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Help! Looking for "special" KVM
Leadtek 6800GT 256MB--- $297
Some of the best prices for CAT-5/e + CAT-6/e cables + accessories.
Burnout 3 (PS2) $26.43 shipped
Optorite 8x DVD burner for $48 at the Egg
best place to sell computer components ?
10% off any Craftsman Purchase
Good Linksys 10/100 5 port switch deal
Cathers Cascade CPU Waterblock
Seagate SATA 200gb $106 + shipping
Really need to know if this a good buy (9600)
Xoxide sale letter
Seagate 200GB -- $70 after MIR @ Outpost/Frys
Ballistix Contest
$179.99 official ati 9800 pro
another speaker deal: CREATIVE INSPIRE T2900 for $ 29.99
OMG! Newegg Touchdown Deals!
What memory is this one? BH-5
abit nf7-s
128MB Flash Drive for only $12!
Dell DJ 15GB $149 shipped, 20GB $179 shipped
who was it giving out webspace?
The BEST wireless router AND PC CARD on the market, only $83
$20 includes shipping Wireless Intellimouse Explorer
40% off EVERYTHING at Timberland.com
Looking for decent optical mouse
(DEAD DEAL) WTF???? If this aint a typo, damn cheap folding machine here...
(DEAD DEAL) 10pk dvdrom 26
AIW 9800 @ Frys $199
Need cheap adaptor
Visiontek X800 Pro at Outpost for $350 ***Cheap***
anyone have deals on the logitech wireless keyboard?
P4 3.2E w/mobo -- $200 at Outpost/Frys
Need good price on.
$100 Rebate on Camcorders priced $999 or more!
D-Link Wireless CableDSL Router
BFG 6800GT $349 + shipping Outpost.com
Dell 2001FP LCD monitor $722.20 shipped 3-5 day
Businesses that Give Free stuff on your birthday
$15 after MIR 128 USB drive back at newegg
Free Sony T616/Samsung X426 for Rogers wireless
scam or not?
Crucial Ballistix 5300 667MHz 512MB DDR2
Refurb Radeon 8500 AIW for 189!
Powercolor 9800SE 128MB DDR, 256-Bit for $108 shipped **Refurbished**
Visiontek 9800 pro for $150 + $5 shipping
mx700 $33 AMIR amazon.com
Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 250 for $70.97
Good deal for New SprintPCS phone ??
What do you guy's think ???
X800XT NON-PE @ Newegg, $459 (Not in stock)
Where is best deal on 6800nu
500W Ultra X-Connect PSU for $85.72
74 GB Raptor $155.99 after MIR
anyone explain the pricing raise?
Newegg special eVGA 6800GT with Farcry $390 shipped
Need a cheapish p4 HSF
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Rev. 3 $9.99
2x512 Kingston HyperX PC4000 for less than $250
Antec SLK2600AMB $29.99 after $30 MIR
OMG: Corsair XMS Extreme PC4000PRO for $249.99
WOW! Seagate 160G retail box for $49 AR
Logitech MX1000 mouse deals!
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer Optical Mouse w/ Tilt Wheel, PS/2 & USB
Arctic Cooling Nvidia VGA Silencer 5 (Nvidia 6800) only $29.95! HURRY!
Sharp LL-191AW - 19" Flat Panel Display w/ Fast 16ms for $499
So Cal Fry's BBA 9800 Pro 179 NO REBATE needed!!!
Raptor for $69 AR!
Mushkin PC4000 512Mb as low as $119!
1G Geil memory for $149
Dell 5650 Speakers 29.99
Sapphire X800pro VIVO $381.60 Shipped -refurb-
Dell Dimension (small business) Deals
Logitech MX1000 for $69.34
Wanted - Bargain on DSL filter or Wall jacks w/filter
X800 ViVo (OEM) $398 shipped
ATI 9800pro for $261 --ONE DAY SALE
Great Fan Deal
DFI LanParty UT Nforce 3 at Ncix.com (Canada)
Zip 750MB Drive with Free Shipping!
