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Need help building my computer.
Suggestions on Buying ~
Best Video Card for the money?
Kingston HyperX PC3200 512MB - $89.99, good deal?
Woot DVD Drive Problem
seagate rebates a scam?
overclockers.com article: building a ultra cheap system... where?
ATTN: Becareful with your Paypal account!!!!
Believable ebay phising scam...new one to me.
AMD ? looking for a good chip
Should I Build New Or Add To Old
Ebay Help/advice please
Anyone know any deals for 'good' cases for cheap?
Looking for Quiet Socket A cooler in $35 range
Resolv 65a deals?
24-pin PSU
(Dead Deal) ATI AGP Preorder...$206 RADEON® X800 XT PE Refurb
I have many Half-Life2/CS:S CD Key
free newegg shirt and cd case
Mushkin "Name Our Heatsink" Contest
Earthlink DSL users - new lower rate
EVGA's 2005 Scavanger Hunt!
HP battery recall
Freebies from Newegg
Used computer shops in Chattanooga area?
Buying WD Raptors on eBay - warranty question
Newbie question! Direct me to the classified section please!
is this good? Geforce 6800XT 128MB PCI Express $89.99 after $40 MIR
make 1.5+ grand..not a scam (Cheap Inkjet cartridges to be redeemed)
Thanks for price gouging AND sending me the wrong CPU
Should I wait on building a PC till ~Black Friday for better prices??
The Official "Craziest thing that you saw on BF2006"
open box motherboard from the egg
Help identifying used heatpipe/tower type CPU cooler?
Viewsonic Warranty :(
(DEAD DEAL) Free Office '07 Professional & Vista DVDs from Microsoft
e6400 BACK IN STOCK~! $160 - microcenter
Newegg- From Order To Shipment in 90 Minutes
Where can I get extra iPod earphones? (Original ones)
Corsair Power Supply Deals @Clubit
Refurb Iphone $399/499
Soyo 24" LCD $299 @ OfficeMax
G0 Q6600 at NewEgg- $289 shipped w/ GRAW2 game
Credit Card?
Acer 22" LCD - $179 (Office Depot in store only)
GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L $90 shipped @Clubit.com
400GB WD SataII: $70
AMS Hardrive 3.5 dock Free after 30$ MIR
Newegg Hard Drive giveaway
Patriot eXtreme 2GB (2x1GB) 240-Pin DDR2800 - $64 after $50 MIR
E2140 & ECS P4M900T-M - $89.99 @ FRYS
Petras has MX-2 in stock
Acer Aspire 3680 Laptop $448
GoGamer PC Game Sale - Halo 2, Hitman: Blood Money, Starship Troopers, & Others
Guaranteed G0 X3210 at saveateagle.com & at tankguys.com
2x1gb OCZ PLatinum PC6400 = $60 AMIR!
Win a Cannon Powershot SD1000 @ ZZF Sweepstakes
Any sick deals on DDR2-667 ish Value Ram?
Free G.Skill 2x1GB PC26400 with 850W Cooler Master PSU
Acer X241WSD 1920x1200 24" monitor $299 after $100 MIR
Panaflo FBA08A12M1A $2 a peice [with 2 or more]
ATI Radeon X600SE PCI-E for 27.99 or $17.99 GCO@Buy.com
buy halo3, get $10 off any xbox accy even hd-dvd drive.
DELL 2407WFP-HC $599 Canadian Today Only
PCPC 610 Silencer $120 + shipping
Anyone get in on the $109 Black Zune Dell price mistake?
Xeon X3220 (B3) $299
Athlon 64 x2 5200 $97.20!
Celeron 420 1.6Ghz Conroe-L core $41.99 from ClubIT.com +Free Shipping
I need to find a deal on a lawn mower
Vosto 1400 $599 1.6ghz 1gb vista 2mp camera or 120gbHD TODAY ONLY!
Q6600 (G0) - $295 Free Shipping
dell 2007
Antec 900 Mid Tower Computer Case $79.99AR; $59.99 w/PP coupon @Newegg
Logitech VX Revolution $30 w/o shipping
SCEPTRE Black 42" 16:9 8ms 1080p LCD HDTV X42GV-Naga - $899.99 After $100 MIR
$150 Instant Savings+Free Shipping on FX-62 - $199
semi-un-Official Daily Deals website links
BFG GeForce 8800GTS OC 550MHZ 640MB : 359.99$cdn
Cheap CompTIA exams?
