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FOR those who are tired of burning CDs to listen in the car.
80mm Panaflo L1a $3.00
Logitech MX DUO $59.99
ATI X800 Pro for $370.64
Custom water chiller 150$ !!!
Cheap Stealth/Tornado Fans & others at CoolerGuys
ABIT NF7-S v2 for $85.99 on newegg
TT smart fan 2
DTEK WHITE WATER! Time sensitive, hah
Hot Case Deal: Black Antec-Chieftec clone + 2 fans $49 shipped (No PSU)
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Rev. 3 $9.99
nvidia 6800 ultra.... $550... retail $600?!
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Revision-3 $9.99
x800pro for $350+tax shipped today
ALX-800 $9.00 @ frozencpu
Fuji CDR's at OM for 7.98
X-Hour Sale Lazer LED's & Cold Cathodes
Volcano9's Goin Really Cheap(Smartfan II's Anybody?)
ATI X800 Pro - $359.99 + TAX / PENNY SHIPPING
Kingston HyperX 512MB PC4000 $99.99 AMIR @ BB
AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 266 on Ebay
did someone say KLIPSCH?
Mobile Y Chip deal
Full Tower case -$25 w/o ship
Maxtor 250 GB HD $159.99 at CompUSA
"Super Bright Dual Tube 12" CCFL Kits " @ SVC @ $5.99
Voyermods sale
Ultra Cheapo LEDs + Resistors + Free shipment
Chieftec Cases Less Than Half Price!
great deal on Swiftech MCP600 please
Need deal on hd.
Notebook deal
FREE! Socket A SOYO K7VME VIA KM400 Mobo :-D
VGA silencer Rev.2 $7.99 from frozencpu!
Ati Radeon 9800 Pro $206.00
Dual Layer DVD burner for $99
ABIT SILURO GF4 TI4200-8X 128MB for 67.50 shipped!
Free XBN and Computer Gaming World Subscriptions
Looking for a good deal on an Athlon64 Laptop
Nero 6.0 (oem) $2 Shipped !!!
Rotary Tool Deals at Pep Boys (like Dremel tools)
x-hour pretty decent!
Abit nForce 2 NS-7 V2 $89 free shipping
Fuji FinePix A210 3.2-Megapixel Digital Camera
$99 Audigy2 ZS Platinum
any good hd deals?
cheap dvi-d cables?
9800pro, $200 free shipping
Logo design contest @ EVproject.com
1GB Kit HyperX DDR 466MHz DIMM
FIC 9800 pro 128mb for 279 cdn @ tigerdirect.ca
newegg mobo refurbs take a price dive!
1/2 off prices at AIcomputers?
SVC Hot Deals! - Apr 27, 2004
MS PCMCIA 'B' Wireless Card $30+tax @CC
looking for deals on lint free cloth and canned air
I/O Magic 8X Duel Format DVD Burner $39.89 after MIR and price match
-OUT OF STOCK-Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer and Set of 8 Copper BGA Ramsinks $19.99
9800 pro $182 shipped
Yummie ! Krispy Kreme Goodness !
Evga Giving Away A Geforce 6800 Ultra
Insane deals at Klipsch.com
$5 Max Payne Xbox at Target.!
8500 Aiw 99.00
Computer Accesories Galore! PCMods Going out of Business Sale!
Cheap Trick (1997) mucic cd $2.40 shipped !
Logitech Elite Keyboard $9.99 after $20 mail in rebate from EB Games
Kingston pc-3700 2x256 (169.88 Can)
Amazing Hat Deal
ATI 9800pro 199.99 after 50$MIR
Any Logitech Z-640 5.1 deals?
WoW!!! Cooler Master Blower fan for $5.99 @ Fry's
polarflo super finish waterblock
Wd 120=$9.12 250=$23.63 7200 8mb
old deal still around?
Revsion 3.0 Artic Cooling VGA Silencer
$218 for AIW 9800 pro
need deal on lots of mosfet coolers
need deal on bios saviour
50 cents a GB
Need an Mp3 Player (High Capacity)
Artic Silencer Rev 3 - $12.85
anyplace for cheap CHIEFTEC cases.
It's baaaaaaaaack!
External USB 2.0/Firewire 3.5 HD Enclosure
Dew U codes?
1GB HyperX PC3200 BH5 - $335 shipped
Check out and customize your cases.
Another good laptop deal
MX900 Deals
Cheap food gift cards
Spir@l and TC-4 Rev. 2s on Sale!!
