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2500k +games
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Gigabyte GA-EP45t-UD3LR: memory spec. lie?
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i7 4770k on MSI Z87-GD65 strange Voltage behavior
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New Rig Can I Overclock?
P9X79 3930K Turbo Wont Stay Off!?
i7 2600 v i5 3570k OC to 4.0ghz
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i5 ivy o/c questions
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4770K Asus Z87 Pro
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CPU ok?
How do you tell if a CPU is bad
CPU speed vs RAM speed
Need help overclocking i5 2500k with GA-P67A-D3-B3 motherboard
just installed i5 not showing correct frequency
BSOD on asus Z87-a and i7 1440k
I know, I know a NOOB question again
6 Year Old Build
overclock i2500k and rock z77 extreme 4
Help me in overclocking Inetl® core®2duo E7200 2.53Ghz to (2.83Ghz-3.13Ghz).
i5-2500 CPU Temperatures
OC e8200 c0 reached 4.0 yet not stable
Need blessing for my FlightSim X build.
Looking for the sweet spot in price/performance
Temperature Issues w/ I7-4770K
Can you guys recommend a intel i5?
I'm sure this has been asked-- Bought a 4770 (non 'k'), what am I missing out on
I wanted to overclock my CPU then saw this
Nightmare OC of i5 4670K
i5 4440 vs i5 4670k
3570k voltage question during overclocking?
Intel 4770k EVO 212 vs. Coolermaster Seidon 240M
i5 4760 temp check
3770K 4.4ghz vcore fluctuation abnormal?
Need Help Over-clocking Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Overclocking intel duo cpu E7500 2.93 and 2.94
Can it be Overclocked?
Is ss phase sufficient for a 4930k?
HTPC build
Im happy I now registered
Need some help pushing my i5 3570k towards 5ghz
my first intel always been AMD
Overclocking my Intel Atom Z3740
Far Cry benches: q9550 vs. i7-3820
Finicky voltage for a 4670k overclock w/ ASUS Maximum VI Hero
Q6600 + Asus p5p43td unstable 3ghz OCC
Q6600 under dice
Gigabyte Autotune gave me a 5.6 overclock
I'm about to do an upgrade...
Clocking my Kentsfield Q6600 to 3.0ghz
i7 920 still a keeper?
BSOD after OCing!
Damaged CPU? (Photos inside)
Overclocking my G1610
Problems with i7-4820k + P9X79
CPU 'downgrade' - system won't boot
Another SB-E o'clocking question: BLCK and PCIe bus speed
How much is to much voltage
Processor voltage
I want to overclock an i7 4770k and need a lot of help
Another 4770K Delid w/ Results
i5 3570k is this a good chip?
How to overclock my i5 4670k
Upgrade Choices From 3570k
LGA1366 viability as an upgrade
Need Help OCing Q6600 on My Fresh GA-EP-45-UD3P
Unusual CPU Temps (delidded 3770k @4.5)
i5-4670k overclock, auto vcore?
Northbridge too damn hot to touch!
i7-3820 or SB-E: overclocking templates
Reduced OC with max RAM clock
i5-2500k oc ?
i5 4670k questions
i5 4670k Acceptable Overclock Temperatures
Intel Processor Upgrade for Socket 1155
MSI Z68MA G45 B3 failure to boot
Need Advise on E8400
Intel I5 4670K CPU Overclocking
Testing dead system w/working Pentium D 945 LGA775
Multiple SN and factory seal stickers on retail box?
I7 4770K with Asus Z87 Deluxe Dual Overclock Help
PC Freezes Sometimes After OCing
i7-3820 SB-E: o'clking and effects of Vtt and VCSSA
Can i7 cores be replaced?
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4770k delid (what TIM)
CPU overclock problem
i5-4670K OC & Stability Issues
4670K OC Question's
i7 4770k IMC is Aida64 enough????
New guy needs help with an i7-3770k
Need help with a stable oc, Sabertooth z87 and i5 4670k
Technical Issues with Computer after O/Cing i7 920
What choices do I have?
120hz, below 120 Fps = Stutter?
IS this information any good ?
Intel i7 4770K Sabertooth Overclock
Asrock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer 4.4 GHz Pre Settings fine with i7 4770k?
cpu amplitude control
1090T 3.7ghz to 4670k?
Could this be a bad mount?
Small Overclock?
How are you guys overclocking
OC'ing i5 2500k help for a TOTAL newb
disabling a specific core (4930k, ASUS board)
q6600 OC
4770k OC
Is there a metric I can use to compare CPUs in general
How hot is too hot for a 4930k?
I7 3770 OC Advice Needed!
Haswell-E blurb
q9550: still popular?
Optimal ram for the following build (4770K)
Pentium 4 upgrade to i7 possibly?