Tell me if this is fishy or not...
360 refurb Plat, Geeks $277 Warm? ends tonite.
Dog Toy (M.V)
[DEAD DEAL] $20 Off $100 w/ Coupon @Newegg
Corsair VX450W $65.30 @ ZZF
Q6600 for $281
ABIT IP35 Pro $139.99 + ship after MIR
NICE TV Stands at BB- 85% Off
ABIT IP35-E $71.35 after $20 MIR (mwave.com)
Samsung 22" Monitor 193.00 Shipped!! NR
Fry's Seagate 250GB Pata Drive $50
Antec True Power Trio TP3-650 650W: $69
westinghouse 22" LCD $179.99
Workgroup laser printer $109.99 shipped
Tuniq tower $45 + free shipping from Newegg!
OfficeDepot Memorex 2gb Traveldrive $9.99
free IPod NANO through key bank
Q6600 G0 Guaranteed Retail Box $300 Shipped - ClubIT
Is this a good mouse? (www.woot.com) Razer Pro v1.6 $30 shipped
Maxtor 1TB External HDD $300 OTD @ Fry's B&M (YMMV)
Sales on TTUltra 120 xtreme?
Deadeyedata's August deal for OCF members! [$25.00 off the Silverstone CW02-MXR HTPC]
$109 AR! :: ABIT IP35 mobo
Any deals on Dell monitors?
FREE ($10MIR) 2.5" External HD Enclosure USB2.0 with One Touch Backup
Fry's Q660 and ECS 94M900T $298.99
2GB Ballistix DDR2 800: $80 after MIR
8600gt: $70 after MIR; 8800GTS 320: $250 after MIR
Geil 2x1GB DDR2 667mHz Kit from Newegg $45+$5 shipping AR
Microsoft HD DVD Player for Xbox 360 + 5 free HD DVD's for $149.99 @ Bestbuy.com
GRAW 2 PC $29.90 GoGamer
E6850 & P5N-E SLI Combo $377 at Fry's
[Dead deal] Microsoft Remote Keyboard $24.90 @ GoGamer
Ballistix 8500's $119.99 w free shipping after MIR
Hanns-G 19" WS LCD [+ FREE HP Printer] $189.99/Shipped
Antec Earthwatts 430
22in Acer BestBuy 189.99 (AL2223WD)
cheap BFG 8800 gtx OC?
C2D 4300: $80.00
IBM Lenovo R61 $473 c2d 1.6 GHz, 512mb, 60GB, DVD, WiFi, Vista Home
Logitech G-15 46.49 AMIR
Xbox Live 1600 Points BOGO @ Circuit City
Xeon 3210 Quad Core - $228 From NCIX.
Frys dealios E2140 and mobo... 100!
Free $100 for Opening Citi Bank Savings Account
Antec EarthWatts 380W PSU - 19.99 after 25 MIR
8/1/2006: Xbox 360 HD-DVD add on $179 + 5 free HD-DVD Movies
Patriot (2 x 1GB) DDR2-800: $85-$35MIR = $50 + $3 ship
Inexpensive CPU cooler - COOLER MASTER GeminII RR-CCH-ANU2-GP $15, after $15 MIR
Back again: Rebadged Seagate Maxtor 300GB SataII HDD $59.99 + Free Ship
OCZ Reapers 2x 1Gb $125.99 & MIR
Buy.com - Corsair HX520 99.99 shipped-$20MIR-$10 google checkout=69.99
Any deals out there on some good D9s?
HDMI cable deals?
BFG 7900gs oc $99.99 AR at Fry's
System Mechanic 7 for $7.99 AMIR @ Buy.com
Sandisk 512MB Ultra II SD Plus w/USB
10oz AirDuster $2.99 @ CompUSA!
any sound card deals (just purchased z-5500)
Any C2D/mobo combo deals?
CyberPower CP550SL UPS - 550VA/330W $29.99 Shipped @ Buy.com
Q6600 Deals and Prices list
15% off bfg video cards at Bestbuy
X-Fi gamer sound card $50 AR
Microsoft Zune $179 +tax circuit City
HIS Tech X1950 Pro 512MB AGP for $140 after MIR
[Dead Deal] ANTEX P180 $40 AMIR&Coupon
Decent upgrade $$$ wise for a 939 board?