Free Mobo From Newegg
Check out this deal
You can have my gmail invites
9800Pro for $179 Comp USA
f.a.r. Belkin 54Mbps Wireless-G Cable/DSL Broadband Router
Logitech Z-2200 THX certified for $108 - $50 MIR = $58 **cheap**
200GB HDD for $60 anyone?
Newegg NEC ND-3500a Prices dropping like a rock
200gb seagate (MIR) fry's electronics
ATI AIW 9800 white box for $179
PNY GeFORCE 6800GT $378.00
Best price on Mag 3 right here
XFX GeFORCE 6800GT + Doom3 for $404 + $4.75 shipping
Logitech Z-640 6 Speaker as low as $36.99
BFG FX6800 OC 128MB Video Card $249.99 at outpost.com
Soyo SY-KT600 Dragon Ultra Platinum $14.99
1gb Ocz Pc3200 $99
Retail Workers - Free Norton Programs
WD 74Gb Raptors only $153.49
Leadtek 6800GT $390...
1.5Mbps/256Kbps for $26.95/mo - 3Mbps/384Kbps for $36.95/mo
Retail Sound Blaster Audigy LS for $29.99 AR
Game Boy Advance Link Cable
DEALS on eVGA 6800GT!!!
Free .info domains
Best Credit Card?
Newegg NEC ND-3500a one day sale 82.99
Soyo SY-KT600 Platinum Via KT600 Athlon XP Mobo, $10 shipped after MIR @ zipozoomfly
Office Depot Pre-Labor Day Sale
Radeon 9600 fan
Windows Training needs to be notorized??
Warm(?) - BFG 6800 OC + Far Cry + Doom 3 @ BB $299
Netgear RP614 4-Port Web Safe Router Free After Mail In Rebate
laptop deal $699 after rebates
Looking for cheap college books
Spectre 17" LCD 289.99
Retail Maxtor 250 GB HD $119 shipped
SY-P4I865PE Plus DRAGON 2 V1.0
Coupon codes for Dell's
Wanted: good deal on Memory Stick Pro
Hercules Game Theater XP
Looking for good deals on Dell notebook batteries
ATTN: Verizon DSL Users
128MB Flash drive, 2nd day air, $14 AMIR
[CANADA] Thermalright SP-97 $55.95 @ Vibe Computers
Half Life Platinum Edition
not ebay, but still funny!!!
MS Streets and Trips 2005 with GPS Locator $99
SuperDEAL: BFG 6800 OC + FAR CRY + DOOM 3 for $299
FREE (after MIR): SOYO SY-P4I865PE Plus DRAGON 2 Mobo
canada- saphire x800 pro vivo $568
9800 AIW for $199 at Fry's
POWERCOLOR 9800PRO $159! @newegg
Good laptop deal?
Hard dives deal @ Dell
FREE i865PE Mobo Newegg
Wanted - Nice Headphones!
Fry's/Outpost.com BBA 9800Pro $179
$184 Sapphire 9800pro 128MB
i THINK this is to good to be true...
if anyone sees a laptdp deal please let me know
stuff for a pennY..(pretty much free + shipping)
[CANADA] Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer - Night Vision $29.99
KoTOR (XBOX) $14.99 @ BB
Dell UltraSharps 20% off -$30.00
Needed CHEAP ventrilo server
Novell Linux Resource Kit is back up
http://www.sonexpc.com (Canada)
McAfee Virus Scan 8.0 free after MIR
50PC DVD Spindle $18.99
512 PC3200 $40 after MIR
This years Intel Retail Purchase Program (Retail employees only!)
2Gb DDR Ram for $300 good deal?
Corsair Value Select PC3200 512MB $76
XP Home for 30bucks
Some Fry's Mobo Combo and Harddrives
frys daewoo 17" tft lcd $249.00 after rebate 16ms response
Anyone know where I can find this....
2Cool is leaving...50% off everything
Xoxide clearance sale
Pre-order the DFI 250GB board here.
cheap a64 msi k8n neo plat. $79 refurb newegg
Good deal on DVD-R and +R
Dual layer discs for $1 /ea????
newegg weekly sweepstake: Compaq A64 3200+ DVD burn...
