PE skt 478 mobo FREE AR
Suggestion for a good price comparison site?
Any mouse or mouse + keyboard deals?
new 500 off 1499 dell coupon code, good till 11pm
Looking for CD cases
TigerDirect Deals
CANADA - Chieftec Case + X-connect PSU $150 CAD
Compgeeks Super Hot Sale
9800 Pro AIW
Seagate 120GB w/8MB and 5yr. for $40 A/R
Plextor 712a $72/w rebate @ newegg
Staples - $9.94 for 25 DVD+Rs
this cant be right
KDS XF-9b 19in CRT Monitor $67 w/free shipping
MSI 800XT $590 @ Newegg
WD 160GB HD 8MB Cache 7200rpm $59.99
50 blank DVDs for $20
evga 6800 ultras
(Dead Deal) Dell 8400 PC 3ghz, 1Gb, DVD Burner, 19"LCD, X800 $1038
Looking for MP3 Player with AM/FM...
Seagate 120GB 7200RPM HD for $40 AR !!!
ANTEC SONATA Black Case With 380W Power Supply $69 AR
Antec Super LANBOY case for $49.99 AR
CTX 17" LCD, 16ms, DVI-D... for $269
Dell Photo All-in-One Printer 942 $129 after $50 coupon w/free ship at Dell Home
DVD+R deal: Velocity DVD+R 8X 4.7GB (100-Spindle) for $29.99 shipped
Woot Blue Light Special Again!!
BFG6800GTOC/550 PSU/ Doom3/ 450$
$450 coupon Dell Inspiron 600M $799, 700M $999
Winchester Cores ($147, 197, $257)!!!!
Logitech MX-510 $30 shipped
Rosewill 19" LCD for $369 shipped! while supplies.
WD 200GB SATA HD 8MB Cache 7200rpm $99.99 AR
Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G 802.11g 4 port Router $49.84
Win the ultimate Gaming rig!
Dead Deal/Sold Out) 6800 Ultras from Newegg for $325.
CardGiver Free $50 Footlocker Gift Card???
Half life 2 computer give-away
Sony DSC-W1 5.0 M-pixels $319.99 Today Only!
HOT Dell 2001fp 20in LCD Monitor $609 10/19 only after coupon
World of Warcraft $33 Preorder.
>Dead Deal< $750 off any Dell Inspiron over $1499.00
Logitech Cordless MX Duo $58 SHIPPED @ MONARCH
Logitech X-220 2.1 Speakers $11.57 Shipped (MIR)
Directron has the gainward Golden Sample 6800GT
Xoxide X-hour(10.17.04)
RETAIL WORKERS ONLY: Intel D915PBL + 550(3.4Ghz/1MB) + XP Pro = $199
Canada: Logitech X-620 Speakers @ Futureshop for $64.99, $49.99 after mir
Free Visual Basic® .NET Standard Edition + ASP Development Book
WD 80GB, 7200RPM, 8mb cache, $25 , you can get it at a local BB!!
Maxtor L01P200 200GB Hard Drive 8MB Cache 7200rpm $79.97 w/free shipping
Ahanix Zion Case w/ Fan control LCD Temp Monitor $22.95
Z680 5.1 Speakers 219.99
Hongkong computer on-line store...i need a link
Hitachi 160GB 7200rpm Hard Drive $59.99
9700pro AIW
Celestica ATI RADEON 9800 PRO Video Card 256-256 380/680
Dell LCD Deals 17" $249 15" $199, 20in $679 after coupon
A64 deals?
I/O magic 16X dvd recorder 50$ after rebates @Circuit city
heatsink factory--mcw6000-p
Any deals on SATA hds
Dell 2100FP Monitor - $629+ship
FIC VL67 Ice-Cube P4 Barebone -- $169
Needed: -Edited by sss- (good condition, please!!!!)
Advent Wireless Headphones 39$ (orig 300$)
30-40% Off Dell Desktops, Pent EE 480-360 upgrade
1gb Lexmark usb 2.0 JumpDrive 50 + FREE SHIPPING AR
McAfee 8.0 VirusScan -$9.97 after coupon & rebate
Kingston HyperX - KHX3200ULK2/1G (TCCD) $222 After $45 Rebate
200gb maxtor $90 (no rebate!); 160gb seagate $50 (yes rebate)
looking for good deals on TI-89 or better graphing calc
good desktop for 400$??
is this a good deal ?