802.11b PCMCIA for 9.99 MIR(-10.00)
Tb Santa Cruz S/card For $20 Amir @ Cc
X-HOUR tonight
160GB Maxtor $99
Thermalright cooler sale at SVC.
160gb hard drive for $59.99 AR!
Hitman 2 for $9.99
Free Xoxide stuff
SOYO KT600 Dragon Plus - $49.00 AR
Samurai PC...worth it?
**Dead Deal_____ ** free computer cases
Netgear WGR614 802.11g $36.94 AMIR of $20 w/FREE SHIP @ AMAZON
120GB SATA Seagate 8MB - $90 + 0.99 Shipping
SVC THERMALRIGHT SALE ! SP-94 $34.99 , more ...
90gb WD HD 8mb cache $90
Planar PE191M 19" LCD $530 w/FREE SHIP @ BUY.COM
FlexTech sleeving kits
Just for ****s and giggles
5-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch Rebate
cheap case fans
Need a cheap black keyboard?
80mm Panaflo L1 = $3.75...
MP3 Players
Newegg 9800pro all in wonder
Ram prices...
Full tower case 5 5.25" and 4 3.5" for $25 shipped
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Rev2 - $9.99 +S/H
Antec case sale ends today.
250GB WD @ $159 (no-rebate CC)
SWEET MONKEY JEEBUS! - 20.1" Touchscreen LCD = $500
REFURB MOBILE Athlon XP 2500+ $79 Shipped--Newegg
Graet deal OLYMPUS C-740UZ
Need a Monitor.
9800xt $375 no rebate
Yamaha YHT-340 5.1 - Cheap
Great deal on WD 80GB SE
Im Looking for A good Mini Ipod Deal
Website Address Needed
Order the Windows Security Update CD (FREE!!)
mushkinre furb level 1 for 236.00 a gig
Ritek G04 at Newegg $40.50
is this a good deal?
Little Giant Pump, great for watercooling, $25 shipped
Good deals on pumps
Order your Easter flowers today
19" crt monitor 49.99 otd
complete Sega Dreamcast system - $20 shipped
April 18-24 Compusa B&M ads
Gateway Retail Stores Closing
samsung 160 gb 7200 rpm hd for $93 shipped
Samsung 60gb drive $39 NO REBATES
dvd+ and dvd+- on sale for 49.99 otd
Good Laptop Deal
Cheap notebook?
Plextor PX-708A - Not bad
Xbox Price Drop ---- $159
160G seagate barricuda Sata $99
120GB HDs for $60 after Rebate
Microcenter - 300w PSU $15.95 (in-store)
Cheap Tornados
Site5.com Webhosting Deal
local fry's deal $199 for ATI 9800Pro no rebate
Deals on wireless router and card for laptop?
Free 19" LCD from DELL after Rebate!!!
Dell P4HT server for $274
Looking for a 27in LCD TV ?
Least Expensive Black 19" LCD?
Where to buy car audio online, cheap?
19" flat screen CRT monitor for $59!
Outpost.com: 200GB Western Digital $99.99 AR
Panaflow 12L case fans for $3.75
Anyone know any good camcorders?
EBgames dvd ut2004 april 13
VGA Silencer $10.99 Buy it Now on Ebay
Newegg: 160GB for $97 SHIPPED!
mouse pad offer from newegg!!
Wanted FSP400-60PN
$2 Celeron from TigerDirect
Battlefeild vietnam for $29.99 and ut2k4 for $34.99
t mobile sidekick??
refurb mx500...
CHEAP KHX PC3000 1gig sets
Logitech MX combo
seagate 7200RPM 8m 200gb HD $100 after MIR
MaximumPC Mag to give away 4 Dream Machine 2004
LMK - Weird help, mousepads
NF7-S refurbs for $62.00
8X DVD burner, Blank CDs, Wireless G stuff
need help finding broken parts
PX-708A Plextor DVD Writer $149 after rebate at Best Buy tomorrow (nm)
802.11b wireless router $16.99 after rebate
blue led fans good deal
Nice cable prices
Deal: USB 2.0 Pen Drive 256MB - $46 shipped
AOpen H600Q
Radeon Pro 9800 128M $190
512mb HyperX PC4000 for $99 AR
Logitech Z-640 6.1 Speakers - 46.94, FREE SHIPPING
Any hard drive deals coming up
Referb Asus 4200 $39
VGA Silencer $9.99
Sennheiser PC 150 ($39.94)
Logitech Z-640 5.1 ($35.99)
Memory deal at BestBuy.