16Mb Flash Drive - $6.99 CAD / $4.99 USD
Hot hot!! 200GB for $89 (no MIR req)...deal end today!
ECS Laptop $598 no rebates
Newegg has the NEC-3500A
Iwaki 20rlt pump. Great deal hurry.
FREE Soyo PC Case+keyboard+optical Mouse+SPeaker after $60 MIR
Wow! 17" LCD with 16ms for $280
DTEK FLOWMASTER XT $209 (save $20)
X800XT $450 (Click The "Discount Option) **Not in stock, 10-14 days**
X800Pro for $379 Shipped (They also ship to Canada)
FREE TSHIRT!!! - FunkWare PC
Compgeeks summer sale (Free shipping w/$100 order)
8x DVD+R Spindle
SVC VGA Silencer Rev 3 $9.99 plus shipping. And other stuff.
Cheap, Good Gaming computer
DVD+R or DVD-R Deals?
ANTEC Solution Series Case with 350W Power Supply, Model "SLK3700AMB"@$69.99 shipped
Cheap laptop HDs?
PNY 6800GT + Doom3, $399.99 @ CompUSA
Any TI 83 Calculator deals around?
6800UltraGT discrepency at Fry's
PNY 6800 GT + a FREE copy of Doom 3
gaming laptops for pretty good price
Cheap 512mb pc2100 or pc2700
Panaflo 120x38, 88 CFM, $8.95 @ Sidewinder
2.8 ghz p4 + motherboard combo $169
BFG 6800 Ultra 256MB for 500 at Frys
Thermaltake 420W PSU $38.00
XP pro upgrade for $85
X800 pro for $303, Dont wait!
(SOLD OUT) Doom III(import) $34.90 at Gogamer
discounts on Apple products if you're a college student...
Hard drives deal at Fry's
alienware laptop 900? probably a scam but i just saw a posting to this.
X800 pro for $333
Dell coupons or rebates
Antec Solution SLK3700AMB Metallic Bronze Super Mid Tower @ $54.78
Free used stuff
eVGA 6800 for $278 with free 2nd ship!
Ti 83+ for $60
6800u for 399$ ?????
XFX 6800GT @ $437 Canadian --DEAD DEAL--
250GB Fry's brick and mortar Tempe/Pheonix
Lowest price ever on 6800!!!
Another Best Buy laptop deal (after rebates)
128 mb USB drive at Target for $22 NO REBATES
WD Raptor 74GB $161 shipped $20 MIR
Newegg have weekly sweepstake 1G XMS Xtreme
Kingston ValueRam pc3200 512mb 75-25=$50
Compressed air clearance at Staples
WD 120 Gig 8 cache $39.00
raptor 36gb for $106 shipped
Dual Xenon 1.8's with Tyan Mobo
[CANADA] Logitech MX510 for $29.99 (and possibly $9.99)
Seagate SATA 160g 8mb $99.95 NR CompUSA
need cyber deal on canon a75
160G hard drive for $90 shipped! From NEWEGG
Radeon 9800Pro 256MB $229
$19 Barebones
*Futureshop* DOOM Deal (Canada)
Abit NF7-S V2 $72.59 shipped
You know you want a laptop from Wally World $598.00
5 Free computer magazine subscriptions
$120 buy price for a 250GB/8MB HDD "limit one"
X800XT's IN STOCK HERE!!!! (Availability: Out of Stock)
$35 for the Killer LOGITECH MX510 Pwn mouse!
$58 80gb maxtor 8mb cache HDD (CDN deal)
[Good deal?] AMD Athlon XP 2500+Mobo Combo for $59.99
Dream case Thermaltake Tsunami $129 shipped from Newegg
100-pk Ridata DVD+R $39 AR at Newegg
50 pack of DVD-Rs for $19.99 or 200 CD-Rs $17.99
10/100/1000Mbps PCI Card $16 + Shipping
Pre order: $410 Asus X800pro VIVO, $495 Asus X800XT
DOOM3! August 4-8! Only $46.87
Logitech X-620 Black 6.1 Surround Sound Speakers for $42.93
ATI X800 pro for $359.
bestbuy $600 laptop
Whats the best $/gb deal for HDDS?