Q6600 GO
intel Q6600 299$ +free shipping *its finally here*
great deal thermaltake armor series case only 119.99 after MIR
Tuniq Tower! 46.99 @ Xoxide
Ultra X-finity 600W for $50 No Rebate
Arctic Cooling "Accelero S1" VGA Cooler - NOW $21.99 +S/H Tax
need laser printer deal
E6850 £169
Looking for 500GB HD Recommendations
Abit IN9-32X-MAX for $179AR
[Dead Deal]BUY.COM LOGITECH X-540 FOR $30
27" HDTV LCD TV $275 + Shipping
Apparently OCZ makes sd cards too.
Woot-Off alert
Cooler Master Real Power Pro RS-A00-EMBA 1000W Power Supply $190!!!
EVGA scavenger hunt
EVGA 8800GTS 320mb for 229+ tax. AC+AR YMMV
eVGA 7800GTX's - Reg & KO $99 from eVGA!
refurb 47" 1080p westy $850 shipped
2GB Ballistix PC2-6400 - $80 AMIR
socket A boards?
Best Buy - 550VA (330W) UPS $39.95
Acer 19in Widescreen LCD - $139.99 (Bestbuy)
OCZ GameXStream 700W $85 AMIR + free shipping
Looking for a good deal on a 7900GS New/Used
Win $5000 or a C2D Rig and win another C2D rig
Any deals on WII's??????
Acer 2051W (P-MVA 20" glossy) $215 shipped
PLCC extractor and Programmer
*HOT* PNY 8800GTS 640MB *HOT*
[Dead deal]Are you quick? Woot.com BOC NOW!
Seagate 300GB SATAII 16MB ST3300622AS - $59.99 (Fry's)
Need DDR? Crucial Ballistix (2x512) DDR400 2-2-2-6: $32 shipped after MIR
4800+ for $110 @ Fry's...more
D-Link Wireless 108G and wired gigabit router 79.99 free ship
$991.95 Pentium-M Dothan (1.8ghz) from dell
More Ballistix PC2-6400s on sale for $85, plus shipping, after $30 MIR
2x1gb Kingston PC6400 $85.99 Free Ship
Epox Intel Boards: i915 - $20, i848 - $15
External Maxtor USB 2.0 160GB HD in SoCal Fry's locations
Corsair HX520 $79.99 AR - Free shipping
Arctic Cooling "Accelero S1" VGA Cooler - $23.99 +S/H Tax
Logitech MX518: $24.99
AMD Price Drops already @ MWAVE
Office Depot: $10 off $25 coupon
Cooler Master Stacker 830: $160
Cooler Master 650w PSU: $15 (after $35MIR)
Epox EP-AF570+ AM2 $35
More AMD Price Cuts: July 9th
eMac - Complete PC $239 AR, no Monitor.
37" Westinghouse LCD 1080P 37w3 (Refurb)- $674.99 + shipping
Kingston 1GB DDR2 800 (2 x 512MB) - $10.99 AR, Free Ship
amd cpu price drops are now in effect at new egg
4GB Lexar Duo for $30 Shipped!~
PS3 $499 @ Circuit City!
Asus p5k-e 190.00
Sony PS3 + 5 Movies: $459 + tx (7/15-7.21)
Crucial DDR2 667 1GB Sticks: $18 (After MIR) + Free Shipping
Antec Nine Hundred Case - Fry's - $69.99
XFX 7600GT AGP - 94.99 AR @ Newegg
$90 Corsair HX520W
2x1gb Patriot eXtreme Performance PC2-6400 - $75 AMIR... -And some cheap sodimm too
2x1GB DDR2 PC2-5300 Crucial Laptop RAM $44.99 AR
Antec "Basiq" 500W PSU - $7.99AR + Ship
webhosting deals?
xps m1210 $799
Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5 2GB $138 After MIR
Great Deals at Frys. Today and Tommorow only.
Maxtor 500gb sata hdd 89.99 free ship
JULY 4TH ONLY Q6600 $299!!!
