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to atminside and site admins
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ThinkCentre M57e and Pentium 521
ThinkCentre M57e and Pentium 521
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Need TroubleShooting Help
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cpu temps
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Is it necessary to overclock ram while overclock cpu?
4790K O/C results from Computex competition
3570K or 4670K (on air)
just whant to now.
Can“t even OC above 4.2
Intel Announces Devil's Canyon 4th Generation Unlocked Processors
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OC results are they good?
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4930k off to good start
I4770K and H100i Cooler
Is this normal for Intel systems?
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4.5ghz at .745 volts?
does this look good?
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990x on a Rampage II Gene. Worth the upgrade from a 920?
Overclocking Escapades: Intel socket LGA775 Core 2 Duo E8400 E0 stepping
i7 4770K damaged, failing?
Vcore voltages
To de-lid or not to de-lid? 4770K
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A little help overclocking my 4670k :) Please.
Delid 4770K
Finally delided my 3770K
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4770k, 4930k, or 3930k
First time overclocker with 4770k problems.
haswell overclock and turbo mode
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I5 2500k on a p8p67 deluxe mobo
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Help with overclocking
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Newbie Here
Wondering how long your 920@4ghz will last?
Not really sure where to start....
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OC'ing Q9400
RealTemp reports clock lowering by about 50 mhz than back to 4.100 under Linpack
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Delidding the 3570k
4770K and high temps with Prime95
how much core voltage can you push through a 3770T?
can temps drop that fast?
e8400 vs q8200, help. Is it worth switching?
i7-4970 vs Unlocked Pentium
Quad Vs New i7 question
i5-4670k Question Regarding Stress Testing (New to Intel)
Intel Celeron E1400 overclock?
i5 4670k not loading oc over 4.0
i7 4770K New Here.. Need and advice..
i5-4670K OC Stock Cooler
4770k good (ish) temps at 1.39v
Overclocking Intel Core i7 4960X processor (Ivy Bridge) Extreme Edition and Qua
what's in a name?
2500k overclock voltage is varying
Help overclocking E2140 with 2 Ddr2 Ram's
i7 4770K stock - high voltage
OCing my 4670k
i5-4670k OC'ing Help Please!
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Random Freezing: I7 930, Asus P6X58D-E and GTX460 SLI with ARMA 3
Not stable?
Haswell (Z87) CPU worth buy?
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Clock/Time problem after overclocking 4770K
Overclocking 2600k -- Temp way too high
Xeon CPU?
Tearing after OC
Not stable after fresh reinstall
3770k OC'D to 4.4, no longer works after removal
Intel to release Broadwell and 5th Generation CPU(s) ?
Overclocking Intel Pentium Dual Cpu e2140
Upgrade suggestions
Should I change any of these settings?
What is the General Concensus as to What VCore Application Method is Best
More Powerful 6C12T Multitasking Performance - Intel Core i7-4960X Guide
LGA775 memory problem
E8400 OC vs Q9550 Stock.. Which do i use?!
im getting the upgrade itch....
Help me OC my Asus P5KC and E4500 2.2GHZ setup!
overclocking a q9550
2500k not stable with RAM at 1600
help overclocking older socket/cpu
OC'ing my i5 750 - again!
2600K Max Multi Testing
Overclocking 4670k Temps
980X - my RAM is not stable while CPU kept at stock speed
New Intel 4670k owner, could use your guys tips again!
3770K OC revival...
Intel Xeon 5080 or 5160
Safe voltage for 2500k
At landfill found a Asrock Conroe865PE with a Core 2 Quad Q6600
Pushing my E8400 to it's MAX
3770k OC. Random freezes over night
Xeon X5450 issues
Help me come out of the 775 age.
E5300 o/c
Trying out the dark side
PGA478 vs PPGA478
Another, yet important 4670k question?
Doing my 2 year upgrade
UEFI BIOS Overclocking
Overclocking Escapades: socket LGA1155 Intel Core i5 2400
Core i7 920 @ 4.0 temps, safe or not?
Which i7 , 4820K or 4770k ?
Intel Pentium G620 OC
Help w/4770k oc on mvie? (ss phase)
i7 4770k - Underclock to Offset High Temp?
RAM OC performace boost
Help with OC i7 860
do i need to upgrade??? need to know today!! X5460 bottlenecking my gtx 770????
New OC - temps?
Prime 95 Failure
Can't get passed 4.0 on 4670k + ASRock Z87E-ITX!
Buying decision - i5-4670k or i7-4770k
Q9450 + P5E3 - big differences in the temp of cores
Who's oc'ed an ASRock Z87E-ITX?
