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$30 CHIEFTEC WORKSTATION (Antec SX835) biege only
Wireless KB and mouse @ outpost.com
Looking for deal on 19in LCD
X-hour tonight 25/01/04
Compusa Buslink is a Lite-On
Where to get ink-cartridges cheap (Black And Color)
This thang looks sweeeeeett...
MSI GeForceFX 5900 128 MB DDR for $179
$199 for nearly complete dual pentium III system!
4gb Hitachi Microdrive for 199!
Where can you sell your own items on this board?
Western Digital 160GB Hard Drive
RC Porshe Computer!
MisPrint! 9800 Pro - $239
Retail ATI Radeon 9800XT $379
This KBoard any good?
Great deals for people in SoCal or near universities
skyhawk 4692 aluminum case 19 bux
Free AT server case.
Creative Labs Mp3 Player Zen Xtra 30gb only 219 at CCity
Few smoking deals I'm finding I'd like to share
Fx51 Oem $560
$29.95 for a slk-900a
New Cell Phone Plan
Southbridge heatsinks
WD 80 GB SE $20 after $50 MIR
Netgear WGR614 $47.44 (AMIR) and free ship @ AMAZON
Memorex DVD-R 4.7GB Discs (100 pack spindle) $100
GeForce FX 5900 under 200 bucks
Clearflex 60 for .75 a foot
8-Port Rackmount Gigabit Switch - $189
free web hosting
Hewlett-Packard Office Paper, 20 lb., 87 Brightness $15
Let me find you a good deal for ram! stop getting ripped off!
PCI Combo Cards
NewEgg One Day Sale Ends 4:00PM PST 20/1/04
Huryy, 9700pro at newegg $215, not refurbed!
$50 off with printer trade-in @ compusa
X-Hour tonight 01-18-04
Local Office Depot Deals
complete cheap system needed
Compusa WD 80g 8mb for $40 after MIR
Free compaq keyboard w/ smartcard reader
Cheap red chieftech case?
MAZE4GPU ON SALE $39.95 at DangerDen direct
Decent refurb (newegg), seems to be in stock
ThermalRight SLK-700 w/ TMD Fan for only $17.99!
ATI Radeon 9800Pro $250 Retail!
Which local store sell Purple Ice?
Anyone seen the Thermaltake SmartFan2 92/120mm fans anywhere?
need a good deal on a 17' lcd
Arctic Cooler VGA SILENCER at JAB-TECH $21.95 Shipping starts at $3.85
Newegg: Fortron or Sparkle 350W Power Supply for $20 +$6 shipping
Thermalright SP97 $44.99 SVC SALE
Swiftech MCW5000-A R.1 $29.95 (Canadian!)
$32.95 SLK947-U at Sidewindercomputers
be cooling tiny waterblock $15 good deal?
(DEAD DEAL) HOT!!! PowerEdge PE400SC P4-2.26 + Free Palm/Largan DC = $228
Need a good deal on a DVD stand alone
4 crazy deals on Iwaki Pumps on Ebay (Buy It Now!)
OfficeDepot has 100pk Imation DVD+R or DVD-R for $70 w/ free shipping.
Another NF7-S 2.0 for $89.00 at zipzoomfly in stock now!!!
iPod 10GB - $236.54 Shipped @ Amazon
Does Circuit City or Best Buy price match online stores?
SVC has the SLK-900a back in stock
Abit NF7-S v2.0 For $89.99
Cheap 92 Papst...Cheap 120 Sanyo fans
I/O 8x dvd writer at compusa
New Best Buy Ad
Western Dig 80GB HD 8mb $39.00 MIR
Logitech® cordless Elite duo $49.94 -->SMOKING HOT DEAL
Magic Spin DVDRW(+-) 8X $79.00 MIR OfficeMax
CANUCKS: Maxtor 160gb 2mb $99.00
X-hour 1/11/04
Western Digital 160gig for 89.99!!!
OCing case badges .05
Free Year of Rolling Stone
SVC sale
B&M Target Software (game) deal!
USB cable for MD player...
when do u think there is going to be a 9800 on sale?
Really big, and cheap, $1 burger....
Contact Lens Online.
40mm x50mm Counter-rotating 10,500rpm JMC fans $12
I got the Gyration Ultra GT Wireless KB/Mouse !ombo from Walmart for $35, Was $99!
50% off everything at belkin
Nice e-bay deal 100 DVD-R 4X
VERY HOT!! Fly from Boston to Floriday for $79 Each WAY!! Plus More!!
Need a deal on playstation 2
4" black lights?
