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Rebates when you buy 74gig Raptors
Great Airfare vacation deals...
-DEAD DEAL- Cheap Bh-5, Get It While It's Hot
Where to get X800Pro?
AMD 2800+ Laptop $650 after MIRs!
Where To Get White LED's for Cheap??
120 GB WDSE Hard Drive $39.99 after MIR
Pc4000 Hyperx 129$ Straight Up!!
Aluminum Lian-Li Face Plates for $1 + ship
IWAKI MD's only rlzt's
Viking 128 MB Compact Flash Card For $9.44 after $20 rebate
Budget Power: NEW Retail 9600pro $102 shipped
9.99 Socket A motherboard
Really cheap 9800pro(newegg)(something looks wrong)
Where to get TT Tsunami?
Airsoft AEG Giveaway Contest
Counter Strike Thunbscrews
CHEAPEST Centrino/r9600 Laptop, is this a good reseller?
Free Case of Valvoline Motor Oil (DEAD DEAL)
Where to buy a Torin Blower
Coming Soon: Free copy of Far Cry with A64 or A64FX purchase
160GB Maxtor 8MB cache $90 shipped
Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC07 Vaccum $225 shipped
80mm Fan specials $.49/ea!!
UV Blue cable sleeving kit - $7.99
Soyo Mobos Again, $9.99 AR of $50
couple of Microcenter deals--folders/farms
hard drive mp3 player
Sw: Kotor $20 Shipped
where can I buy glacialtech silent breeze in USA?
SLK-974(u) for 19.99 @ SVC
promo combo deal on heatsinks
Alx 800
4X DVD-R for $12
in-store fry's sale
Big Vapochill contest
21" Sony trinitron -- $240 shipped
Great deal on a 17" TFT LCD screen
Radeon X800 Launch Contest (This contest has ended)
FOR those who are tired of burning CDs to listen in the car.
80mm Panaflo L1a $3.00
Logitech MX DUO $59.99
ATI X800 Pro for $370.64
Custom water chiller 150$ !!!
Cheap Stealth/Tornado Fans & others at CoolerGuys
ABIT NF7-S v2 for $85.99 on newegg
TT smart fan 2
DTEK WHITE WATER! Time sensitive, hah
Hot Case Deal: Black Antec-Chieftec clone + 2 fans $49 shipped (No PSU)
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Rev. 3 $9.99
nvidia 6800 ultra.... $550... retail $600?!
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Revision-3 $9.99
x800pro for $350+tax shipped today
ALX-800 $9.00 @ frozencpu
Fuji CDR's at OM for 7.98
X-Hour Sale Lazer LED's & Cold Cathodes
Volcano9's Goin Really Cheap(Smartfan II's Anybody?)
ATI X800 Pro - $359.99 + TAX / PENNY SHIPPING
Kingston HyperX 512MB PC4000 $99.99 AMIR @ BB
AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 266 on Ebay
did someone say KLIPSCH?
Mobile Y Chip deal
Full Tower case -$25 w/o ship
Maxtor 250 GB HD $159.99 at CompUSA
"Super Bright Dual Tube 12" CCFL Kits " @ SVC @ $5.99
Voyermods sale
Ultra Cheapo LEDs + Resistors + Free shipment
Chieftec Cases Less Than Half Price!
great deal on Swiftech MCP600 please
Need deal on hd.
Notebook deal
FREE! Socket A SOYO K7VME VIA KM400 Mobo :-D
VGA silencer Rev.2 $7.99 from frozencpu!
Ati Radeon 9800 Pro $206.00
Dual Layer DVD burner for $99
ABIT SILURO GF4 TI4200-8X 128MB for 67.50 shipped!
Free XBN and Computer Gaming World Subscriptions
Looking for a good deal on an Athlon64 Laptop
Nero 6.0 (oem) $2 Shipped !!!
Rotary Tool Deals at Pep Boys (like Dremel tools)
x-hour pretty decent!
Abit nForce 2 NS-7 V2 $89 free shipping
Fuji FinePix A210 3.2-Megapixel Digital Camera
$99 Audigy2 ZS Platinum
any good hd deals?
cheap dvi-d cables?
9800pro, $200 free shipping
Logo design contest @ EVproject.com
1GB Kit HyperX DDR 466MHz DIMM
FIC 9800 pro 128mb for 279 cdn @ tigerdirect.ca
newegg mobo refurbs take a price dive!
1/2 off prices at AIcomputers?