First time overcloaking - i7-4770k
Overclocking an i5 2500k
Haswell temps seem too low
To unpark or not to unpark
Haswell refresh will have improved TIM ...
Attempting to OC my 4670k, could use some help
Intel 2500k OC
LGA 2011 vs LGA 1150?
Delidding/OC Results (Kind of disappointed)
RAM: 1.6V vs 1.5V
OC i7 3770K; Voltage question
How tell if new 4670k is good OCer
Highest, most stable overclock on 4770K so far?
Noob Question on 2 Intel CPU's.
CPU 100% usage !!!
First Time Overclocker! 4670k
Is my vcore to high for a 4.2ghz OC?
More out of my I5 3570k?
What is the best CPU for this mobo? DG33M06
is there a noticable difference between quad core and dual core?
2500k +games
overclocking qx9650 on dg35ec
Intel Q6600 ASUS p5kc
My 3570k... Upgraded gpu.... Few questions
E3-1230Lv3 vs E3-1265Lv3
4770k, will I notice a big difference in gaming?
Please hlp me overclock q6600
Need advise on Oc'ing 4770K
i7 4770k vs i5 4670k + time to buy a new CPU?
Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz SL7JB MALAY
Trouble OC'ing my 4770K Please help.
Another question about x79 and SB-E i7-3820 BCLK
E8400 Overclock issues
i5 3570K or i5 4670K
help overclocking i7 4770k
AIDA64 CPU Throttling?
New to Haswell overclocking Need help please
How far can I push my i5 4670k
1366 i7 950 easy temp ??
LGA775 x48 vs. LGA1155 Z77 ; verdict?
High temps in Aida64, looking for a couple translations
Sandy Died :( Force upgraded to Haswell.. So happy with it!
OC'ing i5-3570k
Concerns with an OCed i7-870
Trying to OC Q6600
New... can I overclock?
Overclocking Lower Limit, ”Help!
Need Help. OC noob
Unbelieveable Overclock speeds and voltages
i7 3630qm Upgrade to i7 3920xm
Overclocking Escapades: socket LGA1366 Intel Core i7 930
P8P67 Deluxe + i5 2500k Stability problem
LGA-775 & P45t: highest memory speeds
4770k maximus v gene help
q6600 overclocking am i doing it right
i7-3820: is it possible to just overclock one core out of 4?
4770K What can I expect?
i7 4770k 4.5 Ghz Cinebench: Good enough?
4930k Overclock Stats
i4770k & Asus Z78k Mobo Overclock Help
CPU Running at max all the time
"safe" benching voltage for 2700k?
Gigabyte GA-EP45t-UD3LR: memory spec. lie?
Overclock my 4770k
i7 4770k on MSI Z87-GD65 strange Voltage behavior
i7-3820: recommended vcore for 4.7Ghz?
New Rig Can I Overclock?
P9X79 3930K Turbo Wont Stay Off!?
i7 2600 v i5 3570k OC to 4.0ghz
Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 CPU Issues...I think
q9550 voltage issue
i5-760 @ 4GHz or FX-8320 @ 4GHz (which one to keep?)
i5 ivy o/c questions
4670k not loading OC?
4770K Asus Z87 Pro
Making the change to Intel
Overclocking I7 950 @ 4.2ghz
Is my CPU dead?
Need some info on intel CPUs.
Overclocking 3570k ivy bridge
i7-4930K upgrade or hold out till Haswell-E
CPU ok?
How do you tell if a CPU is bad
CPU speed vs RAM speed
Need help overclocking i5 2500k with GA-P67A-D3-B3 motherboard
just installed i5 not showing correct frequency
BSOD on asus Z87-a and i7 1440k
I know, I know a NOOB question again
6 Year Old Build
overclock i2500k and rock z77 extreme 4
Help me in overclocking Inetl® core®2duo E7200 2.53Ghz to (2.83Ghz-3.13Ghz).
i5-2500 CPU Temperatures
OC e8200 c0 reached 4.0 yet not stable
Need blessing for my FlightSim X build.
Looking for the sweet spot in price/performance
Temperature Issues w/ I7-4770K
Can you guys recommend a intel i5?
I'm sure this has been asked-- Bought a 4770 (non 'k'), what am I missing out on
I wanted to overclock my CPU then saw this
Nightmare OC of i5 4670K
i5 4440 vs i5 4670k
3570k voltage question during overclocking?
Intel 4770k EVO 212 vs. Coolermaster Seidon 240M
i5 4760 temp check
3770K 4.4ghz vcore fluctuation abnormal?
Need Help Over-clocking Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Overclocking intel duo cpu E7500 2.93 and 2.94
Can it be Overclocked?