EL Cable
100-Pack TDK for $10
(Office Depot) Save $20 on Purchases of $100 or More
So, you need a digital multimeter?
Quick! AMD FX 51 - $400 (was a misprint, NOW $679.00)
Need deal on ducting kits
OCing sites
Looking for a deal on a 17 in lcd monitor
Essential Reality P5 USB Virtual Controller Gaming Glove Only $39.95
Wanted: DVD-RW any quantity $15 or less shipped
where to get 120mm panaflos
Is this worth it?
Decent website selling x-box?
Ps one screen 4" $30 for modding
ATI 9800 PRO 279.99 amr
WD120SE for $59.99 @ Circuit CIty
X-Hour 1/4/03
Any site that you've noticed selling unlocked bartons?
WTB: VGA to RCA converter.
Case Logic 24 CD Wallet $2.99 free ship.
Found 4Liquidator vendors (Added them to my bookmarks)
P4 M0 Steepings at $175 ---->(Caviat Emptor²)<---sss
Seagate SATA 160GB drive $90!!
Kingston ValueRam special
new deal site.
A64 3400
Shuttle SB61G2 --- $255.99 (after-$40 rebate) -- Ends Jan 5th
Need CD-R media Deals.
WOOOHOO: TDK 8X DVD Burner Rebardged Plextor 708A!!!
Simpletech 512mb pc3200 for $66
Deal on a small ATX case or mATX board?
9700pro ultimate 9800pro atlantis refurbs @
Cellular Phone Headsets for $3.95 shipped!
Looking for a good deal on an A64 3000+
New Years day Deals?
Logitech Elite Duo (includes MX700) only $35.94!!
ATI Trade-Up Program -- Radeon 9800 Pro $249 US/$369 CDN
Sandisk 256MB Mini Cruser $39.94AR B&M
9800 Pro - $239
Free packing stuff from USPS?
Logitec Cordless MX Duo for 60 after Mir..
250 gig Maxtor HD 8MB for $150
Mail in rebate question
WD2000JBRTL 200gb for 129.99 after MIR.
looking for bga ramsinks in bulk
Xoxide X-Hour 12/28/03
WOW! $70 Lite On DVD+/- RW 411S!!!
DVD±RW deals and some interesting info
Thermalright ALX-800 $21.95
Broken/Nonfunctioning LCDs
Antec Smartpower 350 $30 after $20 MIR
Magazine subscriptions for 2.99.
weee suggestion
Thermalright SP-97 heatsink $41 Thermalraight SP-94 heatsink $37
CANADIAN best buy and Future shop deals
Logitech Cordless Elite Duo MX for $45.94 after MIR
WOOT! Creative: FREE Nomad Zen Xtra + Muvo MX!! Drawing.
$99 NEC 4x DVD -/+ RW @ Newegg!
MAXI-Jet 600 (160gph) $16.58 SHipped
BBA Radeon 9800 Pro Retail (365.98 Can)
Electronics Boutique Promo Loophole...
The fable Radeon 9800 non-pro at Circuit City...
geil pc3200
can i trust a referbished graphics card?
another Antec contest
Aspire Digital Tower Speakers $30 after MIR
XBOX + 4 games and more for $179 at EB
Future Shop & Best Buy boxing day sales
130W - 160W Peltiers. $10!
Aspire X-superalien case
Logitech Z340 $35 @ OM
Arctic Cooling Vga Silencer $21.99 @ Svc !
Need a cyber deal on a Gameboy SP
Saitek GM2 Action Pad & Mouse
Xhour today 9 - 10 EST
Logitech Contest (Canada Only)
Athlon FX-51 Newegg refurb $580.00
Corsair XMS Extreme Memory Series, Low Latency 184 Pin 256MB DDR PC-4000
Asetek WaterChill with all accs. $220 shipped!
Anyone have any good deals on Pentium 4 cpu/motherboard stuff?
Last minute christmas gifts online
xtremegear 3 day sale
Good Deal?
Did a great deal today!!! Mobo++++
*XBOX* Dead or Alive 3 for $10 shipped
$30 MCW462 Universal Water Block (VERY LIMITED SUPPLY)
prommy,vapo where cheap?
blue lit, fan cooled, leather buttoned mouse...
any good website hosting deals??
Laptop deals?
Logitech Navigator Internet Keyboard 9.99
Beyond good and evil
Cases at newegg
Stackable Target.com Coupons
Need cyber deal on USB 2.0 secure digital card reader??
Free IBM PC for Brits
SiS AMD A64 Contest
where to buy Swiftech Thermal Electric CPU Cooler
BestBuy.com buy $200 get $20 off deal
Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case for $19.00 + $9.91 SH
Great deal on Crucial RAM!