EVGA 7600GT $59 - After Coupon + MIR
Deadeyedata's OCForums PSU deals! [July 2007]
q6600 w/ mobo at frys $300!
Newegg iPhone Giveaway & 4th of July Deals
HP LaserJet 1020 Monochrome Printer - $99.99
Play Games earn points win prizes, i just won vista ultimate retail :)
32" Ahanix LCD (New) $399
37" Westinghouse LCD 1080P (Refurb)- $619
Nero 7 Ultra - either $20 or free with MIR's
Xbox 360 Premium $299!!
Bestbuy.com LG 246W-BN 24" MVA for 599(+tax/shipping), get $25 giftcard !Ends today!
{DEAD DEAL} AM2 6000+ for 169.99 shipped
[In Store] EVGA 8800GTS 320mb 236.99 after MIR and ISC
Crucial Ballistix 45.00 MIR
So is the Office Depot HP Pavilian DV9000Z deal, a deal or no?
RangeMax Wireless Kit $64.99 + Ship
Woot.com $19.99 X600se 128MB DDR1 PCI-E
2x1GB Crucial PC5400 Laptop RAM $62.64 Free Ship
New 7% off Buy.com coupon, valid thru July 4th
Fry's - Antec NSK4400 - $50 Shipped
xfx 8800 gts 600mb 319.95
Westinghouse 22" LCD Widescreen $219 @ BB no rebate
COOLER MASTER RR-CCH-L9U1-GP 92mm CPU Cooler at Newegg
EVGA 8800GTS 345 AR
PartsExpress, Free Shipping!! 6/29-7/5
Pny 8800 gts 640mb for $338.00
Crucial 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 $35.99 with egg promo code
Dell Coupon Code trick.... Save BIG $$$$$ when ordering from dell!
Thermalright V1-Ultra 14.99 @ SVC
2gb OCZ PC2-8500 SLI Edition $99.99 AR + Ship
targus universal laptop charger $20!!!
Vizio VX37L 37" HDTV 720P Refurb @ Buy.com $599.99 Shipped
Corsair XMS2 2x1gb pc6400 $73
Blockbuster promo code
WTB: good deal on speaker stands?
Free Visual Studio 2005
Fry's - BFG 7900GS OC - $99AR + Tax/Shipping
$74.99 after MIR for D9
2gb (2 x 1gb) OCZ Platinum Rev2 DDR2-800mhz Cas 4-4-4-15, $79 shipped free (No MIR !)
200GB Maxtor=$25.97 / 4GB mini drive=$9.50
Freshly minted 2 GB kit of Ballistix PC2-8000 for $128, plus S&H, less $40 MIR
USB+Firewire Ultra 3.5in HDD Enclosure: $9.97 (MIR, Valid until 6/30/07)
$58 shipped Case /w power supply MicroATX pretty nice no rebate
XFX 8500GT: $79-$20MIR = $59
Nut Kicking Deal! COOLER MASTER GeminII for $13.99AR FREE S/H
Nvidia 8500gt 256mb $59 AR shipped free ($20 MIR)
32" LCD: $394, 19" WS LCD: $139, 42" Plasma: $589
looking for a SD & XD deals
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz OEM and XFX nForce 680i for $499.99
[DEAD DEAL]Fry's.com - P180B $50AR + free ship
Maxtor 320GB SATAII 16MB-$59.99 [ATTN: g0dM@n! haha]
Seagate 500GB 7200.9 100 NO REbate + OCZ reaper for 125AR
Free xbox live 1 month time card
Ballistix 2x1GB PC2-6400 at the Egg for $70, after $45 MIR
Cheap PC Power and Cooling Stuffs
$10 month Bellsouth/AT&T FastAccess DSL Lite
Corsair 520W Power Supply -- $80 AMIR, free shipping
CORSAIR 4GB (2 X 2GB) DDR2 800 (PC6400) $179 AMIR/Free Ship
Need a 8800GT Deal Please? Kthx
TankGuys Pre 4th of July Sale
BFG GeForce 8800 GTS OC 640MB $316 @ BB (no rebate /free ship )
Deal: 10% off at nexfan.com
Viewsonic 28" LCD Monitor $599 + FS + Free Cannon Printer (AR)
Thermaltake Toughpower 750W Modular Power Supply $124.99 + Shipping
2900XT $380 shipped from Ewiz
(DEAD DEAL NOW $50) $42.47 Monoprice 4X1 HDMI Switch with remote
Recertified WD Caviar HD 250GB $49.99 @ EGG
$50 off any HDTV $499 and up at Best Buy
Free 12-pack of coke
Staples $10.00 off $150.00 or more.