PCMods is 25% off everything under $150
Nice vid card for 100bucks
Pretty good deals from thescreensavers.com
256mb Jumpdrive for $35
Awesome Dell Deal...4600 17"LCD $498
Video Card Deals - 9700/9800
Free: 15 Pc Black Oxide Drill Bit Set
Best place to buy windows? I need an OS ASAP....
Deals on aluminum mesh filters?
Awesome Wireless deals!
There back! Klipsch 2.1's and 4.1's on sale.
In Search of D-Link Wireless Router Deals
x-hour @xoxide
wtf dvd+r blank media deals
Thermalright ALX 800 Socket A - $12.95
Great deal on moniters, only 5 left
Aluminum cases
9800Pro AIW $238
WDC1600JBRTL Hard drive $19.99 after rebates
Athlon Mobiles
Maxtor 160GB 8MB Cache Hard Drive $69.97
Free stuff at compusa tonight
Credit card with best rewards
Need a new computer desk ...any good deal out there?
Laptop LCD help
where to get tornados or deltas cheap?
Swiftech heatsinks $23~29 !
Haupauge WinTV-Go PCI TV card for $20
BGA RAMsinks question
looking for a 92mm fan deal for a cpu cooler
panaflo L1s
need a comfortable computer chair
New Laptop for 619.00 w/100 rebate
Built by ATI 9800PRO ALL-In-Wonder $249
Dell laptop deals
74gb raptor 227 - 20 mir =207
Ipod Minis for $230 Shipped from Target
Envision EN-985e Flat 19" CRT Monitor For $99.94 Shipped After Rebate
Bestbuy - 2 DVDs for $15 Shipped Free
Office Depot - A Bunch of Free Stuff And Make Money After Rebate
Western Digital 160GB Internal Hard Drive for $26 After Price Match + Rebate
wtf decent 19" monitor deals
X-HOUR is good today!!
sennheiser rebates
2500+ Mobiles on sale
Netgear WGT624 Super G $50 AMIR W/FREE SHIP @ AMAZON
A Good Deal
ati radeon 9800pro 200.00
wtb decent deal on printer
Anyone know where to buy video games wholesale?
Mobile Barton 2500+ Deal for Canadians $119.98 @ NCIX
***Mushkin Pc3200 LvL 2 BH-6!!!!!***
Athlon 64 3400+ processor $303.00
laptop help
Evga Rules!!!
Clear Acrylic Case $58
Another free subscription: PC Magazine
Need 2-2-2 Rated RAM Possible BH-5 BH-6????Come Here
Looking for a good deal on a DVD/CD RW combo?
BBA 9800 PRO RETAIL $199 from ATI
BGmicro has Panaflo L1A fans on sale, 3.19 ea!
Fry's: WD ATA100, 8meg, 7200, 120GB: $58 after rebate
SLK-948 (U) ---- $40.99 svc
Any HD deals out there? rebates are ok
super cheap 2500 xp
In the market for a new TV.
CompUSA Online only promos, good through 3.13.04
Norton Ghost for Cheap?
tweakmonster ramsinks
wireless cable/dsl belkin router 17.99 after rebates
Where can I get CAT5 Cable Cheap?
Thermalright HSF
Deal on DVD/VHS/Game rentals.. anywhere but Blockbuster
(-Dead Deal-) 200gig sata 8meg cache WD for $80!
Compusa deals!!! Sunday March 14-18
(-Dead Deal-) 74gb raptor for $189 after rebates
What the h*** no X-hour thread???
compusa.com smc 11mps 4port 802.11b router 20$AR
LANBOY $59.99@compUSA!!!
(-Dead Deal-) Amazon 100 pack 4X DVD+R Media 84.99 shipped
Free anti-spam service account
PNY GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256MB, 220!
(-Dead Deal-) ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB 189395
Free Wired Subscription!!
Where To Buy DVD Media?
Cheap Ahead Nero 6 OEM
Game stores that take PayPal
PC4000 Newegg.com
Radeon 9800 Pro Deal for Canadians $299 CDN
(DEAD DEAL) holy crap0la! 9800 Pro 256MB for $218 NEW!
Room for a folding farm/lan party =P
Warm deal: Asus A9800PRO/TVD/256 ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB DDR Retail $60 off
Help me buy PC parts
Need a Slim but good digital camera
(-=DEAD DEAL=-) Free subscription: PC Magazine
Antec 380W TP
ABIT NF7-S on sale.
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro (OEM) $208 @ Newegg!