SVC Hot Deals! - Apr 27, 2004
MS PCMCIA 'B' Wireless Card $30+tax @CC
looking for deals on lint free cloth and canned air
I/O Magic 8X Duel Format DVD Burner $39.89 after MIR and price match
-OUT OF STOCK-Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer and Set of 8 Copper BGA Ramsinks $19.99
9800 pro $182 shipped
Yummie ! Krispy Kreme Goodness !
Evga Giving Away A Geforce 6800 Ultra
Insane deals at Klipsch.com
$5 Max Payne Xbox at Target.!
8500 Aiw 99.00
Computer Accesories Galore! PCMods Going out of Business Sale!
Cheap Trick (1997) mucic cd $2.40 shipped !
Logitech Elite Keyboard $9.99 after $20 mail in rebate from EB Games
Kingston pc-3700 2x256 (169.88 Can)
Amazing Hat Deal
ATI 9800pro 199.99 after 50$MIR
Any Logitech Z-640 5.1 deals?
WoW!!! Cooler Master Blower fan for $5.99 @ Fry's
polarflo super finish waterblock
Wd 120=$9.12 250=$23.63 7200 8mb
old deal still around?
Revsion 3.0 Artic Cooling VGA Silencer
$218 for AIW 9800 pro
need deal on lots of mosfet coolers
need deal on bios saviour
50 cents a GB
Need an Mp3 Player (High Capacity)
Artic Silencer Rev 3 - $12.85
anyplace for cheap CHIEFTEC cases.
It's baaaaaaaaack!
External USB 2.0/Firewire 3.5 HD Enclosure
Dew U codes?
1GB HyperX PC3200 BH5 - $335 shipped
Check out and customize your cases.
Another good laptop deal
MX900 Deals
Cheap food gift cards
Spir@l and TC-4 Rev. 2s on Sale!!
802.11b PCMCIA for 9.99 MIR(-10.00)
Tb Santa Cruz S/card For $20 Amir @ Cc
X-HOUR tonight
160GB Maxtor $99
Thermalright cooler sale at SVC.
160gb hard drive for $59.99 AR!
Hitman 2 for $9.99
Free Xoxide stuff
SOYO KT600 Dragon Plus - $49.00 AR
Samurai PC...worth it?
**Dead Deal_____ ** free computer cases
Netgear WGR614 802.11g $36.94 AMIR of $20 w/FREE SHIP @ AMAZON
120GB SATA Seagate 8MB - $90 + 0.99 Shipping
SVC THERMALRIGHT SALE ! SP-94 $34.99 , more ...
90gb WD HD 8mb cache $90
Planar PE191M 19" LCD $530 w/FREE SHIP @ BUY.COM
FlexTech sleeving kits
Just for ****s and giggles
5-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch Rebate
cheap case fans
Need a cheap black keyboard?
80mm Panaflo L1 = $3.75...
MP3 Players
Newegg 9800pro all in wonder
Ram prices...
Full tower case 5 5.25" and 4 3.5" for $25 shipped
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Rev2 - $9.99 +S/H
Antec case sale ends today.
250GB WD @ $159 (no-rebate CC)
SWEET MONKEY JEEBUS! - 20.1" Touchscreen LCD = $500
REFURB MOBILE Athlon XP 2500+ $79 Shipped--Newegg
Graet deal OLYMPUS C-740UZ
Need a Monitor.
9800xt $375 no rebate
Yamaha YHT-340 5.1 - Cheap
Great deal on WD 80GB SE
Im Looking for A good Mini Ipod Deal
Website Address Needed
Order the Windows Security Update CD (FREE!!)
mushkinre furb level 1 for 236.00 a gig
Ritek G04 at Newegg $40.50
is this a good deal?
Little Giant Pump, great for watercooling, $25 shipped
Good deals on pumps
Order your Easter flowers today
19" crt monitor 49.99 otd
complete Sega Dreamcast system - $20 shipped
April 18-24 Compusa B&M ads
Gateway Retail Stores Closing
samsung 160 gb 7200 rpm hd for $93 shipped
Samsung 60gb drive $39 NO REBATES
dvd+ and dvd+- on sale for 49.99 otd
Good Laptop Deal
Cheap notebook?
Plextor PX-708A - Not bad
Xbox Price Drop ---- $159
160G seagate barricuda Sata $99
120GB HDs for $60 after Rebate
Microcenter - 300w PSU $15.95 (in-store)
Cheap Tornados
Site5.com Webhosting Deal
local fry's deal $199 for ATI 9800Pro no rebate
Deals on wireless router and card for laptop?