10% off coupon for CCTVWholesalers.com
Lite on burner 19.00
Two Maxtor 60GB HD $63 shipped no MIR (Regional)
Where to get cell phone batteries?
Sennheiser's shipped to Canada
Dec. 14th-20th DVD Prices
where did the cigarette cyber deal go?
BBA 9800 Pro @ ExcaliberPC $273 !!!
Looking for cheap Panaflo
logitech cordless keyboard and mouse
Excaliber PC Contest
50 DVD-/+ R @ CompUSA for $60
Any deals for Home Theatre Systems or TVs?
Free $50 Giftcard popup scam? real deal?
looking for infrared reciever.
WD 120GB 8MB Cache Drive $20 at CircuitCity
Western Digital 120GB 8MB $60 w/ free shipping
Maxtor 160GB 8MB Cache $80 w/ free shipping
OfficeDepot has the Maxtor 80GB 8MB $30 bucks
Dell Computers
Voodoo5 **6000** (ebay)
manarch has the A64 3000 in stock $239
I need a few things
Refub. Asus A7V333 for 30 bucks
Looking for a cyber deal for DVD-R/+R media
sl6z3 on ebay
PowerEdge 400SC Sale $299
refurb 9800pro @ newegg.com
Digital Doc 5 $19.99 (cheap shipping)
refurb Logitech MX700 $36.95 +$8 shipping
newegg.com refurbished.....
Corsair RAM....
Case-Mod.com Holiday Sale
Lite-On 48x24x48x16
Sp-97 Hits The Streets
great place for pre-owned (and rare) games!
free electronics gaming monthly
Retail BBA 9800 Pro for $292 @ Newegg
New Egg 1 Day Sale!
9800 pro 128mb 397 can
Looking for a cyberdeal on a Shuttle XPC SN41G2
Creative Labs GigaWorks S750 Speaker Contest
coolergarage hooked it up
$14.95 Pc Power & Cooling 200w Axt 1-u Rack Power Supply
Case $20@ Newegg Black Mid-Tower shipped FRONT IDE!!!
WD 120gb 8mb $60 AR at Circuit City
Prometeia MACH I - $451.25 US w/ free shipping!
Maxtor 80GB 8MB Cache Hard Drive $35 AR
Need a PSu with 12V/25A or more
X-hour tonight 12/07/03
Maximumpc Mag For $3 A Year !!!
Illuminated Keyboards at SVC
Monochrome Laser Printer $111.92 after MIR
Abit AI7 $99.99
Palm Vx Handheld $59.99
Fry's FIC Radeon 9800 PRO $279
Need Hydor L20 pump and BIX
Chieftec windowed side panel, Newegg.
40% OFF Everything at Timberland.com !!!
UK overclocking reatilares??
staples coupons
Decent Laptop for 550 shipped
LOOKING FOR Wireless Desktop 802.11b deal
Uber-cheap $1.99 socket a heatsink
A good deal?
cheap stuff
MinuteMan 550VA/330Watt UPS, $52.51.
Best place to buy case fans
Looking for a cyberdeal for a decent laptop
Squadron w apache window case for only $19.00
DVD Sale - 20% off coupon
WOW 3.2 Intel EE At newegg
UK People 120gig Hitachi Deskstar for £80 delivered
danner mag3 pump 27.99 plus ship
Cheap Lite-on
handspring visor refurb $40
Thrustmaster Bike Controller $20
Chieftec Windowed Panel at NewEgg only 10.99!
FX5900 under $200!
Single Black DVD Cases, 100 or 50 pack, $35/$18.50 Shipped!
Any good deals on raptors?
Where can I buy proven overclocked P4s?
anybody buy the $199 Radeon 9800 at Fry's?
Best Deal on DVD X Copy
Mach II With Enlight tower and Cpu Kit for 759.90 US$, no taxes and free shipping!
Free soup for poor people
X-Hour 11/30
all in wonder deal
CC - 9800np $199 tomorrow?
Zalman Multi Fan Speed Controller ZM-MFC1
Case Fans
I need a place to buy 40mm Panaflo fans.
Logitech MX Duo $59.99
Rebates Info
Cheap Playstation One games??
which case plz...xoxide bf sale
Just ordered a Mach II, with CPU kit AND LCD for $874.33 shipped!
Black Friday: The only way to do it. Online!
where's the best place tp buy watercooling stuff(UK)
Looking for lego deals
Black Friday - AFTERMATH
Wow APC 350VA BackUPS $5!