512MB Kingston HyperX PC4000 $120
Something for Paypal Users
Cheap memory!! 256 2700 for $29. No rebate req.
The where can I buy Doom 3 cheap thread
Maxtor 250GB/8MB Buffer/7200RPM $119.99
Compusa 80GB 7200RPM ATA/133 MAXTOR $39.99AR
Best deal ever on 20" LCD TV/MONITOR, 16ms...
Danger Den Z-Chip $20 CDN / Radeon 9600XT $256 CDN/ More! (Vibecomputers.com)
free tan
Xoxide coupon codes
liteon 12x/8x DVD dual = 79.99
Athlon 64 3200+ $163
NEC 8X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive
Soyo P4845Pe V1.0 Socket 478 Barebone Kit / 350 Watt Power Supply FAR
Western Digital 160GB for $60 a good deal?
Micro Center have big sale on sat and sun.
5 year warranty on almost all Seagate drives
Western Digital Raptor 74GB for $158 MIR. Good deal?
Is this a true contest from BioWare?
6800 GT or x800 Pro
$300 for 6800GT?
Seagate Cheetah 73.4 GB
Once again Thermalright SLK-900(A) Clip-On $19.99 + shipping
AMD Dually Combos for $169
Free Ipods that actually arrive!
$1 round cables, $.95 flat shipping at iocombo *24 hr*
Deals on new ATA harddrives
ATI 128MB RADEON 9800 PRO for 169.99
50 DVD-R for 19.99 at compusa.
*48 Special* 14cm Fan,Mirrored Super Flower SF-450SS 450W Silence Power Supply $18.99
200gb 7200rpm $80
Hot or Not? PNY PC3500 $70 AR
10 case fans for 10 bucks @ newegg
Shop4Tech.com coupon?
doom 3 server sweeps stakes
In Light of the Ipod schemes
Got Promo Code For Monitors Direct?
IPOD, What?
ViaAqua pumps - where?
2.8e $178.00
Zalman Zm80c-hp $26.75
10% Off Best Buy
Free FHM sub
Mirrored Super Flower 550W Silence P4 PS w/ 4 Fans $29.99
In stock!!! OCZ Diagnostic DDR Booster :attn:
TTGI Super Flower SF-450TS 450W Silence w/ 4 Fans $14.50!!! ending soon!!
Any deals for circuit city?
Free $15 GC
Have Charter Cable? Call for free upgrade
FREE (AMIR)Zonet 4-Port USB - Newegg
Hipro 300Watt ATX Switching Power Supply $14.99 from TigerDirect.com
FREE 2gig Email!!
Buffalo RAM w/ Winbond Chips, Guarenteed.
$$161 74GB Raptor after rebate, newegg.com
Was there ever a classifieds like thread in ocforums?
Blockbuster 19.99 for 30days 3rentals at a time!
Sennheiser Pc150 Headset/mic @amazon $36 /free Ship
650Watt PSU for 24.99!
Computer show this weekend!
Gigabit Nic , $11 shipped newegg
eVGA scavenger hunt
Maxtor 250GB PATA 8mb 7200RPM
PNY 6800 GT $339.67 - Don't think too long or you'll miss the deal!
Star Wars Galaxies Free download and 14-day trial
ATI 9800 pro (ATI Brand) for $179.99 After $50 Rebate - Best Buy
Where can I find a Refurbed Laptop for $600?
10 80mm fans for $10 is back at newegg
Mainline Surplus Sales - UK folks!
Hitachi 250gb ide 8mb cache 99.99+ship after MIR!
Ebuyer UK Price Mistake on OCZ 512MB PC4000 EL GOLD
Awesome site for fans, blowers, electronic components, cabling, LEDs, etc.
Free Copy of Ground Control
Free components!
Dell UltraSharp 2001FP $799 @ dell.com
AT&T Wireless 802.11g 54mbps 4 port router $29.99
Battlefield Vietnam $19.90 @ GOGAMER
Free wireless LAN adapter
Free Susbcription to PC Magazine & Computer Shopper
Free led Mouse from Kingston and MORE!!!