Free 19" LCD from DELL after Rebate!!!
Dell P4HT server for $274
Looking for a 27in LCD TV ?
Least Expensive Black 19" LCD?
Where to buy car audio online, cheap?
19" flat screen CRT monitor for $59!
Outpost.com: 200GB Western Digital $99.99 AR
Panaflow 12L case fans for $3.75
Anyone know any good camcorders?
EBgames dvd ut2004 april 13
VGA Silencer $10.99 Buy it Now on Ebay
Newegg: 160GB for $97 SHIPPED!
mouse pad offer from newegg!!
Wanted FSP400-60PN
$2 Celeron from TigerDirect
Battlefeild vietnam for $29.99 and ut2k4 for $34.99
t mobile sidekick??
refurb mx500...
CHEAP KHX PC3000 1gig sets
Logitech MX combo
seagate 7200RPM 8m 200gb HD $100 after MIR
MaximumPC Mag to give away 4 Dream Machine 2004
LMK - Weird help, mousepads
NF7-S refurbs for $62.00
8X DVD burner, Blank CDs, Wireless G stuff
need help finding broken parts
PX-708A Plextor DVD Writer $149 after rebate at Best Buy tomorrow (nm)
802.11b wireless router $16.99 after rebate
blue led fans good deal
Nice cable prices
Deal: USB 2.0 Pen Drive 256MB - $46 shipped
AOpen H600Q
Radeon Pro 9800 128M $190
512mb HyperX PC4000 for $99 AR
Logitech Z-640 6.1 Speakers - 46.94, FREE SHIPPING
Any hard drive deals coming up
Referb Asus 4200 $39
VGA Silencer $9.99
Sennheiser PC 150 ($39.94)
Logitech Z-640 5.1 ($35.99)
Memory deal at BestBuy.
PCMods is 25% off everything under $150
Nice vid card for 100bucks
Pretty good deals from thescreensavers.com
256mb Jumpdrive for $35
Awesome Dell Deal...4600 17"LCD $498
Video Card Deals - 9700/9800
Free: 15 Pc Black Oxide Drill Bit Set
Best place to buy windows? I need an OS ASAP....
Deals on aluminum mesh filters?
Awesome Wireless deals!
There back! Klipsch 2.1's and 4.1's on sale.
In Search of D-Link Wireless Router Deals
x-hour @xoxide
wtf dvd+r blank media deals
Thermalright ALX 800 Socket A - $12.95
Great deal on moniters, only 5 left
Aluminum cases
9800Pro AIW $238
WDC1600JBRTL Hard drive $19.99 after rebates
Athlon Mobiles
Maxtor 160GB 8MB Cache Hard Drive $69.97
Free stuff at compusa tonight
Credit card with best rewards
Need a new computer desk ...any good deal out there?
Laptop LCD help
where to get tornados or deltas cheap?
Swiftech heatsinks $23~29 !
Haupauge WinTV-Go PCI TV card for $20
BGA RAMsinks question
looking for a 92mm fan deal for a cpu cooler
panaflo L1s
need a comfortable computer chair
New Laptop for 619.00 w/100 rebate
Built by ATI 9800PRO ALL-In-Wonder $249
Dell laptop deals
74gb raptor 227 - 20 mir =207
Ipod Minis for $230 Shipped from Target
Envision EN-985e Flat 19" CRT Monitor For $99.94 Shipped After Rebate
Bestbuy - 2 DVDs for $15 Shipped Free
Office Depot - A Bunch of Free Stuff And Make Money After Rebate
Western Digital 160GB Internal Hard Drive for $26 After Price Match + Rebate
wtf decent 19" monitor deals
X-HOUR is good today!!
sennheiser rebates
2500+ Mobiles on sale
Netgear WGT624 Super G $50 AMIR W/FREE SHIP @ AMAZON
A Good Deal
ati radeon 9800pro 200.00
wtb decent deal on printer
Anyone know where to buy video games wholesale?
Mobile Barton 2500+ Deal for Canadians $119.98 @ NCIX
***Mushkin Pc3200 LvL 2 BH-6!!!!!***
Athlon 64 3400+ processor $303.00
laptop help
Evga Rules!!!
Clear Acrylic Case $58
Another free subscription: PC Magazine
Need 2-2-2 Rated RAM Possible BH-5 BH-6????Come Here
Looking for a good deal on a DVD/CD RW combo?
BBA 9800 PRO RETAIL $199 from ATI
BGmicro has Panaflo L1A fans on sale, 3.19 ea!