Not bad, not bad.. $15 shipped for 550W PS and
Looking for the best deal for 2nd or new Geforce 4 4200
PS2 to Xbox Controller Adapter
Custom Window Etching
Beware of the XHour....
MS Intellimouse Explorer 4.0a $19
kingston KTD-WS360A/512 $78
looking for SP97 heatsink deals
Refurbed DFI mobo's on newegg
Deal on pc133?
Netgear WGT624 802.11G 108 Mbps $55 AMIR W/FREE SHIP @ BUY.COM
Need New hdd
Buy from the Monks! Laser and Inkjet supplies cheap
8X dvd+-rw+-r pacific did 69.00 amir @OfMax
Looking For An 80mm Fan Deal
Big sale on D-Tek site
Electronic Components
Money back from CD lawsuit
Compusa Deals start 2/28/04
Kingston HyperX @ Best $$ I Found
2800+ @ MWave 104.00
Kingston HyperX PC4000 $112/1x512MB
cheap Hard drive enclosure
Help, I need a sub $1200 Laptop
Good deal on 40GB iPod?
Western Digital 250GB $144.99 AMIR
usb 802.11b adapter $4 total after rebate
any good 17" CRT deals?
74gb raptor $199 after rebate!
New Egg Raptor Sale-- Tuesday Only
1 gig sticks of ram
Corsair XMS 256 PC3500 available at...
2.4C, good price?
Barton 2500 sale at Newegg
X gamer case and 450 psu 39.99
128MB 9800PRO $200 Refurb, $214 OEM New - Free Shipping
sleeving kits...
Decent X Hour - 420w PS $7.50
cheap 120mm fan on bestbyte
antec deals
how do people get those huge used servers from businesses cheap?
Dimension 8300 w P4 3.0, 1 gig DDR ram, 128 video card for $650 shipped no rebates
D-Link PCI Wireless adaptor 802.11b $19.99 NO REBATES!
SVC Artic Cooling REV2!!!
Kingston 512MB HyperX PC4000 DDR - $99.99
WD 40 gig HD $19.99 after rebates
Finally a Newegg Gift I can actually use!
Kodak CX4310 3.2MP $87.75
BBA Radeon 9800 Pro 349.99 (Can) Free Shipping
WOW! 2.6c Laptop @ BB for $650!!
2x $5 off Mr. Clean AutoDry
10% off a $20 purchase at Voyermods
80gb SATA drive 70$ NO REBATE
Want Abit nf7-s rev 2.0 and a themalright slk
want tivo
sub $200 cube cases?
Need A Good HDD Deal
Where can i buy Averatec 3150 online?
MSI MEGA STICK 256MB for $137
A7N8X DLX Refurb $49
(DEAD DEAL) 99$ Antec Case w/Koolance WC kit: Cpu,chipset,HD block included
ebay 2 512 sticks of hynis bt-d43
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season $9.99 free ship
Looking for a 21inch flat screen CRT?
$95 good price for ANTEC SX1040BII case with 400 watt ps
F18 Hornet Fighter Jet on Ebay
512mb/1024mb pc2100 ram?
X-hour military switch
256 pc4200 w/free adata upgrade $69.00
BBA radeon 9800pro $199 At compusa.
Free switch
retail XP2500 $83 at Newegg
sapphire radeon 9600 128MB $102??
(Dead Deal or Misprint)$29.00 Blue Aluminum Chieftec!
Shipping to Hong Kong?
Free sample phase change material from Loctite?
56 buckeroos for a Eheim 1250
Built By ATI-9800pro@CompUSA $230-30 mail in rebate=$200
case+psu $16.99 free ship
Cheap 19 inch Monitor
Where to buy> Online
$215 for 9800Pro from Newegg
Artic Cooling VGA SILENCER $13.99
Need a MAG3 Pump...
Newegg.com Reburbs on most of thier SATA drives.
Neweggs XP1800 OEM Unlocked?
Refurb ASUS A7N8X Deluxe $49.00
DIRT CHEAP 1/2" ID x 5/8" 1/16" OD clear vinyl tubing when you buy a lapping kit
Vendor Query
Looking for DVD cases
Artic Silver 5 from SVC $5.99 shipped
Sapphire 9800pro $224 Newegg
Nady QH560 Studio Headphones 2for$49.99
DFI LanParty NF11 Ultra B
feb 15 -feb21 compusa deals
FREE Qwest DSL upgrade for current 256/512 users
160 WD se 59.00 after rebates @ office max
If you are searching for a laptop...
Ritek DVD-R 4X 50PACK $46 Shipped...