Heatercore blower, where to buy?
mini-drive predicament
Athlon 2200+ laptop $599 (MIR) (Best Buy)
So what are you buying this Black Friday?!
Led's and Cold Cathods Prices?
online store in Canada for heater core
Friday Deals for Twin Cities area @ General NanoSystems
Free Vapochill case cooler (another typo)
ATI Radeon 9200 $60 after MIR
ATI RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB AGP 8X, $219.00 @ E-bay
dumpinggoods.com updated website
A lot of stuff
wish (new egg price mistake refurb .00)
newegg thanksgiving sale
Dual xeon board, CHEAP!!!
Any dell coupons out there???
Free Radeon 9800 at newegg! (Typo no doubt)
Budget video card at Compusa + more
looking for lil LCD's
Arctic Silver 5 - $4.99
i need Thermal tape
9800 $199
where is the x-hour post?????
Best Deal?
DVD-RW +/- Lite-on LDW-411S for $99
430 TruePower 49.00 bones
ATi + Cyber Power = contest
Freedom Fighters PC $15.99 online special CUSA
Halo: Combat Evolved - Xbox $29.99 @Outpost.com
Nyko 80500 Force Pad PS2 Licensed Controller $6.95
Midland G-227C2VPC GMRS Radios Package $49.99
New eWiz.com refurb section
Cyber Deal Request: Are there ever any deals on IPods?
cheap peltier control
Magazine Deals
SUSE 9.0 5 CD Set 9.99 Shipped
Coolergarage sale
(edited: DEMO DISK) BF1942: Secret Weapons of WW2 $2.99!
Nima Najand please PM me
BSP barbs?
SMART Pyxscape 18" LCD Flat Panel TV/Computer $379.99 after MIR
Radeon 9600XT - $165.00 - Free Ground Shipping
Water pump 4 GPM at 10 PSI (25 foot head), $80
Free 1 year of fire wall & anti-virus protection "eTrust EZ-Armor."
Free 1 year computer orientated MAGAZINE subscription 4 to chose from!
Looking for CPU deals
Lite On 52x 32x 52x $32 @ Newegg
160gig Barracuda for 89.99 after rebates
logitech z680 for $70 APP,AR,AGC!!! YMMV!!
great deal at circuit city
$17.90 w/free shipping for PCMCIA card.
Dell Axim 3Xi Pocket PC for $329 CND!!!
Free 1 yr subscription to Game Pro magazine
Radeon 9600 $70 @ BestBuy
92mm LED fans for good price?
where can i get hands free head set for Sony Ericcson T68?
Best buy add today 9600Pro with HL2 $149
$ .05 case badges, limited
Best Buy 80GB 8mb WD Hard Drive $49.00 after MIR
Kingston 128mb Secure Digital card $14 after rebate
cheap 40 mm fans
WD 250GB h.d. for $110 AR
Xhour Tonight!!!! 11/14
Call of Duty - RETAIL BOX - $32.90
2.4C *SL6Z3* "MO" stepping. For sale on e-bay!
Belkin Nostromo N52 $26.50 + shipping
prometeia mach ll w/tower & cpu kit $879
What was that website with the overhead photos with the free subscr?
quick question
Arctic Silver 5 in stock at SVC $4.99
16 port 10/100 Switch for 9.99!!!
Where to buy Hydor L20
Slk900(a) 19.99
Ebay: Water Chiller
Lots of 9800 pro's at newegg refurb for the moment at least
Asus A7N8X Deluxe nForce2 $114 free shipping
$14 Black&Silver Aopen KeyBoard *very nice* Free shipping
Great knives for $19.99!!!
vtech phone $10
Maxtor 80GB/8MB ATA133 Hard Drive
SVC Sale
new XFX 5900 (non ultra) 160 shipped
Another "one Day" Sale @ Newegg !
EASYPCKITS Lapping Kits $4 -$13+ low shipping
Cheap refurb stuff.
Cooltechnica sale.
!!! refurbished OEM Athlon XP 2500 (Barton) on Newgg for $66 !!!
APC UPS battery replacements $9.25 + $7.95 shippng and up
Kingston HyperX PC4000 512MB $119
looking for old thread on rechargeable batteries
Black Friday Deals Only Please-post Only Deals
digital camcorders
Despair.com - Great products for your friends / family that work in an office
3% off gameve.com coupon
X-hour tonight 11/09/03
Planar 17" LCD w both plugs for 310.00! No rebates needed.
Dual channel ddr ---->wanted
Charles Wirth, Nima Najand & unknown person in Ottawa please contact me via PM
Logitech Z 5300 Speakers
Soundblaster Audigy $37.50
Cheapest place to get a Network Camera?