Fry's: WD ATA100, 8meg, 7200, 120GB: $58 after rebate
SLK-948 (U) ---- $40.99 svc
Any HD deals out there? rebates are ok
super cheap 2500 xp
In the market for a new TV.
CompUSA Online only promos, good through 3.13.04
Norton Ghost for Cheap?
tweakmonster ramsinks
wireless cable/dsl belkin router 17.99 after rebates
Where can I get CAT5 Cable Cheap?
Thermalright HSF
Deal on DVD/VHS/Game rentals.. anywhere but Blockbuster
(-Dead Deal-) 200gig sata 8meg cache WD for $80!
Compusa deals!!! Sunday March 14-18
(-Dead Deal-) 74gb raptor for $189 after rebates
What the h*** no X-hour thread???
compusa.com smc 11mps 4port 802.11b router 20$AR
LANBOY $59.99@compUSA!!!
(-Dead Deal-) Amazon 100 pack 4X DVD+R Media 84.99 shipped
Free anti-spam service account
PNY GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256MB, 220!
(-Dead Deal-) ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB 189395
Free Wired Subscription!!
Where To Buy DVD Media?
Cheap Ahead Nero 6 OEM
Game stores that take PayPal
PC4000 Newegg.com
Radeon 9800 Pro Deal for Canadians $299 CDN
(DEAD DEAL) holy crap0la! 9800 Pro 256MB for $218 NEW!
Room for a folding farm/lan party =P
Warm deal: Asus A9800PRO/TVD/256 ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB DDR Retail $60 off
Help me buy PC parts
Need a Slim but good digital camera
(-=DEAD DEAL=-) Free subscription: PC Magazine
Antec 380W TP
ABIT NF7-S on sale.
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro (OEM) $208 @ Newegg!
Not bad, not bad.. $15 shipped for 550W PS and
Looking for the best deal for 2nd or new Geforce 4 4200
PS2 to Xbox Controller Adapter
Custom Window Etching
Beware of the XHour....
MS Intellimouse Explorer 4.0a $19
kingston KTD-WS360A/512 $78
looking for SP97 heatsink deals
Refurbed DFI mobo's on newegg
Deal on pc133?
Netgear WGT624 802.11G 108 Mbps $55 AMIR W/FREE SHIP @ BUY.COM
Need New hdd
Buy from the Monks! Laser and Inkjet supplies cheap
8X dvd+-rw+-r pacific did 69.00 amir @OfMax
Looking For An 80mm Fan Deal
Big sale on D-Tek site
Electronic Components
Money back from CD lawsuit
Compusa Deals start 2/28/04
Kingston HyperX @ Best $$ I Found
2800+ @ MWave 104.00
Kingston HyperX PC4000 $112/1x512MB
cheap Hard drive enclosure
Help, I need a sub $1200 Laptop
Good deal on 40GB iPod?
Western Digital 250GB $144.99 AMIR
usb 802.11b adapter $4 total after rebate
any good 17" CRT deals?
74gb raptor $199 after rebate!
New Egg Raptor Sale-- Tuesday Only
1 gig sticks of ram
Corsair XMS 256 PC3500 available at...
2.4C, good price?
Barton 2500 sale at Newegg
X gamer case and 450 psu 39.99
128MB 9800PRO $200 Refurb, $214 OEM New - Free Shipping
sleeving kits...
Decent X Hour - 420w PS $7.50
cheap 120mm fan on bestbyte
antec deals
how do people get those huge used servers from businesses cheap?
Dimension 8300 w P4 3.0, 1 gig DDR ram, 128 video card for $650 shipped no rebates
D-Link PCI Wireless adaptor 802.11b $19.99 NO REBATES!
SVC Artic Cooling REV2!!!
Kingston 512MB HyperX PC4000 DDR - $99.99
WD 40 gig HD $19.99 after rebates
Finally a Newegg Gift I can actually use!
Kodak CX4310 3.2MP $87.75
BBA Radeon 9800 Pro 349.99 (Can) Free Shipping
WOW! 2.6c Laptop @ BB for $650!!
2x $5 off Mr. Clean AutoDry
10% off a $20 purchase at Voyermods
80gb SATA drive 70$ NO REBATE
Want Abit nf7-s rev 2.0 and a themalright slk
want tivo
sub $200 cube cases?
Need A Good HDD Deal
Where can i buy Averatec 3150 online?
MSI MEGA STICK 256MB for $137
A7N8X DLX Refurb $49
(DEAD DEAL) 99$ Antec Case w/Koolance WC kit: Cpu,chipset,HD block included
ebay 2 512 sticks of hynis bt-d43
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season $9.99 free ship
Looking for a 21inch flat screen CRT?
