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old cpu
How do you RMA an Intel CPU?
E6850 OC Help
q6600 help :D
Finding CPU's compatible with older motherboards
E6550 OC help
i7-950 Vs. i7-875k
Any date for 1155 socket?
High Temps with Noctua
i7 845 and mboard vs i7 920 and mboard question / comparison - need advise.
4.2ghz Overclock or PSU
vantage score lower after overclocking
Super High Core voltage!
i5-760@4.2Ghz - 67C max temp, but unstable - what can i increase?
Important Question?
Air-cooling my OC'd i7-950
960 or 970.. worth it?
Beginner: E8400 on P5Q3 Deluxe
Xeon l7345
Insyde H2O
Is this overclock ok?
i7 920 C0 OC to 4GHz
Help me get 4.4Ghz or maybe 4.Ghz out of my 950
need help oc e6600
What stepping/batch should I be looking for on a Core i7-950?
Whats the max safe temp for a Prestonia Xeon
Correct Multiplier
Losing one memory stick when overclocking.
Q6600 - again
Anyone else really thought this?
i7 960 4.2 ghz ?
Easy OC i5 760 very hot
Asus P5B Deluxe and q9550
input on I5 760 overclock
which cpu next ?
CPU Help
top of the line Intel chips
i5-750 unknown instability issue
Hi, just wanted your opinions and feedback for i7-950 overclock 4.0ghz
What should voltages be at?
need help q9300 + dp45sg
Having trouble getting a bclock on a 950 build!
i7 960 Vs. i5 760
Wanna OC my Q8400 4GHZ
One core is unstable?
Trouble stabilizing @ 4ghZ
Help me stabilize! Please!
Did I just Kill my CPU Mobo And/Or PSU during Prime95?
Random ShutDown?
Noob Attempting To O/C i7 930
Time has come for a new build, need your input.
Low end CPU which is better?
CPU Comparison Question
Trying to overclock and old Pentium III 550mhz
i7 930 Temperatures
Shopping at microcenter
i want to build a new system
i3 enough for a GTX 460?
cpu overheating question
Sandy Bridge has an iGPU?
Need help getting my i3 550 >= 4.5Ghz
cpu or heatsink scratch can raise temps?
OC i5 750 on a P7P55 LX
Faster with lower voltage?
i5 760 temp good?
HT on or off?
Modest OC, leave C1E and EIST on or not?
help with my 17 950
i7 950 / X58A-UD3R Overclocked + question
I5 750 Low temps still throttles.
Q6600 B3, whats the highest?
Tweak/Rate My OC Please (i5 760 @ 4GHz)
i5-750... Weird Overclock
Been out of the oc loop for a while. some i7 q's
Overclocking gigabyte h55 /w i5 650
Just Wanted to Say Thanks!
Help me Oc my e8500 some more
Q6600 Safe OC?
What's This Whole "Core" Thing About?
Problems with Overclocking I5 760
i3 540 - Arghhh!
Overclocking I7 920 with EIST and C1E on?
Intel Pentium 4 550 (3.4 GHz LGA775) overclocking help needed!
My first OC
BSOD Vs. Lockups on Q6600
Gflops drop in Linx (i5 760 4.0 ghz)
Building a new i7 based system.. need input
Whic Is Faster?
i7 960
Intel Q6600 - Need Advanced Mobo Help!
Time to build agian
Hi, newby here with an E6850....
Intel LGA1155 i7 2600K w/ Biostar P67 achieve 5GHz Air cooling
i7-980X: How's this for a 24/7 OC
I HIT 4.0GHZ! Q6600
new to overclocking, need help pls.
Sudden Shutdown Conundrum
i7 950 OC: fails to pass the LinX/IBT max tests at any speed
Going for 4.4GHz
Whats my Q6600 worth?
Gulftown: The new Prescott
High CPU Temp After Certain UpTime
Stability Turbo mode?
100°C for my E8500
E6600 Overheating, could it be the processor dying on me?
Wanna go from e8400 to q6600, please advise!
another Sandy Bridge link
OC Q9300
overclock i7 960
Q9550 Can't get it OC'ed
Want some opinions.
First time overclocker (and new member, woo)
Any Suggestions on How To Reach 4.4ghz With a i7 875k?
Possible to overclock with throttling?
4.0 or 4.2 =D
My First Overclock (E4400), Am I doing things right?
I need feedback....
Bad i5 760????
Q9550 @3.4 on Abit Quad X38 / PWM Temps ok?
Underclocking a E3300
i5-760 Oc
E8400 Temps?
Overclock or New CPU?
Dual-core Nehalems... W3503 info
want to upgrade mobo for ocing purposes
little advice please
overclocking bios help
i5 750 - need help overclocking!
e7500 or q6600
More settings (pics) New to oc'ing
What is load line calibration
Question about ES's to anyone who owns one.