$3.99 Cold Cathode kit
x800 XT?
$4.00 120mm delta fans
Get a free IPOD!
Nvidia 6800GTs under $350 (!!!All Have waiting lists!!!)
Ebay Radiator, $10 auction
Cooler Master HYPER 6: 39.99$ @ Directron
Linksys EtherFast 5-Port 10/100 Workgroup Switch $9.99 after $10 MIR
dvd-r sale
MicroSoft Freebees
FREE 32MB Dell USB Memory Stick(DEAD DEAL)
Arctic Colling VGA Silencer rev 3 $10.99
Nvidia Geforce 6800!!!
Pre-Order PNY 6800 GT for $314.99 after $15 off coupon - plus shipping
HDD @ Frys
Free Programmable Coffee Maker
Raidmax site
Confused, need help. Live in Northwest WA.
->DEAD THREAD<- free 24inch lcd monitor/tv
LaserMonks! Cheap laser and inkjet printer refils for a good cause
What Forums have Classifieds?
Free EverQuest Trilogy for 30 days
MX700 $36.99 AMIR @AMAZON w/free ship
$34.99 X800!
Tigerdirect: 200GB $89.99 / GF 5600 $49.99
4x2x12x DVD-R/RW @ Staples $39.90
Free Linux Technical Kit From Novell.
Teflon® Mouse Tape 1/2" x 5 yd Teflon® Tape $5.35
GBA, GC, PS, PS2, XBOX games for $4.99
Best Buy 40-50 off x800's and 68's
6800 for 293.99
Xoxide's July 4th Blowout Sale
My friend needs a sub $1000 lappy
another aluminun case sale from deasonic
USB wireless LAN adapter
Free case AMIR at Tiger direct (DEAD DEAL)
Best Value for Laser Printer Paper
Any good deals on DVD-R Media?
weekend hd deals @ Fry's
WD 74GB Raptor $156 until 7/3 after $20MIR
What would be a good printer for college?
Anyone got a coupon code for jab tech sp-97?
Free Subscription to Wired Magazine.
Best Buy dvd+r Sale
$84.99 160gb 7200RPM SATA Maxtor OR Seagate
any X800XTs 500 or less???
X-Aqua Waterblocks.
KVM - FREE AR + shipping - Newegg
Canada: x800 pro, $575, in stock
Omg Cheap Fans!!!
Any Good Deals On Speakers?
Sweet Case Deals
100 700mb imation cd-rs for $6.44 shipped to your door
Compgeeks Sizzling Madness sale: 1 hour 30 minutes remaining
Generic 160GB 8MB IDE for $80 @ CompUSA
Xodide.com x-hour july 27
Looking For hitachi 400gb in IDE ..?
barebone pc - $20 after rebates
NEC 8x +/- DVD R/RW $50 AR/AC, 128MB USB drive $20 AR/AC
FluidXP for $24.99 @ D-Tek
Cheap chroming/electroplating?
VGA Silencer and Thermalright SLK-947(U) @ SVC
windows xp pro
dual blue ccfl 4.99 today only
1200watt PSU for TEC $29.95
Refuirb 9700 pro for $129
Koss PortaPro Headphones $31 Shipped
Logitech MX510 21.95 Shipped (--edited by sss, IT'S a MX500 not an MX510)
6800 NU 309.00 In stock......
X800 Pro Instock Here
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Gamer $61 AMIR @ Zipzoomfly
Maxtor 250GB L01P250 Ultra Series 8MB Buffer UATA133 (139.99)
VisionTek X800Pro - $329
WD Caviar SE 200GB / 7200 / 8MB / ATA-100 EIDE Hard Drive ($89.99)
Free Case-After Rebate 89.00-200GB WD Hard Drive
Final Fantasy® XI with Hard Drive Disk for PlayStation® 2 $60
The Truth About Those Free Trial Offers…
Anyone find the Asus X800 XT
Thermalright ALX-800 - $9.99
MX300 and Belkin mouse pad
1000-Ft CAT5e Cable Kit w/Crimper,Tester & Connectors
Zalman CNPS-5500 CU $19.99@nexfan
Kingston 512MB HyperX PC4000 129.99!!!!!!
lookin for cheap full tower ATX case, dont care how old
Hot Deal 250 gb Maxtor $139.00
50pack 4x DVD-R's for $30!
x800 pro for $375
x800 xt ANYWHERE?