Is ss phase sufficient for a 4930k?
HTPC build
Need some help pushing my i5 3570k towards 5ghz
my first intel always been AMD
Overclocking my Intel Atom Z3740
Far Cry benches: q9550 vs. i7-3820
Finicky voltage for a 4670k overclock w/ ASUS Maximum VI Hero
Q6600 + Asus p5p43td unstable 3ghz OCC
Q6600 under dice
Gigabyte Autotune gave me a 5.6 overclock
I'm about to do an upgrade...
Clocking my Kentsfield Q6600 to 3.0ghz
i7 920 still a keeper?
BSOD after OCing!
Damaged CPU? (Photos inside)
Overclocking my G1610
Problems with i7-4820k + P9X79
CPU 'downgrade' - system won't boot
Another SB-E o'clocking question: BLCK and PCIe bus speed
How much is to much voltage
Processor voltage
I want to overclock an i7 4770k and need a lot of help
Another 4770K Delid w/ Results
i5 3570k is this a good chip?
How to overclock my i5 4670k
Upgrade Choices From 3570k
LGA1366 viability as an upgrade
Need Help OCing Q6600 on My Fresh GA-EP-45-UD3P
Unusual CPU Temps (delidded 3770k @4.5)
i5-4670k overclock, auto vcore?
Northbridge too damn hot to touch!
i7-3820 or SB-E: overclocking templates
Reduced OC with max RAM clock
i5-2500k oc ?
i5 4670k questions
i5 4670k Acceptable Overclock Temperatures
Intel Processor Upgrade for Socket 1155
MSI Z68MA G45 B3 failure to boot
Need Advise on E8400
Intel I5 4670K CPU Overclocking
Testing dead system w/working Pentium D 945 LGA775
Multiple SN and factory seal stickers on retail box?
I7 4770K with Asus Z87 Deluxe Dual Overclock Help
PC Freezes Sometimes After OCing
i7-3820 SB-E: o'clking and effects of Vtt and VCSSA
Can i7 cores be replaced?
Please delete this post
4770k delid (what TIM)
CPU overclock problem
i5-4670K OC & Stability Issues
4670K OC Question's
i7 4770k IMC is Aida64 enough????
New guy needs help with an i7-3770k
Need help with a stable oc, Sabertooth z87 and i5 4670k
Technical Issues with Computer after O/Cing i7 920
What choices do I have?
120hz, below 120 Fps = Stutter?
IS this information any good ?
Intel i7 4770K Sabertooth Overclock
Asrock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer 4.4 GHz Pre Settings fine with i7 4770k?
cpu amplitude control
1090T 3.7ghz to 4670k?
Could this be a bad mount?
Small Overclock?
How are you guys overclocking
OC'ing i5 2500k help for a TOTAL newb
disabling a specific core (4930k, ASUS board)
q6600 OC
4770k OC
How hot is too hot for a 4930k?
I7 3770 OC Advice Needed!
Haswell-E blurb
q9550: still popular?
Optimal ram for the following build (4770K)
Pentium 4 upgrade to i7 possibly?
Can i Overclock my cpu Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5400
4770k: ITX rig; 4GHZ OC, Help finding lowest voltage/temps
execute bit support
Intel i5-2500k basic oc Q's
i5 3470 showing 3.8GHz on windows 8 task manager
OCCT - what is going on there?
i3820: 131 Mhz too much BCLK?
after off for a while, PC resets OC
Q9550 Plz HELP!!!
I7 950 Boot loop / won't post - can't raise bclk
Prime95 and Aida64 crash reboot
Looking into getting new CPU
E2180 overclocking settings
How to get 3.8Ghz on MSI P43-C51 + Q9550
3770K voltage questions.
4770k 315-MALAY OC questions
CPU damage test
Haswell damaged box. Should I return it before opening it?
OverClocking Such A Old Crapper :)
So the much hyped i5 3570K not a good gaming CPU at all?
O/C ability check by labels
Overclocking Q6600 Not Working
What CPU temp app do I believe?
upgraded from dual to quad core, cpu is cooking
Haswell 4770 and heat with Prolima Megahalems
q9550 + p5q-pro turbo + xms2 800 MHz
R4E and 4960X Overclock help
q9550 over clock
I7 2700k downclocks to stock speed under full load.
Problem overclocking Core 2 Quad Q8300
New build, 4670k vs 4770k?
3770k overclocking issues
Switching to Intel from AMD..?
i5 3570k safe overclock/volts?
Q6600 Overclocking Questions
I need help Overclocking my I7-4930k
3930k Overclock Help
2500k voltage help