Interesting overclocking results...
Pass Prime but fails LinX
Stuck At 3.6ghz i3 540
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Overclocking Help
Are my temperatures ok and could i get a estimated lifespan please.
I7-950: system info ?
Lynnfield vs Bloomfield
Q6600 - urgent lol
i7 advice
How does this look (pics)
2011 build.
E7500 on P5KPL-AM/PS board
O/C i5-750 and P5P77D-E
atm E6750- want Q9550, does it fit on my X38 Motherboard?
OC my newly assembled computer
Safe to take RAM voltage past 1.65?
oc newbe looking for guidance
Looking for a good computer P.S. im a noob
i7 950 4.0ghz stability problem!
i5 650 A "few" problems
Enable Power ssaving feature + Turbo when overclock?
Overclocking i7-940 help experts guidance required
980x OC settings please
Are my core I7 920 overclock temps ok?
Are these voltages ok for a 750 4.0ghz OC?
Just OC'ed my i7 930! Looking for criticism :)
950 versus 920 DO?
i7 volts
Never really tried this before...
Intel i5 loses WEI Rating
CPU safety, as long as it's cool it's safe?
newbie question about OC intel core i3
Xeon vs i7 -- Gaming Rig
Core i4 4ghz
core i7 overheating
Question about an upgrade decision
CPU Upgrade time. Help req!
Celeron 346 @ 3.8
i7 950 x58a-ud3r trying to o/c
Voltage and P5P77D-E//i5-750
what chip to run with a 6870 - 775 socket
Threads Disappeared
which one i7 and mobo ?
Best cooler for Q9550 @ 3.6 ghz?
I need help with Overclocking i7 920
Q9550 vs I7 875K
i7 920 C0 running to hot?
Overclocking i5-750
E4300 oc
Intel QX6700 + ASUS P5E - Overclocking
What do you think about my i7-950 4.3GHz settings ?
beginner overclocking E6600
Processor Dilemma
i5 750 P55-GD65 advice please
Help overclocking Q9650
Help getting i7-860 to 4.4Ghz on water
Help me overclock my intel i5 750
Explain procs to me
OC'ing IntelŪ PentiumŪ Dual-Core Processor P6000
Q6600 OC
Quad core bottlenecks GTX 470?
Properly overclocking i7 940 (2.93ghz)?
8400 or q8200 i have both which to keep? (temperatures)
Looking For Stable i7 930 4.4Ghz OC - If You Have Please Post BIOS!!
What are Safe temperature for i5-650?
Just Got My i7 930 4.2Ghz OC Stable @1.31v...
Do I have a Faulty CPU (QX9650)?
1st overclock need help, crashing issue
I5-650 Help if possible.
q9550 E0 overclock advice
i5 760 4Ghz OC with 1600 Mhz RAM
intel i5 650 poor ocing results
anyone with same hardware and a stable oc' please?
Intel LGA775 Pad Modding
Help me choose a CPU
[O/C]Intel Sandy Bridge CPU Overclocking Results Leaked
I3 530 OC to 4ghz?
PIII 850E@1136+
Why i7 instead of i5 for gaming?
Help with OC'ing Q6600!!!!
i5-750 v i5-760 overclocking capabilities
Sandy Bridge
OC Woes
My old QX6850
Advice for E8400 @ 4.05Mhz and RAM settings
Memory Freq issue with OC
i3-500s, i5-600s and P55 Compatibility
Intelburntest or Prime95?
Intel Q6600 (G0) Vs. Q8400
Old files left after re-install
Clarkdale Memory Control safe voltage?
Vcore showing wrong > Strange <
cpu/mobo compatibility
Suddenly Too high CPU temps (i7 920 C0)
750i & GTLVREF...
i7930 fails to post when raising bclock
thanks to the first person who can help me overclock this
Q6600 @3.8GHz..
OCing an LGA 775 system...help/clarification needed.
i7 920 - Another OC - Advice please!
Pentium M 770 - Underclocking Potential?
980x Shakedown
i7 950 / X58A-UD3R - Experiences and questions
661 @ 4046.5 running .95 volts
Questions about Nehalem architectures
Q9550 - Trouble Overclocking - Whats my next step?
OC Q6700 Issue
Overclocking Noobie! Need Help!
Power Virus
i5 760 Stable with Stock Voltages, any suggestions?
How to OC i5 750
Is OC'ing without HT cheating?
OC a Q8200?
i7 930 - stable...now its not
i7 860 (OC'd 20%) insane temps with new coolit!
Budget PC build, BIOS temp says 96DEGRESS!!
875 k boost: lazy energy efficient ocing
is this good enough to be called stable? 4324Mhz i5 760
Weird result when OC
does the i7 950 have unlocked memory multiplier?
New at OC. Looking for advice for i7 930
Which Core i7
i7 950 @ 8.3 GHz - Multiplier gone wild!