Nobody even mentioned the X-Hour....
Free! Automatic Fan Speed Controller with $5 purchase
C&c Generals / Zero Hour $14.99 @ Bb
$250 ATI 9800 Pro @ Fry's ...
PNY Verto GeForce4 MX 440-8X $10
PowerColor 9800 XT $351 shipped
Syntax - S635MP for 5$ with MIB
Cheap Memory *RAM*
How about a few videocards? --- 3dfx blowout!
$5 computer (yes five dollars)
AMAZING 4.1 Klipsch deal! 119 dollars!
EVGA Discounts
Good deal for a cheep server pc?
B&M Compusa deals
Dell 20.1 LCD for $749
BEST DEAL FOR A64 3000+ linkys plz
1gb 100gb transfer webspace, $3.75/month
Looking for NFII Ultra Infinity "B"
Arctic Silver 5 for $4.99 Free Shipping
chenbro gaming case and 120 evercool?
120MM 28db Low Noise 120MM Fans $2 shipped =D !
Dtekcustoms has TC-4 for $25
9700np any make I need a DEAL
FREE...USB/Wireless Lan Adapter....after $29.95 MIR
9800np $129.00
MS Windows XP 64-Bit Edition 1yr. trial for free/AMD 64BIT ONLY
*BRAND NEW* Promedia 2.1's $120/ $11 ship
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe nForce2 Ultra 400 $109.00 shipped
BBA 9800 Pro $349.99 (Can) at Future Shop
Swiftech MCP-600 pump 64.95!
Good place to sell ?
9800 PRO bonaanza!!!
One day sale at Newegg Again mid case $40 shipped
Radeon 9700 pro retail 190. Free shipping.
in need of a cordless phone
3.0/768 DSL packages 69.99 3months 99.00 after
Free Lindows Download !!!
Need deal on temp/thermal probe/sensor...
Xhour 2/1/04
Free CONDOMS (no one has to know...)
200 gig HD
hard drives
Some real good Office MAX deals!
Best deal on an UNLOCKED 2500+ ?
8x DVD-Burner $69.99 MIR 2/1-2/7
Magazine subsciption deals for Can?
Looking for a TI-89
WD 120gb $49.99
AOPEN fsp400-60GN
looking for deal on used hard-drive
Good deal for Canadains DVD-R/RW
Need some help quickly buying a 9800pro
Free Posters from Microsoft
WTB: Aluminum Evercool 120mm
quality 4200 for 69 for 256 stick
Ram Ram Ram
Calling all folders: 128MB USB Watch $59.95 shipped
Canon SD100 Digital Camera
newegg: Abit Nf7-S 92 bucks shipped 1 day only!
looking for webhosting, please help
Decent deal on a leather chair
$30 CHIEFTEC WORKSTATION (Antec SX835) biege only
Wireless KB and mouse @ outpost.com
Looking for deal on 19in LCD
X-hour tonight 25/01/04
Compusa Buslink is a Lite-On
Where to get ink-cartridges cheap (Black And Color)
This thang looks sweeeeeett...
MSI GeForceFX 5900 128 MB DDR for $179
$199 for nearly complete dual pentium III system!
4gb Hitachi Microdrive for 199!
Where can you sell your own items on this board?
Western Digital 160GB Hard Drive
RC Porshe Computer!
MisPrint! 9800 Pro - $239
Retail ATI Radeon 9800XT $379
This KBoard any good?
Great deals for people in SoCal or near universities
skyhawk 4692 aluminum case 19 bux
Free AT server case.
Creative Labs Mp3 Player Zen Xtra 30gb only 219 at CCity
Few smoking deals I'm finding I'd like to share
Fx51 Oem $560
$29.95 for a slk-900a
New Cell Phone Plan
Southbridge heatsinks
WD 80 GB SE $20 after $50 MIR
Netgear WGR614 $47.44 (AMIR) and free ship @ AMAZON
Memorex DVD-R 4.7GB Discs (100 pack spindle) $100
GeForce FX 5900 under 200 bucks
Clearflex 60 for .75 a foot
8-Port Rackmount Gigabit Switch - $189
free web hosting
Hewlett-Packard Office Paper, 20 lb., 87 Brightness $15
Let me find you a good deal for ram! stop getting ripped off!
PCI Combo Cards
NewEgg One Day Sale Ends 4:00PM PST 20/1/04
Huryy, 9700pro at newegg $215, not refurbed!
$50 off with printer trade-in @ compusa
X-Hour tonight 01-18-04
Local Office Depot Deals