Can i Overclock my cpu Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5400
4770k: ITX rig; 4GHZ OC, Help finding lowest voltage/temps
execute bit support
i7 3770k, DZ77GA-70k & GTX 680
Intel i5-2500k basic oc Q's
i5 3470 showing 3.8GHz on windows 8 task manager
OCCT - what is going on there?
i3820: 131 Mhz too much BCLK?
after off for a while, PC resets OC
Q9550 Plz HELP!!!
I7 950 Boot loop / won't post - can't raise bclk
Prime95 and Aida64 crash reboot
$300 or under - sweet spot.
Looking into getting new CPU
E2180 overclocking settings
How to get 3.8Ghz on MSI P43-C51 + Q9550
3770K voltage questions.
4770k 315-MALAY OC questions
CPU damage test
Haswell damaged box. Should I return it before opening it?
OverClocking Such A Old Crapper :)
So the much hyped i5 3570K not a good gaming CPU at all?
O/C ability check by labels
Overclocking Q6600 Not Working
What CPU temp app do I believe?
upgraded from dual to quad core, cpu is cooking
Haswell 4770 and heat with Prolima Megahalems
q9550 + p5q-pro turbo + xms2 800 MHz
R4E and 4960X Overclock help
q9550 over clock
I7 2700k downclocks to stock speed under full load.
Problem overclocking Core 2 Quad Q8300
New build, 4670k vs 4770k?
3770k overclocking issues
Switching to Intel from AMD..?
i5 3570k safe overclock/volts?
Q6600 Overclocking Questions
I need help Overclocking my I7-4930k
3930k Overclock Help
2500k voltage help
I am worried for my cpu temps
fine tunning for i5 760
Upgrade or new 8 core intel chips release this year or soon
Q9550 & P7N Diamond - Overclocking Help
New Haswell Build
CPU multiplier value static
Can I Overclock This CPU?
cpu and memory overclocking!?
2011/x79 update?
3570 Idle Temp Double Check
BCLK Overclock...?
I5 4670k Really bad chip or just me being bad?
Would you upgrade to a 4770k and Asus z87c
Aida64 not such a great stress test.
Z97 Chipset and SATA Express
Question about Intel CPUs and overclocking
4770k overclocking problems
C states
i5 3570K/Asus P8Z77-V LK Questions
i5 3470 quad core shows only 2 cores
How well are the i5 4670k CPUs overclocking?
Intel 4670k or other Intel cpu? +which mobo?
Help overclock celeron
Did I get the worst possible i7 4770k?
I want to overclock a 3770k to 6,500 mhz
i7 4770k, Maximus vi Hero, ddr3 2400 trident
greetings to all
Which Intel processor for this build?
Need help OCing my e8400 (3.0Ghz Dual core) past 3.9Ghz
i7 3930k with my System?
Delid my i7 4770K + H100i + Artic MX-4 ???
i7 4770K Batch 312B329 MALAY
Questions about stability and temperatures on Haswell
OC my i7-920 - stuttering problems
Longevity of Ivy Bridge-e vs haswell
Help me decide 2011 or 1155
q6600 and asus p5p43td OC
Offset Voltage, raise min Vcore?
multiplier on i7 870 no longer goes above 22x
one in a million...
New Delid Temps On Haswell
I5 and I7
Dell System Exchange - Does this sound fair?
Please help me overclock my i7 3770k ASRock z77 Extreme 6.
Haswell 4770K OC 4.4 @ 1.2 LF tips
2500k - Multiplier in W7 either min or max
Not able to change voltage Z77/3570k
i7-4770k better oc without graphics cards
Need help 2700k OC
Overclock i5-2550k
Turbo Ratio in BIOS ok but won't change in Windows 8.1
Overclocking the i5-4570
i7 950 OC help Plz (
Gigabyte z77x ud4 giving me some issues when OCing
Max overclocked power usage of 1155/2011 cpus?
64 bit or 32 bit?
Basic help for a beginner
CPU life - looking for context
OC error - windows problem!
Benching my 3770k
i5-2500k Sandy Bridge CPU Temperatures / Voltage Question (with pictures)
Overclock Failed, need help
Pentium XE 965: how good were they?
Help Increasing i7 3770k Overclock
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Voltage on Haswell, need understanding?
socket 1155 upgrade?
E8400 voltage question.
SB-E & x79: PCIe Gen 3 broken?
Need advice for system build
My first overclock!! i7-950
» Overclocking Q9550 - Help
HT - on after overclock?
OC Help needed!
i5 4670k - OC problem
i7 3770K FurMark and Prime95 Problem
i7 2600k CPU-Z Voltage?
Disable Turbo boost
New guy needs help
3930k or 4930k for DAW
New here: A question about 2 cpu's. TIA
Overclocking a remote server
3770k passmark scores?
Overclocking QX9650
4770k overclocking issues
Overclocking my Core i7 3820
Overclocking my 4770k to 4.5GHz stable.
Better to have 4 cores or 2 faster ones?