$95 good price for ANTEC SX1040BII case with 400 watt ps
F18 Hornet Fighter Jet on Ebay
512mb/1024mb pc2100 ram?
X-hour military switch
256 pc4200 w/free adata upgrade $69.00
BBA radeon 9800pro $199 At compusa.
Free switch
retail XP2500 $83 at Newegg
sapphire radeon 9600 128MB $102??
(Dead Deal or Misprint)$29.00 Blue Aluminum Chieftec!
Shipping to Hong Kong?
Free sample phase change material from Loctite?
56 buckeroos for a Eheim 1250
Built By ATI-9800pro@CompUSA $230-30 mail in rebate=$200
case+psu $16.99 free ship
Cheap 19 inch Monitor
Where to buy> Online
$215 for 9800Pro from Newegg
Artic Cooling VGA SILENCER $13.99
Need a MAG3 Pump...
Newegg.com Reburbs on most of thier SATA drives.
Neweggs XP1800 OEM Unlocked?
Refurb ASUS A7N8X Deluxe $49.00
DIRT CHEAP 1/2" ID x 5/8" 1/16" OD clear vinyl tubing when you buy a lapping kit
Vendor Query
Looking for DVD cases
Artic Silver 5 from SVC $5.99 shipped
Sapphire 9800pro $224 Newegg
Nady QH560 Studio Headphones 2for$49.99
DFI LanParty NF11 Ultra B
feb 15 -feb21 compusa deals
FREE Qwest DSL upgrade for current 256/512 users
160 WD se 59.00 after rebates @ office max
If you are searching for a laptop...
Ritek DVD-R 4X 50PACK $46 Shipped...
Nobody even mentioned the X-Hour....
Free! Automatic Fan Speed Controller with $5 purchase
C&c Generals / Zero Hour $14.99 @ Bb
$250 ATI 9800 Pro @ Fry's ...
PNY Verto GeForce4 MX 440-8X $10
PowerColor 9800 XT $351 shipped
Syntax - S635MP for 5$ with MIB
Cheap Memory *RAM*
How about a few videocards? --- 3dfx blowout!
$5 computer (yes five dollars)
AMAZING 4.1 Klipsch deal! 119 dollars!
EVGA Discounts
Good deal for a cheep server pc?
B&M Compusa deals
Dell 20.1 LCD for $749
BEST DEAL FOR A64 3000+ linkys plz
1gb 100gb transfer webspace, $3.75/month
Looking for NFII Ultra Infinity "B"
Arctic Silver 5 for $4.99 Free Shipping
chenbro gaming case and 120 evercool?
120MM 28db Low Noise 120MM Fans $2 shipped =D !
Dtekcustoms has TC-4 for $25
9700np any make I need a DEAL
FREE...USB/Wireless Lan Adapter....after $29.95 MIR
9800np $129.00
MS Windows XP 64-Bit Edition 1yr. trial for free/AMD 64BIT ONLY
*BRAND NEW* Promedia 2.1's $120/ $11 ship
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe nForce2 Ultra 400 $109.00 shipped
BBA 9800 Pro $349.99 (Can) at Future Shop
Swiftech MCP-600 pump 64.95!
Good place to sell ?
9800 PRO bonaanza!!!
One day sale at Newegg Again mid case $40 shipped
Radeon 9700 pro retail 190. Free shipping.
in need of a cordless phone
3.0/768 DSL packages 69.99 3months 99.00 after
Free Lindows Download !!!
Need deal on temp/thermal probe/sensor...
Xhour 2/1/04
Free CONDOMS (no one has to know...)
200 gig HD
hard drives
Some real good Office MAX deals!
Best deal on an UNLOCKED 2500+ ?
8x DVD-Burner $69.99 MIR 2/1-2/7
Magazine subsciption deals for Can?
Looking for a TI-89
WD 120gb $49.99
AOPEN fsp400-60GN
looking for deal on used hard-drive
Good deal for Canadains DVD-R/RW
Need some help quickly buying a 9800pro
Free Posters from Microsoft
WTB: Aluminum Evercool 120mm
quality 4200 for 69 for 256 stick
Ram Ram Ram
Calling all folders: 128MB USB Watch $59.95 shipped
Canon SD100 Digital Camera
newegg: Abit Nf7-S 92 bucks shipped 1 day only!
looking for webhosting, please help
Decent deal on a leather chair