2x E5620s on SR-2 OC Issue
Fake i7 920's from newegg?
OC Q6600 w/Gigabyte P35-DS3L
Intel Core i5-760, Parity Quad Core CPU Performance and OC Guide
i7 @ 1.44 v ....
what setup usually proves more stable in you expert opinions
first time overclock....hows it looking? i5 760
i7 860 @ 4.0 GHz: Feels slow still
Q6700 - Stuck at 2.975 MHz
Xeon 56xx Series OC Guide?
Upgradeing E6700?
Upgrade for E6300?
Q9300 OC
Q6600 3.6Ghz Overclock.
Having trouble getting my E7400 over 3.5 Ghz
1156 i7
New to Overclocking
i7 950 overclocking issue
Finally decide to try a little OC, and its not working.
Recent upgrade to i7. Advice needed.
Just overclocked my i5 760... anything I'm missing?
overclocking nightmare higher intelligence lifeform needed!
Intel i7 950 overclock, please check my work
Need some help with overclocking.
suggestions on OC for 930D on Asus p5ld2?
OC i7 975 on Asus rampage II extreme
Why is my P4 underclocking?
Isolate the bclock from the memory?
E8400 or Q8400
i7 930 Overclock on Watercooling
OCing GA-X58A-UD5 Rev 2.0 i7-950
Core i7 975 Extreme, MSI Eclipse Plus
i7 temp
i7 new build...
Overclocking my new i3 540
Processor Watts
i7: SpeedStep On/Off for 24/7 usage?
Multi or BClck?
i5 760 OC help
Q6700 OC issue 4GHZ
First OC Attempt
hit a wall with my E2200
i7-870 vs i7-950 (Very good match)
Is this normal?
Feedback on my OC please! (GA-X58A-UD5 with i7 930) @ 4Ghz
ICH8R RAID problem with OC?
Heres a real stupid question...
Q9400 unstable "blend test"
Troubleshooting (Dead CPU?)
Intel Mobile Core2Duo P8400 OC?
New to OC, new here, new rig, advise plz!
First build
i7 950 OC Question
Overclocking an old q6600
Overclocking tools needed??
Pentinum 4 vs AMD Athlon LE-1620 which is better to over clock?
Is Pentium 4 HT 3.06 ghz overall better than a Celeron D 3.6 ghz?
core i7 930 Prime 95 issues
can this intel core 2 duo processor be oc
Q6600 Stranges Voltages?
Intel Pentium 4 D 521
Can intel atom play flash well
Q6600 on GA-EP35 won't pass 3.04
Foxconn 945P7AE-KS2H Decent MoBo?
i5 760 overclock problems???
i guess this goes here. Prime95
intel pentium running 14 Celsius @ 3ghz
i5-750 overclock
Can't push E6300 past 2.6ghz (Asus P5N7A-VM mobo)
Beginner i7 960 overclocking help
Help OC e7400 on ep45-ud3p
Decision: Q6600 vs i7-930 (OC and Cooling)
High Performance ITX Platform Review-Intel Core i5-655K Air Cooling to 5GHz
help needed in building pc
i7 860 OC Help Needed
Trying get back into the game
Crusty computer... :(
i7 930 /w GA-X58A-UD5 (4GHz).. Runs 4hours of torture tests but bails on Audio
New to OC, learning on I7 930 and R3E
q9550 Overclocking help
i7 875k help getting over 200 bclk
overclocking with a Q8300 and P5QL pro mobo
Overclocking i5-760 using MSI p55 gd80 help
Help! OC i7 930 with GA x58 UD5 can't get stable
q9650 voltages when OC'd on air?
i7 920 @ 3.0 heat issue
E8600 Overclock @ 4.3Ghz on Air
i7 950 core problem
Building a new Pc
Dumb auto settings
Need Help Overclocking
Atom N330 1.6GHZ OC'd to 2.25GHZ
Attempting to Push i7-930 w/ X58A-UD3R Motherbaord Past 4GHz Mark
Need help with my first overclock
Upgrade advice.
Pentium Dual Core E5300
Overclocking 6550?
Dual Xeon 5530's
Q9300 OC
i5 750 @ 4.3ghz need that little bit more!!
i7 930 vs 950
overclock e8400
Best upgrade?
Holy Voltage Batman (E2180)
Q300 oced at 3.0GHz on a ASUS P5Q PRO TURBO
Core i5-750 @ 3.57GHz (w. Turbo 4.08GHz)
3.40ghz p4 ee socket 478
i7 crew, how low can you go?
Intel i7 950 x23 multi 175bclk?
e8200 Vs. E2200
Need Help overclocking my I5 750 please
Problem overclocking i7 930 on ASUS P6X58D-E
Need a little OC advice
i7 920XM on Dice?