How safe to run US postal C.O.D?
"Easypckits' Premium Heatsink Lapping Kit" : Brian's article
(DEAD DEAL-sss)FREE 39" 6-6 pin Glowing FireWire cable
.49 cents 80mm LAZER CUT GRILLS @ SVC !!!
ATHLON64 FX51 $580 shipped!!! NewEgg Refurb
generic 350w power supply
Free stuff at Tiger...
cheap MP3 player
bestbuy 10 off 100, 20 off 200
Stackable coupon at OfficeDepot.com
txcpu.com giveaway
2 x 120mm 130 cfm fans $10
Dtek Whitewater Sale
i just got an email about a scam...
2.99 50-pack cd-rs
Nventiv Prometeia Mach 2 for $750-$800 shipped!
Did I get some sweet deals on e-bay these past two days, or am I dreaming?
Sony DRU-510A OEM $139
100 pk CD-R Spindle - 17.94 No rebates! Tuesday's only
Kingston 333MHz (PC2700) 512MB memory $55
Win an FX5950 from XFX.
In need of a wireless 54mb router
Heads up! Newegg one day sale!
Retail employees -- Black friday sneak preview?
Monitering Util. for Newegg Refurbs.
NF7-S $104.99 *Free Shipping*
20% off Proflowers.com!
laser led kit for 7.25 with ship
Dell P4 2.2 for $200 AR
REMINDER XHour tonight
Antec plusview 1000 amg grey!
Intel cpu price drop
172 MM 235 CFM Comair Rotron Major fans $4.95 each!
$ 44.95 Command and Conquer Generals: Deluxe Edition FREE SHIP / NOTAX
IL 2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles $16.99 @ AMAZON
Very cheap p2+ cpus
Cooltechnica coupon
Antec Halloween contest PlusView1000AMG case
overstock.com 1$ shipping
$100 off a dell laptop
Sony DRU510A
Jewelry Sale
Sunon 80mm Fans £2.35 Including VAT at 17.5%
$5 Craftsman Multitester (analog readout)
Newegg refurb Vid Cards
Radeon 9800 Heatsink/fan
Radeon 9800 Pro $295 @ buyxtremegear.com
Killer Waterblock Deals $20 and Up
Win an iPaq, Radeon, and DVD Burner!
Panaflo Fans
120GB Maxtor 8MB $68.08 Shipped (MIR) Office Depot
B&M BEst Buy 220 or 230$ ATI retail Nonpro 9800
Looking for Staples B&M coupons
20GB Ipod 269.99
Free Windows Services for Unix v3 (11.00 S&H)
Radeon purchasers get HL1 free until HL2 is released
Shuttle 487 for $172 newegg
Special Sales at Newegg Not Refurbish!
SLK700 + fan for $26 shipped
17'' monitor
Liteon CD/RW $19.99
antec sonata 120mm fan case w/ tp 380 for $89
maxtor 120gig 8mb cache 79.99 @ best buy
Bba 9800 Pro 299
Intel P4 Price Drop!!!
Cheap Monitors (refurb)
X Hour 10/26/03
OCZ weekly contest
A64 3200+ Retail Only $356+S - For Real This Time
BB Radeon 9800 pro 299.99 After rebates
Where do I get SVC discount coupon?
Sennheiser Refurbished Headphones direct from Sennheiser
30 gig 7200rpm 38.99
CPU Price Drop
HOT!! Powercolor 9800 XT 298 shipped!!! (MISPRINT, CORRECTED-sss)
FC-PGA 633mhz Celeron = $16.99, free shipping
$110 shipped Western Digital Raptor 36GB SATA WD360GD 10,000 RPM
Coolerguys Garage Sale
LED usb cables
Free Logitech Cordless Mouse?
amd64 3200+ RETAIL for $370 2 day fedex shipped
BB ATI 9600pro $129
Postal: Classic and Uncut for PC
Reflex Arcade Stick with Dual Force for Xbox $9.99
Crushed can $4.95 shipped
FX 5900 Ultra AGP 8X 256MB DDR Video Card Retail $390
SVC is doing it again, SLK-900a for $19.99
2 Refurb Asus A7N8Xs at Newegg for $55
Free Nokia 6800 (Keyboard Phone) - Today only
Cyber Deal Request: Need to find a Shuttle SB65G2
Motorola 5100 Surboard Cable Modem $46 @ Newegg !
Newegg sales, good deal on 80mb WD SE
Jabtech out of stock? -> AS5 for $6.99 - Free Shipping - SVC.com
slk-900a $19.99