Antec EA500 PSU @ Fry's $49.99
Z-5500 Digital Speakers only $211.65.
Brace yourselves: FREE HD-DVD player and 5 HD-DVD movies
Crucial Ballistix PC6400 DDR2 (1gig x 2) 69.99 AR
Bizarre EVGA Deal
Opteron 165, Retail S939 + Free Shipping @ Newegg for $99.99
Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB)
SVC lapping kits!
BUFFALO Select 1GB DDR2-667 $27.49* + $2.50 Shipping
iolo AntiVirus - Complete Product - Up to 3 PC's Free AMIR of$30.
Patriot eXtreme 2GB PC2-6400 -- $85 AMIR
42" Viore HD Plasma (Refurb) $589 + ship
Corsair PC2-8500 Dominators for $153 After MIR
XFX 8600GTS 256mb $123.48 after $30 MIR
BenQ shopper - refurbished LCDs
iriver H-10 20GB music player on sale at staples
1gb DDR2-667 Notebook RAM $37 free ship
[Dead Deal] HD-A2 HD-dvd player + 5 free MOVIES $199.99 SHIPPED
OCZ 2x1GB DDR800 $79.99 After($35)MIR
cheapest place to find x-fi music/gamer card?
Asus p5k-e 199.00
ULTRA120Extreme $46.25!!!!! (before shipping)
Antec 900 @ Fry's $89.99+Shipping
OCZ ddr2 6400 2x2gig 170 amir
[DEAD DEAL] Divx Pro 6.6 FREE ! (direct from Divx )
Cheapest place to buy win XP licenses?
Shadowrun Sweepstakes!
4GB Lexar Polished Stainless Flash drive 60$ 30MB/21MB
Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 at the Egg...$85, shipped, after $85 MIR!
Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 $85 @ MIR
500GB External HDD for $96
OCZ & Corsair 2x1gb DDR2 sticks $68 (MIR on the OCZ)
Free $10 gift card with Forza 2 @Best Buy
Samsung ML-2510 - $14.99 after PM & AR YMMV
GSkill 2GB DDR800 82.99 Shipped
Newegg: Olevia 37" LCD HDTV $699
939 DC Opty Steals!
newegg to give out 2 Wiis a week
Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX Contest
Retail Vista (x86) owners wanting x64 , only $9.95 !
2gb ddr2 $40 AR ($15) free shipping!
Free Chipotle on June 5th! (Colorado Only)
8800gts 640 deals?
eVGA FX5200 PCI 128MB video card FAR - YMMV
Cooler master savings! WARNING MIRs!
Leadtek 8800gts 320 $259
Antec Sonata III 500W Earthwatts / 2 Days Left
Barracuda 7200.10 320GB Sata II -- $75 plus free shipping from the Egg
Harmony 880 universal remote for $119.99!!
2Gb PQi 49.99
Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB PC2-8000 -- $105 AMIR (plus free shipping)
YAMAHA HTR-5940BL Receiver $99 + shipping
Free Games From ATI and Steam - ATI Users Only.
Antec NeoHE 500W $39 AMIR
micron D9HNL's $35.99 ddr2-667
Great deal on 40GB Hard Drive from dell: 1029.00
Subzero K7 Processor Fan Designed for AMD CPU 3400 + AMD Socket 462 FAR
Dane-Elec 4GB zMate Pen High-Speed USB 2.0 Drive - $29
AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Venice 2.2GHz 512KB skt939 $32
Deathadder $49.99 in Canada - Limited No.
Sharp Aquos 46" Full HD 1080p LCD $840
Antec PSU's: EarthWatts 380W $35, EarthWatts 500W $60
olevia 27" lcd $297 + CHEAP shipping
Crucial Ballistix 2GB PC2-6400 -- $85 AMIR & shipping
Newegg open pox P5B series!