Epox 8KDA3J $73 shipped
Dell LCD Deals 19" $499, 20" $686 after coupon w/ free shipping
Soyo SY-P4I875P Dragon 2 V1.0 Black Label for $60 AR
any deals on alcohol online? i live in florida
Wireless router deals?
directron.com coupons?
dell laptop
FREE and RELIABLE pic hosting!
Correction 4GB Hitachi microdrive for $219 plus a $50 MIR!!!
LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth $14 shipped
Samsung HLP6163W for $3563
Seagate 160GB - $49.99
4GB Hitachi CF II $291 +$50 mail in rebate
CompUSSR 60GB Hard Drive $29.99 no rebates
Chaintech 7VJL5 socket A MB $68.99cdn-$40 MIR
NF7-S rev 2, $68 after rebate at Newegg
Kingston 512MB 2-2-2-5 $100
Good BFG 6800 GT deal?
Audigy 2 ZS Gamer Limted Ed. $50 after $50MIR
Corsair 512MB 3700PRO for $99
[CANADA] Microsoft Mouse Contest
Cod $9.99
PCCHIPS M863G Socket A mATX - $34.00 + Free Shipping
Kingston Hyper X PC4000 119$
Seagate hd 160g ide 50 after MIR
WD 200GB HD 8MB Cache 7200rpm $89.99
Far Cry DVD $16 @ Newegg...
30% to 50% off select Dell Printers at Dell Small Business EXPIRES 10/8/04 11pm CT
Logitech X-620 Black 6.1 Surround Sound Speakers for low at $42.72 shipped
BFG 6800 Ultra OC with w/block for $482
HOT Dell LCD Deals 15" $224, 17" $284 w/free shipping
www.woot.com WOOT_OFF new product 5min after sell out
Is this a good deal?
Dell Laptops $700 off
Kingston HyperX 256MB 3200 CL2 2-2-2 $44!!!
1GB Lexar USB Jump Drive - $49.99
9800 pro in the uk
Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.2GHz $452
Looking for a $500 laptop
74GB WD Raptor....
Looking for a DELL deal (don't laugh!)
Envision 17 inch LCD Silver/Black Monitor EN-7220 $284.99 w/free shipping
15 Dreamcast Games for 50 bucks.
Seagate Barricuda 160 GB
(SOLD OUT) 8x8 Dual Format DVD+RW Drive $14.00 After MIR
Looking for deal on HP Laser printer
[CANADA] Pepsi Ipod Contest
$5 free BP Gas and Sweepstakes
DOOM 3 - $29.99 + $5 S&H
12-in-1 flash media reader and high quality optical mouse
Cheapest Prices online?
cruzer micro 512mb $65.
HL CS 19.99 +99 shipping
Mitsumi 54x32x54 CDRW $19.99
Rome:Total War for $29.99
Memory deals @ outpost
Invisible ink pen and Built in UV light to mark your Goods
Visiontek X800 Pro at Outpost for $329
mobo + 2800+ cpu = 100$
500 4X DVD-R's for $2.49 + shipping Too good to be true?
Logitech z-560's - $73 Shipped!
Sims 2 $22 shipped
Free Gear with Apple Purchases!
Dell Ultra Sharp 20001 FP $689.00 Shipped
ISO of a good deal on 52x CD-R's
NewEgg X800XT OEM's back in-stock--HURRY
(DEAD DEAL) 40GB HP iPod for $350
NICE! Samsung 172X for $450 with free shipping!
Cheap Rd Cables & a Few Other Items
Plextor 12X/4X/16X DVD+RW for $40.38 AR
logitech elite
Lanparty NF3 250 at Newegg $107!
KDS XF-9b 19" CRT Monitor for 68 after rebate
www.woot.com randrom crapII
Advueu 17" lcd 16ms for $199 after mir
Looking for a deal on headphones
Big USB Flash Drive deals? 512MB+
400 gig
60 gig 7200rpm drives for $18.67 after rebate
DFI 250gb for $115.75 + shipping