CPU Differential Amplitude--any downsides?
My first i7 980x Overclock
I7-950 overclock - Where I am at (4ghz) and what I learned.
i7 950 Following settings ok ???
22x multiplier for i7 930?
Overclocking e5300 with g31m-es2c chipset
Over clocked I5 760 need advice please
Problems OCing E6400
The best bang for the buck S775 cpu?
Can I undervolt and overclock a q9550
How to Overclock intel e2140
Intel e4600 overclocking, some help please?
Core I3 Question
E2160 Overclock Problem
i7 failing at browsing web and playing music?
I7-950 Overclocking, help appreciated
How come specs for Core i7 supported ram speeds is only DDR3-800/1066 ?
New budget build proc advice
Cant raise Bclock past 179...(I920 2,67 ghz)
E1200 on ASRock 4core1600-GLAN
New to turbo boost.... coupla questions.
Building a htpc
average max bclk for 920 do chips
i can put a c2q Q6600 on a mobo dg31PR?
i5 Power saving features TEST and static noise problem
Need help with first OC
Prime Blend test long term failures @ 4ghz - should I really care?
HELP Computer won't start up.
P4 520 overclocking problem, first time.
Effect of RAM bus on Overclockability ?
First overclock - e4500 - Advice?
Want to OC for the first time, help if possible!
BIOS Keeps Rebooting
i7-950 core temps @4.0ghz and 1.3v
Q9550 - Newbie Overclocker
Buy 980x and rma when 990x comes out.[<--What NOT to do -hokie]
E6400 on P5QD Turbo
Questions/Help for i7-950 @ 4.02ghz
Speed Fan....
Help with first time overclocking
Centrino vs Atom performance
i7-950 4.3 Ghz wall...
Disparity of Temps Between Cores - Let's See What The Norm Is - Post Yours!
OCed i7 950 keeps getting BSODs in P95 PLEASE HELP!!
Should I sell my i7 940 and buy a 930?
Im lost can you help? - Pentium 4, MSI MS-6728
e8400 Does these temp are right.
i7 980X - 1 core always hotter?
intel core i7 bundle
Overclocking a Pentium Dual-Core E6500
[GUIDE] i7 Overclocking for Dummies
i5 650, up to 12°C temp diffrence core1/2
Intel Core Unlocker
OC Unstable, but why?
low performances - Q6600
Noob trying to overclock a E2220
Q9550 cpu ratio not stable!
Core i7 worth upgrade?
i7 930 cant get past 180 bclock
i7 980x LCed and new to OCing :) Help pls
An example of overclocking done wrong.
E6600 on a 680i
Overclocking Intel Pentium T4200
help getting i7-930 stable at 4.2ghz
Q8300 (core 2 quad) on P5Q3
Please help with i7 OC. First time and confused
Question: Should I Exchange My i7 930 Today? Last Day to Exchange!! Please Advis
Some questions about overclocking I7 930
Centrino Duo laptop temps!
How far could I overclock this?
Next on the Intel Horizon...
E5300 2.6 temps
i5 760, i7 920 or X3430 Not your average gamer need advice
[More CPU Usage] oced i5-750 - 3.4ghz
Intel I7 950 overclocking help
O/C i5 750 - Temps Okay?
How is this?
i7 930 socket 1366 help please
intel xeon serie 3000
Intel i5
New Build
i5 760 overclocking
Mac technical question. Dumb but pondering.
best cpu for needs
Need help minimizing Temps on stable i7 930.
Cant break 215blk i7 920
i7 950
975 vs 980
Buy Core2
HELP gaming performance wont settle!
Overclock Intel Q8200
cpu and vga
HELP OC Q9400 and few upgrade Q's , FSB/MEM .. thanks a lotttt
IDF 2010 links
Old School Stuck at 3.5ghz
i7 920 D0 @ 4.0 Stable With a Gigabyte UD5 And 12 GB Ram ????
My max overclock so far...
PIII 450 @510 so far
Windows 7 shows incorrect CPU clock? i7 980x
Highest Clock i5 or i7?
Temps run high and don't know why
In Danger? i5 760 @ 3.8Ghz
eVGA P55 FTW + i7 875k
overclocking I7 860 noob please help!
Core i7 950 auto switching to between 1.6-3.2ghz
i5 650 OCCT showing confusing voltage
help oc q9300 on 790i ultra
7.3 ghz world record..is this for real?
Q8400 not stable past 3.1GHz
P7570 Overclocking record?
i7-920 @ 3.7Ghz 24/7
Do i7 950's have d0 stepping like the 920's?
Pentuim Doal-Core at 7.6Ghz
Q9550 on P5q Deluxe
Need help for 4.4ghz AIR - i7 980x
Best I5/I3 to reach 4.5GHZ Stable on air 24/7
Can't Overclock
I've downgraded my CPU but I didn't want...