Guild Wars "Return To Tyria" Sweepstakes
2x1GB DDR2 533Mhz $26.99 SHIPPED (after MIR and Google Checkout rebate)
10% off entire order Frozencpu.com
Nightingale LXO ergonomic computer chair $310
WS LCD's: 19" $115 20" $140 22" $167 NO REBATES
Intel E2160 (OEM) @Ewiz $85 + shipping
2gb ddr2 supertalent 667 $56 SHIPPED
Westinghouse 37w3 799.99 Costco.com
Vantec IDE/SATA to USB 2.0 Adapter $25 Shipped @ The Egg
AMD AM2 4400+ brisbane, $70 shipped at outpost ->DEAD DEAL (S-N)
Freezer 7 Pro $22 Shipped
ZZF: eVGA 8800 GTS 640 309.99 after MIR
BestBuy Extra 10% off coupon for Memorial Day
1GB DDR2-667 $19.99 AMIR (29.99 before)
Intel Core 2 Duo E2140 @ Ewiz.com $89 + shipping
Thermaltake 430W PSU $29.99 Shipped AR @ ZZF
More DDR2 -- 2GB HyperX DDR2-800 $118.50 AMIR
Another staples coupon (actually 2).
Folding farm.... 69bucks for foxconn mobo and 3400+ w/o rebate...
ATTN: All cooling freaks
Help me find the best 5.1, or 7.1 Speakers.
Help me find $500-600 Laptop for Dad!!
Toro 20016 mower $88.20 @ HD
$70 shipped - Corsair VS2GBKIT667D2 2GB Kit DDR2-667 PC2-5300 Value Select NO REBATE!
Viewsonic 20" Widescreen LCD 5ms DVI Black $170 shipped AR @ Egg
2x2Gb 4Gig Patriot DDR2 DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) $199.99
Fry's Bay Area: C2D E4300 ECSP4M800Pro-M V2 for $99.99
This is getting ridiculous
[Fry's] Patriot DDR2 533mhz PC2-4200 2 x 2gb (4gb) $120 after $40 MIR ]
OCZ 2x1GB DDR2-800 Gold Gamer eXtreme XTC Edition - $71.50 AR
2x1gb ddr2 44.99 AMIR-- DEAD DEAL.... S-N
e4300 + ecs p4m800pro-m (AGP ddr & ddr2) $99.99
Logitech MX Revolution - $35 after MIR + promo code
Maxtor 300GB SATA $59.99 Shipped @ Outpost/Frys
Crucial2GB(2x1GB)PC2-5300 667MHz 200-pinDDR2 NotebookMemory$69.99AMIR/Free shipping
evga NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS 640MB for $315 (AR AC)
754 3200 Venice $36
Bestbuy Memorex 25PK DVD+R 16X 6.99$
Another Corsair 620HX deal-120.00 after MIR
Seagate 300GB $70 free shipping from Fry's
Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB DDR2 PC-8500 $125 AMIR
Sticky Suggestion
Kingston 1GB MicroSD $9.99 Free Shipping!
Another boring cheap DDR2 link (take 2) - G.Skills HZ for $109
WD External HD Sale buy.com
Another cheap boring DDR2 link - Ballistix PC2-8500 Tracers for $130, after $75 MIR
8800 GTS 640 $329 after MIR
22inch Lcd at the egg $189(ar)
E6420 + Motherboard $189 @ Frys
More Webcast Freebies! (Newegg)
A good deal for UK and Ireland?
Free PS3 with Purchase of LCD TV
r600 2900XT 512mb (diamond, Sapphire, HIS) @ ZZF $399.99-$424
Acer 2216Wbd $200 (w/ $70MIR) at officedepot
$2.78 HDMI Cable male to male 28AWG - 3ft w/Ferrite Cores
2900XT at Ewiz
MSI GeForce 8600 GTS ($159.99)
Woot.com $199 22" Acer LCD refurb (R0x0rz!) 5/8/07
Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB (2 X 1GB) PC2-8000 $109 after google checkout
Tiger Direct 399.99 Laptop NO MIR
PNY 4GB USB flash drive $30 @ staples
$35 AMIR 200pin sodimm DDR2-667
Thermalright Ultra 90 - $19.99 at SVC.
Corsair XMS2 2GB (2 X 1GB) PC2-6400 DDR2 $99.99 AMIR (Free shipping)
Deals on Ventrilo hosting???