$10 multimeter at pepboys
25 DvD-R for $24.99
Netgear WGT624 Super G 108 Mbps $36.74 AMIR @AMAZON !
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer, anyone?
1 Gig Mushkin 222 Special $260 delivered!!
!~Maxtor Quantum 10k RPM 36 GB~!
$100 for an Antec P160 at CompUSA
Dual Layre DVD +-R RW for 80$
Maxtor 200GB Hard Drive for $99 @ Compusa
SLK-947U for $20!
Contest - win some Corsair RAM
Free Laptop Case After $20 MIR.
-OUT OF STOCK- Gateway x800XT Deal Orderable AGAIN
BenQ 8x DVD Burner/CDRW Combo Drive 8mb cache ($65 shipped) 6/11/04 Only
Any deals on ATI Remote Control?
DELL UltraSharp 2001FP Sale?
10% Printable Coupon @ Bb
Max Payne 2 $20@ Best Buy
X800pro in stock @ mwave
X800 Pro in NY?
looking for cheap cpu case with ps
6800 Ultra on newegg
Evercool System Cooler - 100CFM@23dBA
Digital Multimeter
Cheap Wireless Monitors
Mfg P/N 102A26105 SKU 310-18752T More Info Email a Friend Sapphire RADEON X8 only....
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Rev3 - $9.99 +S/H
Cheap heatsink for miscellaneous stuff
Where can I get Plastic CPU Cases?
Looking for cell phone deal!
Dual Layer NEC 2.4x $89 on Newegg till 4pm!
NF7-S V2 on sale today only at newegg.
Nexfan blow outs.
Logitech MX500 $35. Newegg One Day Sale.
NEC 8X Black Dual Layer DVD-RW Drive - $89.99
reliable anime site?
Halo PC Only $10!
LCD help
Any good deals on the x800 pro (or xt if its cheap) recently?
512MB Kingston HyperX PC4000 -- $129
New Lian-Li Price Hunt
(edit by SSS, This is a Scam) XP pro for 50.00
Crucial coupon?
Overclock Me Case Badge $0.05
Amazon.com Friday Sale!
200GB ATA Seagate HDD $90
Compgeeks Midnight Madness Tonight
$5 off any order =<$5 @handango.com
CyberGuys.... pretty interesting.... (pics included)
x800 xt >$400!!!!
Thermalright SLK-948U, Arctic Silver 5, 92mm Case Fan: Panaflo H1A Total $29.99
P4 2.4 Prescott w/ MSI PT880 $129.99 @ Fry's
*TODAY ONLY* Sapphire 9800Pro Bulk Sale - $205 shipped @ newegg.com
need a processor deal
OCZ 1GB PC3200 2x512MB - $159.99
Halo-$25 @Bestbuy :)
PS2 Cases
A-Data Vitesta PC4000
Once again - free AMD case badges....
Windows XP, free!
good deal on mushkin (2x512) PC3200 lvl2 BH-6
Save $5 on new games at Best Buy
Memorial Day Blowout Sale @ xoxide.com
Compusa Sale
Battlefiel Vietnam $19.99
Plextor PX-708 A for $126 new after MIR!
ATI Radeon X800 Pro 256MB AGP $366 Shipped
Maze4 CPU Waterblocks for AMD/Intel - $25 CDN/$18.26 USD
Where to get little push-pin hold ons?
FREE Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind FOR PC , SHIP $5.95
Free Starsiege: Tribes Download
Ut2k4- 20$ Friday only
-=DEAD DEAL=- Ut2k4 Dvd Edition-$20
Collectors: Voodoo5 5500 New $83.89 Shipped
Abit NF7-S $84 new at newegg :)
Free Copy Visual Basic .NET 2003 Standard Edition
Wow - if I only had 2mm
check this one out ....
Free Shipping Anything Over $99
Audigy gamer edition
X800-XT Platinum Edition $459.91