Different i5-4670K OC problem
Problems with 4770k + Asus Sabertooth
After stable overclocking to 3.4 or 4 Ghz (or any other Ghz) and leaving PC off
Need help with 4770k OC
Help with first OC with Q6600..!
i7 3770k overclocked
4770K adaptive voltage
Need qx9650 OC help
i7-4960HQ wow really?
Overclock Intel core 2 quad q9400
Temps fluctuating in IBT
Does it hurt to raise CPU FSB to match MOBO FSB?
Need HELP! 4770k, H100i, Z87 UD5H
Tried to OC for the first time.
4770K OC Questions
Want to overclock this! But need help
4770k OC Stress test freezing after 5 min.
Best CPU upgrade for current rig?
Soo CPU's, anything worth upgrading yet?
3770k something wrong with super pi...
i5 4670K & Z87X-UD4H
When is Intels next dissappointment coming??
Asus Commando and Q9650 overclocking
3770k de-lid and Liquid Ultra
4770k overclock want opinions
MSI H78-G43 Overclocking Help
Help with Overclocking i5 3570K
Help with i3 540 overclock
Newbie needing help
2600K overclock crash but low cpu temps
4770k not showing right Ghz...
contemplating AMD to Intel
CPU Usage Problem
DH87RL & i5-4670k overclocking?
I7 4770K stuck at 800Mhz with MSI MB
Cpu overclock help!
Crackling sound after overclocking i7 930 to 3,8 and 4 Ghz
HELP Z87 Mpower OC failed during Idle (i4770K)!
Should I keep going?
So no one is lapping 4770k?
Do You Remember Intel Larrabee
Worried about my CPU temperatures
some help in my system please
Advice for a New 3570K owner
Hello all new to forum and new to overclocking help needed!
Intel Has Broad Skylake Well, Well, Well
Help with overclock
Getting i7 930 past 3,8 ghz (to 4)
Overclocking a 3570K
Overclocking Pentium E5700 3.0Ghz to 3.3Ghz
Is this a good OC for my i7 870 to help bottlenecking?
MSI BIOS 3770k Problems
FX8120 to 4670 or 4770? Guild Wars 2 Can't Hang!
Laptop CPU Not Full Speed
i5 Haswell / MSI Z87-45 OC Help
Overclocking a server cpu
I7-930 Stock & Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme = High Temps??
Delidding E8600
i7 4770k temperatures
First time poster in need of help please
2700K vs. 3570K
1st time overclocker!!!
Intel to 7nm by 2017
Help overclocking Lynnfield (i7 870) on Biostar H55 mobo?
i5 2500k oc help (newbie) :(
OC help
VCore! please enlighten me.
Xeon L5639 overclocking
Question regarding voltage - i5 4670k
OC i7-920 on EX58-DS4 with 1333 DDR3
Out with the old In with the new!
4670K overclocked in BIOS, runs at stock speeds in Windows
Need advice on appropriate i7 desktop
Upgrade time
First time OC'ing, i7 930 to 3,5-4 ghz?
Adaptive voltage won't drop.
New prime95 for Haswell
Having trouble with an E8400...
Delidding a Core2duo E8600
3570k excessive temps a week after deliding?
Intel i7 4960X - Ivy Bridge-E - CPU Review
Upgrading from 2500k
High Voltage
DRAM clocking too low??
How does this look? i5 3750k OC
Intel Upcoming 9-series Chipset Won't Support Haswell
3770K overclock to 4.6ghz...Some issues...
Overclocking Noob Looking to Push the 3770K
Overclocking Q9400 and other questions
Upgrade E2160 for Mother in law?
Have no clue how to overclock new rig or what to set what at
q6600 o/c am a beginner
cpu and video card bottlenecking question (Q6600)
4930K ES Results Vs 3930K
Safe 3930k volts? (Worrying about degrading :( )
asus gryphon.
I7 4770K Overclocking My numbers look good? (CPU Air Cooled)
Looking for Intel build
CPU recommendation
how much could you overclock 4770k with hyper212evo on Z87 Sabertooth(no ram OC)
Very Slow Load-Times?
i5 3570k Corsair H110 Antec 900 OC'd 4.5Ghz
i5-4670k on Gigabyte z87-UD3H, help me OC!!!
Coolaboratory CLU-CLP removal and installation - Video
i7 4770k overclock problem.
First i7-3770k Overclocking, how does this look?
Haswell Overclocking: Is this normal?
Overclocking i5 2500K on z77 board
Deliding a 3570K?
2500k iGPU overclocking?
Best overclock settings for 3770k on air?
Ivy Bridge-E - Who's considering it?
Worth the upgrade?
Upgrading What to do...
Core i7 930 overclock problem
Timid Newbie wants to take OC plunge
i7 4770k overclock 4.6 ghz, 1.260 vcore voltage, h100i, high temperature
Building new, Opinions of chips?
Overclocking my CoreI7 (update)
IBT run= hot tamale!!
CPU & PhysX
Under clocking e6600 to reduce heat?