Newegg: Eagle Tech Aluminum Computer Case $0 after rebate
g.skill 2x1GB D9GMH PC-6400 (Micron D9GMH) $117.99 @ NewEgg
BestBuy - In-Store Storage, Display and Misc Computer Deals
Dell UltraSharp 2407FP for $569
Ultra X-Finity 600W Power Supply Free After $65 Rebate at Frys.com + S/H (~$7)
Crucial Ballistix 2GB 8500 135 AMIR + free ship ends 5/18
Vista Home Premium - $69.95 (For students and faculty)
Need deal on AGP card !!
G.Skill Promos based DDR2-800's
Enter to win a nForce 680i SE SLI from EVGA.
Deals on DDR2 1000/1066 Crucial Ballistix
Ultra 350w power supply $4.98 NO REBATES!
[DEAD DEAL] 3X1 HDMI Switch w/Remote $43.74 Shipped
Creative X-Fi Xteme Gamer $39 A/R
Looking for a good deal on a printer/fax/copier combo
22" LCD Flat Panel WideScreen Display w/ Speakers - Black $199
Crucial Ballistix 2GB(2x1GB)PC2-6400 800MHzDDR2 $99. AMIR Free Shipping.
Want a Wii?
Advance Screening to Shrek 3 YMMV
Crucial Ballistix 2GB pc-8000 D9
Corsair 520HX $69.99 + Free shipping, AMIR & Google checkout
EVGA 8600GT for $120+free shipping
Antec TruePowerTrio 500W - $65
Oakley Government Sales - 50%+ Off Retail Prices on Many Oakley Products.
Supreme Commander $24.90 @ gogamer
2x1GB OCZ DDR2 1066mhz $139.99 AR + Ship @ Outpost
On Fire: Tandy 5000 MC proffesional System only 8500$ After MIR [SOLD OUT]
7mp fuji $65 NO REBATES!
Best laptop for under 600?
Creative 20GB Portible Hard Drive -- $22 Shipped
Supreme Commander @ Gogamer $24.90
How bout this for a "Great" price on memory
DVI to HDMI Adapter for $5 shipped (Meritline.com)
woot off now!
(USER BANNED)Free Apple - Mac Products!!
p5b plus a good deal at $139.99?
$5.99+tax /50 Pack CD-R at Best Buy
things fling ups deal
Win AMD Dream Machine -Newegg
E6600 @ Frys $199.99 shipped
Free MS Classes + More from HP?
Paypal $5 off $20 April 24 to May 13, 2007
Eagle Tech ET-CAV2-RD-WOP Red (XG Viper overpriced case)Free after $90 MIR + $15.99SH
Corsair CMPSU-620HX 620W good deal for $134.53?
(Dead Deal) $81 shipped for 2GB DDR2-667 SODIMM
odd request for a type of skateboard
Sandisk Sansa c250 - 2GB (w/ expandable microSD slot) - $50
Dell brings back Windows XP
memory blow out at the egg
Crucial Ballistix PC2 8000 171.00 NO MIR
Core 2 Duo deals
E6700 c2d $349.99 + free shipping
CluBit.com does it again
SuperTalent 2GB PC5400 (677MHz) **$86.49**
Zippy 500W- $119+shipping
7dBi Networking Antenna (2-Pack) $9.99 free ship (ends today)
Antec P182
Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme Cooler in Stock @ BestByte
e6600 $235 Shipped at ZZF
XBOX 360 ELITE avail NOW!
Corsair HX Series CMPSU-620HX 620W Power Supply $124 Shipped AMIR
Enermax Liberty 620W for $89.99 AR
Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000) $184.99
Gskill ddr2800 2 gigs 110$ @ the egg
asus striker extreme OPEN BOX $257
BFG 7900GT OC for $75 good deal?
Frys-4400 and cheap mobo for 100
Kingston 2GB DataTraveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive = $2.95 AR & GCO + FS
Thermalright Ultra 90 - $16.99/14.99 (775/K8)
Buffalo Firestix 2Gb D9 PC6400 for $120+ shipping
A decent Woot!
Amd X2 4600+/ECS 6100 $119!!!!
PNY 8800GTS 320MB $215 After $20 Rebate & $15 Coupon + Free Shipping